Best Composite Bat for Youth Baseball

Are you looking for the best composite bat for youth baseball?  A bat is much more than just a hitting tool for a baseball player. It has to be properly constructed and designed to make you get the most from every swing and hit. From the knob of the bat to its end cap, every part of it is engineered to maximize your performance and output. A lot of people don’t really know much about composite bats and think it is either easily breakable or it is not as good. A true composite bat is made specifically of carbon fiber. It is not made of so much complicated material, which makes it a very good option for young players. These bats have become a popular option in the market thanks to their lightweight, robust, and flexible nature. These composite bats come in two different types, which are as a result of their manufacturing process. There is the one-piece composite bat, the two-piece, and three-piece composite bat.

Best Composite Bat for Youth Baseball

What is the best composite bat for youth baseball?

For the young players building their way up in the game, the use of a composite bat is always one of the best options. Most of these composite bats are league and association approved, which makes them one of the reasons it is recommended. They are also quite easier to use, especially for one building his way up to being a pro. The use of wooden bats is mainly for professionals or practice, while the composite bat is all-round approved. Their price range and durability level have made it quite popular among the young players. You might also talk about the alloy bat, but compared to this piece, the alloy is not as safe. Getting the best composite bat for youth baseball can be quite a task, but we are going to help you simplify that in this article.


Best Composite Youth Baseball Bats

There are numerous composite bats on the market these days. Several manufacturing companies with different products, new editions, and all. Except you are not bothered about your performance and output, then you can pick anyone. But I don’t think that is the case or else you won’t be reading this article.

Trying to get a bat for your child who seems to be finding his feet in baseball, or you are looking for a way to up your performance, you should know finding the perfect bat is never just that easy. Most times, the best of bats are hidden behind the average ones. That might take a while to find or fish them out. This is exactly why we have made our research, tests, and analysis and have brought you the best composite youth baseball bat on the market.


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Features to look for youth composite baseball bat

You want to purchase a composite bat for your kid, or you might be a little leaguer looking for a way up the performance ladder, there are things you should look out for. Whether it is an online purchase or in a store close to you, you need to check out a few things before you make any purchase, these things include;

  1. The Bat Structure.
  2. The length.
  3. Weight of the bat.
  4. Material.
  5. Grip.
  6. League approval.

The Bat Structure:

The structure of the bat can never be overlooked. Composite bats come in different types, which means different structures. Composite bats are available in one-piece, two-piece and the three-piece structure. These various structures come with different advantages. The one-piece bat is stiffer, and for those who like more stiffness to their play, this would be perfect. If you are the lover of flexibility, then the two-piece and three-piece will do just fine.

The length:

The length of the bat is very important. You need the length of the bat to match your kid’s height, so it feels easier to swing and improves his performance. Thankfully, we can measure the bats before purchase by either using a sizing chart or by measuring it with your kid at the shop. You should know that composite bats range from about 25 inches to 34 inches while composite BBCOR bats from 31-34 inches.

The weight of the bat:

Swinging a bat should be easy and not feel like you are swinging a dumbbell. The weight of the bat is vital to aiding performance on the pitch. If it is too heavy, it would be hard to swing and frustrate the player. Get a bat with the right amount of weight and enjoy the game. Endeavor to check the weight of the bat and compare it with the sizing chart before purchase.


The material used in the construction of the bat is also as important. You should know that as there are different structures, there can also be a combination of different materials to form a composite bat. It can be made from a single composite material or a combination of different composite materials. It can also include a combination of composite materials and alloys.


Always look out for the grip of the bat. You want a bat that has a firm and solid grip to give you better handling. Some bats also have grips with anti-vibration features. This would make the play easier and reduce the effect on your hand. The better the grip, the more improved your performance.

League Approval:

Ensure you go for a bat with the league and association approval. If the bat is not suitable for use in the league, then it was never good enough to start with. An approved bat mostly comes with the approval stamp on it. You can always ask the team’s coach for recommendations, as they will be better informed on the situation.


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Composite Bat Sizing Guide for Youth Baseball

Of course, there are various ways through which one can measure a composite bat to ensure it is just the right size. One of the best ways remains to pick it and taking a swing. This would perfectly ensure you are with the right and perfect tool. Using a sizing chart can be a perfect starting point and also consulting your team coaches as they would have useful information. Swinging leads you in the right path without much headache. There are a few steps you can take if you are a first-timer;

  1. Place the knob of the bat in the middle of your chest with your arm stretched out. If you can reach for the barrel of the bat, then the length should be right.
  2. You can also place the bat on the floor, standing next to you. To know if the length is right, your palm should be able to grab the handle of the bat.
Player Height (Inches)Bat Length
36 – 4026 & 27 inches
41 – 4427 inches – 29 inches
45 – 4828 inches – 30 inches
49 – 5229 inches – 31 inches
53 – 5629 inches – 31 inches
57 – 6030 inches – 32 inches
61 – 6431 inches – 33 inches
65 – 6832 inches – 33 inches
69 – 7233 inches – 34 inches
73 and above34 inches


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Composite Bat vs. Aluminum Baseball Bat

Most beginner baseball players often find it hard to select which baseball bat would be perfect. This happens majorly because they know little or nothing about baseball and bats. A lot of players often choose the aluminum of the composite bats over the wooden bat. That is not a bad choice, but the problem often comes when it gets to select one from the two. The comparison of these two based on their performances should help you make a better decision on which is better.

Pops and Sweet spot:

In any bat, the sweet spot is very important and essential. The larger the sweet spot the barrel has, the more improved your swing and performance will be. Comparing both bat types, the composite bat has a larger sweet spot against the alloy bat. The composite stands a step higher in this regard. Compared to all bats in general, the composite bat has the highest number of pops. The complex process followed in its manufacturing makes it provide more pop than the alloy.


The composite always proves to be the lightest bat when compared to the aluminum. Aluminum bats are sometimes heavier than some wooden bats but do not stand a chance against the composite bat. So if you are a fan of light bats, then the composite would be perfect.


When it comes to durability, alloy bat ranks higher on that part. This is because, due to its structure, alloy bats can give you a great performance for about two years or more, and its only problem would be it making a dent. This dent can be fixed if you still have your warranty. A composite bat on the other hand, can’t go that long, and that is its downside.


After making a hit, most bats produce a form of negative feedback like a vibration. Alloy bats do provide those feedbacks. Actually, sometimes they can be annoying and irritating. Composite bats are structure to give you a minimal to zero feedback. If you are one who hats feedbacks, then composite would suit perfectly.


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Frequently Asked Question:

What is a composite baseball bat?

Composite bats are those types that are crafted or made from reinforced carbon fiber materials. These bats are more of a complex type, most especially when compared with the other available bats. The carbon fiber material is the major ingredient use in the creation of this bat, and it is well known for its great strength to weight ratio. Due to its high strength, this material is also used in the production of cars, boats, motorcycles, and even airplanes. The composite bat, when it comes to baseball, can be made of different designs that gives you the exact carbon composite and the paraflex composite design.  It is one of the lightest bats on the market, and it is highly recommended for young players, most especially beginners.


How to clean a composite baseball bat?

Keeping your composite bat clean is very important, and it takes just majorly a few materials and a few steps. You would mainly need a soft damp cloth, a soft or mild soap (a shampoo can work as well), and elbow grease, magic erase (for those unwanted stains), and warm water.

  1. Use the soft damp cloth to remove the first stains.
  2. Make use of the mild soap, a bleach-free soap, to scrub off the stains with the warm water and your elbow grease. Make sure you don’t get the gripping tape wet
  3. Use a damp magic eraser on those tough stains to clean them out properly.
  4. Rinse the bat thoroughly and dry off with a clean cloth.


How do you break in a composite baseball bat?

Breaking your composite bat is very important. Unlike the alloy bat, which is designed game-ready, the composite bat needs to be broken in, and this helps aid your game performance. You don’t need all day to break-in your composite bat; an hour at most would be enough. You can take about 150 to 200 hundred swings with a tee-ball to help get your bat game ready.

Start at a low power rate, about 40% power before working your way up to top power before getting to your last couple swings. Rotate the bat after every swing so you can cover the whole barrel area efficiently.

Note: Yellow dimple balls are not a great fit to use. They can damage your bat and end up reducing its lifespan because of its dense state.


What causes a composite baseball bat to crack?

Sometimes the cracks on a composite baseball bat can have some negative impact and sometimes a positive one. If it is a massive or huge crack, then it might mean your bat is dead. If you happen to find a spider-web type of crack, then this is a good sign. It means your composite bat has been properly broken in and happens to be at the top of its performance. In this case, the carbon fibers that are broken down gives you a bigger trampoline effect and a bigger bounce.


Why composite baseball bat?

The right question should be, why not a composite baseball bat? These bats offer one of the best performances, and when it comes to youth players and beginners, there is none better. It is the lightest bat and gives an easy swing. No unnecessary, annoying feedback or anything of the sort. There is no reason why you wouldn’t want the composite baseball bat.


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Final Verdict:

Soon you will need to get that choice bat. Making that choice would be an issue for anyone, so don’t be scared if it happens to you. Although by now, you have already gone through this article, and that should make things easier. What works for one person might not work for the other. Before selecting a bat, endeavor to take a swing with it to see how comfortable you are with it. All the bats here are widely considered as the best on the market. You don’t need to have any worries about any. Just go through the features and take your pick.

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