Best Easton Beast Speed Bats Review

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Easton Beast Speed Review – The Easton Beast Speed bat is the newest Easton bat to hit the market, and the first of its type for Easton. Designed for high performance, the Beast Speed is not only strong, but lightweight. The Beast Speed’s lighter weight comes in the form of a new graphite alloy, which is 1/3 lighter than the previous version. The result is that the Beast Speed is more durable and faster than the previous version.

Best Easton Beast Speed Bats

Top 3 Best Easton Beast Speed Bats Review

#1: EASTON Beast Speed -10 USA Youth Baseball Bat

Easton enhanced last year’s top US bat model. 2019 brings together the beast range of kid bats, which are grouped according to a few different subdivisions to better fit the young sluggers and their particular trends. The Easton Beast Speed 2019 will offer technical advancements all the same as the Beast Pro, but the swing weight is well balanced and the young and fairly large youth hitters will drop to -10. Even throughout the creation of ATAC Advanced Thermal Alloy, this single piece of construction with complete aluminum uses Easton’s most durable alloy material. Like other Easton United States alloys in 2014, the newly designed Speed End Cap and Lizard Skins Grip are part of the Beast Speed. These two elements provide optimum comfort, increased trust and an alarming sound when a big strike comes. This US Bat is a -10 drop and is a feasible way for players to improve which need certain technical changes to their swing. The Easton Beast Speed has one of the lightest swing weights of any USA Bat this season, making it ideal for any player who seeks to improve their control and stability in the strike zone.

EASTON Beast Speed -10 USA Youth Baseball Bat

Evaluating The Pop

The Easton Beast Speed is not intended to rip the cover off the ball in terms of generating strong and consistent pop. The power produced by the bat has been derived from the batter’s ability to achieve a fast and level reduction throughout the pop assessment station. As we continue as a website for the US baseball community and other affiliates, we begin to learn from where the pop originates. The developers from Easton created the Easton Beast Speed in 2019 as a generator of bat speed and balance, so all the strong outfield rain shots were made by bigger volunteers with basic accuracy.

Calculating The Vibration Control

Protecting you from stinging vibrations will not be as effective as the 2019 Easton Beast Speed Hybrid, a single aluminum built kid baseball bat, that has a 2-piece connection mechanism that drives stings away from the hitter’s grip. During the whole assessment event, the Easton Beast Speed 2019 gave way to vibration at a success rate of 85%. These findings are common for single piece kid metal bats such that when accessible, so many players are inclined to choose 2 pieces.

Assessing The Grip & Comfort

During the assessment procedure, our volunteers generally agreed that the 2019 Easton Beast Speed was one of the simplest and quickest bats to solder to the new US baseball bats this year. The Beast Speed does what it was designed to do. As well as the strong balance and grip, the 3 Easton’s were less than 1oz heavier than the stamped barrel weight. One particular volunteer young hitter has claimed the comfort and control level with the Beast Speed drop -10

Measuring The Durability

The three Easton Beast Speed -10 drop kid bats from 2019, like every USA bat we examine, have taken on a baton by receiving over 350 forms of contact from incoming baseballs via both a high speed pitch and a low speed soft throw. One of the beast speeds in a 30/20 crashed and was inefficient after 200+ strong hard-hit ball contact. The others have merely been subjected to modest aesthetic treatment of mars and scuffs while preventing serious structural damage such as ding, dents or fractures.

Overall Experience

The 2019 Easton Beast Speed USA bat has been designed for bat speed. When your children play in the older levels of any USA Baseball subdivision, our experts suggest using the Easton Beast Speed Hybrid with the composite handle and the ATAC 2 5/8 barrels sync 2-piece attachment technology. For sluggers playing 11u and upwards, this will be a more pleasant experience. The Beast Speed one-piece construction is used by players in the junior levels for their perfect and lightweight classic feel.

#2: EASTON Beast Speed Hybrid -10 Bat

The Easton Beast Speed (Hybrid) Bat is a superb bat, strong as well as loud and brutal. Because of its distinctive low weight, strong barrel and general wear resistance, the bat is intended for outstanding performance. Players who are seeking for a pro bat to assist them improve their abilities to professional levels should only look at this bat. This young bat has classic characteristics and standards, which are typical of all Easton bats. With this bat, the player may be assured the greatest speeds, accuracy and accuracy. The ATAC alloy in the bat combines unparalleled strength and lightness of the barrel.Beast Speed Hybrid -10

Two-piece (hybrid) design

One of the main features of this Easton Beast Bat is that it comes in combination with ATAC alloy technology with a two piece construction. This structure leads to excellent performance and a complete swinging experience. The greatest thing about this hybrid design is to provide a seamless transfer of power from the hands to the bat. This makes the bat a great option for hitting power and increasing swing speeds.

The light and robust metal barrel in the fleece is damage resistant even in cold temperatures. The hybrid design also provides a great balance between weight and length. This makes the bat simple to grip and control. The whole design and manufacturing of the bat contributes much to the lifespan and dependability of the bat. The bat thus delivers dependable performance throughout its entire lifetime.

Dynamic feel system and speed cap

The play experience of using a certain bat is characterized by how it feels while holding in the hands during shifts and hits. This young bat from Easton features a unique dynamic feeling mechanism. This type of method improves the experience and sensation gamers enjoy utilizing the bat. From grabbing the battle in your hand to swinging to hitting the ball, you may finally enjoy a strong and invigorating feeling. When using this bat, the rock-solid feeling is exclusively unique to Easton bats and you will certainly not find it in other bats. The bat speed cap offers a flexible and responsive barrel while increasing the bat’s powerful pop sound.

The speed cap is loaded to ensure strong impacts. This final charge helps players to learn how to make precise and forceful strikes. In addition, the barrel of the bat is big enough to provide players with a hard to miss hitting area.

Custom lizard grip and comfortable handle

The comfort of a bat is determined by the comfort of its grip, which is unknown to most players. In the design and manufacturing of this Easton Youth Bat the high-level engineering idea offers users a polished gripping sensation. The unique lizard grip in the flesh is Easton-specific and offers the finest pinch and vibration coating.

The handle of the bat is designed to be a stopper to prevent the hand from sliding to strike the ball. This serves as a safety element as it makes sure that even in the quickest strokes the bat does not slide from the hands. The handle is slender and simple to grab and hold even for young players with tiny and medium hands.

Minor setback

Just like other bats, stinging and vibrations may be experienced in the hands when players are new to this bat. These vibrations disappear however, over time, making the usage of the bat a slight distraction and discomfort. Besides this, all the other features of the bat make the bat a big investment.

Overall, no other bat on the market equals this Easton Beast Speed (hybrid) bat’s distinctiveness. This is because the bat is made of high quality materials that ensure its longevity, dependability and excellent performance. Purchase this bat for your young athlete now to enjoy an unparalleled hitting experience with a high-end bat designed for professionals.

#3: EASTON Beast Speed -10 USSSA Senior League  Bat

Experience the new Easton Beast Speed -10 with its strong and brutal strength. ATAC Alloy one-piece design offers a light but strong barrel, while the new Speed Cap makes a more flexible and responsive barrel and enhances the bat’s sound. The -10 speed design ensures a lightweight swing weight for more speed behind the contact ball. This Beast Speed model 2018-19 has a 2-3/4″ barrel with an unique LIZARD SKINS DSP battle for the finest feeling, coating and tack. It is authorized in USSSA and in organizations that comply with the 1.15BPF standard.EASTON Beast Speed -10 (2 3/4") USSSA Senior League Baseball Bat

Highlighted Features

  • ATAC Alloy –Advanced construction of thermal alloy supplies the lightest and strongest aluminum barrel
  • New SPEED CAP offers a more flexible and responsive barrel while improving the sound of the bat.
  •  1-piece velocity-balanced construction delivers a lightweight swing weight for greater ball speed.
  • Custom LIZARD SKINS DSP fur grip offers the best feeling, coating and tack

Why You Should Buy Easton Bats

Easton is a huge worldwide brand name for baseball bats, baseball gloves and softball bats. Founded in 1922 by Doug Easton and acquired by Performance Sports Group Ltd. from Easton-Bell Sports (well known for its sports goods brand) in 2014, Easton worked unabashedly in order to create the finest race and technologically sophisticated equipment for baseball and softball. The business, which still maintains its head office in Van Nuys, California, has expanded to employ over 1,100 people from several departments. Easton started to make an impact in 1969 when Easton launched the first aluminum bat on the sports products market. Since then Easton has trusted itself to complete other “first products” in the batting equipment sector, which have become the first sports equipment company to produce titanium bats (the Eston STI1 titanium typhoon, made in 1993 with a 0.053″ thick sheet), as well as the first company to use a carbon core. The Easton brand has expanded to encompass not only bats in the baseball and softball categories, but also some of the most trusted softball and gloves. Regarding their most popular bats, Easton sets forth bats for wood bats, softball leagues or composite leagues. The Easton Raw Power is one of the finest composite bats for league players. This bat features a two piece composite construction, finished with Easton ConneXion Technology and approved for usage in the ASA and ISF leagues. It also belongs to the Raw series, one of the most popular bat franchises in sport. The Easton Salvo is a popular solution for those who want to utilize Easton Bats in aluminum leagues from ASA: it has an end-load feel, which makes it a strong choice for those who want to gain a little more power. It was constructed with a THT100 scandal barrel composition handle that gives it the best of both worlds: manufacturing and endurance.

Bottom Line

Easton bats are currently one of the most anticipated bats on the market. The Easton Baseball Bats was the most often utilized bat after the previous performances from little and major competitions for all ages. Especially in 2021 Easton Baseball Company produced some of the most eye-catching five-star bats. The most sought baseball bat is the Easton bats, therefore let’s sort out one of the Easton beast speed assessments for you.