Top-Rated 15 Best Defensive Players In NFL 2022

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There is a flurry of discussion regarding who the most delicate NFL defensive ends are when the NFL season begins. If the players do not maintain their level of performance, the ranking of the best defensive players In NFL will be altered. As a result, the debate over who the best defensive players in the NFL are will never end.
TSC will provide you with a list of the finest defensive players in the National Football League. The rating is still valid as of right now. Continue reading to find out more!

Top 15 Best Defensive Players In NFL

1. Myles Garrett

Cleveland Browns Defensive End Year 5 is a transitional year.
Garrett has been steadily climbing the ranks of this ranking over the past few years, but the season of 2021 has been his most impressive so far. The Browns’ all-time leader in single-season sacks, Garrett, was honored in a Week 14 victory over the Ravens, and he bolstered his bid for the record by forcing a fumble on the bag that handed him the paper and returned it for a touchdown. A generational talent, Garrett cannot be left alone in one-on-one situations because he will either burst around blockers with his rare athleticism, deceive them with inside moves or use his raw strength to rush through them to the quarterback.

Garrett is a three-time Pro Bowler and a two-time Pro Bowl selection. All defensive players with at least 300 pass rushes (4.2 percent sack rate) are trailing him, while his 53 QB pressures and 14.9 percent QB pressure rate place him fourth and fifth in their respective categories. He’s also second in the NFL in sacks, trailing only T.J. Watt by a single bag in 2015. With his two turnovers generated by pressure and one defensive touchdown scored last weekend, you have an outstanding edge rusher who opponents must be aware of and aim to contain to the greatest extent possible.

2. Micah Parsons

Year 1 offensive lineman for the Dallas Cowboys
Parsons showed brilliance in his first professional game, which took place in Canton, Ohio, back in August. He exhibited the sideline-to-sideline skills and high drive that will undoubtedly make him a reliable every-down linebacker in the NFL in limited time on the field. Parsons followed through on his pledge, causing Dallas to release Jaylon Smith and hand the keys to the franchise to the rookie, who has made the most of his opportunity. Known for his ability to bring down running backs as they approach the edge, he’s also developed into a dangerous pass-rushing weapon, amassing 12 sacks in just 13 games.

In the Next Gen Stats era (since 2016; at least 200 pass rushes), his quarterback pressure rate of 20.1 percent is the most significant single-season number in the league’s history, and his sack rate of 5.2 percent is the second-highest. With 46 quarterback pressures this season, he ranks tenth among all defensive backs. Parsons can do it all, and he is swiftly rising the ranks of linebackers in the NFL, even though this is only his rookie season. His nomination for Defensive Rookie of the Year is a foregone conclusion; he might well win the honor we’re talking about in this list.

3. T.J. Watt

OLB for the Pittsburgh Steelers in his fifth season.
Watt’s output rate would have put him at the top of this list if he’d been able to participate in every game this season, but that hasn’t been the case. Watt’s injuries are the primary obstacle preventing him from winning the award that many predicted he would receive in 2020. He had already missed two games before last Thursday’s loss to Minnesota when he exited early due to a groin ailment.

He had already missed two games before that. He has proven to be quite productive in the limited time he has been on the field, earning the most excellent sack rate (6 percent) among rushers who have attempted at least 250 pass rushes. His 44 total quarterback pressures are tied for the 10th most in the NFL, and his three turnovers induced by stress are tied for the eighth-most in the league. He is the league’s leading sacks producer despite missing about ten quarters of play. Despite his impressive stats, he hasn’t been as accessible as the other candidates on our list, which may damage his chances of winning the nomination.

4. Aaron Donald

Year 8 defensive end for the Los Angeles Rams
One need only go further than Monday night’s victory over the Cardinals to see how important Donald is to his club and how he continues to rank among the league’s best defensive players. On the first play of the game, Donald recorded a sack of Kyler Murray, deflected a pass that resulted in an interception, and then recorded another takedown of Murray on the game’s final play to cap up a three-sack performance. It was a fantastic 60-minute demonstration of how much Donald can influence a game, particularly when his sheer force drew holding flags that caused the Cardinals to fall further behind.

Here’s another high-quality illustration: With ten sacks on the season, Donald is the only interior defender among the top ten sack producers in the NFL, according to Pro Football Focus. Among interior defensive linemen (minimum 250 pass rushes), he has the eighth-best pressure rate (10 percent). At the same time, he is eighth in the whole league in defensive stops (53) and ninth in total quarterback pressures. Donald took home DPOY last year, much to the surprise of those who were expecting it to go to T.J. Watt. And while there may be a few more front-runners ahead of him, it wouldn’t be surprising to see him take home the award again this year.
Aaron Some of Donald’s best plays from his impressive three-sack performance in Week 14

5. Trevon Diggs

CB for the Dallas Cowboys in his second season.
Diggs’ one-interception-per-game pace from the start of the season hasn’t strictly held up, but he still leads the NFL in interceptions (nine), which is the primary reason for his inclusion in the Hall of Fame discussion. After a string of interceptions early in the season, Diggs’ ballhawk rate rose to 23.3 percent, the highest among defenders who have received at least 50 targets as the nearest defender in coverage. Diggs’ ballhawk rate is the best among defenders, with at least 50 targets as the closest defender in coverage. In coverage against receivers that are aligned wide, he has six interceptions, which is the most in the league as the most immediate defense. The only thing holding him back is his in-between-the-picks play, which hasn’t earned him a very high grade from Pro Football Focus thus far this season. On the other hand, Diggs has demonstrated that he is among the greatest when making plays with the ball, which will almost surely put his name in the hat here.

6. Nick Bosa

San Francisco 49ers · DE · During the third year of school,
With three sacks in his first two games of the 2021 season, Bosa has emerged from an ACL injury that kept him out of all but two games last season. But for whatever reason — San Francisco’s sluggish start probably didn’t help — Bosa has remained somewhat under the radar compared to other DPOY candidates.

Despite this, Bosa should not be underestimated because he has proven to be a highly productive edge rusher throughout 2021, earning the third-best pressure rate in the NFL (minimum 300 pass-rush snaps) with a 14.9 percent pressure rate this season. His 52 total QB pressures rank sixth, while his four percent sack rate is third. It is even more impressive that Bosa performed well, considering his 2020 season concluded.

7. Matt Judon

OLB for the New England Patriots in his sixth season.
For the Patriots in 2021, Judon has been at the forefront of their defensive revolution, and if you have any trouble finding him on the field, look for his signature red sleeves. Adding Judon to the Patriots’ roster was only one element of the team’s enormous offseason spending splurge, which has helped them return to contention because of their stingy defense. Judon has 12.5 sacks this season, which puts him in a tie with Cincinnati’s Trey Hendrickson for sixth place in the league.

His 4.2 percent sack percentage is tied for first in the NFL among rushers who have completed 300 or more pass-rush snaps, and his 14.6 percent QB pressure rate is sixth in the league. With 44 QB pressures, he even ranks among the top ten in the company. Judon is unlikely to win the award, but he is at the very least deserving of some acknowledgment in a venue such as this one.

8. J.C. Jackson

CB for the New England Patriots in his fourth season.
The 2021 season has demonstrated that Jackson’s outstanding play was no fluke throughout the previous two seasons. As the second Patriot on this list, he earns his spot due to his current position as the NFL’s second-highest interceptor (seven) and his tie for the league lead in passes defended (17), which he shares with Trevon Diggs.

In terms of résumé, he is comparable to Diggs, with a ballhawk rate of 22.7 percent, which is just a hair behind Diggs’ percentage. He’s also nearly as good while defending wide receivers on the outside, having recorded four interceptions against wideouts placed wide, which is tied for the third-most in the NFL in that category. It’s no surprise that the Patriots are presently leading the AFC standings, as two of their players are on this list.

9. Kevin Byard

Year 6 FS for the Tennessee Titans.
For the first time in his career, Byard has entered the discussion for the award after a hot streak of five weeks, during which he recorded four of his five interceptions on the season. No one has been more effective than Byard when making plays with the ball, as he now holds the league’s top ballhawk rate of 29.5 percent (minimum 40 targets).

When it comes to getting over the top, safeties typically have a slight advantage, but Byard’s interceptions haven’t come as a result of just playing center field. Similarly, when he is targeted deep, Byard is the most effective at making plays on the ball, having a ballhawk rate of 40% on targets of 10-plus air yards or more. The lesson is straightforward: don’t put Byard through his paces, or he’ll most likely make you pay. Even if he doesn’t win DPOY, his performance is sufficient to merit consideration.

10. Trey Hendrickson

DE with the Cincinnati Bengals Many questioned whether Year 5 Hendrickson’s breakout 2020 campaign was merely a fluke or a result of playing opposite Cameron Jordan in New Orleans. Thanks to his new home in Cincinnati, Hendrickson has proven his skeptics wrong. At 19.2 percent, Hendrickson has the best percentage of QB pressure among defenders who have played at least 250 pass-rush snaps.

Hendrickson ranks first in the NFL in quarterback pressures with 62, and he is tied for the league lead in turnovers forced by pressure (five). He’s developed a reputation for getting to the house, and his 3.9 percent sack rate ranks sixth in the league, demonstrating his ability to do so. As a result, he’s tied for seventh in the league in sacks with 12.5 and has undoubtedly proven to be worth every dollar the Bengals spent to get him in the summer.

11. Marcus Maye

If the New York Jets don’t tread carefully about their disappointing offers to Marcus Maye, they risk losing their most valuable player. Maye is a complete safety who excels in pass coverage while contributing significantly against the run. Maye, who is expected to be a top free agent in 2022, maybe in his final season with the New York Yankees.

12. Frank Ragnow

Why did the Detroit Lions make center Frank Ragnow the highest-paid center in NFL history? There’s a good reason behind it. The 2018 first-round pick is a great run blocker and pass protector, and he is deserving of every penny of his deal. Detroit is laying the groundwork for its future, and Ragnow is an integral part of the organization’s long-term strategy.

13. Maxx Crosby

The Las Vegas Raiders’ defense has made significant strides this season, partly due to Maxx Crosby’s efforts. The 6-foot-5 edge rusher has racked 19 quarterback hits and five sacks throughout seven games, demolishing offensive tackles. Crosby is on his way to a large payout in 2022 when he will be eligible for a contract year.

14. Bryce Callahan

Even in this day and age, slot corners are underappreciated when more teams utilize three-receiver sets. Even though Bryce Callahan isn’t the most well-known member of the Denver Broncos defense, his name should be remembered. In the case of Callahan, quarterbacks recorded a 46.9 passer rating while throwing in his direction, according to Pro Football Focus.

15. Leonard Williams

A change of scenery can be quite beneficial to a player. Since being traded to the New York Giants, Leonard Williams, the No. 6 overall choice in the 2015 NFL Draft, has established himself as a disruptive force. The 6-foot-5 defensive tackle recorded 30 tackles and 14 sacks during the previous season. Even if he didn’t repeat any of those numbers in 2021, he would be able to dominate the market.

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Any defensive player who wants to avoid being dropped from this list must always strive to improve their performance. Only true warriors can change the course of history. Thank you for taking the time to read this!