Best ASA Slowpitch Softball Bats Review in 2022 [Expert Picks]

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Best ASA Approved Slowpitch Softball Bat

All softball lovers concern about the best ASA slowpitch softball bats because these bats are classified with the ASA league rules and regulations. Besides, a slowpitch softball bat is sensitive in its construction, material, usage, and ergonomics. You’ll find fastpitch bats widely but in the matter of slowpitch ones, sometimes we feel collapsed and lurking around the marketplace. In this article, we’re eager to represent the current top 10 ASA-approved slowpitch softball bat. Moreover, in later sections, we’ll discuss the buyer’s guide, sizing chart, ASA rules 2021, and some common Q/A for slowpitch softball leagues 2021. Let’s begin our bat reviews!

Top 3 Picks ASA Slowpitch Softball Bats - 2021

Best Pick

ASA Supermax Slowpitch Softball Bat

Miken 2019 DC-41 ASA Supermax  Bat (MDC18A)

Affrodable Pick

Easton HAMMER Bat

Easton HAMMER 12 in Barrel Slowpitch Softball Bat

Premium Pick

Easton RIVAL

RIVAL Power Loaded  Softball Bat

Best ASA Approved Slowpitch Softball Bat

Top 10 ASA Slowpitch Softball Bats of 2022 & 2021

A bat’s review depends on the bat’s quality, potential, structure, user value, and overall availability. ASA is the best league for softball and women baseball games with its 138 years of establishment. Every year or every era, ASA updates its rules & regulations regarding bats, accessories, players, etc. Based on their standards, we picked the topmost bats from marketplaces. Our expert reviewers and players justified these bats and examined them in-depth to present colossal products for our customers.

1. Miken DC-41 ASA Supermax

Miken 2019 supermax slowpitch softball bat is a perfect choice for both kids and adults. This bat has lots of sweet spots and no dead bat sound at all. Furthermore, Miken bats have almost zero vibration and stiffer barrels. F2P Flex technology barrel can strike a ball harder than enough.Miken 2019 DC-41 ASA Supermax Slowpitch Softball Bat 2021

Unique Features

  • Competitive and recreational bat for kids and adults.
  • Lots of sweet spots, zero vibration almost.
  • Best for hard hitters and slowpitch softball games.
  • F2P Flex technology barrel with ASA standard diameter.
  • No dead bat sound and huge pop sound.

Material, Barrel & Handle

  • 2-piece composite bat, carbon fiber technology, and craftsmanship.
  • 14″ barrel length with 2-¼″ barrel diameter.
  • Balanced bat with cushioned flex-grip on handles.

Reasons to Buy

  • Great bat for sound.
  • Lightweight, durable, long-lasting.
  • Lots of pop sound for both hard & contact hitters.
  • 14″ barrel length and wrapped.
  • Worth of money.

Reasons to Avoid

  • Not recommended for other leagues but ASA.

Recommended for

This Miken bat is amazing for kids, schoolgirls, high-school payers, league players, and adult softball players. Because of ASA approval, you can use this bat for ASA leagues. However, this is not recommended for other leagues. But it is flexible for coach pitch, player pitch, practice, or ground training sessions.


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2. Easton HAMMER Slowpitch Bat

Easton is a worldwide manufacturer of baseball and softball bats, accessories, gadgets, and much more stuff. This Hammer slowpitch softball bat has powerful striking capabilities as well as blissful craftsmanship. Single-piece construction and high-quality military-grade aluminum alloy construction are the fabulous significance of this bat. Good for practice, ASA leagues, coach pitch bat, machine pitch, and junior leagues.Easton HAMMER Power Loaded, 12 in Barrel, Approved for All Fields

Unique Features

  • High-quality aluminum alloy material.
  • Single-piece construction with a power-loaded endcap.
  • Balanced bat for all major softball leagues.
  • Good performance in softball games.
  • Top-quality graded ALX50 structure, grey/lime combo colors.
  • Approved by ASA, ISA, USSSA, NSA, ISF.

Material, Barrel & Handle

  • ALX50 military-grade aluminum alloy.
  • 12″ length with 2-¼″ diameter.
  • Tapered cushion foamy handles, ergonomic design.

Reasons to Buy

  • Competitive softball bat for kids.
  • Vibrant colors, non-sticky.
  • Robust craftsmanship.
  • No dents, sweet spots.
  • Very good pop sound.

Reasons to Avoid

  • Barrel damage after months.

Recommended for

This Easton Hammer is flexible for every league including ASA. We suggest this bat for adults because this one is a pure metallic bat. Junior kids or toddlers shouldn’t carry or use metallic stuff for trainee sessions. No dents, almost zero vibration, and huge pop sound are the major features of this adorable bat. We recommend this bat for 9-23y old players.


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3. Best ASA Composite Slowpitch Softball Bat- Ronin

Another Easton product from its superb craftsmanship and flexible usage among all girls. This Ronin slowpitch softball bat is just amazing for ASA leagues because of its versatility and elegant looking. Eye-catching colors and reddish texture is awesome on and off. Moreover, the handle is larger than the barrel, providing diverse usage for both hard hitters and contact hitters. This dual-piece thermo carbon bat is approved by all major leagues as asa composite slowpitch softball bats

Unique Features

  • Dual-piece TCT thermo carbon structure.
  • Zero-loaded weight, lightweight overall.
  • Approved by all major leagues.
  • Composite carbon fiber craftsmanship.
  • Balanced endcap, spiral flex cushion grip, easy to use and hit.

Material, Barrel & Handle

  • Composite carbon, thermo flex construction.
  • 13.5″ length with approved diameters.
  • 20.5″ length with 10.8″ grip slit.

Reasons to Buy

  • Robust advancements of Easton slowpitch softball bats.
  • Balanced endcaps provide lightweight.
  • Longer handle for contact hitters.
  • Affordable price, worth every penny.
  • Customizable wrappings.

Reasons to Avoid

  • Limited edition bats from the Easton manufacturer.
  • Not available in 2021 due to the pandemic.

Recommended for

This Easton Ronin is the best for junior and school leagues because of its super lightweight structure. Though lightweight, this bat is a monster while hitting. Moreover, the flexible grip is good for stickiness as well as stiffer. The durability of this Ronin lasts way too long. You can buy this bat for league games and championships.


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4. DeMarini Corndog Slowpitch Softball Bat

Best for beginners and newbie players who love hitting far away during a practice session- we recommend this DeMarini Corndog bat for them. This is made of pure maple wood and top-class craftsmanship from the manufacturer. However, currently, this is unavailable due to severe pandemic issues, but some resellers stocked these bats for their stores. Approved by all major leagues is a plus point of this wooden bat.DeMarini ASA/USSSA/NSA/ISA Corndog 2 17 Slow Pitch Bat

Unique Features

  • Pure maple wood bat for starters or beginner players.
  • End-loaded barrel, composite paraflex handle.
  • Approved by major leagues like ASA, ISA, USSSA, NSA.
  • Lightweight, durable, solid pop sound.
  • Huge sweet spots, weather-amicable.

Material, Barrel & Handle

  • Solid maple wood, 1-piece construction.
  • 14″ length with 2-¼ inch diameters.
  • 20″ length with 13.5″ tapered grip.

Reasons to Buy

  • Super duper lightweight and elegant shape.
  • Vibrant colors and stylish.
  • 22% stronger carbon fiber technology.
  • ASA, USSSA, ISA-certified.
  • Worth of money.

Reasons to Avoid

  • The origin of this bat is China.

Recommended for

Wooden bats are used for practice matches mostly. Coaches and trainers frequently train their junior-level students with these maple bats because these are pretty lightweight and easy to carry anywhere. Besides, these bats are good for self-defense and sweet spots. Little vibration exists in this Corndog bat but negligible. We recommend this bat for wooden slowpitch softball league matches.


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5. Miken 2020 Freak 23 Maxload

The Freak 23 will dominate again in the 2020 season! The Freak 23 12″ ASA bat combines the signature Kyle Pearson maxload weighting with the finely tuned ASA double barrel to offer full barrel performance with the use of 52 COR balls in particular. Miken uses tetra-core technology inside each Freak 23 that optimizes performance with the use of an internal core tube that increases compression for an unequaled response. The exterior core layer provides greater flexibility, which maximizes sweetness and durability in the inner core tube.Miken 2020 Freak 23 Maxload ASA Sp Bat

Unique Features

  • 3-piece extended 12 inch sweet spots for adult and junior leagues.
  • Enhanced durability and high-quality material structure.
  • Approved by all major and minor leagues.
  • Robust responsiveness, faster swing speed.
  • Skinny handles provide the ultimate comfortability.

Material, Barrel & Handle

  • 100% premium-quality aerospace grade fiber construction.
  • 12-inch length with 2-¼ inch diameter.
  • 12-inch handle, soft cushioned texture. Customizable tapers.

Reasons to Buy

  • Varieties of colors.
  • Durable, stiffer, ergonomic design.
  • Lots of pop sound with no vibrations.
  • The USA-made quality product.
  • 1y warranty.

Reasons to Avoid

  • Not good for toddlers.

Recommended for

Among all products in our list, this Miken 2020 is quite different because of its supernew structure, glossy colors, 3-piece durable construction, and gigantic popularity. Major leagues like ASA, ISA, USSSA, and NSA approved this bat for adult slowpitch softball games around the USA. Apart from the other noble manufacturers, Miken is drawing people’s attention day by day. We suggest this Miken 2020 for 9-33y players.


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6. Easton REBEL Slowpitch Softball 2021

Over 30 years, Easton manufacturer reigns its classy pavement onwards and still they produce top-quality baseball and softball bats for our sports lovers. Regarding this sophisticated representation, this Easton Rebel slowpitch softball bat has some uniqueness over other bats. This one is made of pure aluminum alloy, sturdy, and stiffer structure all the time. The exact barrel size, diameter, and wrappings are just cool in this bat. Although this is a 1-piece construction bat, players feel the utmost comfortability and flexibility.Easton REBEL Slowpitch Bat, Power Loaded, 12 in. Barrel, Approved for All Fields

Unique Features

  • Bright color scheme.
  • Durable aluminum alloy, ALX50 technology.
  • Evenly distributed mass overall.
  • Best for practice. However, it is a good choice for mixed-age teams, experienced/newbie players.
  • Maximum pop hits with constant momentum.

Material, Barrel & Handle

  • ALX50 aluminum alloy technology.
  • 12-inch length barrel with a 2.25-inch diameter.
  • 14-inch length handles & cushioned taping.

Reasons to Buy

  • Best for swing effects.
  • No vibration.
  • Concave dish endcap for stiffness.
  • Designed and assembled in the USA.
  • A solid pick for starters.

Reasons to Avoid

  • Stings the hand sometimes.

Recommended for

Due to its lightweight structure, this Easton Rebel is the best for junior and school leagues. Although light, this bat is a hitting monster. Besides, the flexible grip is good for both sticking and rigidity. This Easton Rebel’s durability lasts far too long. For league games and championships, you can buy this bat.


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7. Easton RIVAL Slowpitch Softball Bat – 2021

Honestly, this is my favorite slowpitch softball bat. Know why? Because this Easton Rival is a versatile bat for every level and league. First of all, this is approved by major leagues like ASA, USSSA, ISA, and NSA. Second, this Rival bat is perfect for the trampoline effect on massive sweet spots. If your team includes participants of different ages and experience levels, you can choose this Easton Rival. It has an evenly distributed mass so everyone can practice proper techniques.Easton RIVAL Softball Bat, Power Loaded, 12 in. Barrel

Unique Features

  • Blissful colors, vibrant, and customizable.
  • Durable aluminum alloy.
  • Powerful, sturdy, stiffer enough.
  • Compact, smooth design.
  • Seismic endcaps, non-slippy.

Material, Barrel & Handle

  • One-piece construction, 100% pure aluminum alloy material.
  • 12″ barrel length with 2-¼ inch diameters.
  • 14″ handle length with 9.5″ tapered grip.

Reasons to Buy

  • Fantastic gifts for birthday or special day.
  • Great for coach pitch, machine pitch, and sensational matches.
  • Competitive bat for adults and juniors.
  • Ultra-lightweight and long-lasting for a year.
  • Guarantee periods are included.

Reasons to Avoid

  • No decent pop sound while in gameplay.

Recommended for

Based on professional league players and expert opinions, we recommend this bat for versatility. Phenomenal looking, ergonomic design, robust craftsmanship, and overall cozy feelings are the key features of this bat. Moreover, for practice or training sessions, this Rival bat is cool.


8. EASTON GHOST MONDO Slowpitch Softball Bat 2021

Another Easton Ghost series product for adult players. This Ghost Mondo slowpitch softball bat is a colossal bat for everyone who loves hitting harder. The older version was a little longer but this one is just perfect for any ASA approved softball game. Not only that but also this bat has some unique features to lure your attention. Spectacular outlook and charisma on real games- this bat is adorable for our strong hitters.EASTON GHOSTMONDO ASA Bat

Unique Features

  • 2-piece exact carbon connexion technology.
  • 100% pure composite material with multicolor.
  • Approved by ASA, USSSA, ISF only.
  • Bigger barrel length provides plenty of sweet spots.
  • Decent carbon zero vibration handles with superflex grip.
  • Premium-quality finishing and ergonomics.

Material, Barrel & Handle

  • Two-piece construction, 99.99% pure composite carbon material.
  • 12.5″ barrel length (dual-wall) with 2-¼ inch diameters.
  • 11.5″ handle length (exact) with 9.5″ cushioned grip.

Reasons to Buy

  • Legendary end-loaded bat.
  • Concave bowl endcaps for sturdiness.
  • Lots of decent pop sound.
  • Almost zero vibration.
  • Perfect for hard hitters.

Reasons to Avoid

  • Only one size (34″) available in marketplaces.

Recommended for

For strong hitters of junior-level or school leagues, this Ghost Mondo is the astounding selection for them we guess. Pretty lightweight, durable, cheap price and high-quality material construction made this bat different from others. Customizable logos or textures are also possible for this superb bat. We recommend this bat for 10-36y players.


9. Worth 2020 BOSS 302 Balanced

New Mach 1 BOSS Worth’s Balanced must be in your bat bag with a top spot. This ASA version is more rigid so that the barrel flexes the correct quantity to optimize the performance on the ground! Designed for adults who play slowpitch softball in recreation and competitiveness. The extended sweet spot, flexibility, and legendary performance and durability are achieved thanks to 13.5 inches can length Flex 50 Technology and revolutionary Quad Comp composite fibers. Suitable for use in all softball ASA slowpitch leagues.Worth 2020 MACH 1 BOSS 302 Balanced ASA Softball Bat

Unique Features

  • Stunning and eye-catching colors.
  • 100% carbon fiber barrel construction.
  • Top-class performance for the junior league.
  • Extended sweet spots and lots of pop.
  • No dead bat noise or vibration.

Material, Barrel & Handle

  • Two-piece construction, 100% pure composite carbon material.
  • 13.5″ barrel length and 2-¼ inch diameters.
  • 11″ handle length with 8.5″ cushioned grip.

Reasons to Buy

Reasons to Avoid

  • Only approved for ASA.

Recommended for

This Worth 2020 is an amazing selection for contact junior and newbie hitters. This bat is pretty lightweight, long-lasting, cheap, and high-quality material construction. Moreover, it is also possible with customizable logos or textures. For 10-36y players, we recommend this one.


10. Axe Bat  2021 Avenge Blackout

The Axe Avenge is a composite two-piece bat with a handle and end cap asymmetrical. Axis engineers can design the barrel for this type of impact by directing the contact of the handle forces to only happen on one side of this barrel. Our Axis bats are longer-lasting than the other two composites, but the evidence is anecdotal. The feeling was great for our hitters. First of all, a few newbies had difficulty feeling the skinner on the top of the bat. The lower hand is in perfect condition, but the top is small and thin. But players tend to like that feeling after a few swings.Axe Bat 2020 Avenge Blackout slowpitch Bat

Unique Features

  • 2-piece composite fiber construction.
  • Advanced techniques for durability and performance.
  • Efficient and faster swing speed for juniors.
  • Approved by major leagues such as ASA, USSSA, ISF, etc.
  • Pure black color with conical end caps.

Material, Barrel & Handle

  • Dual-piece advanced BCP carbon fiber material.
  • 12″ barrel and 2-¼″ diameter.
  • Advanced rubberflex grips on 12.5″ handles.

Reasons to Buy

  • Lightweight, vibrant colors.
  • ASA approved bats for junior/adult.
  • Soft cushioned grip for comfy feelings.
  • Extra speeds and reflexes.
  • No vibration at all while hitting normally.
  • 1y warranty.

Reasons to Avoid

  • Not good for bigger league matches or tournaments.

Recommended for

Junior players or youth league players tend to hit harder and harder. Every time they alter their techniques, strategies, angles, and swings. This Axe 2020 Avenge is the best seller and awarded bat in 2019 for its fabulous pop sound and flexible swings. Kids or girls love this bat for continuous hitting in any match. In a word, this is a breathtaking game-changer bat with stunning features. We recommend this Axe bat for 7-16y hitters.


Sizing Guide for ASA Approved Slowpitch Softball Bats

A sizing guide is necessary for ASA-approved slowpitch softball bats. any sizing guide depends on a player’s height, weight, position, and relevant factors. Analyzing recent trends and expert opinions, we’ve figured out some exact measurements and dimensions of bats. Following ASA rules & regulations, we prepared all our data and elements. Some data can be different merely because of ASA regular updates but hopefully, the key or basic ideas would remain the same. Let’s look at our diagram below-Sizing Guide for ASA Bats

The brown rectangular box in every circle outside is the player’s height range. This diagram indicates a brief view or quick pick for different height and weight players. All measurements or dimensions are approved by major leagues and specifically, the ASA league.

Furthermore, slowpitch softball bat sizes are variable, customizable, and alter frequently due to upgradation. The above image represents a player’s height, weight, and bat length. We prefer sharing the short technique of bat sizing measurements here. Let’s have a closer look at this.

How to Measure Slowpitch Softball Bat Size

The easiest method for softball bat sizing is just a few steps below-

  • Measure a player’s height and weight in inches and pounds, respectively. Note the readings on writing materials.
  • Stand the player straight, without bending a bit. The chin, chest, and waist should be aligned accurately. Obesity isn’t a problem anymore because a lot of kids/adults face obesity in their bodies.
  • Keep the relevant hand or strong arm horizontally to the body. The angle between chest and arm (underarms) should be the right angle, preferably.
  • Take the readings from the middle-chest to the middle-finger of the arm. The readings must be in inches. Note the measurement.
  • The length from chest to finger is equal to the length of the bat. Easy calculations and accurate ones.

For more sizing criteria and charts, you can read more here.


ASA Slowpitch Softball Bat Buying Guide

Honestly, we want to share a fact before discussing the ASA slowpitch softball bat buying guide. ASA softball bats aren’t relevant to the USSSA standard bats because of some rules. ASA leagues are primary level softball matches as the name stands for (Amateur Softball Association). Besides, the USSSA is a country-wide baseball and softball league for all ages, especially adults. So, before buying a slowpitch softball bat from marketplaces, you should consider the following criteria.

Rules & Regulations

Amateur Softball Association has some strict rules and regulations to keep the player’s ethics and comfortability. ASA doesn’t pull a trigger or pressurize any players because these kids have a bright career in their sports provisions. However, some ASA rules have been borrowed from NSA and USSSA. Before purchasing any slowpitch softball bat, read the instructions or manuals from ASA league rules. Otherwise, the purchase would be futile. Later in this article, we’ll summarize ASA rules for our customers.

Sizing Guide

The second most vital issue is the sizing chart or dimensional lookup. In the previous section, we discussed the exact and approved sizing charts. Better read that section to get more ideas. If you have a USSSA approved bat or NSA bat, you cannot be legitimate for the ASA league. USSSA league matches are a little bit desperate and hefty than ASA matches. However, both leagues are sensational entertainers in real.

Price & Durability

You can find the same bat or copy-bats from different manufacturers because of the unique formula while manufacturing. Nevertheless, the price will vary a lot. Even it can demolish your budget on and off. Moreover, durability is a key factor for every bat. People won’t purchase a short-duration bat ever. Check the durability before purchasing any. Brand products like DeMarini bat, Slugger, Mizuno, and Rawlings have lots of durabilities. Better pick those.

You can check also best softball bat brands

User Value

Numerous bats have good reviews on eCommerce sites or marketplaces. Both positive and negative reviews are important to figure out the user value of the corresponding bat. Slowpitch softball bats are rarely found so these are kinda sensitive ones. Even some resellers and sports centers sell fastpitch bats in the name of slowpitch. Before buying a slowpitch softball bat, make sure about the user value. Luckily, most manufacturers produce accurate slowpitch bats in recent times.

Bat Structure

A bat structure consists of bat materials, ergonomics, swing effects, pop sound, and craftsmanship. For kids, it is better to purchase a wooden bat with one-piece construction. For junior level, we recommend two-piece composite bats and bigger handles. High-school leagues and ASA leagues prefer 2-piece composite or alloy bats. In the matter of endcap, we suggest for round seismic endcap. It won’t slip from hands. Lizard skin grips are good but expensive, rather you can buy tapered or cushioned grip for ASA leagues.


ASA Slowpitch Softball Bat Rules 2021

Amateur Softball Association (ASA) has some easy rules for everyone related to the game. Umpires, players, coaches, and others have to follow these rules because of a nice, clean game. But before telling about the rules, let’s have a look at the softball ground diagram-ground diagram for softball

ASA Slowpitch Softball Rules

This is an exact softball ground and the first condition is- to follow this strictly. Both diagrams resemblance legitimate gameplay during the season. Now, let’s check the major rules of ASA for slowpitch softball bats-

1. Surface:

  1. Must be smooth, maximum roughness of 250 micro-inches.
  2. No visible burr, obstacle, pin, rivet, or sharp edge.

2. Barrel:

  1. 1. The wooden one-piece & closed end.
  2. End cap must have a rubber or vinyl plastic structure.
  3. Firmly secured, pre-fixed technology.
  4. Metal alloy bats are allowed.

3. Construction:

  1. One-piece or 3-piece constructions are allowed.
  2. Not APPROVED: 2-piece construction bats.

4. Warm-up bats:

  1. Safety grips and knobs are a must.
  2. Official bats are allowed only.

5. Certification/ Approval:

  1. Must have the ASA certification mark/logo.
  2. Must be listed on softball bat charts.
  3. 2000/2004 marks are allowed.

6. Length/ Weight:

  1. Not more than 34″ long.
  2. Not more than 38 oz.

7. Diameter:

  • Must not exceed 2-¼″ diameter.

8. Grip:

  • Cork tapered, not plastic tapes.
  • Not exceed 10~15″ grip length.

9. Approved brands:

Louisville Slugger, DeMarini, Mizuno, Miken, Axe, Anderson, Brett Bros, Marucci, Worth, BamBooBat, Easton, Rawlings.

Furthermore, some rules have been changed by the association in 2021. Most of these rules are relevant to the recent pandemic issue. Let’s check these out at a glance-

  • Each player should carry her own bat(s).
  • The bat should be tested or sterilized by sanitizer vapor.
  • Barrel diameters can be 2.75″ but not more than that.
  • Approved bat drops are -5 to -12.
  • Team logos are allowed on bats unless there’s permission from ASA.
  • All bats should have carrying cases.

These rules aren’t that mandatory but enthusiastic and radiant for safe games. More rules are pending authority approval and soon we’ll see those in 2021~2022.


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People Also Ask About ASA Bats – (FAQs)

What makes a slowpitch softball bat legitimate?

If any softball bat follows the barrel diameter as 2-¼″ and the length of 34″ highest, that one is legal for slowpitch softball. Besides, the weight and structure must follow 24 oz and one-piece/multi-piece, respectively. End caps should be rounded or concave dish attire. ASA bats must have the certification mark visible otherwise it won’t be approved.

Can I use ASA bats in the USSSA?

USSSA bats are heavy-duty bats for junior-level like ASA. Not all ASA bats are approved for the USSSA. Only Rawlings, Louisville Slugger, and Mizuno (ASA) bats are approved for USSSA league games. ASA league is the best for amateurs so adult leagues like USSA, NSA, ISA don’t allow all bats.

What is the difference between fastpitch and slowpitch softball?

Although rapid pitch and slowpitch softball have certain similarities, they have very different characteristics. Softball is a baseball variation that people of all ages enjoy. The bases and rules of baseball are most fundamental, with a larger, softer, and heavier ball only. However, it must be noted that two types of softball exist: quick pitch and slowpitch. While in most cases the basic concept is the same, there are some important differences. The biggest difference between the two types of softball is ball speed. Because in each type of softball the pitch speed is different, the bats are slightly different in design. It depends on the weight and the size of the application.

What bats are illegal in softball?

Those bats that exceed the diameter of 2-¾″ and length of 38″ are illegal. Even materials and construction have some impacts on this legitimacy. Dual-wall composite bats are illegal and pure metal bats except for aluminum alloy as well. One-piece or multi-piece construction bats are legal for softball and ASA league games.

Does a heavier softball bat hit further?

If you double the mass of a softball bat, it will increase 12% of extra hitting power than previous. For example, if anyone can hit a ball with 30mph, after doubling the mass of his/her bat, he/she can hit 33.6mph. For more precision, we optimized a speed of 50mph from a 17 oz bat. After doubling the mass (34 oz), we found 56mph hitting power.

Which bats are illegal?

It was astonishing in 2017 that the famous DeMarini manufacturer faced a severe refraining from the USSSA because of DeMarini CF Zen. However, some classy bats have recently refrained. These are- DeMarini CF Zen, Marucci CAT 5 bbcor bat, RIP-IT, Combat B2 Youth, and Louisville Slugger oneX.


Final Recommendations

So, you’ve learned a lot about the best ASA slowpitch softball bats in 2021 with the topmost product reviews. Each bat we reviewed is a marvelous performer however we picked the best two of them.

The first one is the stunning Easton Rival slowpitch softball bat. Blissful colors, user-amity, versatility, and overall craftsmanship is just perfect for ASA league matches. Players of different ages in a team can afford this bat and play consistently for a long.

The second one we suggest is the great Miken 2020 version softball bat. The material is premium quality and incredible craftsmanship is cool for our kid’s entertainment. This Miken 2020 is an ultra-lightweight bat for easy carrying. For more pop and full package, we recommend the Easton Ronin flex. Not only the texture but also this can be your best pick ever.

Customer reviews and scholastic ideas are our inspiration so we will be delighted if you leave a comment below the article and share it with your closest ones.