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Mengdger Youth Mouth Guard Football MouthGuard Sports Kids Boys Mouthpiece Teeth Braces EVA Double Colored for MMA Boxing Rugby Kickboxing Taekwondo Softball Lacrosse(3 Pack)


  • 【Love and Caring for Children】 If your family have 10-16 year old youth / kids(your son or daughter)who like to participate in intense impact sports such as football boxing mma taekwondo karate flag football hockey basketball,please choose youth mouth guard as your child's best gift.
  • 【Comfortable Softer】The football mouth guard is comfortable and lightweight when kids wearing it.So it doesn't hurt your kids gums lips, or causes pain and uncomfortable.
  • 【Great Durability 】Good sturdy easy to use and looks awesome.While wearing mouthpiece child's teeth tongue and Jaw not hurt.
  • 【Perfect Fit】Mouthguard was easy to wear to child teeth get the perfect fit and works perfectly fine ,also easy to breathing and talking in the team.
  • 【Easy Nice Carrying Case】It also comes with 3pcs case,so sports mouth guard will not get lost , Great for kids who are in all sports.

Shock Doctor Ultra-Slim Microfit Mouthguard. 2.4mm Mouth Guard For Football, Hockey, Lacrosse, Baseball, Softball, Basketball, Boxing, MMA, Jiu Jitsu. Also for Night Mouth Guard for Teeth Grinding


  • ULTRA SLIM – Shock Doctor has been around for decades. Our 2.4mm mouthguard has the ultimate low-profile thin design. Made for kids, juniors and adults
  • ULTRA COMFORT – Our slim fit makes it easy to breath, speak and drink without removing the guard! Out I-Mold technology allows for a smooth contour and a high-level of comfort
  • ULTRA PROTECTION – Made of the best materials on the market, our HMW Composite Blend provide increased durability while maintaining fit and performance all season long
  • CUSTOM FIT – The micro-fit will take the exact shape of your teeth / mouth after following the easy fitting instructions provided. Within 3min, you will have an ultra slim mouth guard fitted exactly to you
  • $10,000 DENTAL PROTECTION – Don’t settle for lower grade protection that other companies provide. Years of research and development has allowed us to stand strongly behind our products and offer a $10,000 dental protection plan for every mouthguard used

ACCO Sports Mouth Guard 1.6mm Custom Fit Mouthguard for Youth/Adults for Hockey,Football, Lacrosse, Baseball, Softball, Basketball, Boxing, Jiu Jitsu (Black)


  • ONE SIZE FITS ALL. Mouth guard sports offer premium, warrantied dental protection for players age 11 and up, including adults.
  • DIY MOUTH GUARD. Never worry that your mouth guard will not fit your teeth. This thin mouth guard has strong plasticity. Repeatable settings. Support trimming and customization for optimum comfort.
  • HEALTHIER MOUTH GUARD. During the game, you can speak and drink clearly even if you do not remove your braces. Reduce hand contact and make your mouth healthier.
  • PERFECT PROTECTION. This sports mouth guard can match the right hardness according to the athlete's body temperature. Perfect protection for athletes' teeth and gums.Great for all sports including:Football, Soccer, MMA, Basketball, Lacrosse, Jiu Jitsu, Hockey, Weight Lifting, Wrestling, and Roller Skating
  • MAINTENANCE and CLEANING . After you use, if you find white attachments, don't worry, this is a solidified body of our oral fluid, please wash it carefully.

OPRO Gold Youth Mouthguard for Braces with Case for Kids Aged 7-10 – Boys Sports Mouthpiece for Football, Hockey, Rugby, Softball. Teeth and Gum Shield Protection for Contact Sports


  • LET DENTISTS LOOK AFTER YOUR KID’S TEETH – when participating in boxing, football or any other contact sports you need a sports mouthguard designed by a dentist. That’s exactly what you get from OPRO the world’s largest dentist mouthguard
  • TRUSTED BY PROFESSIONALS – Don’t just take our word for it; ask any one of our official international youth partners such as Pop Warner, American Youth Football, Good Sports and many, many more.
  • WE SUPPLY SCHOOLS – Every year OPRO visits hundreds of schools to fit children with professional quality mouthpieces. When it comes to protecting children’s teeth, schools choose OPRO.
  • MADE AND TESTED IN THE UNITED KINGDOM - Each and every OPRO mouthguard is made and tested in the United Kingdom. The protection of your child’s teeth, tongue and jaw are paramount.
  • OTHERS PROMISE. WE GUARANTEE - 18 month warranty and dental cover of up to $15,000.

Under Armour Youth Strapless Mouth Guard , Grey (011)/Black , One Size Fits All


  • BRACES FIT: Specifically developed for use with orthodontics – ergonomically designed to sit on top of the brackets and keep the user protected out on the field – Comes in youth and Adult Sizing
  • PROTECTION: Athlete tested in the field to provide protection in every sport from Football to Roller Derby – If you need great protection and a comfortable fit – look no further to protect your teeth and dental investment
  • FITTING: Instant Fit - Pop In & Play – the Mouthguard is designed to be ready to provide and instant and protective fit directly out of the packaging – No Molding required! Adapts to changes in tooth position as braces are adjusted!
  • TOP QUALITY: Made of high quality medical grade silicone – protective and comfortable with no rough edges or materials that cause irritation - LATEX FREE, BPA FREE, Phthalate Free

Shock Doctor Gel Max Mouth Guard, Sports Mouthguard for Football, Lacrosse, Hockey, Basketball, Flavored mouth guard, Youth & AdultBLUE/BLACK, Adult, Non-flavored


  • CUSTOM COMFORT & FIT - Gel-fit Liner Technology is easy to fit, our mold forms specifically to your teeth and gums, providing a comfortable fit for extended use, available in a variety of customized colors
  • BREATHABLE - Integrated breathing channels make it easy to breathe while wearing the guard and maximize your performance
  • PROFESSIONAL DENTAL PROTECTION - Heavy duty Exoskeletal Shock Frame provides full mouth protection during the hardest impacts, protects cheek and tongue, teeth grinding, and secures teeth in place
  • DURABLE - Crafted using heavy duty material, combined in our Triple Layer Design for added protection and durability
  • RECOMMENDED SPORTS - Suitable for all contact sports where a mouth guard is required or recommended including football, wrestling, boxing, and more! Includes a detachable helmet strap for football

Shock Doctor Pro Mouth Guard, Adult, Strapless


  • SPORTS: Our sports mouth guard is suitable for all contact sports where a mouth guard is required or recommended like: football, basketball, lacrosse, hockey, MMA, boxing, jiu jitsu and much more
  • COMFORT & FIT: Boil & bite fit provides a comfortable fit and can be reformed as needed
  • PROTECTION: Shock absorbing front bumper protects against impact
  • BRACES COMPATIBLE: Works with braces to protect your orthodontic investment

Professional Sport Mouth Guards- 2 Pack - No BPA - Safe Clear Color - No Color Additive - Athletic Teeth Mouth Guards - Fit Any Mouth Size - Custom Fit - Free carrying case included


  • Custom Fit To Any Mouth Size: Teeth Mouth Guard easily molds to fit any tooth shape and mouth size
  • Precision Fitting Material: Provides optimal retention and Comfort
  • Maximum Teeth Protection: Thick Cushioning base to absorb shock
  • Safety Grade: BPA and Latex free highest quality material. NO COLOR additives used. This is a Clear Sport Mouth Guard
  • 2 PACK: Includes 2 Sport Mouth Guards. Also includes a FREE vented carrying case. Designed for all sports and athletes. Great for all sports including; Football, Soccer, Boxing, MMA, Basketball, Lacrosse, Muay Thai, Hockey, Weight Lifting, Wrestling, Jitsu, and Jiu Jitsu

Sports Mouth Guard by SISU, GO Minimalist Mouthguard for Basketball, Soccer, Baseball, Custom Fit for Youth/Adults, Royal Blue


  • Ultralight, essential-coverage mouthguard offers protection even when it’s not required, for sports like basketball, soccer, water polo, and baseball
  • Canine-to-canine coverage protects mouth where most injuries happen; crumple zones redistribute forces of impact for less guard-on-tooth pressure
  • Shorter than a conventional mouthguard, the ultrathin 1.6mm bite pad with perforations makes it easy to talk, breathe and drink without removing the guard, which contributes to better hygiene
  • Outlined bite pad for easy fitting; custom fit mouth guard is quickly and easily molded (and re-molded) in seconds with hot water
  • Premium dental protection for players age 11 and up, including adults; backed by manufacturer’s one-year limited $35,000 dental warranty

Oral Mart White/Pink Youth Mouth Guard for Kids - Youth Mouthguard for Karate, Flag Football, Martial Arts, Taekwondo, Boxing, Football, Rugby, BJJ, Muay Thai, Soccer, Hockey (with Free Case)


  • ✅ DIRECT FROM ORAL MART - Buy from a trusted brand in the U.S. with peace of mind. There is no need to choose which sellers to buy it from. We are the only seller and we back ourselves and we understand your needs! Easy to Mold! Comfortable to Wear! Follow the instruction and you will feel the differences!
  • ✅ SUPERIOR QUALITY (USA Flag & Vampire Fangs & 13 Best Colors) - Our dual-layer sports mouth guards give you the best customized fit (Inner Gel Layer) and the most superior impact resistance (Outer Impact layer). Our high quality materials are DIFFERENT! We spend years of testing to finalize the design and materials which are tailored to pro athletes or your youth future superstars.
  • ✅ ULTIMATE CUSTOMER SERVICE – Our sales manager sends you an instructional email to guide you on how to fit the mouth guard with step by step instruction, which is also on the back of the package. 100% Customer Satisfaction is our goal and we literally read all feedback, which helps us to keep improving our mouth guards to make each and every of our customers 100% satisfied.
  • ✅ BPA-FREE - Your kids safety is our ultimate goal. BPA Free! Latex Free! Phthalate Free! We Passed all Safety Test.100% Medical-Grade Materials. Super easy to follow and the adult & youth mouth guards give you maximum protection for flag football, karate, lacrosse, hockey, football, field hockey, rugby, roller derby, martial arts, MMA, boxing, sparring, BJJ, wrestling and other contact sports.
  • ✅ OUR PROMISE - We back ourselves and we understand sometimes it's hard for some parents to decide which size is right for your kids. Female adults with smaller mouth could go with youth size. Big boys with bigger mouth could go with adult size. Our promise to you is if you feel the other size could fit better for you or your kids after purchase, please let us know and we will send you a replacement or if you have any questions about the molding instructions, we are here to help!

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