Best Lacrosse Shafts for Attack Reviews of 2022 [User Recommendations]

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The best lacrosse shafts for attack have two things in common. They are light and every shaft on this list must be sufficiently harsh to be punished by colleagues. The finest shafts in the game are all suppliers that have invested in innovative technology and grips. A shaft is not just a shaft – it is where your body is linked to gaming technology! Both metal and composite carbons are the top shafts. Here are some of our professional selections for the finest shafts in 2021.

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Our Top 3 Picks

#Top 1
Warrior Lacrosse Burn LT Attack Lacrosse Shaft
Warrior Lacrosse Burn LT Attack Lacrosse Shaft
#Top 2
Maverik Lacrosse Mission (Blank) Shaft - Attack - Silver
Maverik Lacrosse Mission (Blank) Shaft - Attack - Silver
#Top 3
Warrior Evo Pro Carbon Attack Lacrosse Shaft
Warrior Evo Pro Carbon Attack Lacrosse Shaft
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No matter how excellent your lacrosse head is, you cannot have an exceptional stick unless you are accompanied by a sturdy, lightweight shaft.

Shafts are available in a range of forms and sizes and there are many choices for choosing between metal and composite handles.

To assist you to select which lacrosse shaft to choose, I’ve put together this list that covers my 7 favorite attack/middie shafts and my two budget choices.

Our Top Pick

Warrior Lacrosse Burn LT Attack Lacrosse Shaft
Warrior Lacrosse Burn LT Attack Lacrosse Shaft
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Maverik Lacrosse Mission (Blank) Shaft - Attack - Silver
Maverik Lacrosse Mission (Blank) Shaft - Attack - Silver
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Warrior Evo Pro Carbon Attack Lacrosse Shaft
Warrior Evo Pro Carbon Attack Lacrosse Shaft
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Warrior Evo Lacrosse Attack Shaft
Warrior Evo Lacrosse Attack Shaft
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RipWood "Natural Color Wood Attack Lacrosse Shaft/Stick/Handle - Hand Made in The USA, Solid ash, Includes Jimalax End Cap
RipWood "Natural Color Wood Attack Lacrosse Shaft/Stick/Handle - Hand Made in The USA, Solid ash,...
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Maverik Hypercore Composite Attack Lacrosse Shaft
Maverik Hypercore Composite Attack Lacrosse Shaft
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Warrior Evo Pro Carbon Attack Lacrosse Shaft
Warrior Evo Pro Carbon Attack Lacrosse Shaft
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Epoch Dragonfly Integra Lacrosse Shaft for Attack/Midfield, 30", Mid-Flex iQ5 with Removable End Cap, C30, Technocolor Red
Epoch Dragonfly Integra Lacrosse Shaft for Attack/Midfield, 30", Mid-Flex iQ5 with Removable End...
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Maverik Lacrosse Mission (Blank) Shaft -Attack - Gunmetal
Maverik Lacrosse Mission (Blank) Shaft -Attack - Gunmetal
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Maverik Hypercore Composite Attack Lacrosse Shaft
Maverik Hypercore Composite Attack Lacrosse Shaft
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Epoch Dragonfly Eight Lacrosse Shaft for Attack, 30", Soft-Flex iQ9, X30, Carbon Black
Epoch Dragonfly Eight Lacrosse Shaft for Attack, 30", Soft-Flex iQ9, X30, Carbon Black
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Epoch Dragonfly iD Lacrosse Shaft for Attack/Midfield, 30", Mid-Flex iQ5, Slip Grip Topcoat, C30, Grey
Epoch Dragonfly iD Lacrosse Shaft for Attack/Midfield, 30", Mid-Flex iQ5, Slip Grip Topcoat, C30,...
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CAKLOR Lacrosse Complete Attack/Midfield Stick with Shaft & Head Mens-1 Stick,Black
CAKLOR Lacrosse Complete Attack/Midfield Stick with Shaft & Head Mens-1 Stick,Black
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Maverik Lacrosse Mission (Blank) Shaft - Attack - Black
Maverik Lacrosse Mission (Blank) Shaft - Attack - Black
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Warrior Burn Pro Attack Carbon Lacrosse Shaft
Warrior Burn Pro Attack Carbon Lacrosse Shaft
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Warrior Burn Pro Max Lacrosse Attack Shaft
Warrior Burn Pro Max Lacrosse Attack Shaft
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Brine F15-Lacrosse Attack Shaft (Black)
Brine F15-Lacrosse Attack Shaft (Black)
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Brine Vintage Attack Handle, Carolina Blue
Brine Vintage Attack Handle, Carolina Blue
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Brine Swizzbeat HD Comp Lacrosse 30" Attack Shaft - White
Brine Swizzbeat HD Comp Lacrosse 30" Attack Shaft - White
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Epoch Dragonfly Integra Lacrosse Shaft for Attack/Midfield, 30", Soft-Flex iQ9 with Removable End Cap, C30, Grey
Epoch Dragonfly Integra Lacrosse Shaft for Attack/Midfield, 30", Soft-Flex iQ9 with Removable End...
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Epoch Dragonfly Nine Lacrosse Shaft for Attack/Midfield, 30", Soft-Flex iQ9, X30, Carbon Black
Epoch Dragonfly Nine Lacrosse Shaft for Attack/Midfield, 30", Soft-Flex iQ9, X30, Carbon Black
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Epoch Dragonfly Elite Lacrosse Shaft for Attack/Midfield, 30", Mid-Flex iQ5, C30, Carbon Black
Epoch Dragonfly Elite Lacrosse Shaft for Attack/Midfield, 30", Mid-Flex iQ5, C30, Carbon Black
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Brine Clutch Friction Attack Lacrosse Shaft
Brine Clutch Friction Attack Lacrosse Shaft
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RipWood "Rainbow Shaft - 9 Color Wood Attack Lacrosse Shaft/Stick/Handle - Solid ash, Hand Made in The USA, Includes Jimalax End Cap
RipWood "Rainbow Shaft - 9 Color Wood Attack Lacrosse Shaft/Stick/Handle - Solid ash, Hand Made...
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Warrior Burn Pro Lacrosse Attack Shaft 2018
Warrior Burn Pro Lacrosse Attack Shaft 2018
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Best Lacrosse Shafts for Attack

Top 15 best lacrosse shafts for attack

To discover the finest lacrosse shafts for attackers and middies, I began compiling a database of every handle on the market that I could locate, including price, weight, material, flex points, etc. I could find every handle.

Then I studied customer feedback and visited my local sports goods to learn more about their strength, feeling and appearance in person.

#1: Burd Wood Works Hickory Lacrosse Attack Shaft

Traditional lacrose shafts all featured hardwood handles, although wood is now more suited to defensive players with the advent of lighter lax shafts.

There are a range of woods and styles, and Hickory is well renowned for its tremendous strength and yet is delightfully flexible as needed.

Burd Wood Works Hickory Lacrosse Attack Shaft

Another benefit of hickory shafts is that they do not warp and that the shaft is not damaged during plays easily.

One very peculiar feature of this bar is how the shaft is intended to change color according to the kind of oil the player applies to the hands, which gives the shaft a distinct color appearance and unusual personality.

The hex-cut form of the shaft gives it a pleasant subtle sensation, even through the gloves, and the handle may suit various kinds of head.

Our Attack Shafts are made from the highest quality kilns of dried hickory. The hickory is chosen by hand to ensure quality and avoid flaws and the ovens to prevent warping. Our Wood Lacrosse Shafts are a high-quality shaft that will punish Lacrosse Equipment players. The shafts are hex-cut to accommodate all heads and include a head attachment screw. We do not complete our goods because we do not believe it is essential. The inherent color of the wood and its individuality are brought out by the oils from your hands throughout the natural process of your shaft. However, it won’t impact warranty if you wish to finish your shaft with paint, stain, varnish or polyurethane. Some folks prefer to apply Minwax but it’s not NECESSARY to complete. With these shafts, Jimalax End caps perform well.


#2: East Coast Dyes ECD Carbon Attack Lacrosse Shaft

This 30″ carbon fiber shaft is constructed from modern composite materials and thus the stick is the most advanced carbohydrate shaft on the East Coast Dyes.

This is one of the lightest shafts on the market and weighs only 147 grams and has an extremely high weight-resistance.East Coast Dyes Lacrosse Shaft Lacrosse Shafts

In addition, this shaft includes REACT technology, ensuring an optimal flex for higher shot rates and a fantastic feeling.

Advanced Materials

Composite cutting edge materials and production methods enable a high strength-to-weight relationship between carbon.

Textured Grip

The carbon has a gently concave form with a textured grip for optimum sensation and control

Flex 5

The Carbon handle FLEX will enhance shot speed, snap, and feel as you fire and go. It’s a 5 on our 10-point flex scale.

Multiple Positions

  • 30″ – Attack / Midfield
  • 40″ – Goalie
  • 60″ – Defense

This strategically located uniform kick point enables players to easily change from a conventional shaft to a shaft which has some flex, thus the ECD shaft is appropriate for all positions and levels.

The octogon-shaped grip offers a fantastic feeling through the gloves, and in all weather situations, the grainy sandpaper grip is excellent.


#3: ECD Lacrosse Carbon Pro 2.0

ECD has taken the finest elements of their original Carbon shaft and has added additional features to enhance the Carbon Pro 2.0.

Two versions are available: speed and power.

The Speed variant, especially for attackers, has a greater flex point for faster release. It also has an increased grip on the texture at the top of the shaft to offer you a better control with a single hand cradle.

ECD Lacrosse Carbon Pro 2.0

The Power version—mainly for medium/external shooters—has a less flexible tip that allows greater power to be used on external shoots. Its elevated texturing is nearer the base of the shaft to offer you better control during external explosives.

Both variants feature relatively simple designs with lettering, logos and a sleek gold band.

  • Material: Carbon fiber composite
  • Weight: 5.43 oz
  • Shape: Concave
  • Colors: Black, White
  • Warranty: 6 months


#4: Epoch Dragonfly Select Lacrosse Shaft for Attack

Select Attack/Midfield Concave Lacrosse Shaft was arguably one of the lightest offensive shafts on the market. Want to take a shot while you are on the move? Well, in that case you choose this attack/midfield Concave Lacrosse shaft for Epoch Dragonfly Select. Regardless of the weather conditions, you will have a firm and comfortable grip.

Epoch Dragonfly Select Lacrosse Shaft for Attack

  • MADE IN THE USA: The Dragonfly Select is made in America with pride; it has access to the finest engineers, raw materials and the newest production methods in the world. Epoch continues to lead the advancement of technology in lacrosse via in-house design, engineering and production.
  • DYNAMIC FLEX iQ5: When you need it, our shaft bends yet maintains its hardness for optimum control; Conventional shafts, frequently using fibreglass, a cheaper, less durable material, to enhance bendability; Choose Epoch, don’t compromise your game.
  • VERSATILITY ON THE FIELD: The Dragonfly Select Attack / Mid is an excellent carbon fiber shaft for offensive actors looking for flexibility on the field, designed for the basic technologies and also one of the lightest composite lacrosse shafts on the market.
  • INNOVATIVE TECHNOLOGY: Advanced carbon layering enables engineers to monitor many performance characteristics of the shaft; HD Resin improves the mechanical strength of the shaft for increased durability and offers the other technology direct advantages
  • 3 MONTH WARRANTY: Besides the fundamental technology used for our attack/midfield lacrosse shaft, Epoch provides a 3-month garantie for all of its shafts

The greatest thing about the Midfield/Attack Dragonfly Select Lacrosse Shaft from the Epoch is that it is extremely flexible yet at the same time robust. It may be simply and easily bent. This lacrosse assault shaft uses HD Resin with maximum control, which significantly improves the performance of the shaft.


#5: StringKing Metal 2 Attack Lacrosse Shaft

String King Metal 2 Attack Lacrosse Shaft can easily fit your player style in 5 various attack weights. String King Metal 2 Attack Lacrosse Shaft allows you to choose the ideal lacrosse shaft depending on many characteristics, such as strength and speed. StringKing Metal 2 Attack Lacrosse Shaft

Military alloy is utilized to produce the Lacrosse Shaft String King Metal 2 Attack. This is why this lacrosse attack shaft is significantly lighter and stronger than other conventional lacrosse sticks widely available on the market. The impact spots are intended to help you enhance your skills at the most important junctions of the game by using String King Metal 2 Attack Lacrosse Shaft. Interestingly, there is a 6-month guarantee on this assault lacrosse shaft.

  • Available in five weights – Available in five different weight classes, the Metal 2 Attack Lacrosse Shaft may be used for any Lacrosse player 14 years and older.
  • 6-Month Warranty – If you break your lacrosse shaft during the warranty term, you will be replaced free of charge.

Preference is everything.

The lacrosse shaft of the Metal 2 assault is available in 5 weights to fit any play style. You may now choose the speed and strength combination you need to improve your game.

Next-generation alloy.

We visited eight nations in quest of the world’s finest metals. The consequence is that the alloy is lighter and stronger than the aerospace, military and automobile sectors. We made the Metal 2 attack crosstalk shaft more robust with those modern materials without weighting you down.

Double taper technology.

We have learnt through data worth over a year how to build a lacrose shaft that works better in high-impact regions. Our sophisticated production process ensures that the shaft is stronger in the places where we have discovered fractures. Available exclusively for attack shafts.

Find your shaft.

Many different players utilize 30-inch lacrosse shafts, but they should not all be identical. Metal 2 Attack allows everyone to locate what is needed. Five weights. Five weights. Five styles of playing. Five preferences, five preferences. Find your game’s finest lacrosse shaft.


#6: Epoch Dragonfly iD Attack Lacrosse Shaft

The Epoche Dragonfly iD Attack/Midfield Lacrosse Shaft is the finest affordable shaft available on the market today. This is a fantastic shaft choice for you whether you simply start with the lacrosse or have a budget. While it is a fraction of the cost of other lacrosse shafts, it nevertheless offers several high-quality features. The shaft undergoes an HD Resin process which binds the resin and fibers together for strength on the surface. The carbon fiber covering also maintains the stick weight low and the strength strong. Bend iQ technology enables precise flex in the shaft if necessary, whether it is a top shelf or a lengthy bomb pass. Finally, a graceful textured top coat completes the shaft to hold your hands in place across all the playing settings.Epoch Dragonfly iD Attack

Specifications and Features:

  • HD Resin: This shaft passes through a sophisticated chemical surface process which closes the fibers and the resin matrix together to create a stronger surface.
  • Carbon Layering: The sophisticated carbohydrate method involves stacking low fiber weight and unidirectional carbon fiber to regulate the shaft’s performance.
  • Flex iQ: Flex iQ technology bends the stick if you want, yet maintains its rigidity to control you.


  • No Slip Grip: The Epoch Dragonfly iD Lacrosse shaft is covered with a gray textured finish that gives the player constant grip at all times.
  • Lightweight: The weight of this shaft are not affected by modern materials and technology. It is light to enable unrestricted play.
  • Price: This is our cheapest shaft on the list, so it’s ideal for budget users.


  • Designed for Beginner Players: This shaft is high quality, yet it has been intended for beginners. This implies that it does not provide the same accuracy and speed as many professional shafts.



The pick of the finest lightweight lacrosse shaft from Warrior comes: the Warrior Burn Pro ATK. Warrior has since its beginnings nearly 30 years ago created and improved its shaft design. Specially developed for the top golfer, this shaft model gives you the finest quality shaft for your game. The Burn Pro Attack Handle is the lightest shaft that Warrior has manufactured, so you don’t need to worry about tiring your arms! The material Minimus Carbon provides the shaft strength while maintaining its low weight. This shaft has a high flex, which gives you extra power behind every shot. You have two alternative end caps for your purchase of this shaft. The Warp end cap is intended to offer you the maximum shot weight, while the Warrior end connector is provided to give you the easiest possible setup. These are two great alternatives to adapt the stick to your game!BURN PRO ATK HANDLE 19 - CARBON

Specifications and Features:

  • 125 Grams: The Burn Pro Attack Handle is extremely lightweight and simple to handle at 125 grams.
  • Minimus Carbon: This shaft is constructed of Minimus Carbon with a low weight. This substance strengthens the shaft without adding extra weight.
  • High Flex Shaft: The high flexible shaft design enables your shoots and passes to have greater force.


  • Diamond Texture: A diamond texture covers the outside of the stick to enhance the grip without tying the handle.
  • Two End Cap Possibilities:  Two different end caps come with this shaft so that you can customize your feel: 1 Warp end cap and 1 Warrior end plug.
  • Designed for Elite Player: Warrior has developed this shaft in order to boost your innate skills and increase your strength.


  • Not as Durable: Some reviews said that sometimes broke after very hard play, since the stick is so lightweight. Keep it in mind while you’re playing tough.


#8: Maverik Lacrosse Wonderboy Attack Shaft

The Wonderboy shaft is particularly interesting since Maverik managed to make it 10% lighter than any of its prior shafts.

The 9000 Series Alloy has made this feasible, and a lightweight shaft is helpful since the player is not lightened while out on the field.Maverik Lacrosse Wonderboy Attack Shaft

The shaft is remarkably robust, as well as being lightweight, and it can withstand a lot of checks without denting. Note that the graphics may check out and there may be a few scratches on the stick, but this shaft grips extremely good where it truly matters.

In any weather situations, the technology used for TACTILEGRIP provides this shaft an outstanding grip, and the deep grooves created by the Maverik Signature Shape make the player feel good and enhance the grip even more.

This shaft has an adjustable butt end with a silicone lining to offer the stick more stability for better shots and passes.


#9: Maverik Hyperlite 2021 Lacrosse Attack Shaft

The Maverik Hyperlite 2021 Lacrosse Attack Shaft is the finest lacrosse shaft for lacrosse attackers. This shaft has particular characteristics with attackers in mind, so it is excellent to light up the lamp for everyone who works. The Maverik Hyperlite Shaft’s 2021 model is the lightest to date and the pinnacle in accuracy and speed. The ‘Zero Flex Construction’ carbon fiber shaft remains robust even in the most physical form, while providing you the last feeling and answer. The shaft has a pleasant and robust grip that may be used in all weather conditions. This shaft is available in just one length, however the butt end may be adjusted to customize.Maverik Hyperlite 2021 Lacrosse Attack Shaft

Specifications and Features:

  • Carbon Fiber Shaft: This shaft is constructed of carbon fibre, therefore it is long lasting and robust.
  • Lightweight: The innovative design of this shaft makes the Maverik business the lightest shaft ever produced.
  • Zero Flex: The zero flex shaft design provides the golfer snap and reactivity throughout the play.


  • Traditional Shape: The Maverik Hyperlite 2021 Lacrosse Attack Shaft is designed to take on all kinds and styles of players in a conventional way.
  • Matte Finish Grip:  The integrated grip at the end of the shaft keeps your hands on and comfy during the game.
  • Adjustable Butt End: The bottom end of this shaft may be changed to make you fit.


  • Only Offered in One Length: This shaft is only available in one 30 inch length, therefore it may not be the ideal for many players. It has an adjustable end, but makes no major modifications.


#10: RipWood Solid Wood (Ash) Attack Lacrosse Shaft

Smooth and robust for your opponents, this wooden lacrosse stick offers everything you want.

This hardwood lacrosse shaft is crafted from high grade ash, especially for bringing your game to a whole new level. It is designed to enhance the offensive players’ strength.

This shaft is handcrafted and has no fault whatsoever. It features a brilliant exterior cover with a heat-treated finish to enhance its quality. The heat treatment procedure is done in a low-fitted oven, which lends to the shaft an aesthetic touch when the strong grain patterns are caramelised.RipWood Solid Wood (Ash) Attack Lacrosse Shaft

You may choose the shaft from a range of colors to suit your requirements. Whether you want the shaft to match the head, you may express your flair. The shaft has a length of 30-inch. It is designed in such a manner that it can simply suit any head and offer you the game you enjoy.

This shaft is allowed for the field and the box, regardless of the level you play. It is produced in the USA and has a black-end Jimalax cap that ensures its durability.


#11: Brine Vintage Attack Handle

Brine Vintage Attack Handle looks amazingly updated in graphics. It’s a little hefty but shouldn’t be a problem since it doesn’t impact your playing style in any way. In comparison with a 6000-grade aluminum alloy, the Brine Vintage Attack Handle offers remarkable durability and strength. The Brine Vintage Attack Handle is easy to manipulate and may be utilized by midfielders or strikers.Brine Vintage Attack Handle

  • Features our new Grit for the ideal grip
  • Styled well with many Brine antique logos and hues
  • Made of robust, lightweight Brine shaft material F22

The antique lacrosse shaft LE Brine lacrosse F22 has the distinctive and elegant vintage appearance. This handle is constructed of high-end F22 alloy and thus 25% stronger than conventional alloy shafts.


#12: Brine F15-Lacrosse Attack Shaft

When you’re searching for a strong yet lightweight shaft, the miraculous shaft of this Brine can take your attacking ability up to the sky.

This lacrosse assault shaft has a great quality on which you may depend. It is constructed from aluminum alloy of 7001 series, which provides it all the characteristics to win the game. This shaft is an excellent improvement to the handle of the A 6000 series. It is not incorrect to claim that it is twice as powerful as its preceding versions.

  • 7001 Series Alloy with graphics updated
  • Perfect A 6000 Series Handle Upgrade
  • Origin Country: China
  • Number of model: LSHF153A BK OSZ

Brine F15-Lacrosse Attack Shaft

This shaft provides more than outstanding strength to weight ratio. Its weight is extremely low, yet its performance is excellent. It feels nice with your hands and fits effortlessly with your head.

Ideally designed for all sorts of players and situations, this assault shaft is one of the finest you have ever held. It fits with everybody’s style with the updated graphics and great stylish design.


#13: RipWood “USA Wood Shaft – Red, White & Blue Wood Attack Shaft

This lacrosse shaft shows excellent style of your patriotism.

This lacrosse stick is constructed of solid ash wood with its unmatchable performance. It provides an excellent performance to the traditional wooden feel. It becomes the ultimate assault machine when it arrives in the proper hands.

This lacrosse shaft is made in the United States and has outstanding handicraft. Thanks to its lower balance point, you can completely control the ball with this stick. The Jimalax end cap improves its performance further. This shaft provides everything you want.USA Wood Lacrosse Shaft

Every shaft has an external protective gloss finish that provides the shaft a long life. It has a warm, heat-treated creative touch to provide the finish that everyone loves. It’s perfect for all sorts of heads. It’s certainly an all-rounder in performance, but the attacker may take full use of it.

This RipWood lacrosse stick is lawful everywhere; field, indoor and box lacrosse is permitted. It offers your opponents a silky touch with the hardest game to play.

Enter your game with this patriotic wood lacrosse shaft with a feeling of old school solid ash. Know that your opponent will be afraid of your controls. Be careful how the lower balancing point offers you greater ball control. And know you support an artisan “made in the USA.” Andy hand crafts every handle for the lacrosse shaft and uses red, white and blue stain to create the United States shaft. Each shaft has a protective exterior shine and heat for a warm creative finish. Legal for indoor lacrosse, field and box. Each Andy shaft has a lifetime guarantee. Includes a Jimalax end cap likewise manufactured in the USA with pride.


#14: Warrior Platinum Tactical 14 Attacker Lacrosse Shaft

This Tactical shaft has an advanced platinum grade construction and is extremely robust and durable.

Indeed, is it approximately 2 times stronger than ordinary aluminum shafts, particularly when the shaft is utilized by top players in highly competitive games?Warrior Platinum Tactical 14 Attacker Lacrosse Shaft

That is the kind of shaft a player requires if they prefer to check often since they can play effectively with a hinged shaft without worrying about bending or denting the stick.

  • Building in platinum grade; @x stronger than aluminum standard
  • Zonal grip – elevated from the base of the shaft in critical locations
  • Ideal for those who want more grip, not excessive tape.

The Zonal grip technology on this shaft is carefully positioned in order to increase the grip in certain critical places throughout the shaft length.

This makes holding the stick simpler and quicker and also improves the pace of the hand when playing. In principle, this is the ideal shaft for players who require maximum grip yet do not have to wrap tape around the stick.


#15: STX Lacrosse Stallion Scandium Attack/Midfield Lacrosse Shaft

This STX shaft has a high strength-to-weight ratio and is made of Scandium alloy, which is why the shaft is extremely light but yet robust and durable.STX Lacrosse Stallion Scandium

The unique Shaft Lock Technology from STX also ensures a more secure connection between the handle and the head, which reduces the head rattling and improves overall stability for the stick.

  • The STX Stallion Scandium is made of the most high strength-to-weight scandium alloy possible in lacrosse shafts.
  • STX Patent Shaft Lock technology offers a safer link between the head and the handle, thereby reducing head rattling.
  • Mild finish of sandlast
  • STX Lacrosse Scandium Attack/Midfield Lacrosse Shaft Lacrosse Shaft Lacrosse

The concave octagon form of the handle is perfect for players who want a shaft which provides a good sensation through the gloves and enables them to control and react better.

The moderate sandblasting grip finish that provides excellent solid grip with or without gloves further improves the feeling of this stick. A good grip enables players to play without sacrificing their pace or ball control in any weather conditions.


How to Choose lacrosse shafts for attack

Have difficulties choosing which shaft to attack? Here are some factors that you may want to consider as you compare choices to create the greatest possible attack stick for you.

Differences Between Attack and Defense Lacrosse Shafts

There are essentially three major divisions between shafts of assault and defense. Each role needs various characteristics to perform its job properly. The use of a defensive stick does not function, and vice versa.


The most essential element for attackers and midfielders is to locate a light shaft which won’t slow down their shot or other offensive actions.

I usually suggest that I search for a shaft which is less than 7 ounces and ideally less than 6 ounces. Nowadays, most top attack shafts weigh between 4 and 6 ounces. Once you go much higher, your shaft may be quite hefty.


Length is the first characteristic to search for. If you are an attacker, you need a 30″ stick. This shorter shaft makes it simpler to manipulate and control balls. The defensive player’s shaft may be around 32-60 inches in length although usually the longest length is preferable. This length allows defensive players to work with more shaft.


While finding a lightweight shaft is essential, you don’t want to compromise durability. Your shaft will not be good if it breaks or has large dents that make it difficult to play with.

The simplest method of assessing the durability is by reading reviews of clients who have been using the shaft for a long (like creating this guide) to find out whether there are any problems with breaking or denting.

You may also see what kind of guarantee the shaft has. Most shafs have a 6-month guarantee, but some firms now give up to a whole year, which may make a big difference, particularly since you will be out of it for a couple of seasons when you play year round.


Metal and composite / carbon fiber are the primary kinds of lacrose shafts.

Once the makers of lacrosse shafts moved out of wood, most shafts were manufactured of metal alloys. However, during the last decade or two, firms have begun to create carbon fibre shafts that are usually as good and better than metal shafts.

So which is better?

There’s no correct reply. It depends totally on your own taste.

Typically, the composite and carbon fiber shafts are more weight-to-weight than metal shafts. The flex, in particular, may get accustomed to when moving from a metal shaft to a composite shaft. When you first fire one, it may feel a bit strange, even if the flex isn’t apparent to the naked eye. As you can see above, businesses even provide shafts with various flex points to find a shaft that is customized for your game.

On the other hand, metal shafts do not bend much, therefore moving from one metal shaft to another should feel very natural. Metal shafts acquire dings and teeth in them easier than composite shafts—but when they break, they do not render them useless like composite shafts.

Composite shafts are more likely than metal shafts to be catastrophic because they are shattered instead of simply a few tiny items. Thus as long as an average carbon fiber shaft is superior, when it breaks, it is almost worthless.


As you may have seen above, lacrosse shafts are manufactured in many forms. Most of them are an octagon variant. Some are rigorous octagons with straight sides, while others are curled inwards or stiff on each angled side with numerous bends.

Like the shaft substance, nobody’s finest form. Everything is your choice.

I suggest trying some of the shafts of your teammates with your gloves to see what feels best.


The external material is another element that varies from shaft to shaft.

For instance, the finish or grip of the shaft may be smooth, sandblasted to make them a little rugged or have some sort of rubber grip.

While you can always fill a shaft with the tape to give it more grip, it may be useful to locate one which feels nice without a tape or to place your hand on the shaft without a tape.


Last but not least, when you decide on a shaft, you always have to influence your budget. While there are exceptional shafts that do better than the others, a cheaper shaft won’t significantly affect your game.

I suggest opting with a cheaper shaft if you choose between a cheaper shaft or the head for your attack stick.

All shafts are usually of the same shape and size at the end of the day. Furthermore, there is less weight differential between shafts since you hold them directly in your hands, rather than a head that is farther from your hands.


On the other side, the finest lacrosse heads are distinctly different from the average heads. Often they have better facial forms, are longer lasting and steeper and have superior scoops.

That said, I suggest looking at earlier versions if you attempt to locate a cheaper lacrosse shaft. These are often disregarded when new versions are released despite minimal change between generations.

Lacrosse Shaft Sizing Chart

PositionYouthHigh SchoolNCAA (Collegiate)
Attack28″ – 30″30″30″
Midfield28″ – 30″30″30″
Defense32″ – 60″32″ – 60″32″ – 60″
Goalie30″ – 40″30″ – 40″30″ – 40″


Features To Consider When Buying a Lacrosse Shaft

A. Types of Shaft Grips

Lacrosse shafts are now available with several grip variants, which means players no longer need to grab the stick or use the grip spray to grasp what they want.

  • The first kind of grip is when the sandpaper, also known as the grip, is covered. As its name implies, this kind of grip is gritty and allows it to cling firmly even when the player has a wet day.
  • The second grip is the slick grip, mostly a rubberized layer. This doesn’t feel sticky like a grab, nevertheless, this grip seems stubborn and gives a feeling when the player is in his gloves. Finally, the conventional gloss grip has a smooth surface and the disadvantage is that the stick may be extremely slippery if wet.

B. Types of Shaft Shapes

Different shaft forms make the player feel different and that affects the sensation of the shaft in his hands and cradle.

Octagon is by far the most popular form of a lacrosse shaft, since it features smoother corners for quick stick work and crossovers.

In addition, the octagon shafts provide the greatest texture, although they are not the only possible shaft shape.

Basically, between a stiff shaft and a more circular one, the major choices are.

Although the former has narrow angles, the circular ones have circular corners and both are suitable for various players.

C. Material Used In Lax Shafts

Aluminum-based alloys

Aluminum shafts are very cheap and are therefore more popular with beginners and mid-sized players who can just take up the sport.

These shafts vary in weight and durability according to the grades of aluminum utilized. In general, though, aluminum crust shafts are usually the lightest of all shafts.

These sticks are also extremely flexible and simple to use. The reason this shaft is not popular with experienced players is that it is easy to dent when used for hard playing. Also, since these shafts lack natural grip, they do not provide the enhanced grip of elite lacrosse layers.


Titanium was the first progress of technology in lacrosse shafts, before which wood and aluminum were the only choices for shaft materials. Although not particularly for experienced players alternative materials have been developed, titanium still remains popular because to its strength, durability and excellent lightweight feel.


Scandium is perhaps today’s most preferred lacrosse shaft material, since its strength-to-weight ratio is greatest.

This enables players to experience lightweight speeds and remarkable durability. Scandium sticks are simultaneously available at a very reasonable price, which makes the ideal shaft for top-level lacrossen players.

Bends / Scandium-Titanium

When titanium and scandium are combined, they produce a better strength-to-weight ratio that neither material alone can attain.

This is why mixed shafts have the lightness of Scandium and the equivalent durability of a titanium shaft that provides golfers with the best of both worlds. These are the finest shafts on the market for midfielders.

Composite / Carbon Fiber

Composite shafts are constructed of carbon fiber and feature flex profiles that make the stick extremely flexible and ideal for offensive attackers.

The weight-to-stärke relationship for these sticks is very remarkable and players are guaranteed of a shaft that provides an unmatched shot speed without bending or denting the stick.

The second benefit of the composite shafts is that they have a natural grip and in warm weather they feel chilly and warm.

D. The Flex of The Shaft

How steep do we want your shaft? When the ball is in the head and the player begins to fire, a few sticks provide the shaft with the flexibility to bend with the ball and this provides greater force to the ball when released.

Carbon fiber composite shafts are renowned for its flexing factor and are suitable for a range of flex choices according to their flexing preferences.

Why You Need Good Shafts?

A lacrosse player requires a decent shaft to best perform his position, since excellent equipment may influence how well you play.

If you want to be the greatest lacrosse player, you need the finest equipment.

Lacrosse players fuck over their shafts and pads, helmets, gloves and heads because they know how well the proper equipment can be played.

We don’t claim that the finest lacrosse shafts will make you the best player. But with the finest equipment, you can play as much as you can.

It’s very clear why you need excellent shafts. In the midst of the game, a decent shaft won’t break you. Plus you can play your position as best you can with a decent shaft.

What constitutes a good shaft now depends on your level of play and your position.

Your favorite material will make a nice shaft for you, whether it’s composite, metal, wood or anything else.

Each material has its advantages and disadvantages, so be sure you know what you purchase.

Few Facts On Lacrosse Stick Shafts

  • Modern shafts are usually constructed of hollow metals, sometimes known as “handles.”
  • The majority of the lacrosse shafts now available are in titanium, aluminum, alloys, scandium, carbon fiber, etc.
  • Few lacrosse shafts with a type of texture are available that enable greater grip, but are typically octagonal.
  • Any hollow open-end Lacrosse shaft must be capped with a rubber or tape end cap.
  • The head and shaft of Lacrosse are linked by use of a screw to hold everything in place.
  • The choice of shafts from Lacrosse varies much on personal taste.
  • While aluminum shafts are lightweight and offer greater durability, titanium shafts are the strongest. Similarly, scandium shafts may offer an intelligent balance between the two kinds.
  • Composite lacrosse shafts can remain in the outside at a constant temperature.

Lacrosse Shafts Requirements For Every Position

For Attack/Midfield Players

Attackers and midfielders generally have to be extremely quick and nimble and aggressive movement is also necessary. For these reasons, their lacrosse shafts have to be short and light so that they improve their game, not weigh them.

Attack and midfield shafts are typically shorter at young lacrosse level, ranging between 37″-42″ and 30″-32″ at lacrosse level of the NCAA.

For Defense Players

Players in defensive positions frequently block shots and make more severe checks, which makes their lacrose stocks longer and more durable for long life. The defense shafts of 42″-62″ are typically the longest of lacrosse shafts. The normal shaft length of 60″ is often utilized by all high school and defensive NCAA players.

For Lacrosse Goalies

Goals require a long shaft to successfully defend the goal but also need to move swiftly and with agility. For this reason, goalkeeper shafts should be 40″-72,” although 40″ is typically chosen as the usual length.


What is the shaft of a lacrosse stick?

The handles of the lacrosse stick are known as shafts. They are hollow metal sticks. They are not spherical, but octogonal – they provide improved grip. Shafts constructed of alloys, aluminum, scandium and titanium are available. In addition, shafts of plastic, wood and fiberglass are also available. The butt is composed of rubber and covers the hollow end of the stick.

NCAA rules apply to the length and circumference of the shaft. For males, the length of the sticks must be as follows:

  • Offensive players: 40-42 inches
  • Defensemen: 52-72 inches
  • Goalies: 40-72 inches

Also, the circumference of the shaft must not exceed 3 1⁄2.” Even if the player taped the stick, the limits should not be exceeded.

Every dimension is identical for women lacrose players, although the pocket may be shallower than males.

Will XYZ Head Fit Onto This Shaft?

Most heads usually fit on any shaft, albeit they are different brands. You may need to drill a new hole within the shaft in order to screw the head in, but that is typically the necessary amount of effort.

The one precaution is to use a solid (not hollow) composite shaft if your head has a sore throat plug. You may want to locate a hollow shaft (or head without a throat plug) in this scenario to make sure they fit.

What kinds of Material are Lacrosse Shafts made from?

If you choose a lacrosse shaft, you must evaluate the material from which the shaft is manufactured. Materials for manufacturing lacrose shafts now include aluminum, titanium, scandium, scandium, carbon and wood. The content you select depends on your own taste and on your position.

How long is a Lacrosse Shaft supposed to be?

The length of the lacrosse shaft will depend both on the position you are playing and on whether it is a male or a female shaft. NCAA rules for male lacrostasis attacking players may have a 37 to 42 inches shaft length, defensive players can have a 42 to 62 inches shaft, and goalies can have a 40 to 52 inch shaft. The shaft and head will be included in the total stick length. Women’s sticks may range between 35.5 and 43.25 inches in length.

Are Wood Shafts Illegal?

Wood shafts are still legally allowed to be used in the NCAA. It is allowed to utilize a wood shaft or a complete wooden stick in accordance with the NCAA Regulations and Regulations. Many players choose shafts from other materials since the wood materials are excessively heavy and difficult to handle in comparison with contemporary materials.

Do I have to Purchase a Shaft with Grip Already Applied?

You don’t have to buy a shaft with a sandpaper or rubberized grip. The players may buy a smooth shaft that has no grip on the shaft. Players may then personalize the shaft in the form of lacrosse tape or grip spray with their own desired grip.

What is the Best Shape for a Lacrosse Shaft?

Traditional shafts are circular or oval. An octogonal form is the most frequent and presumably preferred option, since this shape offers greater grip. Players often acquire shape preferences over time.

What are the best defense lacrosse shafts?

The best lacrosse defense shafts are much longer than shafts for other positions. If you intend to buy defense shafts, choose shafts between 42 and 62 cm.

Whether you participate in a young league or high school and college games, these criteria are same.

What is the best lacrosse shaft for middie?

The ideal mid-range lacrosse shaft should be between 37 to 42 inches.

Whether you are playing NCAA or high school lacrosse, your lacrosse shaft should be between 30 to 32 inches.

What is the strongest lacrosse shaft?

Our evaluation is based on the Epoch Dragonfly Select Attack/Midfield Concave Lacrosse Shaft as its strongest lacrosse shaft.

The design of the Epoch Dragonfly increases every player’s game to the utmost using carbon fiber layers.

What is the lightest lacrosse shaft?

We got the opportunity to evaluate the WARRIOR LACROSSE Evo Pro Carbon Attack Handle, the lightest lacrose shaft.

The amazing midfield attack handle weighs 125 grams and provides perfect performance in every encounter.

Can I Cut Down a D-Pole to An Attack Shaft Length?

Yes, as long as your metal shaft is chopped down to the proper length (30 inches), then cutting down the d-pole is completely fine.

I bolded metal above since you shouldn’t cut a carbon fiber shaft certainly. The shaft splits and is useless.

One of the major advantages of reducing a defensive shaft to an assault is that two shafts are possible, since a d-pole is usually around 60 centimeters long.

What is the Standard Attack Shaft Length?

Most shafts are 30 centimeters long. The sole exception is some shafts that may be a few inches shorter for younger players to offer them greater control.

Can you use the wooden shafts in lacrosse?

Many people often believe that wooden shafts in lacrosse are prohibited. But it’s not true at all. If you want, wooden shafts may be used, they are quite lawful.

It is stated in the NCAA regulations that you may use a wooden, synthetic or laminated wood stick. An whole wooden stick may be used.

They are believed to be heavier and harder to use, although this is not the case. If you feel like it, you may utilize them. There is also a notion that they readily shatter. That’s not true if you use a higher grade hardwood shaft. There are many forest types and choosing the appropriate sort improves the shaft’s flexibility, strength and weight.

Overall, wooden shafts on their hands feel nice. It is polished and gives a pleasant touch. Their friction is really good, but their grip is excellent. Your constructed quality is amazing, you don’t even have to tape it. Therefore, if you want a wooden shaft, go ahead and utilize one without worrying that it would anyhow reduce your performance.


You should now know very well what kind of shaft you should use for each lacrosse position.  Before selecting the shaft that is appropriate for you, ensure you consider both your position and your budget. The proper shaft will assist you to be the greatest lacrosse player you can be.