Best Baseball Glove for 5 Year Old

The most entertaining sports in the US and neighboring countries, baseball got huge attention from ancient times it appeared. Among the accessories of this game, baseball glove for 5 year old is a pretty interesting thing. Because this age is so little to play a team game like baseball however it is true- kids are playing recently. Gloves are of different types according to their position and structure. In the article, we’ll show the topmost baseball glove for 5-year-old and as well as the buyer’s guide.

Best Baseball Glove for 5 Year Old


What Size Baseball Glove for 5 year old?

Sizing chart is necessary for a newbie baseball player and from this chart, you’ll able to find out the best-suited glove for your kid. Size varies in accordance with a player’s height and weight. Taller kids obviously need longer gloves and shorter kids feel comfortable with smaller, bulky gloves.

Little kids of 5y have smaller palms and difficult to make any glove for them. Moreover, in this age, a kid’s hand becomes softer, fragile skinned, and flexible. Generally, a 5-year-old kid plays T-ball leagues. According to their rules and regulations, the T-ball baseball league approves 8.5-10 inch gloves. Experts recommend 10-10.5 inch gloves yet.

What Size Glove for 5-year-old

Positions are another provision to consider for glove size however a T-ball baseball league approves above sizes for all positions. Basically, a T-ball league game needs hitters, pitchers, keepers, infielders, and outfielders. As the kid’s hand is smaller, softy, and easy-to-flex; any positional player can put 8.5-10.5 inch gloves suitably. Here positions don’t matter at all.


Top 10 Best Baseball Glove for 5-year-old

Analyzing several websites and blogs, we figured out the top 10 best baseball glove for 5-year-old kids. Prominent manufacturers who produce baseball accessories, also create gloves of numerous sizes. For example, Rawlings pro is famous for its bats, helmets, and balls. Likewise, they produce gloves and mitts. The difference between a glove and a mitt is mere. All players but keepers use gloves mostly. Mitts are perfect for catchers or keepers. In the following section, we’d like to review some fabulous products of famous manufacturers. All these products are top-ranked in the Amazon marketplace and accurate all the time. Related: Best Baseball Glove for 4 Year Old


How to Choose the Best Baseball Glove for 5-year-old?

Choosing the best baseball glove for 5-year-old depends on some common things and keen knowledge through the internet. Because without surfing the online review and subsidiaries, it’s more difficult to choose the best one. As this 5y age is critical, tough to decide how to get the good one. However, we figured out recent factors that help a lot in choosing the best baseball glove.


Most gloves are made of polymer materials, calfskin, imported leather, and synthetic fabrics. According to a glove’s structure, it has laces, fingers, stitches, buckles, and cushioned foam. Every element of these can be different or likewise. For 5-year-old kids, we have to keep an eye on their comfortability and flexibility. Kids love cushioned stuff or softy stuff. So it would be better to pick a glove that has cushion inside and soft leather outside. Recent technologies develop a hybrid combination of leather and synthetic fabrics. These things are good for kids and juniors. However, mitts are made of the all-leather structure with nylon laces.


The next factor to consider is the size of a glove. People randomly complain that their kids don’t feel comfortable in sizes. Sometimes these gloves become bigger than palms or vice versa. This is a major problem. To mitigate this problem, measure your kid’s palm-size before purchasing any. And buy half inches longer than palm size. For example, if a kid has 6 inches of palm, buy 6.5 inches gloves. For keeper’s mitts, this size would be greater.


Yeah, that’s the most pretty thing for not only kids but also for everyone. All kids love glossy, bright, enchanting colors and manufacturers also make different colorful gloves every year. For boys, they like blue, white, green, red colors. And for girls who want to be a softball player, love pink, red, orange, sky-blue, purple colors. Try getting mixed-color stuff like green-white or pink-white. The brighter color, the more attractive for kids.


Usually, baseball gloves are cheap, affordable, and varies so little. Don’t go for expensive ones because they can be changed later. For beginners, it is better to buy a cheaper one, initially. No need to buy mitts unless your kid is a catcher or keeper. Local marketplaces are good for analyzing products however online products are accurate, pure, and ergonomic in design.


Laces are essential to look up because it keeps the glove tighter on hands. Without good lacing, gloves randomly fall off from hands and the hampered situation is this. Mitts have many laces because the ball comes towards this stuff faster. Generally, a glove has velcro straps or regular nylon laces. Both are well for starters. Fastening capabilities of any lacing are the priority here. Related: Baseball Bat for 6 Years Old


Tips for Using a Glove for 5-year-old Kids

It seems easy to use a baseball glove however for kids, we need some basic tips. Because kid’s hands are soft, sensitive, fragile, and simple. Without accurate size or structure, kids won’t be comfortable with it. Apart from all sorts of problems, a junior baseball glove can be the most adorable if we follow smart tips and tricks. For example, you already bought a glove for your 5-year-old, maintained all guidelines before purchasing. But now it seems uncomfortable for your kid. So what to do now? Leave the glove in the trash and buy a new one? No, you can make this current glove the best one. Let’s have some tips here-

  • Check all interior and lacing of the glove before putting this on.
  • Check your kid’s palms after putting the glove on whether all fingers are adjusted or not.
  • If there are void spaces after putting the glove on, fill the spaces with soft pieces of foam/cushion.
  • If the palm seems bigger than gloves, tie laces on wrist-edges. Shake the hand and see if it loosen or not.
  • Sometimes a glove becomes rigid and stiffer. To recover from this rigidity, use glove oil on the most rigid part of a glove. Then keep it in a dry place until it dries totally.
  • To get rid of stiffness, use lukewarm water on the glove leather. But careful about microwave ovens or direct flame. Just put some water on the leather stuff and dry.
  • A rigid and hard glove is always painful for kids. You can soften a glove using a rubber-tapered hammer and gently.
  • On and off a glove needs shaping or reshaping. To do this, you have to put a ball inside the glove and keep it for a day. Similarly, for glove fingers, use tiny balls to extend the cavity. Related: Baseball Drills for 7 Year Olds


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to measure kid’s hand for a baseball glove?

Not only kids but also adults follow the same trend while measuring their hands for a baseball glove. A glove normally has fingers and laces. The basic strategy to fit a glove on hands depends on the player’s palm sizes. To measure a palm-size, take a measuring tape or tailors tape. Place one end on the wrist and measure it to the index finger. Usually, kids have 3-4 inches of palms so the glove should be around 6-7½ inches. Different for mitts though because a mitt length is more than a glove and approximately 8-9½ inches.

What baseball glove is perfect for 5-year-old?

According to sizing charts, we recommend 6-8 inches glove. However, it depends on a kid’s palm-size. So, first, measure the palm-size and buy a glove little bigger than it. For example, if a kid has 5 inches of palm-size, definitely he/she needs a glove size of 7-7.5 inches. It implies that you always need a little bigger than the actual palm-size.

What’s the difference between a mitt and a glove?

Well, gloves have fingers while mitts haven’t. That’s the basic difference. Moreover, a glove is made of polycarbonate fiber, imported leather, reinforced leather, and hybrid stuff. Mitts are totally made of pure leather or calfskin. Normally a glove has velcro straps to fasten or tie. Mitts have laces mostly. Gloves are easy-to-use and cushioned inside but mitts have less cushion interior and hard to wash sometimes. Mitts are sensitive to warm water or any type of moisture. Gloves on the other hand have no such sensitivity.

What kind of oil should be used for a baseball glove?

Numerous brands and types of glove oil all over marketplaces, local sports shops, retailers, and home-made oils. Any of these brands will do perfectly for gloves. However, we suggest using mink-oil, vaseline, and lanolin for baseball gloves. These are lightweight, non-sticky, easy-to-use, and dries faster.

How to choose a perfect baseball glove?

Quality products aren’t that easy to find unless you have keen knowledge or ideas on purchasing. Online surveys help sometimes to get the best one. Choosing a perfect baseball glove, you have to consider material, quality, lacing, size, and color. Kids are fond of bright glossy colors so this is vital. Also, accurate size and material are essential. Earlier in this article, we’ve discussed about these. Better take a glance and you’ll know it all.


Final Recommendations

Kids are adorable to sports whether little or junior ages and baseball has an exceptional attraction to all kinds of people in America. To make a kid an excellent and smart entertainer, this primary age of 5-year-old is a perfect transition. In this age, a kid learns faster, thinks faster, and action as well. We’ve tried to provide enough information on a baseball glove for 5-year-old and hope this would be sufficient for beginners. Both parents and trainers can use this guideline in their practical sessions. However, any sort of queries, feel free to ask us anytime. We provide keen support to our clients and consumers. Related: Baseball Bat for Little League


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