Best Easton Mako Bats Review Reviews in 2022 [Top Rated Products]

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Baseball players should own and carry about a baseball bat at all times. Additionally, a suitable training regimen has to be established so that the player knows how to use art and science to hitting a baseball properly, but without the proper bat. This is an ineffectual use of time. Regardless of your playing ability, you must have the correct baseball bat.

“The best Mako baseball bat is packed with cutting-edge technology to help you make your swing more powerful.” – TSC

To be successful in baseball, you must know the regulations of your league. No matter what the season, there are strict rules on the kinds of baseball bats that are authorized in a game. The article below contains an in-depth assessment of the top 10 best Mako baseball bats review for beginners to hone their skills.

Best Easton Mako Bats Review

What Is The Best Mako Bat?

We’ll give you a little introduction on the Easton Mako beast bats before we discuss them. So, before I share anything, I want you to know that we’re going to reviews on all Easton Mako Beast Bats in this post. In order to keep you informed about the latest equipment, we analyze several types of equipment, such as: the Easton Mako Beast BBCOR, Mako Beast XL Composite Youth Bat, Mako Beast Senior League Big Barrel, and MAKO Beast Tee ball bat.

Well, the Easton bat manufacturers have been in the sector for more than 30 years, making bats. The production of their first aluminum-based product began in the year 1969. Though nowadays, aluminum has gained widespread acceptance as a common material design. It is a goal of the Easton manufacturers to maintain their dedication to invention and uniqueness. Even though the Easton mfg. is the first to introduce their product to the marketplace with this first in CU31, C405, Titanium, carbon, and other materials, their invention is the first to hit the market. They have consistently shown their excellence. Similar to bats like the Tri-Shell and the Connexion, even more of this tendency may be seen.

A-List Of The Best Easton Mako Bats Reviews 2021

Below you will find some fantastic items, as they each have specific qualities. You are able to buy it and have a chance to test it out, and you will never be dissatisfied. There are stories about the MAKO, a fabled bat. Over the years, we’ve been unable to avoid taking every single one of these blows several times. Each Easton Mako review below is broken down into the following sections.

#1: Easton Mako Beast Youth Bat Reviews – BB17MK Mako Drop 3 BBCOR 29 Inch Bat

As a result of the new design, baseball players will undoubtedly notice a difference in their equipment. This baseball is up for significant accomplishments because of its special qualities, such as the hyper skin handle, connexion technology, and a two-piece composite material.Easton BB17MK Mako Beast Comp 3 BBCOR Bat

The following is a list of the features and specifications:

  • This model includes a drop weight of -3, which increases its overall strength and power.
  • Crafted with an ultra-slim handle measuring 29/32 inches, making it more simpler to hold.
  • It’s the quickest swing speed of any game we’ve tested so far.
  • The barrel is 2 5/8 inches in diameter.
  • Hyper-skin has a gripping force of 1.2mm.
  • Using the proprietary connexion technology, the transfer of energy is feasible.


  • With a pleasant performance, the content is delivered right out of the package.
  • The sweet spot is huge.

#2: Easton Mako Torq Youth Baseball Bat Reviews – MAKO TORQ

With renowned TORQ Technology, Easton MAKO TORQ Youth Baseball Bat amplifies your power. It is via the innovative TORQ technology found in EASTON that you may amplify your strength. By adjusting the knob, you can reach up and control the inside pitch, enabling you to whack homers or doubles to the opposite field.MAKO TORQ Youth Baseball Bat

The ball will be driven with players keeping on plane during contact, which gives the ball more backspin and causes the club to launch farther and more powerfully. A two-piece composite barrel design, with a big sweet spot and outstanding bat speed, is featured on the MAKO TORQ-10. Players may increase their advantage on every swing with the proven performance of an MAKO barrel, together with the TORQ handle technology.

Highlighted Features

  • 360 Torque spinning handle technology helps you have more of a straight stance with your hands within the ball
  • thermo composite technology delivers exceptional bat speed and a sweet spot that’s enormous
  • Patented two-piece ConneXion technology utilizes dual-component connectors to provide the most efficient connection, resulting in more feel.
  • state-of-the-art Torq TAQ handle is ultra-thin, at 29/32 inches, with all new TORQ TAQ grip


#3:  Easton Mako Softball Bat Reviews –  CXN ZERO 10 Fastpitch Bat

As a matter of fact, Easton is arguably one of the largest manufacturers of bat models on the market, always looking for new methods to improve performance. This year, their renowned star of MakoFastpitch Softball, Mako Fastpitch Softball Bat, has returned with a new design. A bat with a huge sweet spot and top-notch bat speed enables players to significantly increase their batting performance. Effort TCT Thermo Composite Technology provides a hitter a better hitting zone with increased barrel and bat speed to drive line drives to the opposite field. CXN ZERO technology cuts vibration, therefore improving the player’s comfort. Everyone who is a hitter understands that confidence equals power, and you will definitely see an increase in your performance with this bat.Easton MAKO CXN ZERO 10 Fastpitch Softball Bat


  • To further boost performance, Thermo Composite Technology (TCT) was used on the barrel for maximum power, and CXN ZERO connection technology with zero loss of feel was used.
  • A greater connection with the bat is provided by a hyperskin grip.
  • A lighter feel makes it easier for ladies to be open about their pitches.


The construction of this two-piece fully utilizes composite materials, which gives it a decent amount of elasticity and enables it to be rather hot when fresh. Also, as time goes on, it becomes better and better. The handle design provides for greater balance and swings. The new blue and white design is a wonderful departure from the past year’s hues.


Drop:End-LoadedMako -9, Evenly BalancedMako -10 and Mako -11
Barrel:2 1/4″
Handle:Ultra-thin 29/32″
Certification:USSSA 1.20 BPF, ASA, NSA, ISA, SSUSA, ISF
Barrel Load:Balanced and End-Loaded
Grip:1.2 mm Hyperskin Grip
Warranty::One Year Manufacturer’s Warranty


  • You have a good grip on the bat with your hand.
  • A nice pop sound, with no rattle or vibrations
  • Due to the peculiar structure of the barrel, the large sweet spot exists.
  • The drops -10 and -11 are almost perfect.


  • This bat is on the pricier side, so you must consider if this is the appropriate purchase for you.


#4: Easton Mako Little League Bat – YB17MK10 Mako Beast XL Bat

If you had seen what the 2016 Little League season looked like, you could confidently swing for the fences. This is a certain enhancement in the Mako beast XL since it is a combination of the quickest swinging weight with the most powerful portion of the composite barrel.

Easton YB17MK10

The following are some of the specs and characteristics of this bat:

  • Has a barrel length of 2 ¼ inches.
  • This specific type is available with weight distribution of -10, making it ideal for appropriate balance and control for the person using it.
  • The handle is ultrathin at 29/32 inches, which means it may be comfortably held by the batter, to match the weight of the bat.
  • The 1.2mm in-thickness hyper skin grip has it.
  • Connexion technology uses vibration and accelerates the movement of energy.
  • Composite material is the main component of the material.
  • It uses thermo composite technology, which makes it faster and more precise.


  • This bat comes with a full year warranty and is full warranty.
  • Excellent along with a hot-off-the-pressout-of-the-wrapper performance.
  • It is really crisp and clear, and there is little or nil vibration.
  • Is well-balanced, in both length and weight.


#5: Easton Mako Xl Composite Youth Baseball Bat Reviews

The normal Mako Composite is almost similar to the XL Composite, except for one significant difference: the power of the ball you are hitting with this bat.

On the Mako series of bats, the “XL” designator merely means it is end-loaded. In exchange for being able to drive the ball further, juvenile batters will forfeit some balance.Easton MAKO XL COMPOSITE

A two-piece composite bat designed with an end load that offers a 2017 Easton MAKO XL (Amazon’s price check) is offered here. The Z-Core XL is the third-heaviest swing in the Easton range, followed by the Z-Core Hybrid XL. The bat is constructed on the same chassis as the popular Easton MAKO, which features a barrel that is large in size and performs with the pinnacle of performance. The MAKO XL is a top-shelf composite, which has been designed to go beyond and above the maximum specifications.


#6: Easton Mako Bbcor Baseball Bat – MAKO BB14MK Bat (-3)

While baseball has always had traditions such as its equipment, however, this has not been the case on the field of play. Previously, we highlighted how ProXR is aiming to improve the way players grasp the bat in order to offer the batter a much better feel. Now, Mako Baseball Bats are here to enhance your power and bat speed.Easton MAKO BB14MK

Thermo Composite Technology (TCT) was a revolutionary composite technology that Easton developed for the Mako. The Mako is made up of two individual pieces of composite material. The Mako feature is another reason the TCT is easier to use. It reduces handle vibration and transfers all of the power to the ball upon contact only found in the Mako. After looking at the data, Shepler believes that the technology lengthens the barrel, resulting in a larger sweet spot, and minimizing the moment of inertia (MOI). When the bat is swing, resistance is reduced, allowing for additional speed throughout the swing.

Easton blends two of their most popular bat lines, the Speed and the XL in the Mako. The Speed, or S, Series is built with the goal of producing optimal bat speed, while the XL Series is built with the goal of generating maximum power. The first in each set of games contains three bats: a complete composite, a half composite-half alloy, and a complete alloy bat. Composite bats use the aluminum shell, but apply a graphite layer to the inside of the bat. As alloy bats, regardless of their many qualities, are just made up of aluminum metals, they are all simply known as alloy bats.

To this far, the Mako seems to be living up to expectations, since it has delivered some excellent outcomes. At the College World Series, the bat put on a show as it was used by both UCLA and Mississippi State. At the end of the playoffs, UCLA’s Eric Filla used the Mako all year, resulting in a .360 hitting average. In the playoffs, the bat accounted for 57% of all plate appearances. In tandem with its pre-performance excitement, Filla’s performance may have translated into sales.

According to Shepler, “We received our first order in Mid-August with the bat coming out in August.” “They will be selling out in a matter of days.” Considering the price of $499.99, this is very impressive. It seems well worth it, getting what you paid for.

Bats are exclusively used by amateur baseball players. Minor League Baseball and Major League Baseball players don’t use bats. The major cause of this is due to the wooden bats being saved for MLB use, since there is only so much good wood to go around.

Easton is not the only brand that’s offering cutting-edge technologies. Not only does Baseball Express carry items from Demarini, Louisville Slugger, Rawlings, and Marucci, but they also sell equipment from Easton, including their own Wilson line. The newest high-tech bat from Rawlings, the Trio Endloaded Bat, will debut in Spring 2014.

This product integrates two distinct materials, alloy and composite, into a three-piece design. 5150 is the strongest and most durable alloy made by Rawlings. The handle is composed of many materials, the barrel is made of metal, and the end cap is made of many materials. Similarly to the Mako’s TCT system, the end cap composite also has a lower MOI. These many components play a part in redistributing weight away from the barrel, leading to a swing where the batter feels lighter and accelerates faster.

It also aids in the swing, as the weight reductions in bats do. If the bat’s length is less than its weight, it will shed weight. Suppose a bat is 31 inches long, and that its weight is 28 ounces. It would be a drop three bat in this specific instance. A great balance in weight is maintained throughout the swing, and vibration is absorbed throughout the swing by the handle.

There will be an influx of new technologies as a result of these improvements. To a greater extent than before, the majority of companies will continue to advance their own technologies, as Easton has done with TCT and Rawlings has done with its three-piece construction. While composite bats face opposition from the NCAA in 2009, 20 of 25 of these bats failed the Ball Exit Speed Ratio test, and while the Little League World Series banned them due to safety concerns, companies such as these will face certain challenges on some platforms, as composite bats encountered problems with the NCAA in 2009 and were subsequently banned from the Little League World Series.

Nevertheless, the future for the hitting part of amateur baseball is really bright. Home runs and base hits that drive in runs are incredible. More of those amazing moments will be created by this new technology. When you attend a little league or collegiate game, keep this in mind: However, never forget that these athletes have had some assistance in their swings. by the letter of the law


#7: Best Easton Mako Wood Bat Ever:  Ash Adult Bat 34 IN 31 OZ

Ash Adult Wood Baseball Bat

  • Pro Grade Ash
  • 3 weight difference
  • The tapering handle is adorned with the cupped end.

There is no warranty or implied guarantee on wooden bats. Breakage is a normal part of use, and it is just as likely to occur on the first few swings as it is on the 1000th swing if a ball is hit off the weak parts of the bat. To properly hit with wood bats, players must aim to hit the ball on the proper part of the barrel and strengthen proper hitting skills. If you’re concerned about breaking a bat, please see the many composite wood bats available on the market. They do not need the skill as real wood bats do, but they are forgiving when they hit the handle and end of the barrel, and they often come with a 30-90 day warranty.


#8: Easton Mako Big Barrel Bat – SL17MK10B Senior League Bat

Things are happening in the business that the legendaries could never have predicted. The Easton Mako Beast Senior League’s new bat design omits the Easton Mako Beast Senior League’s largest huge barrel bat. This bat has entered the game as a brand new 2 piece composite bat. This is definitely one of the quickest bats that were manufactured by Easton. Easton SL17MK10B

This bat has the following specifications:

  • Bring the weight down to zero in order to maintain optimum balance and weight.
  • It is a two-piece patent-pending design, using unique technology that provides an ideal feel.
  • The TCT makes it powerful, since the swing speed is excellent.
  • It has an ultra-thin handle, which makes it easier to manage, when holding it.


  • It is designed with a low drop weight that allows smaller players to utilize it up to the age of 14.
  • Recognized for U.S. and AABC Use.
  • According to many people, it is the most powerful composite bat ever developed.
  • The shape and color options for this product are as distinct as can be.


Why The Easton Mako Baseball Bat Is So Hot

Easton has designed a baseball bat for young athletes quite well. If a youngster player is attempting to hit a baseball, using this product may or may not assist them. That kids baseball bat design is really a treat.

To say the least, the design of this bat is rather progressive. The design ensures that the younger player learns good hitting techniques even if they have not acquired these techniques on their own. Another good example of this is the Mako “Torq” driver, which has an innovative grip design that enables a golfer to fine-tune their grip during swinging. This is something successful baseball batters often accomplish well.

Additionally, these bats are lightweight, yet they carry a powerful impact. To say it has to do with their strong overall batter composition is accurate. This composite construction allows the bat to retain its sweet spot while also minimizing the overall weight. This type bat allows younger players to send the ball flying far with certainty. When the ball strikes a bat area other than the sweet spot, the composite structure reduces the impact on the hands (what Easton calls CXN technology).


  • It is constructed using cutting-edge technologies.
  • Some versions of baseball gloves have a high-performance grip design, which allows a player to spin their hands while making contact with a baseball.
  • The grip is pleasant and pleasant to the touch
  • Because the number of vibrations is kept low, hand stinging while miscuing baseballs is nearly non-existent.
  • The bat is very light.
  • The barrel length has been tested and verified by USSSA.
  • The warranty lasts for one year.

Tips to choose the best Mako baseball bats

It’s important to review this information as it may assist in the process of selecting a better baseball experience.

Tip 1: The construction

Designing a baseball bat to fit your own style will allow you to enjoy the game to the fullest. Why do we use the expression? You’re going to gain from this.

If you are an example of this, your ball will not be able to travel as far as you may imagine. Because of the bat structure, the rationale is there. You should employ an explosive construction if you require a long distance or a large height flight. The distribution of weight concentrates on the barrel rather than other areas.

Consequently, you can both do your best and have a fun time.

Tip 2: The handle grab

A handle grab is the common worry for the majority of gamers. When you are concentrated on striking the ball, your hand will be covered in perspiration as a result of your anxiety. This is why it is vital to have an anti-slippery handle grasp. Most errors are the result of a slide, making it easy to see how the slippage impacts your game.

Having a handle grip that you’re comfortable with can boost your confidence. Although you have the opportunity to choose a really fantastic Mako baseball bat, you have almost arrived at the ideal.

Tip 3: The size

Choosing a baseball bat is almost essential when you play as Mako. In general, the appropriate size produces a comfortable sensation during every swing. Additionally, it empowers you to provide as much power as possible.

Tip 4: The design

Additionally, Mako is also well-known for its unique design. The one you like is available. It’s important to take note of the design you dislike, since doing so negatively affects your mood and game performance.

From our research, we believe you can easily acquire the greatest Mako baseball bat by applying all of the guidelines above to our Mako baseball bat rankings. Make sure to share your purchase with us if you’re successful!

What Is The Difference Between A Mako Torq And A Regular Mako Bat

Easton’s bats are always top-of-the-line in construction, creativity, and technology. Easton has made it plain that he intends to provide top-notch performance, regardless of the consequences. I don’t want to offend, but I just wanted to note that in general, the 2015 Easton series of bats are a strange exception to that. However, they are really better! In addition to these two top contenders, there are two more that may contend for the championship: The returning, updated Mako and the new, green Mako Torq.

Compared to the 2015 Easton Mako Torq, what are the changes between the 2015 Easton Mako and the 2015 Easton Mako?

That’s an excellent question! Let’s solve this…

There are many similarities among these items, so we should start with that. TCT Thermo Composite Technology was used in the manufacturing of both of these objects. It has the finest in-game composite material. It utilizes the full potential, particularly the point where the barrel is delicious. CXN ConneXion Technology, which transmits energy and provides the bat an optimal feel, is included on both of these bats.

Perhaps most notably, Easton went farther with Fastpitch softball, introducing the ZERO CXN ConneXion Technology. Vibration was fully eliminated using this link, therefore the ZERO, and to help Softball players excel.

But the Mako and the Mako Torq vary in several aspects…

The beginning will be with the grip: Mako Torq features black and white gauze grip, while Mako features Easton’s hallmark performance diamond grip. There is no competition between them since each provide hitters with what they require. Another distinction is the color design: The Mako Torq returns in a bright “Torq” green hue, while the Mako returns in its well-known “Mako” orange. The main difference between the Easton Mako Torq and the Easton 360 Torq Handle Technology is that the 360 Torq Handle Technology was added to the Mako Torq. It is possible to spin the handle and the part nearest to the knob.

With the 360 Torq Handle, how does it assist you? This method enables hitters to have a better chance to square up the pitch by giving them the option to swivel their bottom hand as they’re hitting. This maintains the barrel in the zone longer, which allows hitters to smash the ball with more force. This tech is why the Mako Torq is more expensive than the Mako; hence, it’s deserved.

Perhaps the only notable distinction is that the discs’ leagues were designed to play in the Easton division.

They each feature Fastpitch Softball and BBCOR, Big Barrel, and Youth baseball in their respective editions. But the Mako Torq does not, since only the Mako comes in a Junior Big Barrel for baseball.

The judgment is that If you give me one, I will walk up to the plate completely unafraid. The real question is, do you want to spend a few more dollars for brand-new technology, like the Torq handle? There are just little differences between them, otherwise they are practically similar.

It is possible to get both of these 2015 Easton powerhouses, the Mako and the Mako Torq, at for no fuss returns with a 12 month manufacturer’s guarantee.

The Bottom Line

The Easton Mako bat design may be a great one as said. By equipping the batter with a better bat, it enables them to execute several activities at once, which they may not be able to perform on their own with a smaller bat. In a way, it is both good and awful. There is just one certainty when it comes to younger players: their performance improves significantly with this bat. You can anticipate the technology in it to stay around for a long since it’s that wonderful.

If you’ve liked the top-rated Easton Mako bat reviews, we hope you had fun!