Best Baseball Bat for 12 Year Old Reviews for 2022 [Latest Picks]

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Best Baseball Bat for 12 Year Old

Baseball is a game of hitters, so those junior-level players who have an interest in this game- need the best baseball bat for 12 year old kids. Because in this school level or junior level, most kids are capable of handling these bats. A bunch of accessories is often used in this game such as bats, gloves, mitts, sneakers, and balls. In this contact, we’ve reviewed the top products from marketplaces and local stores. Not only the marketplace but also we’ve contacted with experienced players and coaches. In this article, you’ll find top baseball bat reviews, sizing guides, buying guides, bat weight & length, bat speed, and exit velocity. Enjoy these sections and recommend to baseball lovers, especially players.

Top 3 Bat for 12 Year Old

Best Pick

EASTON Beast Hyperlite

EASTON Beast Hyperlite -12 USA Youth Baseball Bat

Affrodable Pick

Louisville Slugger Solo 619

Louisville Slugger Solo 619 (-11) USA Bat

Premium Pick

DeMarini Voodoo One

DeMarini Voodoo One Balanced (-10)

Best Baseball Bat for 12 Year Old


Best Baseball Bat Reviews for 12 Year Old – 2022

In this section, we’ll introduce the top 10 products of recently trending bats for 12 year old kids. Most of the products are familiar with coaches and players however the accurate product is emphasized specifically. All products are certified by the major leagues like USSSA, ISA, BBCOR, NSA. We picked all bats according to their size, weight, drop, and price. Though randomly placed here, each one has the common factor of 12 year old age limitation.

1. Axe Bat Avenge Pro (-10 ) USSSA Baseball Bat

The Axe manufacturer has ever designed the most balanced and fastest-swinging USSSA bat to strike pitches with pace, strength, and precision. In conjunction with Endogrid incorporated into the handle, the Vibration Canceling System (VCS) deploy advanced shock-absorbing materials to mitigate vibration in three points in the handle.

Exclusive Features of Axe Bat Avenge Pro

  • USSSA’s fastest and most balanced bat ever made, enabling you to attack.
  • Two-piece, Carbon Plus charged design has a Tri-Flex Barrel optimized for speed and strength.
  • Combination with Endogrid built into the pole uses advanced shock-absorbing materials to minimize vibration by three points of the pole.
  • HyperWhip Composite Cap has a sleek, lightweight profile to improve swing performance.
  • The New Youth Axis Handle offers a comfortable grip so that you can swing easily.

Axe Bat 2021 Avenge Pro (-10 ) USSSA Baseball Bat for 12 year old - 2-Piece Composite

Manufacturer Axe ™
Barrel dia 2-⅝ inch
Item weight 17 oz
Dimension 27 x 2 x 2 inch
Material Alloy metal
Construction 1-piece
Bat drop -10
Reasons to Buy
  • Variable layer with carbon fiber technology.
  • Composite endcap, seismic criteria.
  • Best youth baseball bat for professionals.
  • Anti-vibration barrel and handle.
  • Supernew product in 2022.
Reasons to Avoid
  • Limited edition stuff from the manufacturer.


2. Louisville Slugger Solo 619 -11 Bat for 12 Year Old

This is the bat for you if you have to make a huge hit. The US baseball solo 619 (-11) 2- ⅝ inches is one of Louisville Slugger’s lightest bats of 2019. This is the perfect alternative for players who want to square up a few high heats. An SL Hyper alloy structure offers a more stiff feeling and optimum transfer of energy. The new Louisville Slugger Pro Comfort grip gives you the ideal tack and bat combination. It is a ballistic composite (SBC) speed cap that helps further improve swing speed and bat power.

Exclusive Features of Louisville Slugger Solo 619

  • You get a stiffer feel on contact with a single-piece SL Hyper Alloy design.
  • Endcap Speed Ballistic (SBC) helps to speed up the swing.
  • The all-new LS Pro Comfort handle provides you with the ideal tack and coil combination.
  • Rigorous sensation and full transfer of energy at the touch.
  • ABC, AAU, Babe Ruth/Cal Ripken Baseball, Dixie Youth Baseball, and Pony Baseball are allowed to participate in the Little League.

 Louisville Slugger 2019 Solo 619 -11 2 5/8" Baseball Bat for 12U

Manufacturer  Louisville Slugger
Barrel dia 2-⅝ inch
Item weight 19 oz
Drop -11
Dimension 30 x 2.5 x 1.3 inch
Material  Alloy metal
Construction 1-piece
Reasons to Buy
  • Comfortable handles and grip system.
  • SBC endcaps prevent slipping from hands.
  • Hyper alloy technology structure.
  • Good pop sounds and performance.
Reasons to Avoid
  • Unavailable due to the pandemic.


3. DeMarini Bustos (-13) Fastpitch Bat for 12U

Let the 2019 Bustos bat rip without consideration for hand sting or vibration. The 13-unce weight drops let young players get their bat through the zone as fast as possible and ensures optimum output. With this easy, feeling stick clear the fences. Clean the fences. Is issued with a 1-year warranty by DeMarini maker.

Special Attractions

  • Composite paradox model with enhanced technology.
  • Ultra-lightweight design provides faster swing effects.
  • Balanced 2-piece structure.
  • D-lite handle and big D-endcap reduces vibration.
  • Lots of sweet spots for a contact hitter, softball players.

DeMarini 2021 Bustos (-13) 2 1/4" Fastpitch Bat

Manufacturer  DeMarini ™ 
Bat drop -13
Barrel dia 2-¼ inch
Composition  DX1 alloy
Construction  2-piece
Handle  D-lite technology
Item weight 1.45 lbs
Dimension  30 x 3 x 3 inch
Reasons to Buy
  • Best for youth baseball and softball leagues.
  • Worth of money, affordable.
  • New upgrades from the manufacturer in 2022.
  • 100% quality material and craftsmanship.
  • Better performer in practices.
  • 1y limited warranty.
Reasons to Avoid
  • Cheap material if China products.


4. EASTON Beast Hyperlite -12 Youth Baseball Bat

This Easton Beast Hyperlite 2018-19 is a 2 1/4″ barrel built in a 1-piece -12 version. ATAC alloy produces a compact, but powerful barrel, and a balanced design of -12 speeds offers a light swing weight for greater speed behind a contact ball. The Beast Hyperlite 2018-19 models feature a 2-1/4″ barrel and a tailored LIZARD SKIN SDSP Bat Grip to give your feel and cover the utmost. It is accepted in the leagues and organizations that comply with the United States Baseball standard.

Key Features

  • 1-piece aluminum alloy structure.
  • Thermal technology for climate/weather compatibility.
  • Balanced bat with a Hyperlite design.
  • Lightweight and great for swinging.
  • Customizable lizard skin grip, cushioned, tacky.

EASTON Beast Hyperlite -12 (2 1/4") Baseball Bat

Manufacturer  Easton
Item weight 1.54 lbs
Barrel dia 2-¼ inch
Bat drop -12
Dimension  30 x 3 x 3 inch
Construction  1-piece
Material  Aluminum alloy
Reasons to Buy
  • Newly improved bat for 12 year old.
  • Accurate weight and sizes.
  • Great pop sound.
  • Improved swing techniques for lightweight structure.
  • 1y warranty.
Reasons to Avoid
  • Small for adult leagues.


5. DeMarini Voodoo One Balanced (-10) USA Bat

The 2019 DeMarini Voodoo One Balanced United States Baseball Bat is an excellent light swing choice for junior high-aged players who like an aluminum bat with their feeling. The X14 Alloy from DeMarini allows a more precise weight distribution to give them a balanced swing.

Exclusive Attributes

  • x14 construction barrel alloy
  • 3Fusion end limit decreases weight for a more balanced swing at bat end
  • Xlite – 25 percent weight reduction in knob V.
  • Lots of swings, pop sound, and dead bat cracks.
  • Excellent for junior leagues.
  • Senior softball players can use it for practice.

DeMarini Voodoo One Balanced (-10) 2 5/8" USA Baseball Bat

Manufacturer  DeMarini ™ 
Bat drop -10
Barrel dia 2-⅝ inch
Composition  X14 alloy
Construction  1-piece
Handle  RCK knob
Item weight 1.6 lbs
Dimension  36 x 3 x 3 inch
Reasons to Buy
  • Elegant glossy color.
  • Great pop for slower swing speed.
  • Adorable to kids.
  • Lightweight with a good length.
  • Big barrel dia for hard hitters.
Reasons to Avoid
  • Only one color is available.


6. Mizuno B20-HOT METAL Youth Baseball Bat

Already we’ve discussed this bat but BBCOR model. This Mizuno B20 has youth league bats for every league championship. Mizuno’s strong HotMetal ™ alloy, the B20-HOT METAL, comes together with revolutionary CorTech ™ technology that changes barrel wall thickness to produce a high-performance bat with a sweet spot that is offensive. Mastered data, such as an Optimized End Cap, create a booming sound while increasing the sweet spot to give you the heat of the game.

Exclusive Features of Mizuno B20-HOT METAL

  • Optimized end cap widens lots of sweet spots and booming sounds.
  • Sleek, flexible, high-performance single-piece construction.
  • Hotmetal alloy cortex technology with a thinner wall barrel, wider sweet spots.
  • Exclusive craftsmanship and comfortability for youth and adult league players.
  • Reduced MOI for speed, lightweight, and more power.

Mizuno B20-HOT METAL - Big Barrel Youth USA Baseball Bat

Manufacturer  Mizuno
Item weight 21 oz
Barrel dia 2-⅝ inch
Bat drop -10
Dimension  31 x 3 x 2.5 inch
Construction  3-piece
Material  Metal alloy + VP sleeve
Reasons to Buy
  • Bigger barrel bats.
  • Great for beginners.
  • USSSA approved bat for 12y.
  • Accurate sizes and weight.
  • 6 different colors, vibrant and stiffer.
Reasons to Avoid
  • Not good for little kids.


7. Louisville Slugger Vapor Baseball Bat

For over a century, the company Wilson Sporting Goods has produced superior athletic equipment. Louisville Slugger’s (Wilson-based) new Vapor USA Baseball Bat combines longevity and performance with outstanding value. The 1-piece alloy and broad barrel size provide optimum coverage for the plates. Perfect for starters and coach pitch players.

Exclusive Features of Louisville Slugger Vapor

  • Durable and comfortable enough for practice sessions.
  • Lots of pop sounds are just adorable for young kids.
  • Synthetic leather feed grip to enhance more comfy feelings.
  • Great for swing effects, no dead bat sound, and zero-vibration.
  • Approved by all major baseball leagues such as ASA, USSSA, NSA.

Wilson Sporting Goods Louisville Slugger Vapor -9

Manufacturer Wilson aka LS
Barrel dia 2-⅝ inch
Item weight 21 oz
Dimension 30 x 2.8 x 1.4 inch
Material Alloy metal
Construction 1-piece
Bat drop -9
Reasons to Buy
  • Standard bat for youth leagues.
  • Robust craftsmanship with top-quality materials.
  • Integrated ⅞ inch grips.
  • Soft to handle and swing.
  • Affordable for 12 year old kids.
  • Worth of money, easy shipping.
Reasons to Avoid
  • No such things are included yet.


8. Axe Bat ORIGIN (-9) Baseball Bat

During an internal analysis, hitters of BBCOR performed better with Axe handle swing bats than with conventional round knobs on average. The source is your point of entry into Axe Bat of the USSSA lineup, built from robust LP1 alloy. Its stiff but reactive, one-piece architecture offers truthful feedback and a balancing power weight.

Special Features of Axe Bat ORIGIN

  • Single-piece structure & patented handle.
  • Balanced for contact, power, and speed.
  • Huge pop and faster swing appeals.
  • Hyperskin leather grip with cushioned cover (excluded).
  • Approved by USSSA leagues.

Axe Bat ORIGIN USABat (-8)

Manufacturer Axe ™
Barrel dia 2-⅝ inch
Item weight 20 oz
Dimension 28 x 2 x 2 inch
Material Alloy metal
Construction 1-piece
Bat drop -9
Color Black, lime
Reasons to Buy
  • Best for baseball and softball.
  • Limited edition bats for coach pitch.
  • Perfect for 12 year old youth team players.
  • Customizable stickers of a team.
  • 1y warranty.
Reasons to Avoid
  • Low production bats. Unavailable sometimes.


9. Rawlings 2020 Velo ACP Baseball Bat for 12U

The Velo ACP USA Bat from Rawlings 2020 is a step into the future of high-performance baseball bats. This fleece is the first bat ever to create the lightest felt fleece ever produced with Accelerated Carbon Performance (ACP), a two-inch carbon composite shaped into the fleece end. The ACP technology does not only achieve faster speeds through its lightweight feel, but it also helps to build a wider, flatter barrel to increase the rates of contact.

Key Features of Rawlings Velo ACP

  • Premium-quality carbon fiber structure provides ultra-lightweight stuff.
  • Enough sweet spots with the flexibility of a hitter.
  • Faster swing techniques to hit fly balls.
  • Composite 1-piece accelerated carbon molded construction.
  • Top-selling bats in 2020.
  • Approved by all major leagues like ASA, ISA, NSA, USSSA.

Rawlings 2020 Velo ACP USA Youth Baseball Bat Series (-10, -5)

Manufacturer  Rawlings
Item weight 20~25 oz
Barrel dia 2-¼, 2-⅝ inch
Bat drop -5, -10
Dimension  30 x 3 x 2.5 inch
Construction  1-piece
Material  Carbon fiber
Reasons to Buy
  • Excellent grip, cushioned plastic.
  • Ultra-lightweight for youth leagues.
  • Balanced bat for 12y kids.
  • Huge barrel for hard hitters.
  • Good for coach pitch, machine pitch.
Reasons to Avoid
  • Small handle knobs.


10. Mizuno B20-MAXCOR Big Barrel USA Bat

With its special DualDensity VP-Sleeve + HotMetalTM-core design, the hottest two-piece bat of the game, B20-MAXCOR-Hot Metal has increased spin rate, which also creates a broader sweet spot to give greater power and greater distance to any swing.

Exclusive Features

  • Wider sweet spots, optimized backspin technology.
  • Reduced mass of index provides more vigor.
  • Faster swing for hard hitters.
  • 3-piece metal alloy construction.
  • Dynamic handles reduce vibration more.

Mizuno B20-MAXCOR HOT Metal - Big Barrel Youth USA Baseball Bat

Manufacturer  Mizuno ™ 
Bat drop -5, -10
Barrel dia 2-⅝ inch
Composition  Hot metal alloy + VP sleeve
Construction  3-piece
Handle  Super-helix grip
Item weight 18~27 oz
Dimension  28 x 2 x 1 inch
Reasons to Buy
  • The USA factory-made product.
  • Lots of sizes from 28~32 inch.
  • Lightweight sleek design, bat drop -5, -10.
  • USSSA approved bat for youth leagues.
  • Seismic endcaps.
Reasons to Avoid
  • Not good for bbcor however there are bbcor bats.


What Size Baseball Bat for 12 Year Old – 12U Bat Size

Baseball bat size for 12 year old – Generally, a 12-year-old kid has sensitive palms, less strength in their grip and lack of hard hits. When we consulted with expert coaches and school baseball trainers, they emphasized on the appropriate bat size. Usually, a baseball bat consists of a handle, barrel, and end cap. Hard hitters use the middle of any barrel. Soft hitters or more likely contact hitters use the upper and lower part of a barrel. So it is clear that an accurate size bat helps a lot to the 12 year old players.Baseball Bat Size for 12 Year Old

This is an image of a baseball bat from DeMarini. You see all the parts here (indicated) and most of those are familiar. A handle has a good taping with cushioned grips. Barrels are made of void spaces and bulky. Regular players and experts know about the pop sound and the barrel creates it most of the time.

Sizing charts of a baseball bat for 12U player(s) are diverse through the online journals, articles, league rule books, and expert solutions. After a limitless survey and optimization, we figured out a sizing chart for 12 year old players, according to their weight and height.

Height (Inches) Weight (lbs) Bat size
45 45 26/14
47 51 27/15
50 57 28/16
53 64 28/18
55 74 29/19
57 85 30/20
59 110 31/21
61 125 31/26

Another chart should be constructed regarding bat weight because many coaches and trainers suggest a proper weight for hard hits and flexibility, easiness, adaptability. Here we create another table with a player’s weight regarding bat weights.

Weight (lbs) Bat weight (oz)
61-70 19
71-80 19
81-90 20
91-100 21
101-110 21
111-120 21
121-130 22

This table and the previous one have some variations because of the player’s height. However, you can follow both tables as your expectations. If you want to be a more detailed version and accuracy, follow the first table. The second one is for quick actions.


How To Choose The Best Baseball Bat For 12 Year Old

This section provides you with picking the best one by following some absolute factors of a baseball bat for 12 year old. These factors are familiar and expert trainers, players, coaches suggest buyers- to notice carefully before any purchasing. The most common factors on how to choose the best baseball bat for any age are- length, weight, bat drop, price, and accessories. Let’s see vividly.

Bat length for junior leagues

A baseball bat length describes the total length including the handle and barrel. In most cases, people purchase longer bats because they think these for hard-hitting or long-lasting. However, this is not correct. For a 12 year old player, you have to measure the player’s height and weight. Lots of charts or sizing guides are available so you can find the relevant product length from these. We suggest 26-31 inches bat for 45-61 inches player height, respectively. The weight of the player should be 45-125 lbs in that case.

Weight range accordingly

The second factor of our buying guide is the bat weight. Basically, a 12 year old kid has soft palms and non-firmed grips. Their skins are sensitive as well, so you should buy some lightweight bat. Bat weight depends on bat drops and league rules. The bbcor bat has a drop of 3 always (fixed). So, if a bat length is 24 inches, the weight must be 21 oz. Furthermore, you have to figure out how much weight your 12 year old kid can carry in his/her hands. We recommend 14-26 oz bat weight for 45-125 lbs kids, propo wooden bats

Bat drop is a number or digit that comes from the deduction of the bat length from bat weight. So, it could be negative most in the cases. If a bat has 28 inches length with 15 oz weight, the drop will be 13 and written by -13. For 12 years old players, we suggest drops from 5-12 however coaches and trainers have different choices for their student capabilities and credentials. The taller player, the less drop of the bat.

MOI of a baseball bat

Mass of index is called MOI, in short. This is a technical aspect of a baseball bat. According to physics and weight science, MOI has a great impact on baseball bat dimensions and structures. It helps a player to swing his/her bat around. In the baseball game, this is called swinging or bat swing. As the calculation and experimental data are quite harder, we won’t go through that. Just to recommend, the more MOI means more stability but heavier. Less MOI is lightweight though unstable. For a 12 year old player, we suggest basic MOI for good pop sound.MOI of a baseball bat

Price categories of bats

Usually, low-cost products are always clumsy, unstable, breaks sooner, and not durable enough with design issues. Price is therefore a major concerning factor while choosing a baseball bat. You can find lots of limited price bats, discounted bats, lightweight bats- but the fact is, all of those are perishable. Generally, a baseball bat price is low because of its simpler structure and less material usage. Expensive bats are good for longevity and design parameters. For 12 year old players, we suggest buying bats in the range from $75-$185.

Other important factors

More factors are related while choosing the best baseball bat. But these aren’t that mandatory and you can skip these for junior-level baseball leagues. Those factors are- pop sound, swing effect, break-in, barrel diameter, etc.

The pop sound is good for softball bats. This is nothing but just a blunt sound when the ball contacts the barrel during hard hittings.

Swing effects are the flexibility of a baseball bat. The more swings in a bat, the more comfortability for a player.

Break-in is just another fatal cause of a baseball bat. As you know there are two major parts in a baseball bat- handle, and barrel; break-in causes the splitting of both parts.Other important factors of baseball bat

Barrel diameter is sometimes essential to look up because bbcor leagues have a fixed barrel diameter criteria. They allow 2-⅝ inches barrel diameter only. Generally, we suggest 2-⅛ to 2-⅜ inches diameter for 12 year old players.


Baseball Bat Weight for 12 year old

So far we’ve explained some charts and demographic measurements of a baseball bat according to weight and length. However, a baseball bat weight hinges on leading categories like sports spirit, league rules, player choices. Once you’ve purchased, you cannot change it freely because the palms of 12 year old kids have more sensitivity and are less stiff. Bat drops are important here to justify and find out the capability of players.

Sports Spirit in 12 year old

Baseball is a fascinating game all over the US and Canada. A tremendous fun factor and fans love to watch baseball leagues, tournaments, or seasonal premieres. Young kids are optimistic to show their best artistry here, especially hitters. A hitter uses lightweight or heavyweight bats according to their demands or team intentions. It is a covert desire to get the bulkiest bat in your hands, swing smoothly, and hit smartly. So, on the off, it is a good point to have such a sports spirit inside.

League Rules of Junior Level

USSSA, BBCOR, ISA are the major leagues of baseball and every year they update or upgrade their rules & regulations. For example, a bbcor league has strict rules of bat weight like 26 – 30 oz. And the bat drop is only 3, hence the length of the bat should be 29 – 33 inches. ISA is a softball league having the same rules as USSSA. The most dominating USSSA league is the combination of all major league rules, state league rules, and coach’s choices. For a 12 year old baseball player, it is recommended to get 14-26 oz bats. Apart from bbcor, this weight is strictly followed by all tournaments.

Player Choices & Distinctions

If the player isn’t comfortable, no good hit will come from him/her. So we consistently emphasize a player’s choice. If he/she feels cozy with the bat’s weight, it would be better reflected in games. Sometimes a player discomforts because of length and weight ratio. However, customizable bats have recently been synthesized by all manufacturers. If anyone feels uncomfortable, he/she can choose customized bats.


Baseball Bat Length for 12 year old

A baseball bat length portrays the total length incorporating the handle and barrel. In most facts, people purchase longer bats because they consider these for hard-hitting or resilient. However, this is not correct. For a 12 year old player, you have to evaluate the player’s height and weight. Lots of tables or sizing guides are available so you can detect the relevant product length from these.

Height (Inches) Weight (lbs) Bat length (inch)
45 45 26
47 51 27
50 57 28
53 64 28
55 74 29
57 85 30
59 110 31
61 125 31

The purple figures in the table show a baseball bat length according to the player’s height and weight. From the table, we can say the range of a baseball bat length for 12 year old could be 26 – 31 inches.


How Much To Spend On 12 Year Old Baseball Bat

For a starter player at this age, we can afford normal wo











oden bats in the beginning. As the handling capability and grips get stronger, we have to provide them a better baseball bat. As we analyzed local marketplaces and stores, we found 10% people purchases a baseball bat for 12 year old in the range from $24-$79, 13% people get that in the range of $80-$129. The remaining percentage of people afford their bat according to the pie-chart below, in a nutshell.

How much to Spend on 12U Baseball Bat

So, the green part acquires a massive part in the pie block and most people purchase a bat for 12U in this price range. However, the orange section i.e $130-$199 range is in the second category and mid-class people mostly afford these bats.

We recommend spending $379 – $479 range bats because of longer durability and stiffness.


What Is The Good Bat Speed for 12U

At this 12 year old age, most trainers and coaches split the hitters into three categories- average hitter, good hitter, and elite hitter. Now, what is bat speed? Bat speed is defined as the hitting power of the hitter and the elevation of hitting angles.the Good Bat Speed for 12U

We’ve analyzed a simple method of mathematics to figure out the maximum hitting angle for a 12 year old kid and it worked successfully in a practice match. You see the graph here is just the comparison between angle and velocity. And it is clearly seen that between 15 to 25 degrees of elevation, speed is the maximum. We examined this for 300 feet range. That means if you hit a ball with an elevation angle of 23o and want to cross 300 feet, your bat speed should be 136mph. However, this is not that possible for little kids. So we have to recalculate with 80 feet range. After calculating the same parameters and 80 feet range, we got the following graph.Baseball Bat Speed for 12U

From this graphical presentation, we see an analytical comparison of angle-velocity thing. For a 12 year old player, the utmost speed is 114 feet per second or 78 mph when he/she hit the ball with an angle of 23o and gradually decreased. Moreover, a good speed of 47 mph can be acquired if the player hits the ball with a 14o angle.

So far we’ve examined for angle and corresponding velocity. But sometimes it is essential to calculate the velocity in accordance with ball distance or maximum distance. In a junior baseball game, the boundary line distance from the hitter is 127/ and any player crosses the limit between foul line poles, he/she gets the maximum point. We consider the distance as 128/ and with a fixed angle of 17o – 38o for a speedy hit.Baseball Bat Speed

From this statistical presentation, we see the speed is exponentially decreasing by the angle increment. In a nutshell, we can conclude this issue as-

  • 17o – 25o is a standard elevation angle for hard hitters.
  • 13o – 17o is the maximum elevation angle for 12 year old players.
  • 50 – 77 mph is the standard speed range for any hitters.
  • 26o – 38o is better for contact hitters of 12 year old.

Difference Between Bat Speed and Exit Velocity

In the baseball game, bat speed and exit velocity aren’t the same. Bat speed is encountered with swing speed mostly and in the earlier section, we discussed it in brief. Exit velocity, on the other hand, depends on swing speed, elevation angle, and environmental perspectives. For example, in rainy weather, severe moisture and humidity spread all over the ground. So, occasionally it is hard to fly balls far away. Contrarily, in a sunny climate, the ball travels swiftly and in an instance.

Bat Speed

A baseball bat consists of 2 major parts- handle and barrel. A barrel has a knob and void stuff. Bat speed is defined as the speed of the barrel while contacting a ball. Critical to evaluating the actual speed range, however, recent speedometer and laser technology can spot this speed accurately. Most young players of 12 year old do some mistakes about bat speed. Sometimes they’re misled by other players or rookie coaches. The main fault they occasionally do is, swinging the bat away from the body. This is not perfect. You should keep your hands close to the body for the highest bat/swing speed. Otherwise, it will influence the exit velocity of a bat.

Exit Velocity

It is perplexing about exit velocity and the bat’s speed. Most players mix up both or guess the same thing. Recent technology and equipment verified these two and found a provocative phenomenon. Exit velocity is greater than bat speed and sometimes 1.8 times than bat speed. Experts figured out a simple equation to measure the exit speed of a baseball bat.

Exit Velocity = q × Pitch Speed + (1+q) × Bat Speed

Here q is defined as a quotient factor and varies among bat types. For wooden bats, the value of q is 0.2, for metal bats 0.6, and for composite ones 0.46.


Bottom Line

So, evaluating diverse producers in the baseball bat making field, you’ve got ample concepts to pick the best baseball bat for 12 year old players. You know about bat size, bat endurance, league rules & regulations, and buying guide. As the 12 year old junior’s hands are kinda soft, they need a good grip bat actually. We hope you can buy the best one from now on and if any queries, feel free to ask us anytime.