Best Outfield Gloves for Baseball – 2020

Among 6 positions in a baseball game, outfielders are an essential part of a team. As every player uses gloves so the best outfield gloves for baseball are mandatory stuff to be considered. Based on public demand and expectations, we selected the top 10 outfield gloves to review. Moreover, the buyer’s guide, FAQs, tips, and recommendations are placed as well. The outfield is the 3rd important position in a baseball game after hitter and infielder (basemen). Basically, prominent companies and manufacturers produce all position gloves every year. Let’s see how they make and qualityBest Outfield Gloves for Baseball


Best Outfield Gloves for Baseball

Mostly, all outfielder gloves are shorter in size and 12.75 inches maximum. This is a standard size from baseball league associations. Numerous manufacturers like DeMarini, Louisville Slugger, Marucci creates all position gloves. Among their best innovations, we selected the top 10 outfield gloves here. Basically, outfield gloves are used by outfielders and it is not recommended for other positions. Hitters and pitchers aren’t allowed to use outfield gloves. Catchers can occasionally use these gloves in case of the unavailability of mitts.


What’s The Best Outfield Glove

Gloves are essential to provide support on player’s hands. Baseball bats are solid, swinging, and heavier than normal bats. Furthermore, a baseball is made of solid rubber and wood that made it pretty harder than tennis balls. A baseball from good height causes some pain if there are no gloves on. Mostly, baseball gloves have some common parts such as lacing, stitching, pocket, webbing. Pocket depth is the major feature of gloves as well as length. Moreover, the right position, excellent design, perfect size, and extraordinary feelings are the best features to be considered. Later we will discuss these all.


How to Choose the Best Outfield Gloves for Baseball

Like other baseball gloves, outfield gloves have some special features to look before any purchasing. As we said earlier that baseball gloves have some common factors for best performances. Several blogs or forum sites played a vital role in reviewing top products however we also provide some practical ideas.


When it comes to baseball gloves, first we consider webbing. There are 6 types of webbing in general. Besides, only 4 webbings are major in these all- closed web, open web, I-web, and H-web. Closed webbing is good for hitters, open webbing is generally used by pitchers. For outfielder, it is recommended to use I-web or enhanced H-web. Both are cool and comfortable. Although star players use H-web for catchers, you can use it for outfields.


Outfielders stay on the outer circle or territory of a baseball ground. They have to pick the catches, fly balls, and high balls. So outfielders need a bit longer gloves than infielders. Both are fielders though but with some differences. Infielders rarely catch high balls or fly balls. Rather they throw or pick mostly. According to standard glove sizing, outfield gloves length varies between 11-12.5 inches. Coaches suggested using 12.5 inches gloves for the outfield.

Pocket Depth

The next you should consider for an outfield baseball glove is pocket depth. Outfielders need medium pocket depth, not deeper or less deep. Less deep pockets don’t enhance quick catches and sometimes misses the ball. Deeper pockets grab the ball quickly but throws bad. However, medium depth gloves are cool for players because of their quick grabbing and throwing.


Outfield Gloves Sizing Chart for Baseball

Sizing is important for every product in a baseball game. From bat to sneakers, each stuff has its own size accordingly. Mostly, a sizing chart depends on age, height, weight (optional), and position. As this article is written for outfielders, we’ll emphasize on outfield gloves sizing chart.

AgeGlove Size (inch)
< 89 – 10.5
8 – 1010 – 12
11 – 1311.75 – 12.75
> 1412 – 13

In the chart, it is clearly seen that 10 – 12 inches of gloves are mostly used for outfielders because of position and age. Catcher’s mitts are different in size and shape. However, mitts are widely used for keepers or catchers. Mitts are a little bigger than a glove. Hand orientation is another factor of concern. Both right-handed and left-handed gloves are variable.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to buy the best outfield gloves for baseball?

Before buying a baseball glove, you should follow the instruction we’ve mentioned earlier in the buying guide section. However, some quick tips to be followed by if necessary. Find synthetic leather material for comfortability. Webbing is essential so look for suitable webbing such as I-web, H-web, molded, trapeze, etc. Online marketplaces are the best area to purchase or justify any product. Better look for Amazon products because of clarity and uniqueness.

How to care for a baseball glove?

Many steps are there to take proper care for a baseball glove anyways. But among those all, we picked the must-to-do tips for better longevity. All of the following tips are collected from expert players, coaches, and online sites.

  • Use glove oil weekly or monthly if not playing regularly.
  • DON’T put gloves on warm places like an oven, microwave oven, heater, etc.
  • Allow glove oil to absorb properly before using it again.
  • NEVER use local oil, palm oil, edible oil, or cooking oil.
  • Store gloves in a dry, cool place.

What equipment is needed to make a customized glove?

Expert players can make customized gloves or local experienced calfskin manufacturers. Customized means any size that cannot be found anywhere and need to make your own. Basically, a glove has webbing, padding, fingers, pocket, and lacing. So, if anyone could manage these all, he/she can make a glove easily. First of all, measure the palm and each finger. Better draw on a white paper as outlines. Second, cut leather or synthetic leather sheath according to the sketch. Remember to cut slightly more than the sketch. Third, make another copy of the part. Fourth, join these two part’s outlines with nylon fiber in a sewing machine. Finally, add padding and lacing as expectations.

What is the best glove for baseball?

Numerous gloves are available online and local sports shops however we also provided the best product review for your convenience. You can purchase any of those. Outfielders need medium pocket and less webbing because in a game they have to put on and off severely. So, always look for a small pocket glove for outfielders. Webbing is necessary and it would be better if H-web or trapeze webbing is chosen. Lacing isn’t that mandatory but if you have gloves with lacing, it won’t be inappropriate.

Which outfield gloves are approved by major leagues?

Not so many rules or regulations regarding gloves in all major leagues because these gloves are random in size, design, webbing. Gloves are totally a player’s personal choice. He/She just has to figure out which one suits him/her. Once it is figured out, then it wouldn’t be regulated by rules. Comfy feelings are essential and prior to a player. Recently, every baseball product manufacturer makes gloves and accessories such as cleats, mitts, hand- guards, knee guards, etc. So, it is better to pick from renowned companies like Rawlings, DeMarini, Easton.


Final Thoughts

loves are treated as an accessory of a baseball game. Among all accessories of a baseball game, gloves are mandatory and without gloves, players aren’t allowed in league games. Gloves vary with positions and we already showed outfielder’s gloves here. These gloves are lightweight, comfortable, easy to put on & off, easy to carry anywhere, and approved by all leagues. Leather mitts are mostly used for catchers but outfielders need simple synthetic leather gloves. Following the caring and maintenance tips, you can use a glove for longer. Furthermore, any more queries on baseball gloves according to positions, feel free to ask us. Your’s intellectual skills and sharing would be appreciated as well.

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