Best Affordable Baseball Gloves of 2022

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A baseball game is the most exciting and entertaining game all over the world because of its huge fun factor. Even in the topmost tournaments in the world such as Olympic, Commonwealth Games, Asian Games- the authority keeps this game. Due to huge fun factor, it is a concerning matter of fact to select the best affordable baseball gloves as major stuff. Basically, gloves are always affordable but in this article, we picked the best baseball gloves within budget, lesser in value, and price. Moreover, our famous buying guides are along with the article.

Best Affordable Baseball Gloves


Best Affordable Baseball Gloves Review – 2022

Baseball is a game of players, 9 players each team, 2 innings, or sessions. It consists of hitters (batters), catchers (keepers), pitchers, and fielders. Fielders are categorized as infielder and outfielder. However, they are known as 1st baseman, 2nd baseman, 3rd baseman, and outfielders. Gloves are an essential part of every player in the game. Usually, these are made of leather/calfskin, soft plastic, fabrics, synthetic hybrid leather, etc. Numerous gloves are available in marketplaces, sports shops, online shop-karts, and resellers. Some gloves are cheap, some are expensive, but here we picked the affordable glove with the highest quality.

1. Franklin Sports Field Master Baseball and Softball Glove – Affordable Price $16

The newly developed Field Master series provides the recreational player a comprehensive range of premium synthetic leather baseball, softball and t-ball gloves. It reflects the superior size and feels of the most common sizes, shapes, and web designs.

Special Attributes of Franklin Sports Field Master

  • Soft synthetic leather material, responsive.
  • Adjustable wrist straps, contour fit system is customizable.
  • Premium synthetic leather construction.
  • Deeper pockets for scoop and catching.
  • Trapeze, modified trapeze, I-web, basket web patterns.
  • 2 different colors for baseball and softball.

Franklin Sports Baseball and Softball Glove - Field Master


Reasons to Buy
  • Imported real leather technology.
  • Great for prices.
  • Affordable baseball gloves all the time.
  • Lots of webbings to adjust in hands.
  • Soft, easy to clean, shiny look.
Reasons to Avoid
  • Not breathable stuff.


2. Rawlings Players Series Youth Tball/Baseball Gloves – Affordable Price $14

The Youth Tball/Baseball Gloves series provides a lightweight and durable option for first-time players as they learn the basics of defensive play. The Players Series features a variety of gloves that match the age of three to nine years. Attach the interesting accents, soft inner linings, signature Rawlings script, and your young sportsman has the perfect mix of style and functions.

Exclusive Attributes of Rawlings Players Series

  • Best t-ball baseball gloves for 3-9y kids.
  • Pliable, soft webbings to keep hands comfortable.
  • Vibrant multiple colors (9 patterns, 4 colors).
  • Flexible linings and shell straps.
  • Best for infielders or catchers who pose behind a hitter.

Rawlings Players Series Youth Tball/Baseball Gloves

Reasons to Buy
  • Closed-web gloves for infielders, shortstop, and third basemen.
  • Accurate sizes and shapes, easy to put on/off.
  • A combined color of red and blue.
  • Good for junior girls league with an affordable cost.
  • Enough room to fit any hand nimbly.
Reasons to Avoid
  • Not recommended for 10-12y.


3. Franklin Sports – Windmill Fastpitch Pro Softball Glove – Affordable Price $21

The Franklin Fastpitch Series offers a quality line of softball gloves with an ultimate in comfort and performance using a lightweight, technical mixed shell and a soft PU-laminated palm. A customized and versatile fit is achieved with an adjustable wrist strap. The soft palm material makes it easy for players of all ages to break in quickly and with adjustable wrist straps.

Special Attributes of  Windmill Fastpitch Pro Series

  • Technical lightweight mesh structure.
  • Adjustable velcro straps for enough comfortability.
  • Soft linings and pockets, quick-drying while wet.
  • Sweatproof, breathable mesh fabrics.
  • Different versatile sizes, customizable.

Franklin Sports Softball Glove - Left and Right Handed Softball Fielding Glove - Windmill Fastpitch Pro Series - Adult and Youth Fielding Glove - 11.0 and 12.0 Inches

Reasons to Buy
  • Both hand orientation gloves.
  • Fits nimbly to all infielders.
  • Versatile mitts for any age whether kids or adults.
  • Well-made craftsmanship from Franklin company.
  • Affordable, stiffer, and overall serene construction.
Reasons to Avoid
  • Sleek, thin design.


4. GROOFOO Baseball Glove – Affordable Price $12

This GROOFOO is made of thick synthetic leather, excellent durability and long-lasting strength. The lightweight feature makes the handle for baseball, softball and t-ball easy and fast to break in. It comes with a soft spray baseball to protect children better, concrete trust by reducing fears. This is a good start for the training of children. The glove is stable to withstand the fierce impact, threaded with thick synthetic stripes & stitched with multi-stranded thread.

Special Features of GROOFOO

  • Sleek ergonomic design with PU leather quality.
  • Comfortable fittings because of deeper pockets.
  • Top-class webbings are included to provide versatility.
  • A perfect mitt for catchers/infielders/outfielders.
  • Significant stability especially for kids who started a career.

GROOFOO Baseball Glove and Ball for Kids

Reasons to Buy
  • Best for t-ball, coach pitch, machine pitch.
  • Beginner gloves for junior league practice.
  • Non-abrasive, sweatproof, spongia stereoscopic design.
  • Unisex features for all genders.
  • 1y warranty with a limited guarantee.
Reasons to Avoid
  • Limited edition gloves from the manufacturer.


5. Wilson Sporting Goods A200 – Affordable Price $24

Wilson has a reputation for its customized logo and team gloves. They can make a set of team gloves with a designed logo. Creative designers of Wilson can make numerous gloves for your youth team. Show your love with the Wilson 10-inch A200 authentic 10″ authentic MLB Squad with official logos and color schemes from all 30 clubs. These gloves are suitable for a demonstration or a young baller in major league baseball. These gloves are great for any league games. Every junior to the adult league are feasible to use these superb affordable gloves.

Exclusive Attractions of A200 Glove

  • H-webbing gloves with deeper pockets, sturdy lacing.
  • Molded brand pro stock patterns, customizable logo.
  • Beginners glove for junior leagues mostly.
  • Tee-ball baseball/softball gloves, easy to put on/off.
  • Synthetic leather quality, imported material.

Wilson Sporting Goods A200 Glove Hand Right Throw Recreation ball

Reasons to Buy
  • Right-hand throwing glove.
  • 2-colors available.
  • Blended/molded PU leather quality.
  • Affordable baseball gloves in the USA.
  • 1y warranty period.
Reasons to Avoid
  • Only for pitchers.


6. Rawlings Playmaker Youth – Affordable Price $18

This youth baseball glove from the 10-inch Playmaker Series is the ideal option for an athlete who is searching for a style that suits their increasing hand size. The Neo-Flex glove features a customizable fit with a Velcro harness. All-leather Shell & Palm Lining provides a very relaxed feel and reduces shock to a healthy and durable alternative for young baseball players.

Special Features of This Glove

  • Versatile design for all positions.
  • Pro-style model gloves for adult league.
  • Approved by all major leagues and championships.
  • Ready to use, 90% factory-quality product.
  • Soft, all-leather structure.

Rawlings Playmaker Youth Baseball Glove Series

Reasons to Buy
  • Brand gloves from Rawlings.
  • Flexible, customizable logo, long-lasting.
  • Perfect for kids/junior league.
  • Affordable price for low-budget.
  • Stiffer and sound customer support.
Reasons to Avoid
  • No warranty includes.


7. Rawlings Lefty Baseball Glove – Affordable Price $21

Orange, black & white colors and a mesh back style make younger players eye-catching. The glove is easy to use because it knows the basics of the game. It offers tea ball fun for several hours. The handle has a soft feel, is durable, is sewn by hand, and a soft palm taste. Rawlings Gold Gloves have a number, which indicates the manufacturer, date, and number of the glove manufacture.

Special Features

  • 3 vibrant colors. Customizable combined colors are also available.
  • Breathable mesh fabrics on glove facets, easy to clean and wash.
  • Soft linings, sturdy, stiffer webbings.
  • Eye-catching as well as an appealing structure for kids.
  • Lots of air circulation through the tiny pores.
  • Integrated leather technology-enabled.

Rawlings Lefty Baseball Glove

Reasons to Buy
  • Comfortable to wear for kids and adults.
  • Best for pitchers, catchers, and hitters.
  • Affordable price, variable shapes.
  • Worth of money.
  • Exquisite craftsmanship.
Reasons to Avoid
  • Little heavyweight.


8. Franklin Sports RTP Series Teeball Gloves – Affordable Price $12

RTP means ready to play- this Franklin sports t-ball glove comes with pre-assembled attires. Beginners will be on the field with this youth RTP 10″ Franklin Sports® Tee Ball glove. The design helps children to get started instantly — no breakout is needed! Digitek digital camo design brings a cool look to the table and small players are relaxed with the lightweight material and tee-ball fit pencil closure.

Special Attributes of RTP Performance Series

  • Super duper comfy outer shells.
  • Camouflage fabrics with two decent colors.
  • Velcro wrist closures to attach tightly.
  • Best for softball leagues.
  • Deeper pockets to keep the ball statutory.

RTP Performance Series Teeball Gloves

Reasons to Buy
  • Left-handed thrower gloves.
  • Great for pitcher/synthetic leather.
  • Two candescent colors and textures.
  • Lightweight for beginners.
  • 1y warranty.
Reasons to Avoid
  • Not for baseball games.


9. Franklin Sports CFX Pro Batting Gloves – Affordable Price $19

Franklin’s most common on-site sports model is the CFX Pro Series. These beating gloves have a superior feel, which is complemented by a unique versatility in tectonic fitness. Pittards Digital Sheepskin leather palm, a world-class standard that retains the softness and superior grip in all circumstances, whereas digital leather offers Strategically etched grooves that minimize palm bunching and enhance grip.

Exclusive Features of CFX Pro Batting Gloves

  • Professional batting gloves for hard & contact hitters.
  • Premium quality leather structure.
  • 100% durable, eco-friendly, sleek design.
  • Fits perfectly and comfortably.
  • Comes in all sizes, leagues, textures.
  • Massive collection of colors (22 different colors).

Franklin Sports CFX Pro Batting Gloves Series

Reasons to Buy
  • Worth every penny.
  • Affordable price in comparison with other batting gloves.
  • Smooth linings, no glitch at all.
  • True sizes for kids and adults.
  • 1y warranty.
Reasons to Avoid
  • Not for softball games.


10. Marucci Youth Code Baseball Batting Gloves – Affordable Price $18

This batting glove is the simplest but stiffer one from Marucci manufacturers and recently used for youth code baseball batting gloves. The main attraction of this glove is- simple Velcro straps and superb webbing. Synthetic leather palm construction and stretchy mesh for proper air circulation are just awesome to pick as the best one. Moreover, it provides extra confidence to the hitter who hits fly balls.

Special Features of Marucci Youth Code

  • Synthetic leather palm with actual feeling and performance of leather.
  • Two-way stretch mesh Lycra for superior versatility, durability, and length.
  • Rubberized synthetic thumb coating reduces friction in a wear-bearing environment.
  • Elastic lock for protection and convenience.

Marucci Youth Code Baseball Batting Gloves


Reasons to Buy
  • Affordable for prices.
  • Worth of money.
  • Supernew product in 2021.
  • Top-seller in 2020 and awarded by USSSA.
  • Lightweight sleek design.
Reasons to Avoid
  • No warranty period.


Choosing The Best Affordable Baseball Gloves

A good baseball glove provides the utmost comfort and reliability of a baseball player and as well as confidence. Choosing affordable baseball gloves is a vital part of this game. Simple mistakes or duplicate products can ruin the whole game even. Before choosing gloves, you need some common factors to know. People often buy baseball gloves from online because it shows all details, merits, demerits. Following the trend, we selected a few regular criteria to look at before purchasing the best affordable gloves.

Leather Type

To make a glove or mitt, manufacturers use several types of leather. Usually, they use imported leather, calfskin, reinforced fabrics, synthetic fiber leather, and hybrid material leather. Gloves and mitts are kinda different stuff because mitts are mostly used by catchers. Hitters and infielders need simple gloves in the range of $20-$59 only. Reinforced leather material is trending recently at an affordable cost. You can try one of those.


Webbing is another important issue for baseball gloves. All baseball players are familiar with H-web, I-web, open-web, and closed-web. It is a category of gloves for good gripping. Trapeze webbing gloves are expensive. The best affordable gloves are  H-web and I-web gloves. These are stiffer, comfortable, and perfect for any positions. However, a keeper needs modified trap webbing gloves for better performance.


The same position players use different sizes of gloves because on and off it is needed to change the game plan. Price varies with the size of gloves; bigger gloves cost much. For newbies or starters, simple low-cost gloves will work better. Besides, age and player’s height induces on size and price gradually.


The last thing to consider is the pocket of gloves. Catchers need deeper pockets but a hitter doesn’t feel comfy with deeper pockets. An outfielder and middle infielder need different sizes of pockets. Pockets help to grab and hold a ball smoothly. Hitters don’t need deeper pocket gloves. Catchers and outfielders need some deep pocket gloves to grab the ball quickly. Shallow pocket gloves are widely used by basemen and pitchers.


Padding is a safety factor for baseball gloves. Not only baseball but also most of the glove has padding to reduce external injuries. Padding is mainly used inside the glove and occasionally in the wrist area. Soft cushion or foam is used to support a player’s hand from other casualties. It doesn’t differ price variation much.


People Alos Ask for Affordable glove – (FAQs)

How a baseball glove can last long?

In any baseball game, a player should tighten laces of his/her gloves for more duration and longevity. It provides extra facilities also to play cool and calm. To keep a baseball glove long-lasting, you should take some caring and maintenance issues such as oiling, lacing, etc. Baseball glove oil is available in local or online marketplaces. You can pick those from there. But remember, don’t use every day. Use weekly or half-monthly.

What are affordable baseball gloves?

These gloves are simple and regular gloves for starters, kids, adults. It is affordable because of its cheap price with great quality craftsmanship. Usually, baseball gloves are cheap, and affordable baseball gloves are in the range of $20-$50.

When should I replace baseball gloves?

Due to playing for a long time, every baseball stuff decays. Likewise, a baseball glove also gets torn, distorted, loose laces, and hazy. When a glove gets hazy or non-glittering, thin cushion inside, or non-elastic laces; change those as soon as possible. It won’t work well in the field or practices.

How to get an affordable baseball glove?

Numerous online marketplaces all over the world to provide the best low budget baseball gloves. Moreover, websites and blogs can help to get some ideas and prices. For the best items, you can choose Amazon or our site. From Amazon marketplace, you can buy products. We can support you providing information, pros n cons, product quality, and recommendations.

How can I care & maintain baseball gloves?


  • Use position-based gloves. Don’t interchange gloves between.
  • Keep it in a dry, airy, cold place. Excess heat causes rubber melting.
  • Use skinny gloves before putting on mitts. It will reduce decaying.
  • Keep away gloves from fire or heat.
  • Use an anti-repellent paste of powder near gloves otherwise insects could stay inside gloves.
  • Don’t use detergent or warm water on leather gloves/mitts.


  • Wash gloves in a week with brushes, towels, and mini-sponges.
  • Use lubricating oil on joints of gloves. Glove oils are available in marketplaces.

What is the glove making process?

In this process, manufacturers produce gloves of any shape and design. Most of the time they follow some processing tree or steps. Top manufacturers use 8 steps to make an accurate glove/mitt.

  1. First, they select pure or imported leather/calfskin.
  2. Second, leather cutting is developed with dices and smart machines.
  3. Third, manufacturers assembly essential parts.
  4. Fourth, the stitchers stitch accordingly to finalize the structure.
  5. Fifth, forming and lacing are done in this stage to make the shape of a glove.
  6. Sixth and finally, annual forming is completed to send products for packaging.


Final Verdict Of Affordable Glove

People often get bored or concerned about purchasing the best budget baseball gloves because the process of buying or selection isn’t that easy. Definitely you need some preliminary ideas or suggestions. So, according to our review studies, every product we shared has an affordable price. However, buying guides are necessary to get some common dos and don’ts. For any further queries regarding our article, feel free to ask us or in our FAQ section. Besides, FAQ section has some built-in questions and answers that help a lot.