Best Mizuno Baseball Gloves in 2022 [Top Rated & High Performed]

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Best Mizuno Baseball Gloves

Looking for the best Mizuno Baseball gloves? Baseball gloves are one of the gears used by both professional and amateur baseball players. Besides, gloves are instrumental for all players, regardless of one’s position in the pitch. Therefore, buying the right baseball glove is not only important to you as a player but also for competitiveness.

Top 3 Picks

Best Pick

Classic Pro Soft Baseball Glove

Mizuno Classic Pro Soft Baseball Glove

Affrodable Pick

Mizuno Prospect Paraflex Youth Glove

Mizuno Prospect Paraflex Youth Glove Series

Premium Pick

Mizuno Pro Select

Mizuno Pro Select Baseball Glove Series

Thanks to baseball popularity around the world, it is easier to find gloves. However, no other company has quality, unique and player-friendly gloves as Mizuno. The Japanese company has redefined the designing and making of baseball gloves, and they have a unique approach to choosing material for each glove.Best Mizuno Baseball Gloves


The Following are the Best Mizuno Baseball Gloves in The Market

#1: Mizuno MVP Prime Pitcher/Outfield Baseball Glove

Are you looking for baseball gloves that are ideal for both pitchers and outfielders? If yes, the Mizuno MVP gloves are suitable for you. The glove has a premium look, and the player will stand out in the baseball field.

Apart from the premium look, the Mizuno MVP has a bio soft leather, which is mainly synonymous with professional players. The glove balances the oil and softness to give the player a perfect feeling and, more importantly, a firm control. Therefore, if you are looking for a glove that will provide you with an added advantage in competitiveness, this unit is a perfect option.

Position: Outfielder and Pitcher

Hand Orientation: Both Left Hand & Right Hand Throw

Glove Size: 12″, 34″, 11.25″, 11.75″, 12.75″, 11.5″

Mizuno MVP Prime Baseball Glove Series

Special features

The Mizuno MVP has the following features:

  • Bio soft leather — balances oil and smoothness
  • A professional lacing design
  • Durable design
  • Premium feel and look
  • A center pocket design for a versatile break-in

Fit and feel

The Mizuno MVP is a popular glove design because of its feel and lacing design. Thanks to the bio soft leather, the player’s hand feel comfortable, even in the most competitive game. On the other hand, the glove has a professional lacing design, which gives the player a pleasant and comfortable feeling.


The advantages of buying and using the Mizuno MVP include:

  • The glove is durable
  • It looks premium
  • Ideal for pitchers and outfielders
  • Better design for easy break-ins
  • Suitable for both experienced and amateurs


  • The webbing gap is bigger than most gloves

Why we recommend it

We recommend the Mizuno MVP glove because of the following two reasons.

The glove fits well, and it is comfortable.

The first and the most crucial reason we believe that the glove is a perfect buy is its comfort and the lacing design. Regardless of your playing position, the glove gives you a better experience, and more importantly, it makes you competitive.

The Mizuno glove looks stylish and premium.

The next reason we think this is an ideal glove for you is its look, stylish and modern. For most players, the look of the glove is an important consideration when playing baseball.


#2: Mizuno Franchise Series Glove

The Mizuno Franchise Series Glove is a premium glove with a parashock technology, which ensures that your hand is safe from shock. Apart from being player-centered, the glove has a premium look and new and improved Java leather. Thanks to these two features, the Mizuno Franchise Series Glove is a perfect buy for baseball players.

Also, the Mizuno Franchise Series Glove is an ideal option based on easiness to form a pocket. Unlike most senior gloves, it takes less than a training session to create a pocket.

Position: Infielder’s Mitts

Hand Orientation: Both Left Hand & Right Hand Throw

Glove Size: 11.5″, 33.5″, 11.75″, 12.5″, 11″, 12″

Mizuno Franchise Baseball Glove Series

Special features

The features that make Mizuno Franchise Series Glove a perfect baseball accessory include:

  • Pre-oiled leather
  • Long-lasting materials
  • Improved palm pad to reduce shock
  • Upgraded pocket
  • Advanced laces

Fit and feel

Mizuno Franchise Series Glove feels excellent when playing baseball, thanks to better padding and improved pocket. The parashock pad makes this unit a perfect buy for young players.

In addition to better padding, the glove is a perfect buy for players looking for a fitting baseball glove. The laces are improved, and they resemble professional baseball gloves.


The advantages of using the Mizuno Franchise Series Glove include the following.

  • The glove is durable
  • It is hand friendly
  • The Java leather bends correctly and therefore ideal for players
  • It fits perfectly in small hands
  • Easy to form a pocket
  • The glove absorbs all shock


  • It feels stiff

Why we recommend it

We recommend the Mizuno Franchise Series Glove because of the following three reasons.

The glove is hand-friendly

Thanks to java leather and better lacing, the glove is hand-friendly. In this case, the glove gives the player an added advantage in terms of hand flexibility. Also, the glove has better padding, and the player does not need to worry about sting or ball impact.

The glove is durable

Durability is the second reason why we believe that the glove is a perfect buy. Java leather and the materials used to make the glove are durable. Therefore, you can play with the glove for months without investing in a new one.

The Mizuno glove looks and feels premium.

Apart from being hand-friendly and durable, it feels great. The cushioning makes one more productive and competitive. Also, the overall glove looks premium like most pro-gloves. Therefore, if your child has a dream of going pro one day, you should invest in this Mizuno glove.


#3: Mizuno Pro Baseball seriesPitcher’s GMP2-100DT4

As the names suggest, the glove has pro features, making it a perfect buy for people looking for pieces with bleeding-edge features. For example, the player experiences a better break-in experience compared to mainstream gloves. The Mizuno Pro Baseball series glove is, therefore, a perfect buy for all positions, especially infielders.

Besides, the glove has a better design, which makes it comfortable and durable. The player can, therefore, play with the glove for months without compromising on competitiveness.

Position: Infield, Outfield, and Pitcher

Hand Orientation: Both Left Hand & Right Hand Throw

Glove Size: 11.5″ – 12.75″

Pocket: Regular Pocket, Deep Pocket, First Base Mitt, Catcher’s Mitt, Shallow Pocket

Mizuno Pro Series Baseball Gloves

Special features

Mizuno Pro Baseball series gloves have the following five features:

  • Better player pockets shapes for better fitting
  • Hand based patterns
  • Tighter fibers
  • Soft and durable leather
  • Advanced leather liner

Fit and feel

Mizuno Pro Baseball series gloves are unmatched when it comes to fitness. The pocket design is not only ideal for playing baseball, but they are comfortable. The materials used also make the glove a perfect buy for people looking for units that fit perfectly, regardless of the playing position.


The advantages of using and playing with Mizuno Pro Baseball series gloves

  • It is durable
  • Look stylish
  • The glove feels premium
  • It is a comfortable glove
  • The gloves have quality materials
  • You will get the value for money


  • The prices are relatively higher than most gloves

Why we recommend the Mizuno Pro Baseball series gloves

We recommend the gloves because of the following reasons.

The gloves have bleeding-edge features

When it comes to buying baseball gloves based on features, you can never go wrong. Luckily, the baseball gloves have the best features you can ever find in a baseball glove, especially in this market. The use of better leathers such as UK kip leather makes the glove a must-have baseball accessory.

The gloves look stylish.

Apart from the materials and design, the gloves look great and modern. For most professional baseball players, the gloves are not only accessories but also a fashion statement. The gloves look good, especially the leather and the design.


#4: Mizuno B-303 Baseball Batting Glove

Are you looking for a perfect glove for batting and has a quick-adjust strap? The Mizuno B-303 glove is an ideal glove for you. The main reason for the adjustable strap is to ensure that your hand is safe without compromising your competitiveness.Mizuno B-303 Baseball Batting Glove

Besides, the Mizuno B-303 glove has a molded wristband, which is synonymous with it. Unlike most gloves in the market, the batting glove must have a better wristband for comfort and feel due to the pressure applied to the hand.

Position: Batting

Hand Orientation: Both Left Hand & Right Hand Throw

Glove Size: Small, Medium, Large, X-Large, XX-Large

Youth, Adult

Special features

Mizuno B-303 glove has bleeding-edge features. Some of the features include:

  • Improved strap
  • Molded neoprene wristband
  • Breathable materials
  • Quality leather on the palm
  • Personalized nameplate

Feel and fit

If you are interested in a Mizuno glove with a premium approach to feel and fit, then the Mizuno B-303 glove is a perfect buy. The mesh material, for example, makes the glove breathable and ideal for batting. Second, the strap is comfortable and fits the hand perfectly. Finally, the molded neoprene material on the wrist makes the glove a perfect option for competitive games.


The advantages of using the Mizuno B-303 glove include:

  • The glove is comfortable
  • It feels premium
  • The Mizuno glove is stylish
  • Has a good grip against you bat
  • Gives the player a perfect friction


  • The colors on the back fade

Why we recommend Mizuno B-303 glove

We recommend the Mizuno B-303 glove because of three reasons.

The Mizuno B-303 is a perfect batting glove based on comfort.

When it comes to comfort, batting is one of the hardest playing positions in baseball. Fortunately, the bat gives you perfect padding, and the glove has an unmatched interior. Therefore, using the bat is excellent to your hand, but it is also an ideal way to increase your productivity.

The glove is stylish.

Apart from being an accessory, a glove is supposed to help the place look different and stylish. The Mizuno B-303 looks excellent and modern. Also, the glove allows players interested in personalization to write names for easier identification.

Value for money

Lastly, buying the Mizuno B-303 is a perfect decision, especially considering the price correlates with the specs. In most gloves, it is hard to find such a perfect correlation, especially in terms of the glove’s durability and materials.


#5: Mizuno Pro Select Baseball Glove Series

Are you looking for a premium glove for professional games? If yes, the Mizuno Pro gloves are the best buy for you. The glove is one of the few gloves in the market to come with steer hide leather, which makes it durable and player-friendly. Besides, the glove has an advanced palm liner and therefore gives the player an exceptional feel.

Mizuno Pro Select Baseball Glove Series

Position: Infielder’s Mitts

Hand Orientation: Both Left Hand & Right Hand Throw

Glove Style:

  • 13″- 1st Base Mitt
  • 33.5″- Catchers Mitt
  • 11.5″- Shallow Pocket
  • 11.75″- Shallow Pocket
  • 12.75″- Deep Pocket
  • 11.75″- Deep Pocket
  • 11.5″- Regular Pocket
  • 11.75″- Regular Pocket
  • 12″- Deep Pocket

Special features

The Mizuno Pro series gloves have the following special features:

  • Advanced pocket design
  • Hand-based patterns, which are ideal in shaping the glove
  • Durable steer hide leather
  • Improved palm pad to reduce shock
  • Advanced laces
  • Long-lasting materials

Fit and feel

The gloves are a perfect buy for people looking for a glove that feels great and fits perfectly during the matches. The hand-based patterns help in shaping the glove and therefore fitting perfectly, especially for the pros. On the other hand, the pocket designs make the glove feel great, especially when in a competitive game.


The advantages of using this series of gloves include:

  • They are durable
  • The gloves are hand-friendly
  • The leather bends correctly
  • Thanks to the design, it is easy to form a pocket
  • They absorb all shock
  • The gloves feel premium and pro-level


  • The gloves feel stiff when new

Why do we recommend the gloves?

The gloves are durable.

Durability is the first reason why we recommend gloves. The new and improved leather and the other materials make the glove durable. You can play with the gloves for seasons without buying new ones.

The gloves are comfortable and fit perfectly

We believe that the gloves are a perfect buy because of their comfort and the lacing design. Irrespective of your playing position, the gloves give you a better experience, and more notably, they make you irreplaceable.


#6: Mizuno GMP2BK-700DS Pro Outfield Baseball Gloves, 12.75″, Left Hand

Mizuno is enthusiastic about making gloves that combine design and imagination with what a player needs to do on the field. Mizuno produces the game’s best gloves for players at all levels with feedback from the game’s best players and an emphasis on design with intent. This Mizuno Pro Series features leather and raw materials of the highest quality available in the world. Crafted by our finest master craftsmen, who have devoted their lives to the pursuit of the ideal pattern, eating, sleeping, and breathing glove design.

Mizuno GMP2BK-700DS

  • Premium quality fibers.
  • Deep pockets for outfielders.
  • Versatile, stiffer & ergonomic design.
  • Savvy-look, comfortable overall.
  • The USA made product.
  • Good for pro players.
  • No warranty included.


#7: Mizuno Classic Pro Soft Baseball Glove Series

This is an adult size glove with a deep pocket, medium break-in time, and great rugged oiled leather. It would be a great High School, College Pro style glove, with a young player during the vacation period with average or greater hand strength. This is an H-web glove, mostly used for keeping and pitching. Top-class pitchers and throwers use this glove or mitt for their regular practices.

Classic Pro Soft Baseball Glove

  • Enriched with quality leather.
  • Excellent tangibility with a fluffy execution.
  • Best for keepers and pitchers.
  • Approved by all major leagues.
  • Stiffer, long-lasting product for every position.
  • Not available for Africa and Australia.


#8: Prospect Paraflex Youth Baseball Glove Series

Mizuno GPT1175Y gloves are the best flexible webbing mitts or keeper’s gloves. Excellent craftsmanship, durability, longevity, and outstanding performance during gameplay made this glove a distinguished one. Mostly this glove is perfect for left arm throwers but you can order customizable gloves from the manufacturer. All position players like outfielders, catchers, pitchers, and infielders feel comfortable using these Mizuno gloves. The PU palm liner is made from quality material, imported rubber paraflex grade.

Prospect Paraflex Youth Baseball Glove

  • Best for beginners and catchers.
  • Customizable, durable, long-lasting.
  • Both H-web and I-web from the manufacturer.
  • Affordable for low-budget people.
  • Coach and parent’s adorable stuff.
  • Sturdy and stiffer leather quality.
  • Shipping delay outside the US.


#9: Mizuno Pro Player Models

If you want softer stuff in a hardcore match, this Mizuno GMP2MS glove affords elegant feelings and utmost comfortability. Usually, a championship league match like semi-final or final has great pressure, worries, anxiety, and odd situations. To remove these all odds, a flexible attire helps a lot. This catcher’s mitt has a good depth, smart palm liner, quality leather fabrics, and cushioned cover. Mizuno GMP2MS is made of premium quality US calfskin that makes every player comfy and accurate. Moreover, the shell leather palm liner and deeper pockets help to grab a baseball or softball quite comfortably. Vibrant colors brought these gloves an elite one all the time. Most t-ball baseball leagues, softball championships, college and school leagues, national leagues, and pro leagues approved this glove.

Mizuno Pro Player Model Baseball Glove

  • All-web structure.
  • Customizable products from Mizuno manufacturer.
  • Right-hand gloves for left-arm throwers.
  • Maneuverable craftsmanship.
  • Elegant colors, non-fading, glossy.
  • Unisex category gloves.
  • Not good for hitters.


#10: Mizuno Pro Limited Edition

Premium quality chestnut color attire and fabulous for every position in baseball or softball games. This Mizuno GMP400J keeper’s mitt is made from Japanese leather technologists. Top-quality calfskin and chestnut oil are used to create a superb mitt. Deeper pockets than conventional mitts. Good laces for I-webbings structure with accurate linings. The inside structure of this glove is made of cushioned foam so any player can feel his/her top performance due to comfortability. However, this Mizuno pro glove is limited edition stuff from manufacturers.

Pro Limited Edition Baseball Glove

  • Versatile sizes and quality.
  • Both Japan and USA quality gloves are available.
  • Easy to put on/off.
  • Simple hand washable, no water or detergent cleaning.
  • Deeper pockets to fit the ball.
  • Alluring colors, non-rusty.
  • Expensive and limited edition.

How to Select The Best Mizuno Baseball Glove

Mizuno is a big company, and it designs different baseball gloves. However, not all baseball gloves are ideal for all players. When investing in a baseball glove, you should consider the following factors.

Buy a Mizuno glove based on your playing position.

Different baseball players need different gloves. Therefore, you should buy gloves based on your playing position. Some of the main pointers in regards to playing positions include:

For catchers, you should buy a Mizuno glove that has better padding and has a fingerless mitt. The two features protect your fingers while making you efficient in reducing the sting from the opponent’s pitcher.

On the other hand, a pitcher’s Mizuno should have less padding but a closed webbing. Unlike other gloves, you should have a glove that helps you to conceal the ball better.

If you are an outfielder, you must shop for a Mizuno baseball glove that has a deeper pocket. The potential glove must also help you to extend your reach and therefore making you more competitive while protecting your fingers.

Choose the gloves based on the materials used.

Apart from choosing a gloved based on your playing position, it would help if you consider gloves with the best material. In this case, the definition of the best content depends on several factors. However, some of the critical materials to consider include:

Synthetic leather

The synthetic leather is a lightweight option and therefore ideal for junior players and recreational baseball players. Unlike other materials used by the Mizuno, this material option has no ‘break-in’ period and consequently suitable for instant use.

Premium series leather

If you are a pro-player, you should consider baseball gloves with premium leather. Some of the main advantages of using premium leather as opposed to synthetic leather, which is easy to break-in, include.

Premium leather is durable, and you can play with the Mizuno glove for seasons.  Second, the material is more comfortable compared to the cheaper options. Finally, the reason why you should consider the premium leather is the artisanship, which makes the gloves better for major tournaments.


Buy a Mizuno baseball glove based on style, feel, and if it fits well on your hands.

The last and one of the most important considerations when investing in Mizuno gloves is to select a unit based on the style, feel, and fit. The three factors play a huge role in baseball, especially if you want to be competitive.

Before clicking the purchase button, you should be particular about the glove’s style. What kind of style do you want the Mizuno glove to have concerning gloves? Luckily, all the Mizuno gloves have an appealing and modern style.

As a player, you should also invest in a glove that fits. Thanks to better technology and measurements, it is easier to know the fitness details without wearing gloves. However, the golden tip in identifying the ideal Mizuno baseball glove is buying based on the player playing position and age.


Mizuno Baseball Gloves FAQs

Are Mizuno baseball gloves good?

Answer: The answer to the above question is YES. Mizuno gloves are the best option in the world of baseball. Over the years, Mizuno has redefined quality in this market by making some of the most innovative sports products. Baseball gloves are part of the company’s ambition of making sports gear player-friendly and quality.

Another reason why Mizuno baseball gloves are the best is the materials used. Unlike most generic companies, Mizuno is intentional in the use of materials. The company selects materials depending on the player’s needs and their playing position. Regardless of one’s playing position, it is possible to get quality-playing gloves with the Mizuno logo.

What makes the best baseball glove?

Answer: The definition of the best baseball glove depends on your definition of “a good baseball glove.” For example, the features of a junior league baseball glove may be inferior at the pro level. Also, different players have different needs. The infielders may require a different baseball glove in terms of make and materials used. However, when shopping for a baseball glove, you should ensure that it has the following features.

As a player, you should ensure that the materials used are durable. Luckily, there are better materials and designs in most cheaper and budget baseball gloves. Also, the best glove should assist you to play better. If you are an infielder, you should not buy a baseball glove for other positions. Finally, the best glove is the one that gives you an added layer of comfort.

What MLB players use Mizuno gloves?

Answer: Over the years, Mizuno has become one of the most trusted brands in the world of baseball. Thanks to this trust, most players in the MLB play with Mizuno accessories, especially the gloves. The Mizuno gloves are more popular with the fielders.

In the past three years, the following MLB players have played with Mizuno gloves.

How MLB players break in their gloves

Answer: The MLB players have different ways of caring and breaking in their gloves. However, unlike other baseball accessories, there are not conventional ways of breaking in and taking care of baseball gloves. Depending on the materials and glove design, different players have different approaches. Some of the standard techniques include the following.

Most famous players in the MLB dunk the gloves in water and later place them in a microwave. The approach protects the glove and, more importantly, fastens the breaking in process. On the other hand, some MLB players use shaving cream, especially when the glove is leather. Regardless of the approach, most gloves are durable and can withstand any form of the breaking process.

Can you play any position with any baseball glove?

Answer: Unfortunately no. While baseball gloves share a lot in terms of design and materials used, you cannot play any positions with any glove. Due to different needs in different positions, you should only play with specific and unique gloves.

In this case, you should be intentional when buying gloves. If you are an infielder, you should only purchase gloves for infielders. Also, you should ensure that the glove is for your playing hand.


The Bottom Line

The above five Mizuno gloves are the best in the market, whether you want high quality or a durable baseball glove. The buying guide is also comprehensive, and you can use it in buying any baseball glove, apart from Mizuno gloves. While the manufacturing (and designing of the gloves) is competitive, the above five gloves are timeless, especially to players interested in playing with gloves for months.

The golden rule from the above guide and product description is to know what you want as a player. Like mentioned earlier, Mizuno is a big company, and therefore it has different products for different markets. Therefore, if you do not want to play baseball professionally, but you want a baseball glove that is stylish and comfortable, you should go for synthetic leather gloves. The same case applies to players interested in playing professional baseball.