Best Baseball Bat Grip Review Reviews in 2022 [Best Rated]

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Best Baseball Bat Grip Review

Bat grip tape manufacturer has been using major league athletes to promote their business for the last many years. Here we review the best baseball bat grips. The concept of colored bat tape is already trickling down to other firms. You want to wrap your own bat, obtain a better grip, and shield your hands from vibration. Now you want to wrap your own bat, get a competitive advantage, and highlight your individuality.

When you have sweaty palms, a grip around the handle of the bat will provide a comfortable hold on the bat. Grip is used in the market to help customers with two distinct purposes. To be on the safe side, you must make sure your bat doesn’t slide out of your hands, which the design of the grip promotes.Best Baseball Bat Grip Review

A baseball and softball guide has been prepared that includes a quick summary of the top bat grips. Baseball players often use Lizard Skins 1.1mm Bat Grip, which is listed first on the list. Although it would be simple to purchase anything if you just examine a few elements and you must read deeper to find out these key variables, this is difficult.

Which bat grip tape is best for your needs?

For added grip, a wide range of thicknesses and tackiness levels are available for use with bat grip tape. It is an extraordinary variety of bright and beautiful colors and designs, which goes to the next level with bat customization.

In general, everyone wants to look their best, but it is wise to put comfort and grip ahead of appearance. Tending to dislike the feeling of the ball being struck might result in finding a tape that offers more cushioning. Softball players prefer softer grips. While they are useful for everyone, they are particularly good for those who like connecting the ball to the bat.

Top 5 Best baseball and softball bat grips review 2021

At the beginning of baseball, players had to make their own bats, since none of the bat manufacturers had agreed to produce their woodworking company. Then, however, inventor Bud Hillerich persuaded his father to start manufacturing wooden bats.

#1: Lizard Skins 1.1mm Bat Grip

The 1.1mm Lizard Skins bat grips include an interior felt cushion for added comfort, and a design with an outside textured finish and a lightweight feel for improved overall control. To make installation simpler, they are pre-cut to their maximum length, which allows them to be cleaned easily with isopropyl alcohol or water. Even when wet, these DSP durasoft polymer bat wraps do not slide. Instructions are supplied in the wrapper in case you choose to follow them.Lizard Skins 1.1mm Bat Grip


  • Brand: Lizard Skins
  • Weight: 1 pound

Key Features

  • Inner felt cushion
  • Textured exterior design
  • pre-cut for easy wrapping
  • Players feel “tacky” rather than “sticky.


  • This baseball bat grip gives a comfortable, firm hold to the hitter.
  • The grip is effective whether it is wet or dry.
  • The unique and textured pattern on the outer layer creates a pleasing appearance, with the bat in hand.
  • A user may use the bat with or without gloves thanks to the grip.
  • Grip thickness doesn’t add to the overall thickness of the handle.

Why you should buy it?

The inside felt cushion inside the Lizard Skins’ bat grip helps to give added comfort to the hitter. It has an outside textured pattern for a nicer-looking bat, rather than the other way around.

I like this particular kind of grip since it is light enough. To make packaging the product simpler, it is already pre-cut. Once you’ve taped the handle, you will notice that it feels tacky, rather than sticky. This tool comes with an instruction sheet that may be found in the wrapper.


#2: Alien Pros Bat Grip Tape for Baseball

It has a patterned baseball tape in it. The tape is 47.2 inches long and 0.04 inches thick. The quality of this product is astounding. This material is incredibly absorbent and ultra-light, resulting in exactly the correct amount of tackiness.Alien Pros Bat Grip Tape for Baseball


  1. Brand: Alien Pros
  2. Weight: 0.05 pounds

Key Features

  • 1.1 mm thick bat grip
  • the frame comes pre-cut
  • 47.2 inches baseball tape measures
  • Highly absorbent and ultra-light material is used to make it.


  • Installation is simple: just peel, wrap, and seal the grip tape.
  • Anti-slip efficacy on both wet and dry surfaces is provided by the outside surface of the tape.
  • Tacky residue from the grip tape will be provided to the user in the correct quantity.
  • Shock-absorbing grip tape is found on the drumheads.
  • The tape on the grip feels pleasant to the touch for the user.

Why you should buy it?

A sticky feel in both dry and wet situations is provided by this 1.1 mm thick bat grip from Alien Pros. This grip is pre-cut, and you don’t need to do anything to wrap it around the handle.


#3:  VukzGripz Bat Grip Tape

Reusable and durable, the VukzGripz bat grip tape is thin. Even though VukzGripz is up against similar competition like Lizard Skin, Vulcan, Marucci, and Easton, it is still a good contender.

The unique fiber structure of this grip tape gives it an exceptionally gripping feel when compared to other bat grips that are sticky or tacky. I loved this brand because even in damp or damp situations, it remained sticky. This model does well in the cold, when it is difficult to maintain your bat with one hand, or in hot/wet conditions, when pine tar becomes a problem.VukGripz Bat Grip

In general, this makes it more durable than synthetic or rubber tape. Lively newcomer with the noise surrounding Lizard Skin tape’s falling quality. Although they say the change is small, I’ll believe them. While I recognize that this is a phenomenal grip tape, it takes nothing away from the fact that this is the greatest tape I have tried so far.


#4: OMG – Oh My Grips Premium Cushioned Hand Grip Wrap

Oh My Gosh: Ten unique colors are available for the Premium Cushioned Hand Grip Wrap. Made with a polymer polymer blend that reduces the chance of sliding, it is textured to provide outstanding shock absorption. Players are encouraged to apply the grips liberally, since each grip is 1 inch broad and 43.5 inches long. With this tape, you just peel off the backing as you apply it, resulting in a simple application. You’ll want to apply the finishing tape (included) to ensure that the end is completely secure.Oh My Grips Cushioned Hand Grip Wrap Tape OMG


  • Effects bats made of wood and metal equally
  • Colors retain their brightness and attractiveness
  • cushioned, comfy feel


  • Other brands aren’t as tacky

Why you should buy it?

However, this brand earns great reviews for comfort and nice appearances, even if this firm only provides fewer colors. Players who need a generous amount of cushioning and protection against blisters, as well as additional stability when working lengthy shifts, like using OMG grip tape. It is often compared to the Lizard Skins, since it looks similar.


#5:  Gonex Bat Grip Tape for Baseball

The overall grip length is 40.1 inches. The front and rear ends have 3.9 inches extra length. For simple and rapid installation, every grip comes with double-faced adhesive.Gonex Bat Grip Tape for Baseball


  • Brand: Gonex
  • Weight: 0.25 pounds

Key Features

  1. Cushioned polymer design that is of high quality
  2. 3.9 inches up the length of the 40.1-inch pipe
  3. High-visibility double-sided adhesive for installation quick and uncomplicated.


  1. Vibration and sting are reduced because of the tape’s thickness.
  2. Users may adjust the grip tape’s location to prevent it from loosening.
  3. It may be used on any baseball bat for a slip-resistant grip.
  4. The end of the bat’s handle will make it simpler for the user to install.
  5. Protection of the hand is guaranteed due to the use of high-quality cushioned polymer.

Why you should buy it?

With a comfortable, cushioned polymer grip, Gonex’s baseball bat grip tape provides both increased comfort and more protection for the hands. In dry and wet situations, you have the most control with this grip.


About baseball and softball bat grip

In baseball and softball, the padding surrounding the handle of the bat is known as the grip. The tape is usually used to provide a better grip on the bat. pdf. This illustrates the situation in which you’re poised to make a solid connection with the oncoming ball, but the bat is also propelled by the ball after your connection is established. Oops! That’s not the precise thing you were hoping for.

So, why did this occur? Your hands have got sweaty, which has affected your grip on the bat. Soft, padded hand grips keep your bat in your hand. Perfect shots can only be delivered with a firm hold on the bat. There is no need to doubt yourself or sacrifice for a better grip when it comes to your baseball bat.

Best Bat Grip Tape – A Buyer’s Guide

The rise of metal bats led to an increase in bat tape. While they’ve mostly been employed to increase grip on baseball bats, bat wraps have lately been redesigned to do more. Bat wraps are popular because they decrease vibration, give extra comfort, and allow your bat to coordinate with other equipment.

Wraps made for bats that lessen the stinginess of bats such as one-piece bats work well for this. Rubbery cushiony materials are used to make these bat coverings. To counterbalance the vibrations, the media is usually thicker, and it is tacky to increase the hitter’s grip.

Hold up and function just as effectively in cold, wet conditions are some of the qualities of good bat grip tape. Because they’re water resistant, these wraps don’t pull off while it’s raining. Bat coverings also absorb excess moisture, allowing the bat to maintain its level of comfort and grip regardless of the weather.

How to grip a baseball bat

On baseball, you should tape your bat’s handle so that you may perform better in the field. Just before buying a grip, you already knew to wrap it around the handle of your bat. The truth is, this grasp does not assist you, it hurts you. You should secure the grip for improved control and more scoring potential in games.How to grip a baseball bat

The first step is to select whether you want to use a regular grip or a softball/baseball grip. The shape of the design is up to you, but just make sure the handles are nice and cushiony.

A common misconception is that you need remove the grip before using the bat. If you are going to be doing this, you should use a scissors or a blade to cut off one side of the grip and then apply steady, deliberate pressure to remove the full grip. If the bat is new or if it had any grip on earlier, you don’t need to do this.

You may find the handle to be somewhat sticky after removing the previous grip. Make sure you completely remove any stickiness from the handle before wrapping it with a fresh grip. To do this, use sandpaper and go over the handle’s surface.

Put the bat down, then grip it so that it will not move until the wrapping is done. Putting the bat between your knees is the most secure grip-holding posture.

First layer of the grip, starting with the grip, should be made. Use the bottom of the handle as a starting point for wrapping the handle. Until the wrapping covers the latter half of the handle and the first half of the barrel, maintain the wrapping.

When the wrapping procedure is finished, just barely overlap the warp before it. Ensuring there are no vacant spaces in the handle means that there will be no waste in the print process.

Continue wrapping the handle, making a second layer of wrapping around it, and then begin wrapping from the first layer of wrapping where it was stopped. Until the knob of the handle touches the grip, go up.

Now trim the additional grip remaining in the handle using a scissor.

Make a few swings with the bat to see whether the grip is correct. When everything is done to your satisfaction, you are ready to go out into the field!

How to clean baseball bat grip

Sweaty palms might result from extended usage on the warm summer day. At this point, it’s time to clean the table so it looks like a new one. It’s impossible to have a different gripping experience each day, but it is possible to keep the same sticky sensation by cleaning the grip after each usage. If you have a dirty or sweaty grip, your ability to perform will be decreased, and that is something you definitely don’t want.

You’ll need a cleaning alcohol solvent and a soft cloth to clean the baseball bat handle.

Using the alcohol on the grip’s surface will clean away the residue, restoring the item to how it was before.

Alcohol should never be applied directly to the grips. Apply a little liquid on the soft cloth.

Continue the rubbing motion with the cloth, proceeding in the same direction as the wrap around the grip was made.

In time, your grip will feel as fresh as it did when you first began using it, and it will also bring you the same amount of comfort.

Best Bat Grip Tape – Which Is It?

On the other end of the scale, we have polymer bat grip tape, such Lizard Skin, Vulcan, Easton, Franklin, Rawlings, which have been around for a while. You’ll spot these colorful grips out on the field since they have intricate designs and vibrant hues. They’re tackier and stickier, which allows the wearer to utilize them even if they’re not wearing batting gloves.

For the athletic end of the range, we have tape utilized for athletes’ ankles such as for training. Additionally, the grips come in many color variations, including the lizard pattern. When you want to keep your prices down, they are the less expensive, lower-quality choice.

Bat Grip Tape Sizing Guide

The Vulcan grips and Lizard Skin grips each provide three different size options. They are around the same size, so they may be grouped together.

This 0.5mm grip is popular among professionals who use wood bats. A thinner grip feels more natural, providing great feel, but using pine tar does not eliminate the need for it. Grips that professional athletes like Bo Jackson and Ken Griffey Jr have been known to use are sometimes referred to as “pros grips.”

While the 0.5mm has additional uses in the world of softball bats, softball players like their bats to be thin.

In the center, the most typical grip is 1.1mm. This is a common grip that is often used for new bats that have just come off the assembly line. For players who don’t want too much cushioning, but are not yet ready to utilize the considerably thinner 0.5mm, this thickness is ideal.

One and a half millimeters – the most common among kid baseball bats, this grip gives the greatest cushion, and is favoured by players with tiny hands, as well as the majority of high schoolers. For young baseball players who are seeking the most sting-resistant padding, the 1.8mm provides optimum protection.

Reduction in sting and vibration and the use by children for just about ready to switch from alloy/composite bats to wood bats make these grips a great option.

Bat Tape – Questions and Answers: 

What is the recommended way of applying bats’ grip tape?

It will help you boost your comfort and control at the plate if you know how to apply grip tape on bats. Replace your baseball or softball bat grip using our instructions.

Hold the bat so that the bottom is resting on a sturdy surface, with the grip hanging down on the side.

  1. Draw a line over the top of the original grip using a marker.
  2. When utilizing the utility knife, be aware of your surroundings.
  3. Mark where you’ve placed the utility knife by cutting the tape.
  4. Dispose of the old handle.
  5. If you want to remove any residue, you should wipe the handle first.
  6. Wipe off the residue with a towel.
  7. When the bat is sitting on your thighs, the knob should face up.
  8. Move toward the goal (or target) in a spiraling, counter-clockwise direction, starting with the knob on the bat and wrapping the rest of the way to the target.
  9. When you’ve finished using the pre-wrap, layer it evenly for an easy-to-thicken application.
  10. The bat should be held in the same position as when the pre-wrap was added.
  11. Apply the electrical tape in the same way as previously to the preceding wrap.
  12. You must layer the tape evenly around the handle to produce a seamless wrap.
  13. Insert a tiny piece of electrical tape to attach the wrap around the bat at the beginning and finish.
  14. Now that your new grip is complete, you’re ready to play ball!

Can I put bat grip over old grip tape?

Depending on the situation, an update to the bat’s grip may need more than simply a material alteration. A fresh baseball or softball bat wrap will increase the bat’s grip. Another kind of bat grip might be more secure than worn-out or broken tapings. Replacing your bat grip tape is a simple method to make a different swing. Middle size is the most popular, and it gives a great balance. This is a typical grip that is put on new bats that have just come out of the manufacture. Some players like to play with less of a cushion but aren’t ready to go with the even thinner 0.5mm.

Should I put grip tape on my wood bat?

When you have a wood bat and install a bat grip, you have more options than you would expect. As an example, you may make each dish in a certain hue to give the dish an attractive and distinct look. In addition to the options mentioned above, you may also decide between thin, medium, or heavy bat tape to adjust the feel of your swing. Bat grip thickness helps you to hit the ball quicker, increasing your performance. Your comfort when grasping your baseball or softball bat will be improved by using a bat grip that is much thicker. For a nice blend of performance and comfort, opt for a medium-thickness bat grip. You decide on the colour and thickness and it is all up to you. You may get caught up in the installation procedure when you make your decision.

Bat tape is increasingly being used by baseball and softball teams. Bat tape is used to give a wood bat a better aesthetic, but it may also increase the grip and comfort of the hitter’s hands. It is being utilized by an increasing number of Major League Baseball players. If you’re using a bat with a handle, you need also have a grip that is designed for it. More people use these grips these days and they are typically simple to use. Their wet grip improvement is remarkable.

Do MLB players use BAT tape?

To avoid ASH wood bat barrel flaking, MLB players cover their barrels with tape before hitting in batting practice. ASH helped prolong the life of the wood bat because of its grain nature. Maple and birch bats were around for some time before maple and birch bats became popular.

What bat tape do the pros use?

Because it is simple to wrap and cut, white tape is the most often utilized tape among baseball players. When it is important for the tape to be elastic, providing breathable skin, it’s also essential for it to give firm wrist support while gaming. Athletic tape (also used for injury prevention) is utilized by professional baseball players, who use Andover PowerFlex as their preferred handle tape. When you’ve achieved success, you have a wide variety of opportunities.


There are a variety of criteria, such as the thickness, color choices, and cost, to take into consideration when selecting the finest baseball bat grip tape.

Some batters prefer classic sports or hockey tape because it provides a more “compliant” feeling for the hitter. You just add layers till you reach your desired comfort level with these wraps. However, players still prefer the reduced sting afforded by polymer grips.

Wrist wrap advantages seem to be about the same for bats and gloves. For top-tier wraps, such as Lizard Skins and Vulcan, color, pattern, and design have all rapidly acquired popularity due of their wide selection.