Best Softball Radar Gun Reviews for 2022 [Expert Choices]

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Whether you’re a coach or a parent looking for the best radar gun for softball, you’ll want a device that is both accurate and easy to use, and when it comes to playing softball, having a good quality radar gun can really improve speed and technique.

The main purpose of a radar gun is to measure the speed of the ball and some of the best radar guns on the market will record down the results so you can keep an accurate overview of a player’s performance.

Our Top Picks 

Bushnell Velocity Speed Gun , Black
Bushnell Velocity Speed Gun , Black
Pocket Radar Ball Coach / Not Compatible with Pocket Radar App
Pocket Radar Ball Coach / Not Compatible with Pocket Radar App
Stalker Pro IIs Sports Radar - The only Hand-held Baseball Radar Gun That captures Ball Spin Rate in Real time - no delay and no estimations.
Stalker Pro IIs Sports Radar - The only Hand-held Baseball Radar Gun That captures Ball Spin Rate...
Pocket Radar Smart Coach / Compatible with Pocket Radar App
Pocket Radar Smart Coach / Compatible with Pocket Radar App
Pocket Radar Ball Coach/Pro-Level Speed Training Tool and Radar Gun with 57-Inch Tripod, Pocket-Sized Spring Tripod Mount, Battery Charger Pack and Cleaning Cloth Bundle (5 Items)
Pocket Radar Ball Coach/Pro-Level Speed Training Tool and Radar Gun with 57-Inch Tripod,...
Pocket Radar Ball Coach/Pro-Level Speed Training Tool & Radar Gun with Golf Tees Etc Lanyard Bundle
Pocket Radar Ball Coach/Pro-Level Speed Training Tool & Radar Gun with Golf Tees Etc Lanyard Bundle
Stalker Sport 2 Radar - Starter Package. Free UPS Ground Shipping is back. Your order ships directly from the Stalker Radar factory. Choose the brand that all of the Major League teams use - Stalker Sport Radar.
Stalker Sport 2 Radar - Starter Package. Free UPS Ground Shipping is back. Your order ships...
Stalker Sport 2 Radar - Scout Package. Free UPS Ground Shipping is back. Your order ships directly from the Stalker Radar factory. Choose the brand that all of the Major League teams use - Stalker Sport Radar.
Stalker Sport 2 Radar - Scout Package. Free UPS Ground Shipping is back. Your order ships...

Detail Features of Top 5 best softball radar gun – 2021

#1: Best Radar Gun for softball –  Bushnell Velocity Speed Gun

Are you searching for a softball speed gun or radar gun that is small and extremely efficient? If so, look no further. If you answered yes, the Bushnell Velocity Speed Gun is the most appropriate choice for you. The speed gun is not only beneficial to softball players, but also to those who participate in other sports that are similar.

Special features of the velocity speed gun

The Bushnell Velocity Speed Gun is equipped with some of the most advanced features available on the market. Some of these characteristics are as follows:

  • The speed gun is small and lightweight, making it one of the most portable tools you can carry to softball practice.
  • In addition, the speed gun is equipped with a well-designed handle that allows you to get precise readings.
  • The device is equipped with a bright LCD display for reading ball speeds and guaranteeing that you, as a coach, can view results immediately.


Bushnell Velocity Speed Gun has the following key specifications

  • The gun range is between 10 and 110 miles per hour.
  • The speed gun’s accuracy is one hundredth of a second.
  • The speed gun is covered by a two-year warranty.
  • It weighs 19 ounces in total..


Some of the advantages of Bushnell Velocity Speed Gun include the following.

  • The accuracy of the speed gun is superior to that of the majority of speed guns on the market.
  • It has a speed range of 10 to 200 miles per hour.
  • Tennis, softball, and baseball are just a few of the sports in which the speed gun may be utilized.
  • The speed gun is small and portable. It’s small and lightweight, so you can take it anywhere without sacrificing speed or accuracy.


Although the Bushnell Velocity Speed Gun is one of the most accurate speed guns available on the market, you must be in close proximity to the player in order to get precise results. If this is not the case, the speed gun has difficulty maintaining consistency in readings.

Why we recommend it as the best softball radar gun?

Some of the reasons why you should consider Bushnell Velocity Speed Gun include the following;

  • The speed gun is compact, and as a parent/coach, you can carry it to practice every day.
  • It is also one of the best-priced speed guns in the market for 

#2: Jugs Gun — Sports Radar Gun

The next item on the list comes from the JUGS group of companies. It is a very accurate and precise pistol that has been especially designed for the baseball and softball industries. With cutting-edge technology (such as digital signal processing), the Jugs pistol has an accuracy index of 0.5 miles per hour or less.

It measures in both miles per hour and kilometers per hour and can catch speeds ranging from 5 to 140 miles per hour. It has a range of 300 feet and may be used for long distances.

It also has a data connector for transferring data between computers.Several operating modes (which you can learn about HERE) are available to provide you with the greatest amount of flexibility and convenience. The rechargeable batteries take about 2 hours to charge and may last up to a week under regular, everyday use.

The fact that this pistol comes with a 2-year warranty says much about its high quality and pro-level durability!


  • Exceptionally accurate
  • It comes with an excellent guarantee.
  • Outstanding professional characteristics, as well as a great deal of adaptability
  • The battery life is incredible.


  • Not affordable for many minor league coaches

#3: Bushnell 101911 Velocity Speed Gun for Softball

It is the Bushnell 101911 Velocity Speed Gun that is unique in a number of ways. Design features such as this distinguish the speed gun as one of the best-designed radar guns available on the market. Check out the section below for a more in-depth analysis.

Special features

Besides having been developed by one of the most seasoned firms in the sports sector, the speed gun is unrivaled in terms of its performance, due to the following characteristics.

  • Because the speed gun features a pistol grip, it is the most comfortable speed gun to use during softball practice.
  • The Bushnell 101911 Velocity Speed Gun features a crisp and big LCD display, making it one of the largest in this niche market.
  • As a result, the speed gun is an excellent investment for your coaching sessions since the display is both quick and curative.


Bushnell 101911 Velocity Speed Gun offers the following specs in addition to the one-of-a-kind characteristics listed above.

  • The speed gun measures balls traveling at speeds ranging from 6-110 miles per hour, making it suitable for use in professional and junior practice sessions, as well as in competitions.
  • The Bushnell 101911 Velocity Speed Gun is a fantastic device with an average compromise of 1MPH, making it an excellent choice.


The Bushnell 101911 Velocity Speed Gun meets all of the criteria for becoming an excellent speed gun. The following are some of the benefits of purchasing and using a speed gun:

  • The pistol grip, which is made of high-quality materials, makes it simple to operate the speed gun.
  • The Bushnell 101911 Velocity Speed Gun is capable of dealing with a variety of ball ranges with little mistake.
  • The speed gun is a low-cost option.
  • The Bushnell 101911 Velocity Speed Gun is an excellent tool for a variety of sports in which it is necessary to measure the speed of balls.


Depending on your level of coaching expertise, using the speed gun may prove to be a difficult task. In certain instances, for example, you may encounter delays in picking up the ball, resulting in incorrect readings as a result.

Why should you buy it?

Despite the challenge outlined above, Bushnell 101911 Velocity Speed Gun is a good buy based on these reasons.

  • The Bushnell 101911 Velocity Speed Gun is built to last, and you won’t have to replace it after a few months if you use it properly.
  • The pistol form of the speed gun makes it an excellent weapon for softball practices as well as competitions.
  • The Bushnell 101911 Velocity Speed Gun is a low-cost option that, to some people’s surprise, has several useful features.

#4. Sports Sensors Glove Radar

Someone who is participating in a sport that necessitates the usage of a glove to catch a ball may want to consider this alternative. Baseball and softball are the first sports that spring to mind, but a hockey goaltender may also benefit from this technique.

Aside from that, the practicality of this glove radar will render it virtually ineffective in most situations. This is a fascinating piece of technology that demonstrates just how far we’ve come as a society. The sensor is nothing more than a set of strings that you attach to the exterior of the glove.This is beneficial for individuals who need immediate response and for those who do not have a large number of people available to assist in measuring the speed.

When it comes to helping pitchers decrease stress in their arms, it is a great tool since it helps them become more consistent from one throw to the next. And it would very certainly have the same effect on hockey players as well!

There are claims that it can measure at +/-1 mph in comparison to other more precise radars, and it is available at a very cheap and fair cost to you. You may have some concerns regarding its durability if it is accidentally struck or dropped, but for the price, you will get exactly what you paid for here!


  • When you are low on numbers, this is a very portable and simple tool to utilize.
  • Once again, a very reasonable price.
  • It aids in the development of regular habits and routines.


  • Other than for usage with gloves, this product is not recommended.
  • Not as precise as hand-held equipment, but still acceptable.

#5: Sports Sensors Swing Speed Radar Gun for Softball

The Sports Sensors Swing Speed Radar gun for Softball is powered by three AA batteries and measures swing speed and distance. In addition, the sensor is one of the few on the market that satisfies the FCC’s safety and security standards, which protect you and others around you. It is also important to note that the Sports Sensors Swing Speed Radar is an excellent speed gun for a variety of sports, including football.

Special features

A well-designed sports radar gun, the Sports Sensors Swing Speed Radar has the following unique characteristics that make it stand out from the competition.

  • Its small size makes Sports Sensors Swing Speed Radar a popular choice for softball practices, and it is an excellent addition to any softball practice setup.
  • The Sports Sensors Swing Speed Radar is also equipped with a well-designed grip, which allows you to get precise readings without the need of any additional equipment.
  • The LCD screen on the speed gun is well-designed, making it simple to read.
  • Finally, the Sports Sensors Swing Speed Radar is available in a variety of bright colors to provide greater visibility on the softball field during games.


Some of the specifications for Sports Sensors Swing Speed Radar include:

  • The speed radar is very precise, with error possibilities of less than one percent.
  • To operate properly, the speed radar requires three (3) AA batteries, which are easily obtained from a variety of sources.
  • The Sports Sensors Swing Speed Radar weighs 11 ounces and is designed for outdoor use.


Some of the advantages of using Sports Sensors Swing Speed Radar include:

  • Results-oriented professionals and softball fans will appreciate the accurate readings provided by this device.
  • Because the batteries may survive for more than two years, the speed radar is one of the most cost-effective pieces of equipment to maintain.
  • The speed radar has a great speed rage, making it a better option for all softball players than the previous model.
  • The speed radar is small and easy to transport.


The speed radar’s results may be incorrect depending on your softball and coaching expertise. Although the inaccuracy is due to use rather than production faults, it is nonetheless unacceptable to the public.

Why should you buy it?

Because of these factors, it would be great if you thought about investing in Sports Sensors Swing Speed Radar before proceeding.

  • Both newcomers and professional softball players will benefit from this very precise speed radar. 
  • A single pair of batteries may last for up to two years, making Sports Sensors Swing Speed Radar a more cost-effective option.
  • The speed radar is also compact in size, making it the ideal piece of softball training equipment.

Factors to Consider Before Purchasing a Radar Gun

Being precise about what you need from a softball speed gun can save you both time and money, and you will be able to choose the finest radar gun to meet your requirements.

There are many considerations to make, including the cost, mobility, and accuracy of the device. Here are a few pointers to help you get started:

Your Present Level

If you’re a coach, the skill level of your players will play a significant role in your decision to purchase a radar gun for softball or baseball. Depending on whether you are coaching high school baseball or little league baseball, variables such as velocity, speed range, and distance will differ.

One of the primary advantages of utilizing a speed gun is the ability to provide feedback in the moment – the more often you can do this with young or older athletes, the faster they will be able to increase their speed velocity and accelerate their development.


What is the cost of a radar gun? The cost of the finest softball radar gun varies greatly, but you should budget at least $100-$200 if you want to get the greatest value for your money. A low-cost radar gun for softball may still provide some advantages, but it will likely be less accurate and durable than a more expensive one.

If you’re on a limited budget, you may want to consider purchasing a used radar gun, but keep in mind that a cheap softball radar gun that has been abused may have some signs of wear and tear.

Read Reviews About a softball Radar Gun

The best softball radar gun should be purchased without wasting time trying out a variety of various models until you discover the perfect speed gun. Reading softball radar gun reviews may help you save a lot of time in this process, which will save you money in the long run.

Additionally, a softball radar gun review will break down all of the features and criteria of each speed gun so that you can make an informed decision based on your budget and requirements.

Take a Look at This!

Radar Gun Uses TIPS

Use a radar gun for baseball or softball

Pitchers are interested in obtaining an estimate of the maximum speed of a pitched ball. In addition, several radar guns designed especially for baseball and softball immediately show the ball’s maximum speed, and some devices can measure both ball speed when it is released and ball speed when it passes home plate. As an added bonus, the majority of baseball and softball radar guns can measure the throwing speed of fielders as well as the exit velocity of the ball after it has left the bat.

Use a radar gun for tennis

It is possible to measure the speed of a served ball using a radar gun, which is comparable to measuring the speed of a baseball or softball ball as it leaves the pitcher’s hand in baseball or softball. Often, the same kind of radar gun may be used for both activities, which saves money.

Use a radar gun for golf or hockey

The speed of a golf club head or a hockey stick may be measured to provide information to coaches about the effectiveness of a shot. Some of these radar guns are stationed on the ground and are directed directly at the point of contact. It is particularly convenient to have a radar gun that can save 25 to 50 readings in this situation since it eliminates the need to interrupt a practice session to jot down each reading. 

Use a radar gun with motorsports

If you can, get a radar gun that constantly monitors speed and will alert you if your car suddenly slows down. Alternatively, you could choose a radar gun that simply shows the maximum speed, which would be useful for straightaway racing or drag racing. The gun’s speed measuring range must be compatible with the vehicle’s speed range. Some radar guns have a maximum speed of 150 miles per hour, while others can measure speeds of 200 or 250 miles per hour or more.

What to Look for While Purchasing a Radar Gun for softball?

Before purchasing the best radar gun for softball pitching, it is a good idea to consider aspects such as the size, consistency, and what you want to use the radar gun for, since they may differ based on the kind of athlete and the level at which they compete.

In the same way that knowing this information ahead of time is beneficial when shopping for the best softball bag or the best softball sunglasses, it can never hurt to be prepared when shopping for a radar gun. After all, prices can vary and you should only invest in a product if it is truly beneficial to you and your needs.


While there are many different sizes of radar guns to select from, ranging from little softball radar guns to bigger speed gun types, the size of the device has nothing to do with how well it performs.

When it comes to size and style, it really comes down to how much you need to carry about with your softball speed gun and which kind of design you personally like.


When it comes to selecting the distance range of your softball radar gun, the first thing you should consider is what you want to use the device for. If you’re a coach, you’ll want a speed gun that has a greater distance range for major league softball players and a smaller distance range for minor league players, for example.


It is important to get a speed gun for softball and softball that is constant in its readings in order to be able to monitor and develop the players’ skills. This will prevent any confusing mistakes from occurring. Using the greatest radar gun will ensure that you get accurate results each and every time you use it.

Portability and Use

An additional important characteristic to look for in a radar gun is portability – you should invest in a softball speed gun that can be carried anywhere and that will not weigh you down when combined with all the other equipment you will need to carry for softball practice and games.

You should also examine what you want to use the radar gun for; for example, is it a radar gun for speed enforcement purposes? Alternatively, do you want a speed gun to help you improve your technique? Some speed radar guns have the capability of recording readings so that you may examine them later on in the session.

Accuracy Index

Softball radar guns with high accuracy readings are the ideal option for softball players. Since accuracy readings are the primary reason for purchasing a gun in the first place, this is not an area where you should cut corners.

The accuracy of a low-cost speed radar gun will not always be as good as that of a high-end radar gun when measuring the velocity speed per hour, but the best method to evaluate a radar gun is to compare its performance to that of other radar guns. As previously stated, reading reviews can also be an excellent method to evaluate how well a speed gun performs and how accurate it really is in real life.

Battery Life

If you want to purchase a radar gun, it is usually a good idea to find out what kind of batteries will be needed before making your purchase. Most radar guns use AAA/AA batteries, but it is also essential to know how long the batteries will last while the radar gun is in continuous mode.

If rechargeable batteries are compatible with your pitching radar gun, you may want to consider purchasing them in order to save money on the total cost of utilizing your radar gun during the season.

Speed Range

The speed range of a softball radar gun is typically between 5 and 150 mph; however, this may vary depending on whether you are a coach or a parent at the time. Coaches of senior athletes, such as high school players, will need a radar gun with a greater range, while younger coaches of minor league softball may get away with a radar gun with a somewhat lower range.

Why Use a Softball Radar Gun?

Player development in youth softball leagues includes a wide range of activities. While improving their power and technique, players must also learn to operate as a team and show discipline in their endeavors.Even for pitchers, pitching velocity is not the only factor to consider. Pitchers must learn how to maintain appropriate control and positioning.

They also have to cope with the psychological elements of the game, such as coping with worry and frustration, as well as the physical aspects.However, it is also true that pitching speed in softball is not inconsequential, particularly at the highest levels of fastpitch softball competition. A radar gun for softball pitching may give quantitative statistics on how fast your pitcher can throw, which is very useful. Knowing the pace of the pitch isn’t only for show; it’s also useful for predicting the outcome of a game.A coach may then instruct a pitcher to engage in drills and practice in order to improve, and the radar gun can demonstrate conclusively whether or not these exercises are really effective in increasing the pitcher’s ability to throw harder and quicker.

A radar gun for softball, on the other hand, isn’t only for pitchers to use; it can be used by anybody. Aside from hitters, these gadgets may also be utilized to assess and assist in the improvement of their performance.The exit velocity of the hit ball may be measured using a radar gun, and this can provide valuable information about how well a batter is making excellent contact with the ball.A coach may assist a player in improving his or her hitting mechanics and weight distribution, and improvements in the exit ball velocity can be used to determine whether or not the exercises are working.Due to the versatility of a radar gun, it may also assist in enhancing base theft techniques.

The radar gun can measure the acceleration and speed at which a player can run the base paths, and with this information, a coach may determine whether or not their base running exercises are having an impact on a player’s ability to run the bases.

Can I use the baseball speed gun/radar gun for softball and other sports?

The answer to the question of whether or not you can use a baseball speed gun for softball and other sports is a resounding yes. Baseball and other sports use the same amount of velocity, regardless of the size of the ball. As a result, you may use a single radar to detect speed in a variety of sports with ease.

There are a few things to keep in mind, however. For example, your position while measuring baseball speed is different from your position when evaluating speed in other sports. Take care to note the velocity correctly, no matter what sport you are participating in. The most important thing to remember while utilizing the sports radar is to be alert at all times.


As you can see, there are a plethora of choices available if you’re searching for a softball radar gun for sale.

Find the gadget that best meets your requirements and budget, and see how a seemingly little detail may result in significant gains in player softball performance!