Best Pitching Machine for Baseball & Softball Reviews of 2022 [Top Rated]

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An extremely new generation of alternative baseball pitching machines is now in use throughout the globe, most notably in the USA. It has recently seen a boost in popularity for its innovative and improvisational qualities as well as for its novelness. The newest form of tossing a baseball to a player through an automated machine is considered to be the best pitching machine for baseball. The machine’s accuracy depends on how you use it to play baseball. The program is customizable to your needs, and you may customize it according to your preference and throwing posture and pace.

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Our Top 3 Picks

Our Top Picks

The 10 Best Pitching Machines For Baseball/Softball 2021

Intimidating as getting into the pitching machine industry may be. To assist you choose the best pitching machine, we are here. Budget-friendly, high-end, or anything in between — that is, without regard for price — are some of the things you may be searching for. Regardless of whatever choice you choose, we’ve got a variety of pitching machine reviews in 2021 to help you.

#1. Franklin Sports MLB Electronic Baseball Pitching Machine

This Franklin Sports pitching machine has a seven-second pitch interval as one of its greatest characteristics. Keeps everything in motion.

This measurement pocket is 10 inches above the ground, which enables younger players to practice hitting and running the bases without the need to reach with their hands.

Practice makes perfect! While the manufacturer does suggest utilizing balls that come with the equipment, users online have found that wiffle balls provide a more consistent output when they are placed into the pitching machine.

Franklin Sports MLB Electronic Baseball Pitching Machine


  • Pitch height may be adjusted to match player skill level to the pitcher.
  • Has a maximum distance of 20 feet
  • Easily installs in minutes
  • Very affordable


  • It may be too far back for the pitcher’s mound for comfort
  • Unlike actual pitches, pitches do not have the same amount of weight.
  • Often, the ball does not enter the pocket.
  • Though these are for non-real baseballs, it doesn’t necessarily have to be made out of plastic.


#2: Louisville Slugger UPM Flame Pitching Machine

Also known as the “ultimate pitching machine,” the Louisville Slugger UPM Pitching Machine is our top choice on our list. You may throw a wide variety of balls with this pitching machine, from fast to soft pinches, hard, dimple, and volleyballs with speed settings that are simple to modify. If you’re talking about plastic balls that fly with a light touch, UPM tosses them at 60mph, while for softballs with an arch of 12 inches, it is used. This results in the UPM being a fantastic asset to use for a wide range of exercises.Louisville Slugger Blue Flame Pitching Machine

Also, the official pitching machine for Pony Softball, Baseball, and the Babe Ruth League, as well as being an official ball for the American Youth League, is the Louisville Slugger. Using the UPM helps players build an accurate muscle memory, which helps coaches teach correct swing mechanics while also improving players’ accuracy at striking fly balls, throwing strikes, and grounding the ball. This is a completely mechanical mechanism, requiring neither batteries or power. As a result, it also makes it light and portable, making it possible to transfer it about the field or between tracks.

For your plastic balls or those with leather coverings, you no longer need to get a specific batting machine in order to use the UPM. It is the most beneficial training tool any club can have, since it delivers consistent and high-quality batters each time out. Consistency in one’s level swing path allows a hitter to establish a pre-determined and precise level swing path to incoming balls. This may be included into school and community teams’ practice routines. Check out our guide to the best golf carts for more excellent sports equipment.

Key Features:

  • They throw a wide variety of balls, including softballs, hardballs, dimpled balls, and more.
  • completely non-electrical, it does not need batteries or electric power
  • This model’s pitched balls have very quick release times with adjustable speed settings.
  • Applies throws at appropriate levels to assist in teaching correct swing mechanics


  • Brand: Louisville Slugger
  • Model: 200160111
  • Weight: 12 pounds


  • Ultra-light
  • Vary pitches
  • Consistent strikes


  • It is essential to support the legs
  • Replacement components are difficult to locate


#3: Franklin Sports MLB Super Star 4 in 1 Pitching Machine

A good choice for someone wanting to work on hitting, fielding, and throwing reactions is the MLB Super Star pitching machine, which is an affordable investment. Because it can be positioned at several heights, along with an angle, to mimic various pitching styles, including soft and fastballs, ground balls, and pop flies, it is extremely flexible. The tripod base is secure, so it won’t fall over during training sessions and should stay steady all the while.Franklin Sports Baseball Pitching Machine

The feeder has a telescoping design that holds up to nine balls. When you buy this Franklin Sports set, 6 white Aero-Strike balls are included, however keep in mind that the bat and glove are available separately. This toy is especially suited for younger players, who should be 5 to 15 years old, and offers lots of opportunity for development and is a pleasant way for the whole family to spend time together. In addition to developing hand-eye coordination and confidence, children will learn all of the skills that go along with hitting, including proper form. The Franklin Franklin super batter and fielder package gives the players all the equipment they’ll need on game day.

Key Features:

  • Adapts to suit various throwing styles
  • Lightweight, user-friendly, sturdy tripod base, coupled with extra ground anchors to prevent tipping
  • spherical-ball magnifiers Can hold up to 9 different-sized balls
  • Stocked with 6 white Aero-Strike baseballs (made of aerodynamic plastic)


  • Brand: Franklin Sports
  • Model: XOT-022
  • Weight: 4.85 pounds


#4 Best for Children: JUGS Lite-Flite Machine

While noting that JUGS Lite-Flite only utilizes Lite-Flite baseball, 11 or 12-inch Lite-Flite softballs, or JUGS Bulldog polyps, remember that only these three balls may be used in the Lite-Flite LTX Softball set. In the event that you use anything else along with it, this may harm your gadget. Since this pitcher is lightweight, it is ideal for training with small children.JUGS Lite-Flite Machine for Baseball and Softball

A unique feature of this machine is its ability to produce many types of throws, such as curveballs, sliders, and cutters. It is possible to modify the Lite-Flite disc throwing features such that notes are thrown to the left and right side of the disc, which is possible for both the left and right hands. A nice feature available only at this pricing.

Another excellent element to assist the batter see the ball from the slide is the ball distribution system. Once there, they will be able to create absolute time on the disk.

You have the option of buying a JUGS rechargeable battery pack separately, thanks to the ability to connect to the 110-volt AC. It charges completely in four hours and can work continuously for about three hours.


  • Good price
  • Correct angle of throw.
  • Suitable for children


  • This only works with Lite-Flite series baseball and softball.

While there’s no denying that Jugs Lite-Flite is widely acknowledged as one of the premier pitching machines, Are you ready to encounter even greater stuff in the game?


#5 Best Overall: Zooka ZS740 Pitching Machine

We cannot overlook the Zooka Zs740 highlight throwers. As simple to use as it is cheap, this machine is wonderful. As a result, it has earned itself a stellar reputation as one of the most exceptional throwers in the industry.

The lightweight 25-pound design of this pitching machine offers the initial benefit. So, carrying it with you wherever is simple. It still weights less than 30 pounds even if you put a tripod on it.Zooka ZS740 Pitching Machine with Tall Tripod

In the future, you’ll wave goodbye to bothersome power cables and generators thanks to Zooka ZS740. Each machine is equipped with a 12-volt rechargeable battery, which is sufficient for extended workouts. You just need to charge it at your house or when you’re traveling.

Without having to remove the internal battery, you have all that you need with the Zooka external battery. More 1,000 notes may be obtained at 40 MPH, and 600 additional notes can be attained at 60 MPH.

The Zooka ZS740 Pitching Machine successfully triumphed over breaking baseballs or damaging the wheels when the Zooka company used compressed air to propel the ball instead of the wheel. Additionally, this means you may save money by avoiding frequent wheel replacement.

In addition, the simple tilting and rotating stand gives you more flexibility. A balloon that weighs 12 pounds can lift you up to 12 storeys high.


  • Light
  • A rechargeable battery is built in.
  • a digital reader is easy to use


  • When the battery gets dehydrated, music notes lose their consistency.

Zooka ZS740 Pitching Machine can assist you while searching for a pitching machine for your baseball game. It will soon be sold out, so get it before it is gone.


#6 Best Sturdy: First Pitch Baseline Pitching Machine

The first budget model entry is the First Pitch Baseline Pitching Machine. The additional characteristics this pitch model has include the freedom of movement and a well-built framework, both of which are seen in previous First Pitch models. For easy mobility and a reasonable price, the difference is the smaller size.

The maker uses lighter and more robust steel and aluminum construction to make the machine lighter and more durable. This is a significant decision for the baseball and softball throwing sports. It keeps your mushroom bat secure while allowing you to take a rest.First Pitch Baseline Pitching Machine

It is noteworthy because it is also light, weighing about 55 pounds. Pop-ups, balloons, fastballs, changes, and grounding are all appropriate for it. You may use it for designated baseball, softball, and 11 ″ (the width of a regulation baseball) and 12 (dimples) respectively.

The ergonomic shape makes it easy to change pitch and to increase or decrease the pitch speed. The fast and simple transition between baseball and softball is made possible in particular by the adjustable tilt angle and the inverted leg.


  • Easy to use
  • Use an electric motor, such as the one housed in a steel casing, to ensure the safety of everyone involved.
  • high-precision sliding plate


  • Friction burns may occur while the wheels are open.

Even though it offers these incredible benefits, the First Pitch Baseline Pitching Machine has now been recognized as a valuable item. Don’t miss out on this baseball throwing machine while it’s still available!


#7: Jugs Small-Ball Pitching Machine

According to a widely held belief, it is the most difficult thing to accomplish in sports to strike a ball with a round bat. When you practice with tiny balls, it becomes more challenging. As a result, your attention improves, and you concentrate more on your practice.

To pitch better in games, you’ll need to have greater confidence, which delivers success in the real world.Jugs Small-Ball Pitching Machine

JUGS Small Ball Pitching Machine is a great addition to any facility for improving the levels of both confidence and effective teaching while also providing the opportunity for kids to have fun while learning.

It’s simple to put up and take down the portable pitching machine. You may put it wherever you train. For example, you can do push-ups on a gym mat, in your garden, or at a playground.

Best Features of JUGS:-

  1. Manual & Automatic Feeder: In order to be an ultimate hitter, you must put in the necessary hours practicing hitting. JUGS throws pitches at a rate of five per second. You have plenty of time to prepare yourself for capturing and defending your nest. 25 tiny balls are pitched from the manual and automated feeder. The product is pitched
  2. Perfect Construction: Adjustable legs let you create a more lifelike sitting position. It is lightweight and easily portable. A polyurethane foam ball half the size of a regular baseball. It is small and light enough to be carried about.
  3. Adjustable: You may use the JUGS Pitching Machine almost anywhere: backyard, garage, indoor playground, or even workplace. Being able to practice wherever you want is one of the portable’s great benefits.

Features of JUGS at a glance:-

  1. This Product is made of steel and polystyrene.
  2. Designed to be portable, able to be set up and adjusted
  3. Spreads speeds from 50-75 mph
  4. Every 5 seconds, a manual and an automated feeder releases a ball

What do we think about it?

Beginning (unspecialized) It’s best to practice Hitting and Timing using JUGS Small Ball Pitching Machine. Every beginning flute player will find all they need in JUGS. As a result, it should be suggested for people who wish to start their career on a stronger footing.


#8: Louisville Slugger Triple Flame Pitching Machine

This pitching machine is quite well-featured, so if you are searching for one with plenty of features, this is the perfect choice. If you play League of Legends, Louisville is your new game-companion. It helps you hone your abilities. This particular model has many other pitching machines on the market, but we decided to select this one as the finest.Louisville Slugger Triple Flame

For a long time, Louisville Slugger has been making baseball equipment. Their sports goods and accessories have been continually updated, resulting in sports goods and accessories that are approachable and competitive.

While Louisville Slugger caters to both infield and outfield plays and batting practice, it enables balls to be used for baseball and softball as well.

Features of Louisville Pitching Machine:-

  1. Variety of Balls: To enhance the physical capabilities, you may engage in sport-specific activities like pitching in the Louisville Slugger Triple Flame Pitching Machine. It comes in a variety of types including softballs, dimple balls, light balls, light-activated balls, regular balls, and plastic balls. It can also toss balls that are curved and fly quickly.
  2. Easy-to-carry: This bag is both light and portable. It can be carried with you wherever you go, and it doesn’t need any other forms of support or power.
  3. Nice Construction: A Louisville Slugger may be used both in the house and the gym. This item measures 17.5 inches in length, width, and height. So that players may use various balls, there are three distinct speed settings: 45, 50, and 55 mph. You won’t need a lot of strength to launch it, and you may release the ball using a strong spring.

Pros. Of Louisville Pitching Machine:-

  1. Flickable and tappable
  2. Lightweight and portable
  3. It utilizes a range of pitching speeds
  4. Fully hand-operated

Cons. Of Louisville Pitching Machine:-

  1. This model does not feature an auto-feeder.

What we think about Louisville Slugger:-

As far as easy-to-carry and basic pitching machines are concerned, the finest option is Louisville Slugger. It is completely self-contained. The design enables you to use a wide range of balls which do not limit you to using just baseballs. Perfection is possible with it.


#9: DigginLazer Pitch Baseball

Many pitching machines are available, but a handful are up to your standards. There is really just one top pitching machine that a baseball fan can enjoy.

An excellent pitching machine for beginners is the Digger Lazer Pitch Baseball. When you are pleased with the results, you will be pleasantly surprised.Kids Batting Practice Throwing Trainer

If you are a single practitioner, you should invest in a pitching machine. You may also choose to get a Remote Control bat, which enables you to strike the ball exactly where you want. Every pitch may be controlled precisely.

Features of DigginLazer Pitch Baseball:-

RC Bat: The only pitching machine that is also included with a remote control bat is the Lazer Pitch Baseball. As long as you hold down the button on the handle of the bat, you can time every pitch perfectly.

Customizable Pitching Angles: You have the ability to adjust pitching angles, and therefore get the optimum practice. The throwing angle varies from 90-degree pop-up for novices to upwards of 90 degrees for more advanced players. Pop-up mode causes the pitch to slow down on its own.

Perfect for kids: Several youngsters can use it well. While they are able to master the correct position, they may also possess the attributes that will assist them in their next school baseball competition. Walking out with confidence is one way for your kids to stay active.

Features at a glance:-

  1. You also get 5 balls and a 26-inch RC bat included.
  2. The pitching range may be extended up to 25 feet
  3. Pitching angle may be adjusted
  4. There are eight seconds of “Auto” time for all bats.
  5. The RC bat enables you to dictate when the pitcher is going to throw.

What do you think about it?

Only one set comes with 5 balls and an RC bat to assist regulate the throwing time, which is why it is the only one to have that accessory. For the most advanced trainees, the RC bat sharpens their timing. The Digging Lazer is essential for their preparation for the next competition.


#10: Rawlings Pro Line 3 Wheel Pitching Machine

This model can perform all the different types of pitches, from fastballs, sliders, screwballs, changeups, curveballs to knuckleballs. For baseballs, it throws 37 distinct pitches at 12 different spin directions, with speeds ranging between 40 MPH and 100 MPH. For softballs, it throws 36 different pitches at 36 different spin directions, with speeds ranging between 70 MPH and 150 MPH.

On the control panel, the digital readout shows how fast, to the right, and how much spin is applied. It allows you to manually modify the angle of the wheels or the wheel speeds, but you no longer have to adjust the wheel speeds or the angle of the wheels. You just need to choose the required speed, select how much spin you want (high, medium, low, or none), and the pitching machine will change the wheels’ spin to accommodate the pitch.Rawlings Pro Line 3 Wheel Baseball Pitching Machine

It can also toss baseballs, softballs, or lightweight balls.

Both the Rawlings Pro Line 3 and the Spinball Wizard 3 Wheel Pitching Machine have the same general features. The equipment is manufactured by the same company, Spinball Sports. But the Rawlings Pro Line 3 comes with a push-button digital control panel, while the Spinball utilizes traditional dials to adjust the overall speed, the kind of pitch, and the amount of spin. Additional convenience accounts for the $500 premium in the Rawlings Pro Line 3 over the Spinball Wizard 3. Will it be money well spent? You make the decision.

It is considerably more precise and has a quicker recovery time than devices that utilize air-filled tires.

While a conventional 2-wheel design has many advantages, a 3-wheel design offers some additional benefits.

  • Throwing a baseball with three fingers offers greater pitch control, like three wheels.
  • Pitching devices that ride on two wheels may obstruct the batter’s vision of the ball. A third wheel makes batters’ timing better because they can see the ball from the ball feeder ramp.
  • The third wheel makes control of the pitch location more easier. Clamps no longer have to be adjusted or the machine must be rotated to alter the pitch.

We liked the car’s easy-to-use three-wheel design. Additionally, the unit was precise and constant in delivering pitches throughout, which made it one of the finest pitching machines available today.


How We Picked

The following should be taken into consideration while selecting the finest baseball pitching machine:

Speed options:

It should be just fine and won’t be too quick or too sluggish. There should be speed choices to meet everyone’s ability level so that the baseball pitching machine would meet the needs of beginner to expert users. Machines that can reach speeds of 80 to 100 mph exist.

Pitching style:

In certain pitching machines, the designer incorporates pre-programmed instructions that enable specific pitches, such as fastballs, curveballs, and change-ups. Choosing a baseball pitching machine that will enable you to practice the type of pitching you want to hit is critical, so that you are able to work on hitting it with the sweet spot of your bat and without hitting a pop fly.

Power options:

The baseball throwing machine has several power choices, including battery-operated ones or ones that are connected into an outlet. When it comes to mobility and portability, the battery-operated baseball pitching machine is more suitable for people who want to practice where they want, but for limitless practice time, the power-plugged pitching machine is better. The battery life of the portable baseball pitching machines varies greatly, but 12 hours or more is not uncommon.


Portable pitching machines, especially those that are lightweight, tend to be simple to build and to fold down. The machines may also be battery-powered, enabling you to practice anywhere. Moving from one state to another or to other nations for practice has a strong impact on players’ game.

Ease of use and setup:

A decent baseball pitching machine should be simple to operate and assemble, since practice sessions with a bat will be too difficult for the individual using the machine. A machine with clear and simple instructions is very beneficial if you’re assembling a pitching machine, especially since most machines are stocked with all of the necessary components.

Compatibility with other sports:

Many pitching machines may be utilized with softball, making them effective pitching machines in addition to functioning as pitching machines. As with baseball, softball makes extensive use of pitches with a similar “feel” to them, and thus it is useful to have a pitching machine in another sport that involves throwing or pitching.

Home or commercial use:

Whether you want to utilize the pitching machine for business reasons, evaluate if it’s big enough to meet your needs. If you plan to use it for a training center or a commercial facility, then it will be more robust and more costly.

Warranty policy:

Check with your manufacturer about the warranty guide of the baseball pitching machine, since most machines offer a guarantee on the motor and on individual components.

What to Look for When Buying the Pitching Machine?

1. Power Source

The first thing to consider when buying a pitching machine is the power supply. Batteries and electricity may be used as power sources. Regardless of the kind of equipment you use, you need to make sure the power supply is up to date so you and your team are ready to go.

2. Adjustability

You may also change the pitch distance and its height on several pitching machines. This is a wonderful feature since it allows you to utilize a chine for children, teenagers, and even adults. Price effectiveness is also improved as a result.

3. Ball Compatibility

Take note of the kind of ball the pitching machine can handle when you are buying it for the squad. There are various kinds of machines. Some of them enable the use of balls manufactured by a certain brand, while others may use multiple brands of balls.

4. Pitch Speed

For smaller or slower pitches, pitch speed is unimportant, but for bigger or faster pitches, it is important. This speed will be dependent on how far away individuals have placed the gadget.

5. Pitch Types

In this instance, the pitcher’s strong pitching abilities help a lot. In order to take advantage of varied pitching abilities among novices and professionals, it is crucial to understand this variable.

Once you have determined what your training group’s current requirements are, and how their abilities may be enhanced utilizing the machine, you can begin implementing the program. Some machines let you to adjust the pitch. This function is very useful for instructors who are training various groups of athletes.

6. Pitch Frequency

There will be periods in which balls will be pitched automatically and electrically. This aids hitters in individual practice. This setting can’t be changed.

7. Portability

It will be much simpler for you to move the machine from one location to another. If your machine needs an electrical outlet or a connection to the power source, then this function may be beneficial. A helpful addition to this is a pitching machine, which comes with wheel kits. This makes moving them around quite simple.

8. Control

In addition to electric and manual pitching machines, there are often two primary kinds of power: automated and manual. Manual machines need the user to exert an external effort in order to function whereas automated machines need energy or batteries.

Types of Pitching Machines

1. Armed Pitching Machines

This kind of equipment is widely used among high students and certain professionals. Softball and baseball players may use these, which are also great for other sports like soccer, football, and lacrosse, to hurl long or hard-throwing balls at a speed between 25 to 85 mph. As a result, they are not carted onto the field.

2. Wheeled Pitching Machines

This particular style is popular among college students and those in the community. The construction of this device is made up of a motor that is moving its rubber wheels as well as a steel frame. This tripod-mounted frame is connected to this tripod. This set also includes speed control knobs and electronics that provide directional movement.

3. Spring-loaded Pitching Machine

This is a manual pitching machine. In order to use this device, you must first pull the lever. When the spring compresses, the ball is pushed to the player. For younger players, it has little flexibility when it comes to different pitches.

4. Compressed Air Pitching Machines

The mobility of the compressed air pitching machine is great. It uses the Bernoulli principle to move air through the mechanism. Once the force is applied, the spring enables the ball to be flung. However, in order to activate this gadget, someone must do this step.

Why You Need to Start Using a Pitching Machine Today

Instead of waiting to use a pitching machine, you should use it when it’s needed.

You can encourage the pitchers to be more successful if you get them involved with a pitching machine as soon as possible.

Best Pitching Machine for Baseball and Softball

Maintain Your Consistency

The consistency of a baseball swing is essential to it being successful each game. If a player is not hitting the bat and making solid contact, he or she may lose his or her rhythm.

Young hitters can retain their consistency and comfort when they use a pitching machine.

Practice On Your Schedule

A batter who performed poorly could need some additional at-bats to straighten out his form and get back on track.

Finding someone to throw a pitch may be difficult when you want the batter to know precisely what went wrong during the game.

Youth hitters who have their own pitching machines have the option of practicing whenever they want and getting their technical flaws out of the way before they go to sleep.

Keeping a frustrating hitting slump from lasting too long is one method to stop a poor game from dragging on.

Create Your Own Routine

When it comes to how difficult it is to follow a young hitter’s routine when a pitcher is throwing pitches, having a pitcher on the mound is good, but may be irritating if the pitcher isn’t willing to comply with the routine.

A pitcher’s arm may not be able to keep up with the young hitter’s desire to smash off-speed pitches after he has gone through fastballs.

A pitching machine may be configured whatever the batter desires, and it will ensure that a player receives the specific hitting-training regimen he or she needs.

When used correctly, a pitching machine never wears out and, in addition, a batter may use a certain approach to work on their game and hone their skills.

Experiment With New Pitches

When hitters make use of a change-up in their practice, they must make an effort to maintain their bat rhythm because of the change-impact up’s on the timing of other pitches.

Upon finding out that their instructor thinks they should include change-ups in their drill routine, they come to understand that it will provide them the versatility to face any kind of off-speed pitch.

Because of this, the batter decides to modify their practice routine. They are unable to locate anybody who can throw a decent change-up, though, so their practice regimen is not much altered.

The pitching machine enables hitters of all skill levels to work on every type of pitch, from fastballs to breaking balls, and they can configure the machine to throw just about any pace they desire.

They will gain proficiency waiting on the change-up, which will enable them to also hit the outside fastball.

How to Get The Most Out of a Pitching Machine

Over-emphasizing the importance of getting a great pitching machine for a young batter cannot be overestimated.

A well-made machine will be able to keep up with any training regimen, and it will also provide hitters with the variety of training choices they need to get the most out of each exercise.

Once they receive their machine, follow these suggestions to optimize its potential.

Practice Your Fielding

The fact that pitching machines are useful for hitting practice is generally known, but it is not well known that they are also helpful for fielding practice.

A player may enhance their fielding by changing the speeds at which the machine delivers the ball into the air.

They may angle the pitching machine, for example, such that it tosses the ball towards the sun or into a gloomy day.

Work On Pitches You Have Trouble With

You should also concentrate on hitting pitches that cause you trouble, but it is also critical to keep a consistent rhythm while confronting throws with a pitching machine.

Even a fastball out from the plate, or down and in, a young batter may learn about the characteristics of different pitches and how to improve contact with them by using a pitching machine.

Work On Tempo

It is impossible to anticipate what will happen during a game, which is why practice sessions using a pitching machine are a good idea.

To start, the hitter should be able to create a comfortable pace.

The machine speeds up or slows down, according on the hitter’s preference, to mimic the pitch speed of a fast or slow-pitched pitcher.

These kinds of workouts are very useful to hitters in real-game situations, allowing them to retain their batting average.

How Does It Work?


A pitching machine mimics how a pitch is thrown by moving the ball through a system of rotating and shifting gears.

For the good pitching machines, their ability to simulate real life conditions is what sets them apart from the excellent ones.


There are two conventional designs of pitching machines:

  • Circular wheel machines
  • Arm action machines

This ball-moving mechanism uses a set of one to three spinning wheels that continuously rotate, thereby pitching the ball.

While arm-action machines mimic the real way balls are thrown using a bracket, similar to a human arm, flyballs and groundballs may be simulated using flexion and extension type devices.

Benefits Of Using A Pitching Machine

As a matter of fact, you would want to utilize a pitching machine to help with your swing because there is no need for a pitcher.

The presence of a machine allows you to practice on your own, or to reduce the burden on your team pitcher (when it comes to team practice).

For younger players, who may not have had sufficient time to hone their hand-eye coordination, pitching machines may be a long-term investment.

Machines like pitching machines may assist players get to a decent batting average with less work than normal, especially because coaches often hand-pitch the ball when the batter isn’t good enough to catch the pitch on his own.

Like human pitchers, pitching robots also excel in one aspect: consistency.

When you are working with a whole team, pitchers become weary and fatigued, and it may affect their performance.

A pitching machine delivers pitches that are almost identical to the ones a person throws without tiring, and it can make changes to the pitches in mid-game.


Baseball games where children participate, like Little League, often utilize pitching machines instead of having the youngsters pitch.

When it comes to pitching, their consistency is reliable, and the pitcher may take the hitter’s talent into consideration.

Real Balls vs. Pitching Machine Balls

When looking at the description of each pitching machine, a separate section covers the kind of ball utilized with that machine.

Good pitching machines are capable of throwing balls of various styles. Even though it states in the product description that regulation baseballs should not be used, there are many reasons why you should not do so:

  1. However, if utilized with a genuine ball, pitching machine wheels wear out quicker, significantly decreasing their overall value.
  2. Real baseballs are notorious for peeling paint, and the flaking paint frequently ends up covering the pitching machine wheels and making them too smooth to accurately grasp balls.
  3. Even if they throw a precise pitch, genuine baseballs and softballs have inconsistent seams, which causes uneven throws.
  4. In pitching machines, the pressure from the pitching machine causes balls to become mushy and tear apart when thrown.

Regulation balls are also used in pitching machines, although dimpled balls are often recommended for better results. They pitch better and last longer.

Only use high-quality leather baseballs and softballs if you want to utilize regulated balls. Highly-inflated polyvinyl balls may harm your machine.

How Long Will The Pitching Machine Last?

Among the most crucial considerations, few people consider the amount of time you can realistically anticipate a pitching machine to endure. In order to estimate how long a pitching machine might possibly last, check to see whether the warranty has run out. Do not offer manufacturers a 5-year guarantee on a device that is designed to fail within that time period.

It is possible that you may not know for sure whether your kid will continue playing the game later on in life. Until a more lasting and more costly pitching machine is available, it may be a good idea to purchase one of the Heater Sports home pitching machines. Finally, you should probably use a light-duty pitching machine, which will help them hone their timing and enable them to handle the dread of being struck.

If you are a parent who has young players who are really interested in the sport, then you may want to consider using a Zooka pitching machine. Even though the one-year warranty period applies solely to the products we sell, we’ve heard several instances of individuals using these products for more than five years with no known issues. This is simple: Zooka pitching machines have very few moving components.

It’s pretty much a guarantee that they will be playing for a few more years, regardless of their age. It follows, therefore, that buying a pitching machine that has a good build quality and has a guarantee that extends for five years like most First Pitch, JUGS, or Rawlings/Spinball machines is an excellent choice. JUGS has a much longer track record in the pitching machine industry, having been in that company for over 40 years. Customers report that JUGS machines can survive 10 years or more. While Spinball/Rawlings machines include the wheels, they have the greatest 5-year guarantee among pitching machines because the wheels are included in the warranty.

Warranty coverage for the pitching machines lasts for just six months, since the springs wear out on the machines. In comparison, the price of replacement springs is just around $20, and it is very easy to change them.

While other considerations need to be factored in, you must also take into consideration how frequently the pitching machine will be utilized. Will it be shared across many users? Is it for team batting practice? The Zooka, First Pitch, JUGS, and Rawlings/Spinball machines all offer much greater durability when compared to the others.

While the following are other considerations to bear in mind, we want to point out that, in contrast to other pitching machine manufacturers, JUGS, Rawlings/Spinball, and First Pitch do not place warranty restrictions on team use, meaning a baseball or softball team gets the same warranty as an individual.

What Kind Of Tires Does The Pitching Machine Use?

Pitching machines that utilized tires to propel a ball were the first JUGS units to be sold, which has led people to compare different versions using JUGS as the standard. As you can see, the first of them is not always the greatest. Actually, it is very rare. That is especially evident when you look at pitching machine tire options.

Pneumatic tires and solid tires may be distinguished as two different kinds of pitching machine tires. In contrast to each other, the two tire types have vastly different wear characteristics, including the length of time they endure, how fast they can pitch another ball, and how much maintenance they need.

Pneumatic Pitching Machine Tires

Like the tires on your vehicle, pneumatic tires have air pressure within them, but they are much smaller. The original JUGS Sports, First Pitch, and Heater Sports pitching machine tires may be found here.

Pneumatic tires wear out quicker than solid tires, and it may take ten to twelve seconds for the ball to rebound between pitches, so you may have to wait for the ball to bounce more than ten to twelve seconds between pitches. One additional point to keep in mind: as speeds increase, they tend to flatten out, which means you may have to tweak the gap between the wheels (for instance, on two or three wheel machines) or the wheel and the stop plate (for instance, on a one wheel machine) every time the pitch speed changes significantly.

Even worse, if the air pressure in the tires isn’t quite perfect, your pitching machine will have inaccurate movement. Tire pressure is affected by both the temperature outdoors and the amount of pitches a machine has thrown. Choose a pitching machine with pneumatic tires if you must, but be sure to have a portable air pump as well as a tire pressure tester available in order to inflate those tires.

Solid Pitching Machine Tires

If you think the tires are just as expected, you are correct. They are airless and about the size of a lawnmower’s wheels, but with much more sophisticated features. Today’s pitching machines have either solid tires or slicks on all of them and can be found on all Spinball Sports and Rawlings machines.

There are many significant benefits of solid pitching machine tires versus pneumatic tires. The tires used in the pitching machine have been found to last much longer than pneumatic tires, and the tires recover twice as quickly between pitches, suggesting it is possible to throw a pitch every 5-6 seconds using the machine. No matter how quickly the pitch is moving, they maintain their form. This means you needn’t bother about making adjustments in the distance between the wheels or the wheel and stop plate to accommodate different pitch speeds.

Furthermore, you don’t have to be concerned about tire pressure since a solid tire means you’ll never need to. No air pump or tire gauge is needed while you’re playing baseball or going to the batting cage. Regardless of what the weather is outside or how many balls your pitching machine has thrown, you can anticipate the same pitch time, again and again.


What is the best pitching machine?

Mostly at your expense, you may get a throwing machine which helps you locate your baseball machine. While there is certainly a pitching machine design that may assist you, there is also a baseball pitching machine design seeking that may be beneficial to you.

For most of you, you may think of it as an expensive proposition. To put it in other words, there is no question that each individual has a different range, pace, and style, but you can be confident that you will never be beyond their grasp.

We understand that it is a significant expenditure, but it is not such that your ability to play is harmed. The cost has to be given consideration because you already know the performance of the item very well.

It is best to bear in mind that most of the factors are taken into account; as a baseball pitching machine, how does it function, depending on a baseball machine pitch.

If you can save enough money, you can purchase a baseball pitching machine. As such, you should opt for the baseball if you want it on hand in case you need it for machine pitch practice exercises that need to be done quickly.

Trying out pitching machines may assist you in your decision-making, as many of the people who post on this site have used pitching machines and can share their experiences.

Can I Use the Pitching Machine for Both Baseball and Softball Practice?

There are several pitching machines for baseball and softball, but not all of them are created equal. In addition, you have numerous more training machine options to select from.

What Types of Balls Should I Use for The Pitching Machine?

Depending on the brand, the kinds of balls may vary. As aforementioned, some companies insist on using just their own brand of balls. Thus, before you choose it, you should consider its strengths and weaknesses.

Where Is The Pitching Machine Manufactured?

A large number of customers want to purchase American-made goods over those produced in China.

Even if you’re not deeply patriotic or want to show your support for American businesses, buying a U.S.-made pitching machine is extremely essential. If you have to purchase components from abroad, fixing your pitching machine may take a long time.

In the event that long-term loss of use of the pitching machine is a deal breaker, the nation of origin of the equipment may become very important. Here are the facilities where the following corporations produce their pitching machines:


  • First Pitch
  • Iron Mike
  • Spinball Sports/Rawlings


  • JUGS Sports
  • Heater Sports
  • Louisville Slugger
  • Zooka Sports

Do pitching machines help your hitting?

Yes! Being able to hit a quality pitching machine is no less important than having the ability to face up against a quality pitcher. And bear in mind how differently the hitters have to interact from the stands to discuss methods used by hitting instructors.

For the time being, wiffle balls may be sufficient, although there is a noticeable difference in feel. Although contact with a whiffle ball or a baseball does not affect the speed at which it is struck, a whiffle ball will often alter the speed of a baseball that makes contact with it. An effective pitching machine is computer-controlled and allows the pitcher to make adjustments to the throw’s pace and trajectory at the time of delivery. However, even if you will gain an advantage by increasing your ability to hit quality pitching, it is still beneficial to use the pitching machine for developing fundamentals.

You will improve your pitch evaluation skills.

What pitching machine does MLB use?

The official pitching machine of Major League Baseball is the ATEC M3. If you purchase it, you’ll pay about $3,000, more than the other items on our list. But it’s a fantastic product, of course.

What is the best softball pitching machine?

For the majority of players, softball pitching machines are a handy tool. It is very simple to operate, and you may use the machine whenever you want to practice. It is not uncommon for other kinds of machines to exist, but to best suit your requirements, I included the finest ones below.

Don’t Forget Your Muscle:

Using a throwing machine is OK as long as I am made plain that I am not trying to ban it. If you use an automated machine, you can automatically set your pitch time and range, and the number of throws may be quickly increased. In order to properly throw harder fastballs, I highly recommend that you use your own arm instead of a machine. You are doing this to guarantee that you’ll be utilizing the muscles you’ll be exercising while you play the game. In addition, it enables the pitcher to remain in tune with the natural process and not just the fixed intervals that a machine-based training system could offer.

What is a Pitching Machine?

A pitching machine is a baseball and softball pitching machine that is used by coaches to teach their players about hitting skills. It is used to protect the player from injuring himself when tossing the ball.

Can Pitching Machines be used for both softball and baseball practice?

It is common for pitching machines to provide both softballs and baseballs. You don’t need to limit your choices to just one kind of ball.

What types of balls work best in a pitching machine?

Regardless of the kind of ball, a pitching machine does well with all of them, as long as they are made of plastic, leather, or other types of metal. Before you choose a pitching machine, know which balls it will utilize.

What age should kids be when they start practicing with a Pitching Machine?

Children of all ages may use pitching machines, as long as they’re using the proper brand. To others, however, certain manufacturers have gadgets that have been limited to just operating at a high speed, while others enable lower rates that make it easier for youngsters to learn about striking a ball. The majority of pitching machines are for use by kids ages 8 and above.

How Fast Is the Pitching Machine?

Most frequently, pitching machines may be adjusted to a new speed either by an increase or a reduction.

Does the Pitching Machine need to be portable?

Yes, It is important to think about mobility while choosing a pitching option. The portability of training enables employees to complete their training wherever without complications, which eliminates any kind of training restrictions.

How much does the Pitching Machine cost?

Price varies based on the kind, manufacturer, and size of pitching machines. Because certain items are constantly on sale, they get cheaper. When it comes to others, they are often inexpensive to all budgets, and they work very effectively.

How to clean a pitching machine wheel?

Read the manufacturer’s instructions and cautions to prevent any accidents before properly cleaning the wheels of a pitching machine. When you schedule a general clean, you will see the following:

To begin, start by heating up any buildup of dirt on the wheels using a hair dryer or a heat gun, and after the wheels are warm, use a power washer or an industrial vacuum to remove the remaining debris. Then with the help of a broad putty knife, scrape off the build up. To get rid of any leftover residue, just use a damp paper towel.

The Verdict

In order to assist your athletes grow and enhance their abilities, owning the finest baseball pitching machine is very beneficial. With this article’s assistance, you now have purchasing guidelines to aid you. If this is the case, perhaps you will purchase the appropriate machine soon.