Best Lacrosse Gloves Reviews for 2022 [High Quality Products]

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The weight, feel, and comfort of lacrosse gloves are all important things to consider when purchasing a new pair of lacrosse gloves. Because of the sensation they give on the stick, lacrosse gloves are one of the most essential pieces of lacrosse equipment a player may have on. The most essential consideration for newer and younger juvenile players is their mobility and comfort on the field. As players get older, it is the combination of more protection and feel on the stick that makes the difference. In the end, for high school and college athletes, it is all about fit and feel, range of motion, and positioning the protection in the appropriate places so that it does not interfere with performance.

Choosing the proper lacrosse gloves comes in second only to selecting the proper lacrosse head and shaft, as well as ensuring that the lacrosse is strung with the proper pocket, in importance. Ball control on the stick is mostly accomplished via your gloves. Poor mobility and inexpensive palms will have a negative impact on your game and development very soon. You may put your trust in our PROS, who have tried and utilized every piece of equipment on this list. We only stock and suggest lacrosse gloves that we would use ourselves or that we would put on our own children while playing lacrosse.

Top 10 Best Lacrosse Gloves of 2021

#1: STX Lacrosse Stallion Gloves

When you sweat profusely throughout the game, the glove’s inside is lined with a special anti-bacterial lining, which helps to prevent stink and foul odor from accumulating.


STV gloves are constructed of high-density foam, which helps to absorb any shocks that may occur during an accident or a collision. Additionally, the PE board inserts provide you with extra protection in the thumb region of the glove.


The M2 knuckle design, which has open stitches in the knuckle break area and provides you with a greater range of motion as well as finger dexterity, was favored by the majority of reviewers. To provide your thumb with unmatched control throughout the game, the thumb region is equipped with a cable-flex thumb that is both hyper locking and completely articulating. The palm region is cushioned with clarion 8080 padding, which is soft and comfortable to hold when handling the stick. It also helps to improve grip while handling the stick.


The Dri-Lex technology in the inside padding of this glove helps to drain away perspiration and moisture, which helps to reduce sloppiness over the course of the game. Additionally, there are mesh gussets at the wrist that assist to disperse heat, allowing your hands to remain cool throughout use.


STX performed an excellent job on every aspect of the product, including the fit, protection, and design. There is nothing to complain about with these gloves, and they also look fantastic on your hands. The only stumbling block will be the price, which is nothing to be concerned about.


  • The mesh gussets at the wrist region aid in the dissipation of body heat.
  • The design seems to be attractive and elegant.
  • In addition, it has a Dry-Lex lining, which helps to drain perspiration away from the glove’s inside.
  • The high-density foam provides the most effective impact protection available.
  • The fingers have been tapered to provide the greatest tactile sensation possible.


  • The liner at the back of your hands appears too large, and it affects the fit

#2: Brine King Superlight 2 Lacrosse Glove

Thickness is one of the most important characteristics that you could possibly look for in a pair of lacrosse gloves, and that is exactly what you will find here. Simply taking a glance at it will reveal its amazing construction and rock-solid structure. That, however, is not the end of the story. In addition to being very thick, the Superlight 2 gloves are equipped with TruVents, which will aid in increasing the amount of airflow that you get on your backhand. Essentially, these vents aid in the evaporation of perspiration, which helps to keep our hands dry for as long as we are wearing the gloves. In addition, the vents aid in the prevention of air from entering the gloves, ensuring that your hands remain cool and comfortable while you are playing.

Heat causes you to sweat, and perspiration makes you feel uneasy and uncomfortable. Because of the inclusion of vents in these gloves, they may assist in alleviating all of this. Do you understand what I’m saying? Moving on, we have the Textured Nash palm, which enhances the overall feel of the stick you’re gripping while also providing more control over the weapon. It all comes together with the Floating Cuff, which wraps around your wrist and offers a protective advantage when you’re engaged in a fierce battle with your opponent. It also aids in the scooping of the ball, which is a common lacrosse motion. Make sure to pair it with one of the stylish lacrosse sticks from our collection.

Key Features:

  • Ventilation is provided by TruVents.
  • Floating Cuff with Textured Nash Palm


  • Ventilation is provided by TruVents.
  • Floating Cuff with Textured Nash Palm


  • It improves your control of the stick
  • It also protects you in the event of a face-off


  • It’s only available in two color variants

#3: Epoch High-Performance Lacrosse Gloves

It’s one of the Epoch gloves’ most distinctive features: the carbon fiber inner padding in the thumb region, which provides the most effective thumb protection available in any glove on the market.


Epoch’s designers included tri-layer dual-density foam to protect your hands from impact whether you’re taking a ripping shot or colliding with another player on the court. The inclusion of carbon fiber material in the thumb region is also a welcome feature, and it distinguishes it from other gloves in a subtle way.


Epoch lacrosse gloves have a distinctive design. For starters, the wrist region of the glove has been flared out to allow for maximum wrist movement during play. In addition, the glove is 13 inches in length, which provides your hands with extra space for a great fit and flexibility when wearing it. This adaptability allows you to maintain a relaxed hold on the lacrosse stick.

The palms do not have any mesh material or holes on them; instead, they feature a solid surface that provides you with a firm grip while handling the shaft.


Epoch lacrosse gloves are equipped with a cooling technology known as phase-change technology, which ensures that your hands remain in optimal condition regardless of the temperature outside. The temperature of your hands remains constant in cold weather and remains constant in heat.


These gloves provide the greatest protection against hits, particularly thumb protection, and they also ensure that your hands remain in excellent shape regardless of the weather. This lacrosse glove comes highly recommended by us.


  • The expanded cuffs minimize wrist movement, allowing for the best possible grip.
  • It is constructed with three layers of foam to provide impact protection.
  • It features a straightforward, uncluttered appearance, and comes in two color options: black and white.
  • The Wrist region has been flared out to provide the most wrist movement possible.
  • The gloves are very long-lasting.


  • The threads seem to come off quick

#4. Warrior Evo Glove 2019 – The Best Lacrosse Gloves for Tighter Fit

When the Warrior Evo Gloves initially came on the market in 2019, they were the most costly lacrosse gloves on the market. Despite the product’s price reduction, it remains a very dependable product in 2020, thanks to its superior, high-quality design and ambitious features.

To begin with, the gloves have a high-end appearance that is immediately noticeable.In the black and white variants, which are entirely monochromatic, you can get them on Dick’s Sporting Goods. This gives them a traditional and beautiful appearance.

I can definitely state that these gloves are on the tighter end of the spectrum. They are pleasantly snug, so if you normally wear 13 inches (M), you may find that they are a little tighter than you are used to. Players with large hands or those who like to have some more space in their gloves should search for a different type of glove.Despite the fact that they are tightly fitted, the gloves are surprisingly comfortable. They do not restrict movement; you may move each finger separately without experiencing any problems, particularly the thumb. As a result, the glove has a highly broken-in feel to it straight out of the package.Cuffs are designed with just two anchor points, which allows the gloves to have a floating cuff look and feel. Because the wrist guard is not attached in the center, it allows for much greater wrist mobility than other versions that use a three-point anchor system.

Along with the ventilation holes across the fingers and the large vent at the rear, there is a mesh middle section in the palm that allows for additional airflow. Furthermore, the center section is double-seamed to improve durability, since here is where the majority of the abrasion occurs.

Finally, the compromise struck between comfort and protection is excellent. The CageFlex technology offers the best possible protection without compromising movement.


  • Comfortable\sProtective
  • Excellent airflow and ventilation
  • The appearance is elegant.
  • Wrist mobility should be increased.


  • A bit tight

#5.Maverick M4 Lacrosse Gloves – Best Lacrosse Gloves for Faceoffs

Why we like it: The M4 gloves include shark gel inserts in the thumb region, which provide the best possible impact protection. They are designed to cushion any shocks that occur following a collision while playing.


In addition to the shark gel inserts, these gloves include three pads in the palm area, which prevent your hands from coming into contact with the lacrosse stick and instead cause your palms to fold over them, giving you that soft sensation in the event of a collision.


In addition to the shark gel inserts, these gloves include three pads in the palm area, which prevent your hands from coming into contact with the lacrosse stick and instead cause your palms to fold over them, giving you that soft sensation in the event of a collision.


In addition to the AX suede leather, which has 37.5T Technology to drain away sweat and moisture from your hands, the M4 gloves include mesh sections in the palm area for optimum ventilation, allowing you to have an excellent touch and maximum comfort while playing. A flow cool ventilation system is also included at the back of your hands, which enables excess heat to be expelled from the gloves.


The M4 performs well in critical areas like as comfort and protection, thanks in part to the AX suede leather, which provides a soft palm feel that allows you to maintain a stronger hold on your stick. When playing in hot weather, we suggest that you use this glove.


  • The mesh sections on the palms help to keep the hands cool and dry.
  • Shock absorption is provided by shark gel inserts in this model.
  • The cuffs have Velcro on them so you may customize the fit on your hands.
  • The suede leather of the AX is very pleasant to the touch.
  • There is a flow cool vent in the gloves to help dissipate any extra heat.


  • There are some concerns that the Velcro in the wrist area doesn’t hold, but you may replace it with heavy-duty Velcro

#6: Warrior Regulator Lite Lacrosse Gloves

Because of the truvents at the rear of your palms and the back of your hand, airflow within the gloves is improved, which keeps your hands dry and allows you to have the greatest tactile reaction possible.


Because the warrior lite gloves are constructed of high-quality dual-density foam, they are both incredibly lightweight and provide the most impact protection possible for your hands. Another great feature of this glove is the floating cuffs, which assist to keep your wrists safe while you’re playing the game.


The palms of the gloves have been textured to enhance grip and feel while handling the lacrosse stick. This also helps to improve the longevity of the gloves, allowing them to last the whole season and providing you with good value for your money. In addition, the floating cuffs make it easier to bend your wrists comfortably while wearing them.


The truvents on your palms and wrist region assist in ventilating the glove’s inside, which keeps your hands dry and makes them ideal for high-pressure sports such as football and basketball. This design is one of the reasons why Warrior gloves are one of the most well-known names in the lacrosse glove business.


Based on our experience, we believe that the textured and strengthened palms of these gloves provide dependability and durability. We suggest them to those who are just starting off.


  • The truvents in the palm region of the gloves assist in improving airflow inside the gloves.
  • The floating cuffs make it easier to bend your wrist without feeling restricted.
  • Because to the dual-density foam, the gloves are very lightweight.
  • It has textured palms to provide the greatest grip and durability possible.
  • It’s an excellent choice for beginning players.


  • Some have complained that the floating cuffs fit snugly on your wrist

#7: STX Lacrosse Shield Goalie Gloves

Because it has a unique thumb guard design, it keeps your thumb in place and prevents injuries while also improving your thumb flexibility when you’re playing sports.


At first sight, there doesn’t seem to be much padding on the glove’s surface, but don’t be fooled by its appearance. These gloves have the ability to absorb stress from collisions. In addition, they are lightweight, allowing you to move your hand freely, as opposed to other goalkeeper gloves, which are rigid and restrict your hand mobility as a result.

Another one-of-a-kind feature is the thumb protection, which helps to keep your thumb safe from injury. The thumb region is protected by a plastic component on the outside, which also allows for thumb movement. This makes it ideal for goalies who prefer to wrap their fingers around the top of the stick’s shaft or at the base of the head, which is ideal for most players.


The grip on the lacrosse stick is generally determined by how the gloves feel on the stick. The thick padding on the palm of the glove does not disappoint, enabling you to have more control whether making a pass, catching a ball, or defending. Because of the substantial padding on the palms of most goalie gloves, they tend to be stiff around the wrist. A stiff glove decreases your tactile sensitivity to the ball as well as your reaction time.

One disadvantage of the STX goalie gloves is that they are a little smaller than the competition, mostly because they are only available in size 12, but this may be a personal preference, and there is no need to be concerned.


Small vents in the palm region help to enhance airflow within the gloves, which helps to keep your hands dry and comfortable. One disadvantage that should be mentioned is that the inside lining and padding tend to droop as a result of heavy perspiration. It would have been preferable if the designers had used a moisture-wicking material such as Axe Suede leather for this project.


After a few runs, we were worried about the thumb’s incapacity to flex, but after a few more runs, it began to adapt to the thumb almost instantly. Players who are prone to thumb injuries may consider purchasing these gloves.


  • Wrist injuries are less likely to occur with the longer cuffs.
  • It is equipped with a thumb guard lock, which helps to avoid damage to the thumb.
  • The Clarino palm provides you with a firm and secure grip on your stick.
  • They have a light weight feel to them, which increases your hand mobility and tactile responsiveness.
  • They allow you to maintain a secure hold on the stick.


  • The inner lining sags from excessive sweating

#8: Under Armour Command Pro II Lacrosse Gloves

Because the gloves include a suspension pad, which is a patented design, it allows the gloves to stretch more freely when your hands are folded or bent, which is something we like. This feature impressed us since it provides you with a great deal of movement when you’re playing.


The Command Pro 2 is equipped with Floating Armour technology, which ensures that your thumb is always covered. We all know how essential the thumb is while playing lacrosse, therefore making sure that it is protected should be your first concern when playing.


It is constructed of AX Suede leather, which adapts to your hand and provides a great grip on the lacrosse stick, allowing you to maintain perfect ball control. Furthermore, this material is soft and comfortable, allowing you to wear them for extended periods of time and without being fatigued.


Under Armour incorporates Heat Gear technology into its gloves to enhance ventilation inside the gloves. Your fingertips will not get numb when playing in the cold, and they will not leak perspiration while playing in the summer. In addition, the palm material includes tiny pores that allow the gloves to breathe more easily.


We like the lightweight feel of the gloves and would suggest them to anybody looking for gloves that fit tightly. The expanded cuffs also provide you with enough wrist protection when playing football. In addition, the design is pleasing to the eye while held in your hands.


  • The floating armor technology helps to keep your thumb safe from harm as you play.
  • When you fold your hands, the suspension pad design causes the gloves to extend as a result.
  • It is crafted with AX Suede leather, which provides a firm grip on the ground.
  • The tiny vents help to keep your hands cool and dry while you’re working.
  • The wrist restraints are free-floating and do not limit wrist mobility.


  • The medium size is a bit tight on adult hands, but you can try out the XL size

#9: Warrior Rabil Lacrosse Gloves

Our favorite feature: the gloves are constructed of high-quality D30 foam material that is carefully positioned between your fingers to provide comfort and protection from any hit throughout the game.


In addition to the D30 foam substance, the gloves have extended cuffs made of Toal, a material that protects your forearm and wrist while also increasing the movement of your hands and fingers. Additionally, the cuffs are lightweight, so they will not hinder your performance throughout the game.


In addition to the D30 foam substance, the gloves have extended cuffs made of Toal, a material that protects your forearm and wrist while also increasing the movement of your hands and fingers. Additionally, the cuffs are lightweight, so they will not hinder your performance throughout the game.


When the gloves are used, the Wartech FNC lining technology ensures that they dry quickly after use, preventing them from acquiring an unpleasant odor as a consequence of heavy perspiration. In addition, the palms of the gloves feature tiny vent holes that allow more air to circulate within the gloves, keeping your hands cool and dry when playing hard games.


Additionally, the gloves’ expanded cuffs provide much-needed wrist protection, eliminating the need to wear bulky elbow pads. Additionally, the gloves are lightweight and comfortable. These gloves come highly recommended by us for athletes who are prone to wrist problems.


  • The expanded cuff provides wrist protection while also allowing players to move more freely.
  • When the D30 foam is struck, it hardens and protects your fingertips.
  • It comes with a Wartech lining, which helps to keep unwanted odors at bay.
  • This glove has a soft palm material that is comfortable to hold.
  • In terms of looks, they are cool and trendy.


  • A bit pricey

#10: STX Lacrosse Cell 100 Youth Gloves

Our favorite feature: the cell 100 comes with an adjustable lacing wrist cuff that can be adjusted for a personalized fit, allowing for maximum mobility and flexibility.


The gloves are constructed of polyester material that has been integrated into thick foam to provide the best possible impact protection. The gloves make your hands feel light and flexible, which is exactly how they should be.


The plush inner lining of the glove provides much-needed comfort throughout the game, which we found to be a nice touch. This lining is also composed of moisture-resistant polyester, which keeps the gloves from becoming sloppy when exposed to moisture.


When playing in hot weather, the mesh fabric in the green part of the gloves helps to keep your hands cool and dry by allowing more air to circulate within the gloves. However, it would be fantastic if the maker included some vent holes in the wrist region to help disperse the heat generated by the device.


The gloves are available in three colors: neon green, black, and white. They are cool and trendy in their appearance. When playing at night, the neon green light is visible in low light intensities, which makes it easy to see. Furthermore, they are available in the regular size 13, making them the most appropriate for kids who are just beginning the game of lacrosse.


  • The neon green hue is fashionable, and it is easily visible even in low-light conditions.
  • It has a moisture-resistant polyester inside that helps to keep the gloves dry while using them.
  • The thick foam shields your fingertips from any potential harm.
  • The lining is made of polyester and is soft and comfy.
  • It is equipped with a lace cuff that allows you to customize the fit.


  • It lacks vents in the wrist region for heat dissipation

Factors To Consider When Buying New Lacrosse Gloves

Construction (Thumb & Palm)

When purchasing gloves, the structure of the thumb and palm should be taken into account. The thumb is particularly vulnerable to injury and needs additional protection without impairing your ability to move your thumb.

The padding on the palm of your glove should be sufficient to avoid blisters, but not enough to prevent you from feeling the stick properly. Without a doubt, you’ll want to keep your hands covered while yet maintaining a high level of stick control.


Materials go hand in hand with protection, but they also have an impact on the glove’s other characteristics. For impact absorption, you’ll want to use high-quality foams. You want to make sure that your gloves have excellent palm materials so that you don’t burn holes in them straight away. If you want to assist deflect slashes, search for high-strength plastics and rubbers around the frame of the glove’s frame. Finally, but certainly not least, many gloves today are equipped with incredible drying and anti-odor technology. The anti-odor technology is purely for odor control, however the quick drying technology may help you get more use out of your glove!

To ensure that you are completely informed, we will break out any noteworthy developments in the materials arena for each glove.


When you participate in athletics, you will almost certainly perspire. When you’re playing lacrosse, the one area you don’t want perspiration to accumulate is in your hands.

Padded gloves will naturally cause your hands to become hotter and more susceptible to moisture, therefore your gloves must have a built-in ventilation system to assist keep them dry while you are wearing them. When you have sweaty hands when playing lacrosse, you will be unable to perform to your full potential.

Comfort & Flexibility

This is a close second to protection in importance. As previously mentioned, the connection between your palm and your stick is very essential to your performance on the football field.

Take the palm of your hand, for example, where you want something that is less of a visible layer and more of a membrane between your palm and the stick. Normally, suede would be used, but we are starting to see businesses experiment with other types of materials. You’re looking for something with little stitching and a thin structure that will provide you with the best feel possible on your stick.

Your glove should also enhance dexterity of your fingers on the other side of the hand, as described above. Higher-end gloves on the market will include design oddities such as paneling to provide your fingers with the greatest possible range of motion and comfort.

Finally, the wrist: search for a glove with an adjustable cuff element, which will be useful in customizing the fit of your glove to your preferences, such as protectingness vs flexibility, when it comes to wrist protection.

You can find lacrosse gloves in 4 different numbered sizes:

  • Small Gloves- 8 to 10”
  • Medium Gloves- 12”
  • Large gloves- 13”
  • Extra-large gloves- 14”

The majority of players choose gloves in the size 13” range. Large gloves are recommended for players over the age of 16 who are at the beginning, moderate, or advanced levels.

Keep in mind, ladies, that comfort is the most important factor to consider while choosing your lacrosse gloves. If you have to adjust your gloves every 5 minutes or so, it is a big distraction that may make it difficult to concentrate on the game. You must have gloves that provide a good mix of comfort, protection, and grip in order to play at your highest level.


Technology for wicking away moisture. Ventilation that is above and above. Material that is easy to breathe. When shopping for gloves, keep an eye out for the following keywords and elements:

When you’re playing sports, breathability is critical for keeping your hands dry and preventing your motions from being even more slowed as a result of a buildup of perspiration on your skin. This also aids in the promotion of the all-important connection between the palm and the stick.Breathability is a critical component of a glove’s ability to resist the unpleasant stench that comes with an old pair of gloves, which some would argue is the most essential aspect of the glove. A number of companies, such as Epoch, have started experimenting with additional components, such as incorporated coffee grounds, to aid with odor control.

Keeping perspiration off your hands and out of your gloves will be appreciated not just by you and your teammates on the field, but also by everyone else off the field.


Gloves are a costly investment, so it’s ideal if you can get many seasons out of a pair rather than having to dig into your wallet year after year for new gloves.

When looking for a pair of lacrosse gloves, the material is important since it determines their durability. Seek for gloves that do not scrimp on the best quality palm and outer material in order to avoid any wear that comes with regular use.Stitching is yet another essential component. In general, the less “parts” there are to a glove, the longer it will generally survive since it will not have the typical weak spots. STX took a significant step forward with this generation of gloves by breaking the mold, quite literally, by using a single continuous outer component across the whole glove. It is features like these that will guarantee that the product is used for many years.

Finally, you want to search for properties that have the fewest external components that may degrade over time. In the wrist cuffing, for example, velcro may be used to provide security, which is something to be aware of. When it comes to things like velcro, they may wear out fast and degrade the overall quality of your glove.

Customer Reviews

Before you spend a lot of money on gloves, it’s important to read some customer reviews.

Carry out your due diligence and look for any and all websites and resources you can to get firsthand information on how any of the four components listed above are applied to a certain product. Other users may give real-time feedback on the way a glove feels and performs while wearing it.Additionally, customer evaluations may be useful in identifying any peculiarities in the fit of a glove or the purchasing procedure. Such comments may be very beneficial in avoiding the problems that may have been encountered by other consumers in the past.

And don’t forget to write your own review for the gloves that you end up purchasing. It is always a good idea to pay it forward to others.


Find something that is within your price range… When it comes to gloves, this is a lot easier said than done, but it is still something to think about.

Consider that if you save money today, you will almost certainly have to sacrifice something in the future, whether it is durability or additional protection afforded by a more costly glove or some other benefit. Identify the specific areas in which a product saves you money and examine the long-term consequences of that cost-cutting for your safety and financial well-being in the process.


You must maintain control of your lacrosse stick, which necessitates the use of gloves with a strong grip. However, although gloves are essential for protecting your hands and preventing injuries to your fingers and hands, they also impair your ability to maintain a firm hold on the hockey stick.

Your grip must be strong enough so that you can maintain solid control over your stick without sliding. It is expected that the higher the quality of the gloves, the better the grip.

Protection & Padding

While we have previously mentioned that cushioning should be incorporated into the palm and thumb, there is additional padding to take into consideration.

Because of the nature of the game, you run the danger of suffering scratches and bruises on your hands. As a result, your gloves will need to have a protective liner as well as enough padding to prevent you from being hurt. Your position on the squad will play a role in determining some of this.When it comes to purchasing a glove, protection is unquestionably the most essential factor to consider. Were it not for this, everyone would be going about with their hands naked, wouldn’t we?Protection is provided by a superb glove without the wearer even realizing it is there. Based on your position on the field, the amount of blows your gloves will absorb over the course of a game may be incalculable.It is important to have a glove that offers additional protection around the thumb, particularly at the base of your hand, since this is a high-impact area for ground balls and for those desperate swings from defenders while you are in the middle of your cradle.

Another area of concentration is the back of your hand. You want several layers of defense against the inevitable checks, intentional pokes, and errant cuts that may spoil your day…or month if you suffer a broken bone.

Additional cuff length is a significant benefit for any player, but it is particularly beneficial for those who find themselves in faceoffs on a regular basis. This sport is known for its cuts to the wrist, so the extra protection will be much welcomed by those who play it often.

Sizing & Fit

When it comes to lacrosse gloves, fit is very essential, but some people prefer a more customized fit. The top borders of the gussets should be just barely touched by your fingertips. If this is the case, the gloves are too small, and you should get a bigger pair.

Your wrists must also have a full range of motion to function properly. In order to ensure that you have a complete range of motion in your fingers and wrists when trying on gloves, move them about.

Features of a Good Lacrosse Glove

Back Hand and Thumb Contsruction

The back of the hand and the region around the thumb are the areas that need the greatest protection. Triple layers of foam, ranging from soft bottom layers to firmer top layers for extra protection, may be utilized to provide additional protection. An additional layer of padding on the thumb and back of the hand provides additional protection in critical locations when using a DFKLT shield. The technique used is XRD, which is a very impact-resistant substance. Some versions are equipped with a fleece inside and a waterproof back to keep you warm in the winter. To provide greater thumb protection and flexibility, several firms use Shark Gel technology in the thumb region of their products.

Cooling Technology

To keep an eye out for, the Nash Ventede System and Flowcool cooling technologies are the most effective. For improved ventilation, ventilation holes may be located on the back of the hand or on both the back of the hand and the palm of the hand.


When it comes to gripping and handling, the palm region is critical. Typically, suede or leather materials are utilized in these places to provide a soft, comfortable feel to the user. Some gloves will feature one or two layers of soft padding on the palms and fingers, as well as textured palms and fingertips, to improve grip.


Flexible foam and more lightweight materials are utilized on the fingers, particularly on the insides and sides, where more flexibility and less protection are needed for greater flexibility. It is possible to utilize a softer Araiprene foam.


Some versions come with an Extended Cuff, which extends the protection of your arm higher up your arm while still allowing you plenty of mobility. In addition, you may get cuffs that are removable, which enable you to fully modify and change the cuff to your taste and specific needs.


Most Lacrosse Glove models will include an inside lining that is moisture-wicking and quick-drying to keep you cool and dry while playing. It is possible to get cutting-edge technology such as QuikDry Materails and a 37.5 lining.

Lacrosse Gloves Size Chart

If you are uncertain of what size goalie glove to purchase, the following table may be able to provide some guidance. This basic information was obtained from the website I recommend that you visit the manufacturer’s website to check whether their size recommendations vary from mine.

XS 8″ 6″
S 10″ 6.5″
M 12″ 7″
L 13″ 7.5″
XL 14″ 7.75″+


Glove by position

Defenders, attackers, midfielders, and goalkeepers are the four positions that make up the lacrosse team. The following are the distinctions to be made while purchasing gloves for each position:


This lacrosse position is mostly concerned with defense, necessitating the use of protective gloves. Due to the fact that they also utilize a long stick, their gloves should also provide great dexterity.


This position is on the offensive side of the field and is responsible for scoring goals. A lacrosse attacker must be very skilled in passing, shooting, and ball protection to be effective. They are also the ones that plunge into the water. In order to do so, they will need a pair of lacrosse gloves with plenty of cushioning to absorb the impact. Dexterity and flexibility of the thumbs are required for this posture.


It is the responsibility of this position to play both defense and attack. They are charged with transferring the ball from defense to offense as fast as possible so that the attackers may get it to the goal. This position, often known as “middies,” necessitates the use of a glove that provides just the appropriate amount of protection while still allowing for great dexterity.


The goalie will receive the most amount of high-velocity shots out of all of the lacrosse positions on the field. In order to avoid hyperextension, goalkeepers’ gloves for lacrosse feature strengthened thumbs, which are occasionally equipped with an exoskeleton to prevent hyperextension. In order to protect the goalie from a fast-moving ball, goalie lacrosse gloves feature stronger padding and cuffs.

Why you Need Good Gloves

The reason why you need excellent gloves is straightforward. Good gloves will protect our hands and thumbs from needless injuries while also assisting you in taking your game to the next level of performance and enjoyment.

Your lacrosse gloves are one of the most essential pieces of equipment you may have for this activity, and they should be purchased as soon as possible. Gloves are very necessary for safeguarding your hands, wrists, and forearms when playing video games.Players of all ages, including men, women, and children, use lacrosse gloves because they are very well-padded to provide the greatest protection possible.A specific pair of gloves is only required for goalies, since their function in the game of lacrosse differs from that of the rest of the players. All other positions do not need special gloves. With hand injuries accounting for 23% of all lacrosse injuries, it’s simple to understand why you need excellent gloves for your game.If you have a decent pair of lacrosse gloves, it may be the difference between scoring a goal and sitting on the bench with your arm in a cast for the rest of the season.The disadvantage of wearing low-cost or even second-hand gloves is that your stick handling may deteriorate as a result of them.

A decent pair of lacrosse gloves can help you to enhance your stick handling skills on the field. Gloves that hold the stick tightly eliminate the possibility of your stick being pulled out of your hands while playing.

Even worse, gloves that don’t fit correctly or aren’t adequately vented may lead to smelly, greasy palms that make it difficult to use the stick effectively.

Why are Lacrosse Goalie Gloves so Important?

Allow me to respond to your query with a tale.

During my playing days at Cal, I volunteered at our Thanksgiving camp for children aged 10 to 12.It was a fantastic experience, and the kids really adored the player/coaches who volunteered their time to assist with the camp, which made it even more enjoyable.

The year was 2000, and goalkeeper gloves had just recently been introduced, thus they were not as common or popular as they are now. In the end, I was simply wearing normal lacrosse gloves to man the cage on the last day of camp, when we played a scrimmage against the kids.We were all having a good time when one of the 12-year-olds collected a ball right on the goal crease and shot it as hard as he could into the goal without looking at it. He didn’t care about accuracy; he was just concerned about sheer force, despite the fact that he was practically standing right on the goal line. I matched the head of his lacrosse stick with the head of my goalkeeper, like you should when making a 1v1 save!Crack! Following a loud crunch, I experienced agony that beyond any previous time I had been struck with a gun before this one.I had my thumb twisted in an incorrect way because the ball grabbed the inside of it, thereby striking the finger that did not have protection and damaging it. It was obvious as soon as I removed my glove to examine the injury that it had been fractured or at the very least dislocated when I removed it. Normal thumbs do not bend in such a manner. It was discovered that the joint had been dislocated as well as somewhat fractured.

I had to undergo surgery to fix my thumb and was out of commission for a few months while I recovered. Even after all of the rehabilitation, the joint is still extremely stiff, and I only have approximately 90 percent of the usual range of motion.

In order to understand why goalkeeper gloves are so essential, just take a look at the image above.

Where to Buy Lacrosse Goalie Gloves

There are several places you can buy lacrosse goalie gloves both online and in real life.

1. Brick And Mortar Sporting Goods Stores

Lacrosse has grown in popularity in recent years, and most large sports goods shops, such as Dick’s Sporting Goods, Big 5, and Dick’s Sporting Goods, now offer lacrosse equipment and accessories.A good variety of lacrosse goalie gloves may even be available, depending on the specific chain.However, since they are still considered a specialty item, there is no assurance that a shop that carries lacrosse equipment would also sell lacrosse goalie gloves.Trying on goalie gloves (or normal gloves, if they don’t sell goalie gloves) at brick-and-mortar sports goods shops is also an excellent way to figure out what size your hands are.

You may then buy them using one of the other two ways I’ll explain below in order to shop around for a better price.

2. Online Outlets

I usually get all of my lacrosse equipment from They provide a comprehensive variety of lacrosse goalkeeper gloves, including every brand and all sizes. Their customer service is outstanding, and I’ve had nothing but positive experiences with them throughout my business relationship.

You may look through their full collection of lacrosse goalkeeper gloves. Because those are affiliate links, I will get a small commission if you decide to make a purchase after clicking on them. Of course, there is no pressure, and I appreciate your assistance also has a fantastic variety of goalkeeper gloves, which you may browse through.Because they do not have the overhead of a physical shop, internet retailers may often offer discounts that cannot be found in brick-and-mortar establishments.

They’ll also offer promotions from time to time, allowing you to save even more money on your lacrosse goalie gloves.

3. Craigslist

For those in the market for a used pair of gloves, you may start by looking on Craigslist for a pair that are in good condition.

Go to the Craigslist page for your area. Select “Sporting” from the drop-down menu under the “For Sale” column. Then conduct a search for “lacrosse goalie gloves” to see what comes up.If you want to be informed every time a new item matching your criteria is listed on Craigslist, you may set up a Google alert for the phrase “lacrosse goalie gloves” and then select the specific page to be notified on.As long as the term “lacrosse goalie gloves” is found anywhere on the internet, you’ll get an email notification. You may customize the phrase to your liking and even specify which particular websites you wish to be alerted about from inside the phrase.

Be cautious while making a buy on Craigslist, as you would with any other online transaction. There are some crazy people on that website, so take all required measures and remember that if a bargain seems to be too good to be true, it probably is.

4. Sideline Swap

Sideline Swap has become my new favorite location to pick up secondhand lacrosse equipment.

Not only can you discover great prices on lacrosse goalie gloves, but you can also find great bargains on a variety of other items.

How To Wash Lacrosse Gloves

It is normal for all sporting goods to acquire a distinct odor over a period of time. Whether it’s due to perspiration, moisture, or just dirt, you’ll need to wash your lacrosse gloves sooner rather than later. What you need to do is as follows:

  • Remove any mud that has accumulated on them or break off any dried mud that has accumulated on them.
  • Warm water should be poured into a sink or basin.
  • Soak your gloves in water with a little amount of mild detergent added to it for 15 minutes.
  • Remove the gloves off your hands to get rid of the dirt and soap.
  • Place the gloves on a drying rack to dry. Please do not dry them in the dryer.

It is critical to clean your lacrosse gloves on a consistent basis. This is due to the fact that perspiration and grime accumulate within your gloves over time, forming a biofilm inside them. This eventually turns into a breeding environment for bacteria, which results in the production of that foul stench.

Fortunately, cleaning your gloves and getting rid of that foul odor is a simple process. The following are the procedures to properly clean your gloves.

  • Step 1: Smack or pound the gloves to remove any hard deposits of dirt that have accumulated.
  • Step 2: Fill the sink or any other container halfway with warm water.
  • Step 3: Dissolve a mild detergent in warm water and soak the gloves for about 15 minutes.
  • Step 4: Rinse well with water to remove the detergent. It is possible to utilize a high-pressure water source, such as a shower, to ensure that any loose debris is also removed from the gloves after they have been rinsed.
  • Step 5: Dry the gloves in the sun or in front of a fan to prevent them from becoming moldy.

What We Based Our Research On

Lacrosse gloves are an essential piece of equipment because they protect your hands and fingers from being slashed or hit by wayward shots and passes. Athletes’ gloves in lacrosse are constantly developing, with high-tech foams, impact-absorbing technology, moisture-wicking and cooling palms and liners, as well as excellent ventilation, now available.

We’ll be concentrating on the best goods from companies like Mavrik, Epoch, Warrior, STX, and Underarmour, to mention a few notable examples. When searching for gloves, various positions need different considerations, and we will attempt to categorize them in terms of the most protective, the most mobility, and those that combine both and fall somewhere in the center. Continue reading to find out what we thought!

How to Properly Care For Your Lacrosse Goalie Gloves

Following the purchase of a quality pair of lacrosse goalie gloves, you must take proper care of them in order to guarantee that they will last you at least a few seasons, if not your whole playing career.

When I was at Cal, I wore the same set of Warrior Burn goalie gloves for the whole four years I was there. Even when our team moved to a another brand of gloves, I remained loyal to the Warrior Burns because I preferred them and they had broken in precisely the way I wanted them to be.

Your lax goalkeeper gloves may endure for the whole of your playing career if they are properly cared for.

Taking care of your lacrosse goalie gloves follows a set of guidelines that are most likely quite similar to those you’ve heard from your parents after every session.

Rule #1: 

Leave damp or sweaty clothing in your lacrosse bag at all costs. The goalkeeper’s gloves must be able to breathe. After a hard, sweaty practice or a wet game, it is important to air out the gloves to maintain them in excellent condition and to prevent germs and fungi from growing on the gloves. This will also prevent the gloves from smelling foul as a result of their use.

Rule #2: 

Every couple of weeks, spray the goalie gloves with an anti-bacterial / anti-fungal sanitizing spray to keep them clean and free of germs. I’d use the same spray that’s intended for use on footwear. This will guarantee that the gloves remain clean and fresh smelling, and that they do not decay over time.

Rule #3: 

Lacrosse goalie gloves should not be washed in the washing machine. This may cause the leather of your gloves to become brittle. Instead, you may wash them in the sink or a bucket filled with water and a little dishwashing liquid. After that, wash them off to remove any soap residue and grime, and then let them out in the sun to dry naturally. Alternatively, you may put absorbent newspaper inside the gloves to aid in drying them.

Rule #4: 

Lacrosse goalie gloves should not be washed in the washing machine. This may cause the leather of your gloves to become brittle. Instead, you may wash them in the sink or a bucket filled with water and a little dishwashing liquid. After that, wash them off to remove any soap residue and grime, and then let them out in the sun to dry naturally. Alternatively, you may put absorbent newspaper inside the gloves to aid in drying them.


Some of the most frequently asked questions about lacrosse gloves are given below:

How can I measure my lacrosse gloves?

You can easily determine the size of your lacrosse gloves by measuring the space between your fingers and your elbow pads using a tape measure (see image below). This distance is equivalent to the size of your glove.

Can you wash lacrosse gloves in a washing machine?

Put your lacrosse gloves in the washing machine, but be sure to use the low cycle option on the washing machine to avoid damaging the gloves. Avoid using bleach and instead go for a regular laundry detergent. Once you’re finished, let them air dry rather than using a drying machine to finish drying them. Also, be sure to air out your gloves after practice to avoid any unpleasant odors or stenches.

It is possible to soak your gloves in your bathtub if you are apprehensive about washing them in the washing machine. Fill a bathtub halfway with warm water and a quarter cup of detergent. Soak the items for approximately 10 minutes before removing them. Remove them from the water and pat them dry.

How do I get rid of bad odor in my gloves?

It is easy to get rid of unpleasant odor from your lacrosse gloves; it is far simpler to prevent them from acquiring the stink than it is to get rid of it after it has occurred. If you have any spare time after the game, take the time to follow these procedures to keep the smell out of your gloves.

  • Always allow your gloves to dry completely after using them, as this will help to avoid the development of mildew, mold, and germs on them. When you dry your gloves in the sun, you may benefit from the fact that UV rays destroy germs.
  • Augment the effectiveness of your gear with odor eliminators such as Febreeze, which destroy germs and fungus.
  • You may use a dehumidifier to aid in the removal of moisture from the gloves more quickly.

Which palm material provides a better grip on your lacrosse stick?

Select lacrosse gloves with Axe Suede leather material on the palm area because they are soft and pleasant to wear while maintaining a firm grip on your lacrosse stick throughout the game. Furthermore, since this leather is permeable, it allows for better ventilation inside the gloves, which keeps your hands cool and dry.

How do Lacrosse gloves fit?

A variety of shapes are included into the design of high-end gloves to ensure that the hands of the lacrosse player are completely encapsulated. These gloves have a higher price tag, but they are well worth the money you spend on them. Lacrosse gloves are developed with four main considerations in mind: comfort, protection, grip, and ventilation. Comfort is the most important consideration. Generally speaking, the best-in-class gloves are divided into different sections to provide for more versatility while using the equipment. If you look closely, you will also see that there are many wrinkles throughout the pattern. These have been designed to provide for a more comfortable fit of the gloves.

The laxers must get gloves that are snugly fitting around their palms. It is not acceptable to choose a product that is too tiny to accommodate the fingers. Gloves measuring 13 inches in circumference are appropriate for laxers over the age of 15.

Do I need to break in my lacrosse gloves?

Many lacrosse players prefer softer leather, and breaking in new pairs of lacrosse gloves purchased specifically for the sport is practically a guilty pleasure for many. The inside palm of the gloves is sometimes cut off by advanced players, while novices in high school and college must make due with homemade hacks such as bashing the gloves, sitting on them, or driving them over with a vehicle. You may also use a lotion to soften them after you’ve sprinkled water on them. You may use these techniques on a regular basis until you get the ideal texture and flexibility for your gloves.

How do lacrosse gloves fit?

When it comes to lacrosse gloves, they should feel like a second skin, and they should have enough space to form a fist. A tiny growing chamber is also excellent for younger players, who will save money on gloves by not having to change them as often. Always double-check the size chart of each manufacturer to ensure that you will get the proper fitting garment.

What are lacrosse gloves made of?

In order to cushion the high-velocity impact, the majority of lacrosse gloves available are constructed of dense foam cushioning. A suede material is also used on the palm region, while the rest of the shoe is constructed from a mix of canvas, PU leather, mesh, and many other synthetic materials. The aim here is to keep the hands protected while yet allowing the gloves to breathe throughout the game.

Can you use hockey gloves for lacrosse?

While some lacrosse players choose to wear hockey gloves, it is recommended that you get a pair that is specially designed for the sport. Unlike hockey gloves, lacrosse gloves are designed to allow for more hand mobility as well as improved grip. There are always all-around pairs available on the market, but they may not be up to the task of meeting all of your requirements.

How do you break in lacrosse gloves?

Lacrosse gloves, like other sports gloves, must be broken in before they can be used on the field for the first time. This stage is necessary regardless of whether you are a goalkeeper or a field player. Straight out of the box, lacrosse gloves are rigid as a board. By engaging in practice and real exercises, you may get more comfortable with it. While there are some who utilize unconventional techniques such as soaking or placing it under the mattress, nothing surpasses the natural course of utilizing it in practice games to improve performance. This will guarantee that your gloves break in properly and without being damaged in the process.

What kind of Padding do my Gloves need?

Your lacrosse gloves should have substantial padding on the fingers and the back of the hand, as well as on the palm of the hand. The palms of the gloves should be completely devoid of any kind of padding. The absence of padding on the palms is essential in order for you to have a better feel for your stick when playing. The more your ability to sense it, the greater your ability to manage it.

Do Goalies need Special Gloves?

Because of their specialized position, goalkeepers need a little additional protection. In addition to providing the additional protection goalies need, goalie gloves are also made especially for goalkeepers. Extended wrist guards, extra padding or even plates on the back of the gloves, and strengthened thumbs should all be on your shopping list.

How Important is Flexibility?

Some players place a high value on flexibility, while others place a high value on protection. It is necessary for your hands and fingers to be able to move in order to have the greatest control over your stick. Look for gloves that have cushioned portions at the joints where you will be using them. The fractures at the joints will allow for more flexibility without compromising protective qualities.

What kind of Gloves Provide the Best Grip?

A suede palm is ideal for providing the greatest grip possible in even the wettest of circumstances, so seek for gloves with this characteristic while shopping. Gloves with a few additional characteristics, such as a textured palm or rubberized non-slip inserts, may also help you have a better grip on the job.

Why is Ventilation Important?

Ventilation is critical in gloves since, if not, they would get soaked with perspiration from your sweating hands by the conclusion of the game or even during practice sessions. Good ventilation keeps your hands dry throughout the game, which allows you to control your stick more effectively. Proper ventilation also contributes to the longevity of your gloves.

Can you use hockey gloves for lacrosse?

Lacrosse gloves often extend 2 to 3 inches beyond the wrist, allowing for crucial stick-controlling flexibility while maintaining player safety and protection. The additional padding and wrist covering provided by a hockey glove makes curling and twisting your wrist more difficult. When it comes to lacrosse, though, you may still wear hockey gloves, which is particularly useful for beginners. Furthermore, you may use nearly all of your hockey equipment for lacrosse as well as for other sports.

How do you break in lacrosse gloves?

Once broken in, the glove’s leather palm allows you to have a better grip on your play. Here, in no order of importance, there are some handy suggestions to take note:

  • Rough up your gloves a little.
  • Wet your gloves with a little water.
  • Make a good lather to dampen and smooth the palms of your hands. You may also apply a lotion to soften or wet your gloves if they get too dry.
  • Maintain sufficient moisture content in your skin by following a routine before and after each session.

Can you cut the palms out of lacrosse gloves?

Professional players do not want to spend as much time breaking in their gloves as amateur players do since it is a time-consuming process. Instead. Instead, they cut off the palm’s innermost layer. Inner palm cutting is prohibited throughout the adolescent and college years because it provides an unfair competitive advantage. If you opt to play without the inside of your glove’s palm, you will have a great deal of versatility. If you like cutting the palms of your lacrosse gloves, check out the video instruction below.

How to clean lacrosse gloves?

To ensure that the lacrosse gloves are thoroughly cleaned, wash them on the shortest feasible cycle setting in the washing machine. You may use any normal detergent form, however it is recommended that you avoid using any detergents that include chlorine. After washing, place them on a drying rack to dry. You should avoid putting them through the dryer.

Can you put lacrosse gloves in the dryer?

You should never put your gloves in the dryer since it may damage some of the leather or plastic parts of the gloves. This will, in the long run, shorten the life span of your gloves. Alternatively, stuff a clean towel or piece of newspaper inside the gloves and let them to dry over night before using them. You may also just give them to someone to dry. As a result, they will not be harmed and will endure for a longer period of time than you anticipate.

Final Words

The Maverik M4 gloves are without a doubt the finest lacrosse gloves currently available on the market. They have a classic fit, but they also include all of the current technology that allows you to be more successful on the field. These gloves are an excellent option for a variety of reasons, including the cushioning between the fingers and the moisture-wicking inside lining.

Meanwhile, for those gamers out there seeking for gloves that are more contemporary and have excellent performance characteristics, the STX Surgeon RZR is a great option. These gloves provide excellent protection, but instead of being bulky, they behave more like a second skin, allowing you to maintain excellent stick control. It’s impossible to go wrong with either the Maverik M4 or the STX Surgeon RZR, regardless of your personal tastes.