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Best DeMarini Bats

Every baseball players know about DeMarini bats because this is one of the prominent bat manufacturers all the time. Each year we see plenty of designs, creative stuff, innovations, updated edition of various bats. You see any DeMarini bat in marketplaces or local sports stores, it will take catch your eyes because of its elegant outlooks. Most bbcor and slowpitch bats came from DeMarini. In here, you’ll find the top 10 picks of baseball and softball bats. All the prices are affordable and discounted from Amazon due to this pandemic. Grab one soon and practice in backyards.Best DeMarini Bats

Top 3 Demarini Bats - 2021

Best For Fastpitch

Demarini FP Cf Zen

Demarini FP Cf Zen (-10 and -11) Fastpitch Bat

Best For USSSA

CF (-8) USSSA Baseball Bat

Demarini CF (-8) USSSA Baseball Bat

Best For BBCOR

oods (-3) BBCOR Bat

Demarini Goods (-3) BBCOR Baseball Bat

Top 10 Best DeMarini Baseball & Softball Bat of 2020 & 2021

How many baseball bat manufacturers in the world? Let’s name those- Slugger, Marucci, DeMarini, Mizuno, Easton ghost, Rawlings, Axe, and others. Louisville Slugger bats are the most renowned one because they are widely used in practice sessions, training modules, school leagues, championships. Mizuno and Axe produce fewer bats each year but classy stuff they are. Marucci, DeMarini, and Easton Ghost bats have been classified as elite bats for smart players. The top 10 DeMarini bat reviews are here for your convenience-

1. DeMarini Voodoo Balanced USA Baseball Bat – 2020

Noone still beat this voodoo bat even today. Demarini is the greatest manufacturer of these voodoo bats from 2019. The first edition voodoo bat was made of carbon fiber sheaths and later they enhanced reinforced fiber. However, this 2020 voodoo bat is an alloy construction baseball bat for junior school leagues. For high school softball leagues, we recommend this bat also. Approved by all major leagues made this popular to everyone.

DeMarini 2020 Voodoo Balanced 2 5/8 inch USA Baseball Bat Series

Exclusive Features

  • Alloy bat, lightweight.
  • 2-piece construction.
  • Composite handle, double-layered barrel.
  • 3Fushion technology for less vibration.
  • Reaction end-cap.

Product Abstracts

Dimension  33 x 2.94 x 2.94 inch
Weight  19~22 oz
Model no. WTDXUD2 1928-20
Color  Black, blue/red
Bat drop -9, -10
Bat length 29~32 inch
Barrel dia 2-⅝ inch
Manufacturer  DeMarini

Baseball Bat size chart


Reasons to Like
  • Best for 10y kids.
  • Lots of sweet spots. Kids always love this.
  • Huge pop sounds.
  • 1y warranty.
Reasons to Avoid
  • Price variation.
  • Shipping delay.


For starters or beginner baseball players, we strongly recommend this Demarini voodoo 2020 version bat because of its lightweight and ergonomic design. Besides, we don’t recommend this bat for senior players. Older players need some heavyweight bats like 29 or 30 oz. This voodoo 2020 version is currently upgrading its structural material. Soon you’ll find Demarini voodoo 2021 versions.


2. Demarini FP Cf Zen (-10 and -11) Fastpitch Bat

It is not a smart idea to judge a bat due to its appearance. Overall, a bat should have an amazing paint scheme that looks fantastic, but which can hide an awful accomplishment. But the CF Zen blends great appearances with superb results in this situation. The gold and black colors look amazing, and they work as well as they look.Demarini FP Cf Zen (-10 and -11) Fastpitch Bat

Classy Features of Zen

  • Available -10, -8,-5
  • It is 28 to 32 inches tall.
  • For leagues of the USSSA.
  • The composite material Paraflex has an outstanding weight distribution.
  • The 3Fusion finish improves the sweet spot while enhancing sound and feel.
  • The 3Fusion handle also raises weight and sensation.
  • The ergonomics of the X-Lite button lets a batter know like a bat is for their paws.

Product Specifications

Dimension  34 x 3 x 3 inch
Weight  17~23 oz
Model no. CFP-21
Color  Light blue/black
Bat drop -10, -11
Bat length 28~34 inch
Barrel dia 2-¾ inch
Manufacturer  DeMarini

Fastpitch bat size chart

Reasons to Like
  • Balanced bat for all players.
  • No age restriction.
  • Almost zero vibration.
  • Composite alloy material, lightweight.
  • 1y warranty.
  • Worth of money.
Reasons to Dislike
  • Limited production/supply.


Everyone wants a new product or updated one for their smart collections. Especially, kids are fond of supernew products. This Demarini CF 2021 is the latest updated version of regular Zen bats. Customizable sizes, colors, handle grips, and ergonomic design are the key attractions of this bat. Most softball players are recently ordered this bat for their upcoming practice and tournaments. We recommend this bat for all.


3. DeMarini Juggy Slowpitch Softball Bat – 2021

Presenting the Slowpitch bat DeMarini 2021. This US cruiser is ready to tear your next league or tournament game with our Packed Double Wall Barrel. Paired with a 12″ end-loaded barrel and ZnX Alloy grips, this bat allows you to produce seasonal game change hits.DeMarini 2021 Juggy Slowpitch Softball Bat

Exclusive Features

  • Stacked double-wall construction provides gentle pressure.
  • ZnX Alloy Handle promises greater rigidity and toughness.
  • Less flexibility in the handle, and more deflection for better barrels.
  • 12″ Barrel loaded.
  • ASA certified.
  • Built and constructed in the United States.

Product Specifications

Dimension  34 x 2 x 2 inch
Weight  26~28 oz
Model no. WTDXNT6 2734-21
Color  Red/black
Bat drop -6, -7, -8
Bat length 34 inch
Barrel dia 2-¼ inch
Manufacturer  DeMarini
Reasons to Like
  • Best slowpitch softball bat in 2021.
  • All age girls are allowed to use this bat.
  • Tapered grips on bat handles.
  • 1y limited warranty.
  • Worth of money and inexpensive.
  • Strengthened composite fiber layers.
Reasons to Dislike
  • Not available for months.


Other manufacturer’s slowpitch baseball or softball bats are expensive a bit. On the contrary, this Demarini 2021 Juggy is a low-cost bat with all privileges. Strong structure and enriched craftsmanship made this made different from other relevant bats. We recommend this bat for 10-22y old players.


4. Demarini The Goods (-10) USSSA Baseball Bat

For those who want a lightweight bat at an affordable price, DeMani The Goods bat is the perfect choice for them. This ravishing red colored bat has reduced vibration, speedy swing, and sweet spots. Even the pop sound is greater than any other bats in marketplaces. Full-body alloy materials are just cool for most hitters.Demarini The Goods (-10) USSSA Baseball Bat

Highlighted Features

  • Maximum pop with durability.
  • Lightweight alloy barrel.
  • Composite handle, speedy swing.
  • Reduced vibration, 3Fushion technology.
  • Seismic end cap, stiffer craftsmanship.

Technical Details

Dimension  35 x 3 x 3 inch
Weight  25.6 oz
Model no. WTDXGB2 1828-21
Color  Red
Bat drop -10
Bat length 28~31 inch
Manufacturer  DeMarini
Reasons to Like
  • Insane performance for hard hitters.
  • Better than Rawlings pro, Mizuno.
  • Eye-catching color and odor.
  • 2y warranty.
  • Affordable price and durable.
Reasons to Neglect
  • No shipping outside the US.


This Goods baseball bat is recommended for junior kids, high school players, softball leagues, championships. We don’t recommend any DeMarini bats for long-term practice sessions. Because being elegant, you never want these bats to use roughly. The only drawback of this bat is shipping restrictions. But it would be resolved soon.


5. DeMarini Prism- Fastpitch Bat Series – 2020

Prism Fastpitch Bat from DeMarini, now licensed for All-Society games, launched 2020. The D-LAB invention is well-tuned to provide players the same experience as hitting a game, literally, off a tee, or live pitching. The Prism has an enormous sweetness and distinctive sound from the Continuous Fiber Composite Construction, while the 3Fusion Device holds energy in the barrel and punching your hands.DeMarini 2020 Prism (-11, -10) Fastpitch Bat Series

Exclusive Features of Prism 2020

  • Fiber composite design.
  • Approved by all major leagues.
  • Double-wall barrel.
  • Speedy action/hits.
  • Two-piece design.
  • 3Fushion technology.

Product Abstracts

Dimension  29.81 x 2.94 x 2.94 inch
Weight  21~24 oz
Model no. WTDXPZS 1728-20
Color  Multicolor striped
Bat drop -10, -11
Bat length 31~34 inch
Manufacturer  DeMarini
Reasons to Like
  • Nice pop and swing.
  • Full-team bat for softball.

  • Balanced bat overall.
  • Almost zero vibration.
  • 1y warranty.
Reasons to Dislike
  • Less stiff.
  • No shipping in Europe.


The two-piece bat comes along with DeMarini’s 3Fusion device that uses its best 2-piece bats. This method increases bat weight for increased bat power. Simultaneously, it strengthens the way the bat redirects energy to the ball. That means that when you use this bat, your hands can hurt less.


6. Demarini CF (-8) USSSA Baseball Bat

Demarini CF has several categories like Demarini CF Zen, Demarini CF X, CF Pro, and relevant bats. This CF bat was the first invention of Demarini and the best hard hitting bat yet. The composite structure of this bat got huge user values as well as a coach’s choice. Not only adults but also junior or starters can have this bat for their upcoming career. Demarini CF (-8) USSSA Baseball Bat- 2 3/4" Barrel - 29",30",31",32"

Exclusive Features

  • Composite barrel, paraflex plus model.
  • 2-piece construction.
  • Improved bat speed and weight.
  • Blended end-cap.
  • Stronger and lightweight material.

Technical Details

Dimension  35 x 2.94 x 2.94 inch
Weight  21~24 oz
Model no. WTDXC8Z 2129-21
Color  White 
Bat drop -8
Bat length 21~24 inch
Manufacturer  DeMarini
Reasons to Like
  • 2-¾ inch barrel diameter.
  • Best for junior leagues.
  • Carbon fiber alloy material.
  • High-quality tapered grip.
  • Less vibration.
  • 1y warranty.
Reasons to Neglect
  • Little expensive than Marucci.
  • Shipping delay.


Demarini CF (-8) bat is perfect for sweet spots and swing effects. Being lightweight and sturdy, it’s the perfect choice for kids. We recommend this Demarini CF (-8) for 7-15y kids. The end cap configuration of ReAction often increases the efficiency and strength of the bat. This is achieved without decreasing the pace of the swing. All in all, these features offer batters the perfect bat they really can use for the quick-pitch game. It provides strength and control and makes the game even more enjoyable.


7. Demarini Goods (-3) BBCOR Baseball Bat

Now let’s have a look at the bbcor bat from Demarini. This Demarini Goods bbcor bat is perfect for baseball and fastpitch softball games. Kids, adults, pro players, or newbies- everyone are welcome to use this bat. Superflex handles, one-piece structure, and seismic end-cap made this bat so popular to regular players. Moreover, this one is lightweight enough with enchanting color.Demarini Goods (-3) BBCOR Baseball Bat

Exclusive Features

  • X14 alloy barrel.
  • 2-⅝ inch barrel dia.
  • Best bbcor bat in 2022.
  • Seismic end-cap.
  • Extensible energy booster on grips.
  • Perfect bbcor bat with lots of sweet spots.
  • Decent pop sounds.

Product Abstracts

Dimension  35 x 3 x 3 inch
Weight  29~31 oz
Model no. WTDXGOC 2932-21
Color  Deep blue 
Bat drop -3
Bat length 32~34 inch
Manufacturer  DeMarini
Reasons to Like
  • New product from the Demarini.
  • Limited edition.
  • Lots of pop sound.
  • Swings flexibly.
  • 1y warranty with 30 days cash back.
Reasons to Avoid
  • No such thing has been observed yet.


We suggest this supernew bbcor baseball and softball bat for kids, adults, school leagues, bbcor leagues, practice sessions, and leisure time gaming. Classy and elegant shape of this bat is astonishing. As a bbcor bat, it is a bit expensive but worth every penny.


8. DeMarini Nautalai Endload Slowpitch Softball Bat – 2021

Even the manufacturer has no specific documentation or specifications about this newcomer Nautalai slowpitch softball bat. This bat is made of pure composite fiber sheaths, stiffer, sturdy, and durable. Super-adhesive grips on the handle made a decent looking to players.DeMarini 2021 Nautalai Endload Slowpitch Softball Bat

Key Features

  • Composite fiber construction.
  • High-performance bat in 2021.
  • ZnX alloy handle.
  • Stiffer, durable, improved grip.
  • End loaded barrel.
  • The US-made product.

Product Specifications

Dimension  35 x 3 x 3 inch
Weight  27.5, 28.5, 29.5 oz
Model no. WTDXNAE 27534-21
Color  Light green/black
Bat drop -4.5, -5.5, -6.5
Bat length 34 inch
Barrel dia 2-¾ inch
Manufacturer  DeMarini
Reasons to Like
  • Not yet available/not tested on grounds.
Reasons to Dislike
  • No such matter has been found yet.


As we said earlier, this bat is a super new product from the manufacturer. Hence, not been tested yet on the ground. However, this bat passed all machine tests, chemical tests, and tension strain tests. Due to the pandemic, all league matches are abandoned/postponed. As soon as everything will be okay, Demarini Nautalai bats would show its devastating hardcore action, we hope. As a new product, we must recommend this because you won’t be disappointed, our words.


DeMarini Brungardt Signature Nihilist Slowpitch Softball Bat – 2021

Another new edition bat in 2022 is this Brungardt signature nihilist slowpitch baseball bat. The name sounds too long and hard to find at local stores. However, this bat has some extraordinary features to provide maximum comfortability in a baseball or softball game. One-piece construction and double-coated barrel made this bat a challenging one in 2021.DeMarini 2021 Brungardt Signature Nihilist Slowpitch Softball Bat

Highlighted Features

  • Robust technology.
  • End loaded barrel, fiber structure.
  • ZnX alloy handle for enough durability.
  • Lots of sweet spots.
  • Rigorous construction, smart looking.
  • Superflex grip, made of pure lizard skin.
  • Approved by ASA, ISA, USSSA, NSA.

Product Abstracts

Dimension  35 x 3.1 x 3 inch
Item weight 26~28 oz.
Length  34//
Bat drop 6, 7, 8
Color  White (ASA), Blue (USSSA, ISA, NSA)
Barrel dia 2-¼ inch
Manufacturer  DeMarini
Model no. WTDXNID 2834-21
Reasons to Like
  • Professional bat for leagues, championships.
  • Supernew product in 2021.
  • One-piece construction.
  • Best for beginners and bbcor practices.
  • 1y warranty.
  • 30 days return policy.
Reasons to Dislike
  • Not so many products online and offline.


The ZnX alloy grip bends less and causes the barrel to deflect further to improve total barrel strength by improving stiffness and longevity. In comparison, a single super-strong composite layer delivers reliably high consistency between the first and last hits. For coach training sessions and secondary school leagues, we highly suggest the bat.


DeMarini Lady Cartel Women’s Slowpitch Softball Bat – 2021

DeMarini Lady Cartel is released in 2021. Crafted especially for women’s slowpitch, Lady Cartel blends the best compression with speed and efficiency, thanks to its 13″ mid-length advanced composite barrel. Robust technology of craftsmanship is strictly maintained in these bats. Moreover, this is the perfect one for all women players, with no age restrictions as well.DeMarini 2021 Lady Cartel Women's Slowpitch Softball Bat

Special Attributes of Lady Cartel

  • High-quality material.
  • Double-coated barrel.
  • ZnX technology applied on the barrel dia.
  • Balanced mid-loaded bat structure.
  • Tapered grip for enough stickiness.
  • New edition bat for smart girls.

Product Abstract

Dimension  35.6 x 3.1 x 2.6 inch
Item weight 26 oz.
Length  34″
Bat drop 8
Color  Purple with yellow stripes
Barrel dia 2-¼ inch
Manufacturer  DeMarini
Certified USSSA, ISA, NSA
Reasons to Like
  • User-amicable and lots of pop sounds.
  • Solid structure with hollow cores.
  • Sophisticated platforms of manufacturing.
  • Worth of money.
  • Girl’s first choice in 2021.
  • 2y limited warranty.
Reasons to Dislike
  • No such obligations have been seen yet.


A lot of softball lovers always worry about a women-friendly bat because most bats are specially made for baseball players. It isn’t that the manufacturer never creates softball bats but some particular companies think of this. Regarding this issue, DeMarini always encourages youngsters and future players. As DeMarini was a baseball player for many years, he knew the pros and cons. We recommend this bat only for women, girls, kids. Lots of designs, shapes, sizes, and colors are available for this lady cartel.


How to Choose DeMarini Bats

Demarini bats are elegant, classy bats for beginners and pro players. For any baseball and softball bats, it is mandatory to look for some common factors before choosing or buying. In this section, we’ll discuss the buyer’s guide for Demarini bats. Although many players, coaches, experts know about the specialties of DeMarini bats however we’d like to share our ideas.DeMarini Bats Type

Categories of Bats

In the above sketch, we saw a pictorial view of DeMarini bats. Baseball bats are of two types- baseball and softball. Everyone knows baseball for men and softball for women. However, softball bats have two more sub-sectors: slowpitch and fastpitch. The difference between a slowpitch and fastpitch is speed. A fastpitch softball bat can swing faster, less pop hits, and fewer sweet spots. Contrarily, a slowpitch softball bat is heavyweight, huge pop hits, swings less, and great sweet spots. Baseball bats have slowpitch and fastpitch as well but not that practiced in real.

Bat Materials

Materials of every element are the most essential thing to consider. Rigid and durable material-constructed bats are not only good looking but also sturdy. We are familiar with composite, carbon fiber, alloy, ZenX, metal bats. Metal bats are disallowed for some leagues. For starters, we suggest carbon fiber bats because of their lightweight and durability. Composite bats are perfect for the pro or national league players. Alloy bats are cheap, super lightweight, easy to use for kids. So according to your choices and specifications, you should buy corresponding DeMarini bats.

Drop Weight

Drop weight or bat drops are a calculation of subtraction only. Usually, we subtract bat weight from its length. The result of this calculation is called the drop weight. For example, if a bat weighs 17 ounces and length 23 inches– we can call the bat drop as 17 – 23 = -6. Bat drops are measured in negative numbers. But if you write or say the positive digit, it’s also approved. However, we mostly use negative numbers. Demarini produces -3 (minus three) to -13 (minus thirteen). Low drop weight is good for hard hitters or bbcor leagues. On the other hand, high drop weight is perfect for contact hitters or soft hitters.

Sizes & Length

Baseball & softball association has some strict game rules and all major leagues have to follow those. Regarding sizes, the approved size for baseball bats is 17″ ~ 35″. The weight depends on bat drops so we mostly neglect that. However, any kind of baseball and softball bat has some particular standard weight limit. In this respect, we recommend buying minimum 11 oz. to maximum 24 oz.

Price and Costs

All Demarini bats are inexpensive, affordable for everyone. From the coach pitch bats to the tournament one, every bat price is quite reasonable. There are lots of low-budget people in the US so we (Demarini manufacturers) lessen local taxations and value-added services (VAS). Even some provinces have zero taxes at all (NY, CA, Fl, NB, etc). Demarini values its customers and tries for immense popularity and satisfaction. From 2000 Wilson to 2021, a long journey has been passed yet. Demarini kept all of its promises to clients.


Demarini Baseball and Softball Bat Advantages

More than 36 million U.S. athletes compete in baseball leagues each year. The best options for players around the world are baseball and softball. Many people want opportunities for so much competition to improve their progress. Shaved bats will significantly support children through their sessions to improve their overall playing skills. Here are three main benefits of using DeMarini bats.

More Extended

By using rasped fastpitch softball bats you can pull the ball further and higher than unaltered bats. Any weight is removed for shaved bats because the bat’s swinging raises inertia dramatically. An unchanged bat will increase the average impact distance by at least 50 feet. These bats should be shaved so that when they are used they do not break. To maximize performance with shaved velocity bat at temperatures above 65° Fahrenheit.

Massive Speed

Bat tearing increases a bat’s pace by about 5 to 10 miles per hour. You have more control over the weight and balance, depending on the height, power, torque optimization. Speed means swinging speed as well as bat speed. In any DeMarini bat, both are much stronger.

Duration of Breaking

The efficiency of a DeMarini is normally supposed to increase times. Thus differs and adjusts the wood of the bat for a continuing hit. You can swing and pick up the ball at least 500 times to make it easier to smash into a normal bat. Instead of rash a softball bat this phase is limited to a few hours. By reducing the time considerably, you allow the bat to reach optimal and potential much faster.


Sizing Chart of Demarini Bats

As we’re writing about the best Demarini bats review, the sizing chart is an essential part of it. Most sizing charts are the same because of following the association standards; so we don’t put any tabular format or any. Furthermore, we’ll describe in a nutshell here-

We found the right scale chart by a player’s height and weight based on our study and experience. We have to stress the bat length here, denying the bat fall. Children can have an average height of 4′ 6′′ and 5′ 3′′ and 51 – 70 lbs. We suggest 30′′ – 32′′ bats for these children. We suggest 30 – 33 inch bats in weight for young players of 5′ – 5′ 6′′. Expert players will use less drops in a longer bat. One of my trainees weighs 110 pounds, 5′ 10′′ in height. The 34′′ bat weights 25 or 26 lb.

Coaches and coaches have detailed ideas about the needs of a player. But you can quickly find out which bat will be best for wide hitters or touch hitters. We recommend lightweight bats with a swing impact for a short pitch softball player.

Final Verdict

However, the Demarini bats review has shown the very best products for recent inventions from professionals and coaching players who use Marucci or Louisville Slugger bats. The customer center is closed at the lockdown, but shopping and delivery are in full swing. The maker also offers delivery assistance across the Amazon market. Surprisingly, during this month you will get the quickest shipping of new year presents.