Best High School Baseball Cleats Reviews of 2022 [Ranked]

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In recent years, high school baseball has moved to a new era, with thanks in part to Carlos Correa, Francisco Lindor, and other high school stars who are adding a new wave of passion to the game, including Houston Astros shortstop Correa and Cleveland Indians shortstop Lindor. For athletic footwear companies such as Adidas, Nike, New Balance, and Under Armour, battling to gain consumers with high school baseball cleats has been an all-out war. Brands will put their own unique twist to high school baseball cleats, with possible variations in materials, colors, functionality, or pricing.

This article will review three of the top high school baseball cleats in detail, including evaluating cleats made of plastic or TPU and, for older children in Pony or Babe Ruth leagues, an introduction to metal cleats. Honorable mention sections will point out the cleats that didn’t make the cut, but nonetheless were honorable mentions.Best High School Baseball Cleats

Select The Best Baseball Cleats for high school

To get the best cheat for high school baseball may be difficult. However, you shouldn’t have to deal with this level of difficulty. People tend to focus too much on the brand name, and therefore fail to take into consideration certain fundamental variables. Because they appear like normal footwear, baseball cleats aren’t simply regular footwear. They have been constructed with the intent of playing baseball.

A high school baseball player will be best off if they have cleats with the following features:

  • There are many sizes and colors so there will be a perfect fit.
  • Offers excellent flexibility for fast and simple moves on the field
  • To minimize the risk of injuries, sufficient arch support and padding are included for the ankle.
  • Soft and cushy-feeling

This item has the last and most essential characteristic of long-term use. Even if you get a cleat that would last for a single season, you’d rather avoid it. Before you finally decide, read the prior customer reviews. Unless you get your kid a cleat of the correct size, you run the risk of getting the incorrect one. An inadequate level of support, comfort, and flexibility may lead to an increase in the risk of injuries.

Top 10 Best High School Baseball Cleats of 2021

#1: Under Armour Rm Jr. Baseball Cleats For High School

Since the launch of Under Armour 3022072, a great number of accolades have been showered upon it. This product has numerous advantages for high school baseball, particularly the appealing aesthetics.

Rubber-molded bottoms provide rotational traction on most playing surfaces, and have good grip on them all. The UA Leadoff Low RM practice model or game model is great for helping high school baseball player with a tremendous baseball performance.Under Armour Rm Jr. Baseball Cleats For High School

Another significant feature of these suspension systems is their shock-absorbing capacity. Only one-fourth of the whole length of the cleats is covered by the ArmourBound midsole. In doing so, it shields the feet from the cleat pressure while reducing the overall stress.

This design incorporates the nubuck top, with an integrated leather construct. At the same time, it is a durable set of cleats. It will be a faithful friend for your children in the long term.


  • Effective shock absorption
  • Extremely lightweight
  • Durable construction
  • Rubber molded cleats offer excellent traction


  • If you have broad feet, this shoe might not be the best option.

#2: New Balance 4040 V5 High School Baseball Shoe

My son wears the New Balance 4040v5 kid cleats, and I love them. They only follow the latest fashion trends since their shoes are of exceptional quality. Breathability, comfort, and durability are all characteristics of these shoes.

In this respect, this shoe is unique since you may order broad sizes. When it comes to children’s sizes, I’ve found it to be extremely difficult to locate anything broad. The 4040 v5 is available in all sizes from 1 to 7, as well as half sizes, and you may find it in plenty.New Balance 4040 V5 High School Baseball Shoe

These sneakers do all tasks well. They are one of my favorite shoes because of their excellent longevity, great quality, and large size availability.

Consideration: A child’s foot should be more comfortable if you get a pair of New Balance shoes. His evenly placed cleats grip the ground along the perimeter of the shoe.

Synthetic materials are durable, as well as being simple to clean and maintain. All they have to do is dust it with a wet towel, and don’t use water to clean it. Under damper climate circumstances, it is also suitable.

A great fit is provided, since the shaft design has a low profile. It has an extended low-top to provide additional comfort for your kid, so he or she may move freely.

The color is black, yet with a blend of white and light. Because it does not readily show dirt, the black color repels filth, and when they wash it, it shines again. It is of the utmost importance.

What we like

  • A top-of-the-line build quality.
  • very breathable with extremely lightweight mesh
  • An array of choices is available.

What we don’t like

  • Lacks ankle support.
  • Price.

#3: Under Armour Leadoff  Low Jr. Rm Baseball Shoe

I rank these child baseball cleats as the best for high school baseball players. These are a fabricated design. Many of the players have told me that the cleats feel good. These flexible items are lightweight, and they facilitate mobility.

One of the most popular pairs of shoes is the Leadoffs. Although these cleats seem to be a little thin, I would also recommend a warning to be made about them. These will be uncomfortable for those with broad feet.Under Armour Unisex-Child Leadoff Low Jr. Rm Baseball Shoe

Quick information:

  • Colour: Black (061)/Red
  • Fit: True to size
  • Weight: 7 ounces
  • Product Dimensions: 9 x 6.2 x 3.4 inches
  • Manufacturer: Under Armour

Design: Synthetic material and mesh tongue have been used to construct the under Armor Leadoff Jr. and one of the best-suggested baseball cleats for high school in 2021.

Flexibility: The synthetic mesh makes it lightweight and flexible. This shoe is lower to mid-top and is a great choice for jogging, exercising, or playing.

Sole: EVA mid-sole full length is found in the sole of the shoe, providing comfort and ease to the player. Also, the cleat pressure beneath the foot is the same for everyone.

Cleats design: The molded rubber cleats on the baseball shoe are cleats. The features of these cleats guarantee optimum life and traction on all types of terrain.

What we like

  • Comfortable synthetic sole.
  • Mid or low-top sneakers.
  • For breathability, the mesh tongue

What we don’t like

  • Wider-footed youngsters will not be able to use these cleats, since they are cut very tight.

#4: Nike Huarache 2KFilth Keystone Baseball Cleat

A synthetic upper is combined with a mesh structure to provide an excellent level of breathability in the Nike Kids Huarache 2KFilth Keystone. The collar and tongue of this shoe are mesh, which further improves ventilation. You don’t have to worry about overheating, so as long as you’re wearing this cleat, your feet are protected.

You may choose from six distinct styles to style the Nike Kids Huarache 2KFilth, including a fashion-forward combination of gray, white, and red. The same colored cleats are applied to each design, giving it an instinctive fashion touch.Nike Youth Huarache 2K Filth Keystone Mid Cleat

This cleat has a tight lace-up closing system to make sure your feet don’t fall off. This shoe has the flex grooves on the outsole, and that’s another excellent feature. Not only does it help keep you going throughout the whole game, but it also improves the overall durability of this product.

One excellent aspect of the Nike Kids Huarache is the inclusion of an insole, which is useful for baseball players who will spend a lot of time on the field. It does both these things, helping absorb stress while also providing some arch support.

The Nike Kids Huarache 2K is an excellent choice for those seeking for an exceptionally comfortable pair of high school baseball cleats that are also very attractive.


  • A precisely fitting lace-up closure
  • Optimal traction and increased flexibility is obtained with the appropriate flex grooves.
  • Designed in a fashionable color palette


  • Stiff for wide-footed youngsters

#5: Adidas Unisex-Child Adizero Afterburner V Baseball Shoe

It is hard to look away from the Adizero Afterburner. These cleats are intended for speed; their name alludes to this. They are low weight, yet they are constructed from a protective layer of abrasion-resistant material.

My favorite part about the cleats is how evenly they are spaced. These cleats provide an even balance, making them appropriate for various sports. These sneakers aren’t specifically stated to be broad, however some users report that they run wider than normal.Adizero Afterburner V

Customers found that these cleats run somewhat big. That seems to support the notion that they deviate to the side.

When buying these shoes, make sure you try them on in a shop to verify you are getting the correct size.

What we like

  • One of the lightest cleats on the market.
  • Eye-catching design.
  • Great balance.

What we don’t like

  • As a result, they do not provide the same level of protection.
  • Because of the low-cut shape, it does not provide ankle support.
  • In a few reviews, reviewers say that the size isn’t precise.

#6: Adidas Performance Kids’ Freak X Carbon Mid Baseball Shoe

Adidas manufactures the Performance Kids’ Wheelhouse 4 K Baseball Cleats for children from the age of 4 to 8 years, as well as for teenagers and adults who are between the ages of 8 and 12. When you buy two pairs of this product, you get a fashionable pair of boots without paying a lot of money.

This pair of sneakers is breathable since it has a mesh lining inside. This boot has numerous holes across the top, facilitating ventilation.adidas Unisex-Child Freak X Carbon Mid Baseball Shoe

The EVA midsole offers great underfoot cushioning. About three-quarters of the midsole is used by this product, and it may be worn for long periods of time because to its low weight.

To provide optimum grip, Adidas designed the outsole of the Performance Kids’ Wheelhouse 4 K using molded rubber. Adidas is a well-known athletic brand, and you can see their logo in many places on the shoe, such on the tongue and above the heel.

The Adidas Performance Kids’ Wheelhouse 4 K baseball cleats are a good value for money for those who want to save money on their purchases. Play in them for a considerable length of time; Plus, it comes equipped with a broad variety of functions.


  • A rubber molded outsole provides a good amount of traction
  • The lightweight EVA midsoles provide a more comfortable feel.
  • For the budget-conscious consumers, this is offered at a fair price.


  • Tends to run small

#7: Mizuno 9 Spike ADV YTH FRHSE 8 BK-WH Youth Molded Cleat

Mizuno is a well-known manufacturer of baseball and softball equipment, and they’ve partnered with Spike to bring you the 9 Spike ADV YTH FRHSE 8 BK-WH Youth Molded Cleat. While the company had produced many high-quality goods over the past decade, there was no comparable new product for the baseball enthusiasts out there, and this led to the launch of 9 Spike ADV.

In the case of the 9 Spike ADV, the midsole extends up to the length of the whole foot for optimum comfort. To contribute to the cushioned forefoot-to-toe feel, this midsole lessens cleat pressure.Mizuno men's 9-spike Advanced Dominant Tpu Molded Baseball Cleat

Furthermore, the cushioned tongues of these top high school  cleats aid in alleviating discomfort at all times. These cleats have a lace-up closure design which makes it easier for users to regulate the tightness of this product as they see fit.

These embedded rubber studs on the bottom of this cleat allows it to be used in a variety of ways. Both dirt and grassy surfaces are griped by its outsole grip. Not only is this shoe designed with molded cleats, but it’s ideal for nearly all kinds of playing grounds.

Furthermore, even when it is suggested footwear does not allow the use of metal spikes, rubber studs are permitted. Because it is designed to allow you to play on both a college and a school level team.

The attractive Mizuno logo can be seen on the boot as well as the tongue, which gives you the option to include fashion into your daily walk. If you want to wear something trendy, then the Mizuno 9 Spike ADV YTH FRHSE 8 BK-WH Youth Molded Cleat may be a good option for you.


  • Molded cleats allows it to be used in various field conditions.
  • A padded tongue makes you more comfortable
  • The midsole is full-length to reduce foot discomfort.


  • These kid baseball cleats only have a small selection of colors to pick from

#8: Guardian Blaze Baseball Cleats: Our choice

Among the newest baseball cleats is a high school model called the Blaze Boy. While it is also our top pick of best cleats for high school baseball, because of the high quality at a budget-friendly price, it is also a good cleat for high school baseball.

The cleats’ durability and flexibility are two of the initial advantages. This outsole is composed of synthetic while the top is molded rubber. This product is able to be produced for an extended time period, and it provides superb on-field performances.Guardian Blaze Baseball Cleats for Boys Shoes

Additionally, this type is lightweight. A feature of the EVA midsole and cushioned insoles is that they offer excellent comfort during play.

Fitted to provide air circulation in the sides and toe box, the cleats have a lace-up construction. Thus, your little leaguer will have his or her breathable performance top notch while playing their baseball game.

The patented V-cleat design is another noteworthy feature of this type. The rest of this characteristic, apart from providing optimum traction and acceleration, also serves to improve the performance of base paths by increasing the depth of soil.


  • High-end durability
  • Versatile and comfortable
  • Extremely lightweight
  • Lace-up design for a secured fit
  • Breathable
  • Configured V-cleat


  • Available in only 1 color

#9: Under Armour Harper 4 High School Baseball Cleats

Among many available options, the Under Armour 3022062 name is outstanding.

Also, the cleats have a lightweight synthetic construction, which gives them an excellent degree of abrasion. In addition, players have the option to modify their size and shape by way of the lace-up ankle strap. You won’t have to worry about any slippage in your shoe while on the field.Under Armour Harper 4  Best High School Baseball Cleats

When on the field, these added benefits include full-length EVA midsoles and unmatchable traction. The rubber molded cleats give you a better handle on any terrain. The animations for such actions, including taking turns, running, and walking, are possible thanks to their work.


  • The ankle is protected by a lace-up design.
  • a solid and secure fit
  • smooth, gliding motions
  • indestructible and supreme traction
  • kid-sized and adult-sized


  • Narrow size for wide feet

#10: Under Armour Kids’ UA Leadoff Low RM Jr. Baseball Cleats 

The Under Armour Kids’ UA Leadoff Low RM Jr. Baseball Cleats, which are made by a top-rated company in the area of sports goods, have been lauded by those who have used them ever since they came out. In the past, the UA Leadoff is popular for producing some of the most aesthetically pleasing baseball cleats. There are two distinct color schemes available, both of which are very attractive. This baseball uniform will have plenty to offer even if you’re a fashion-minded player.Under Armour Kids’ UA Leadoff Low RM Jr. Baseball Cleats 

This shoe is great for high school baseball player who are wanting to get started in baseball. Nubuck and engineered leather were used to make this shoe’s upper. Additionally, since the cleats provide unparalleled durability, youngsters will feel comfortable while wearing them for an extended period of time.

Shock absorption is best provided by the UA Leadoff Low “Shock Absorbing” cleat that has an ArmourBound midsole that spans throughout the whole of the shoe. Aside from the basic foot safety, this midsole does very well at dispersing the shock from cleat pressure.

If you are a pitcher, this shoe remains intact even while you are putting 100 percent of your effort on the field since the abrasion-resistant toe piece prevents toe drag. Once you’ve had the cleats outfitted with the rubber shells, the rotating traction begins.

While inside these shoes, you may take abrupt bends without fear of slipping.

The new UA Leadoff Low for high school player is now available. Furthermore, it is also a suitable footwear for toddlers, making it appropriate for all age groups of children.


  • There is no pressure point creation with the ArmourBound midsole.
  • Rubber molded cleats provide a nice, soft grip.
  • It is built to last, so it will be with you for years.


  • Narrow for wide-footed users

What are The Best Cleats for Each Position in High School Baseball?

Depending on where the players are, the cleats may have various functions. If you are aware of the places a player must occupy on the pitch, you are already aware of this. There are various kinds of cleats for different positions. This is why you must pick your cleats after you’ve studied about the topic. Here are the cleats for athletes that fit a certain kind.


For infielders, their cleats must be dependent on where they need to be on the field and the specific spot where they must stand. If you expect to have your work in a damp, compact, and thick-piled area, I’d suggest using a molded surfacing for an assessment. For harsh terrain with sand and gravel, a metal cleat is suggested.


If you play outfield often, you’ve probably paid more attention to your cleat choice. Play on a fresh, prepared surface and use a metal cleat to keep your cleats firmly in place. It is useless on grassy places, since metal cleats are ineffectual. Molded cleats are suitable when the field is thick and grassy.


When a pitcher’s throwing strength is called for, of course, they must use their strength for the base in order to deliver a ball faster and harder. Your shoes may be to fault if you are a pitcher who has trouble with the stability of his base. In order to prevent this, make sure your cleats are attached correctly. Low top metal cleats are recommended for pitchers to wear.

How To Choose The Best High School Baseball Cleats

No matter how much we’d want to offer you one product as the best high school baseball cleats on the market, the reality is that there are a number of variables that are involved. Before you buy a new pair of cleats, you and your kid need to discuss and agree on the following:


Your cleats’ substance affects how flexible and durable your shoes are. Most often, baseball shoes will be constructed from leather and, to some degree, each comes with advantages and disadvantages.

As with most leather products, real leather cleats provide improved breathability and durability, but they cost more.

Synthetic leather provides more support around the ankle and foot, which makes it more cost-effective. While keeping in mind that your main emphasis should be comfort, you may want to give both materials a try.

Types of Cleats

Once you’ve identified the shoe’s substance, you must examine the cleats to find out what materials they’re made of. The legality of metal cleats may vary depending on the level or league, therefore it is important to verify with your league rules or child’s coach before purchasing.

When it comes to cleats, you may divide cleats into three different groups: metal cleats, molded plastic cleats, and turf shoes.

  • Metal cleats show your commitment. They help you get traction, making it simple to move and stop fast. However, a firm grasp gives the other side of this responsibility, which is that you have to grow accustomed to them otherwise a rapid change in direction may result in an ankle sprain. Be careful to always bring a backup pair of shoes for your child since metal cleats wear out fast on cement.
  • Plastic or rubber cleats may be used for many types of training. Compared to metal cleats, the grip is less, but many players like it this way, particularly on softer or muddier grounds. Additionally, they’re less expensive than metal cleats and endure longer.
  • In contrast to games, turf shoes are best for practice. In addition to this, you need get turf shoes.

Ankle Support

For ankle support in baseball shoes, there are three options: high tops, mid tops, or low tops.

  • High boots provide the greatest support for the ankle, although this may often limit mobility.
  • For players who emphasize speed over stability, low tops are favored.
  • Finally, for athletes who want more movement, but still ankle support, mid tops are a great choice.

Along with comfort, if your kids play a specific position, that will impact their preferred style of ankle support. I know as a parent, you’re leaning towards the high tops, but for infielders, lower and lighter cleats are better.


Parents are cautious about purchasing their young children costly shoes, which we understand. The shoes will only last for one season since their feet are developing rapidly. Investing in tried-and-true cleats that offer a little of additional toe space so your high school player can grow into them for two seasons rather than wearing them for one is a good option if you have a limited budget.

Do I Really Need High-End Cleats for High School League?

For high school baseball athletes, the statement that high-end cleats are unnecessary is a simple claim to make. True, you have previously read articles on our site that state that certain bats may be overpriced (for example, the Easton Ghost X T-ball bat costs $80). However, in the real world, cleats are more than simply equipment. They provide a preventative function. The poor quality of a player’s cleats may put a lot of pressure on the high school players.

We advise against spending $300 on a pair of cleats for your child’s tee ball team. We’re discussing the prospect of spending $40 for something that will give your children confidence, comfort, and protection.

Even if it costs me $1,000 for shoes, I’d invest in it for high school baseball player.

Why Do You Need Quality Cleats for High School Baseball?

There are several reasons to purchase a pair of quality cleats, the most important of which is safety and protection. Incorrect: In baseball, ankle rolls and sprains are frequent injuries that may be avoided by wearing the proper kind of shoes. Additionally, wearing shoes that are securely tied and equipped with a toe guard supports the ankles and helps to avoid injuries.

Comfort is a good reason to buy shoes with cleats. High school player will have a lot more fun in sneakers that are designed for baseball because of all the abrupt starts and pauses the sport demands.

Sure, for sure. When youngsters want to join a high school league, it is essential to equip them with a durable and well-fitting pair of cleats.


It is crucial for high school baseball to get the appropriate pair of cleats. Players that use the correct cleats get greater traction and acceleration on the field.

But it’s important to examine a number of things when you’re searching for the best cleats. For the full description of the various attributes and features, go to the reference guide above. While considering so many variables when buying cleats, it may seem daunting. It is a truth, however, that the more considerations you provide, the more likely you are to buy a pair of cleats that fits you perfectly.

In the end, choose the cleats that feels most comfortable to you. When the cleats don’t seem too loose, and when you are able to do things like change direction, quickly start and stop running, then they are the perfect cleats for you.