Best T Ball Set for 4 years old Toddler Reviews for 2022 [Expert Picks]

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T Ball is arguably the best sport to introduce to your child, especially if you aspire to pick baseball, cricket, or softball. The sport is also fun for all children, especially when introduced early, thanks to simplified and less intricate rules. However, even with the simplification of the rules, the child needs an impressive set to enjoy the game. The set-up should also help them in improving their skills.

If you check online for the best T ball set for 4 years old, you are more likely to come across hundreds of options. While the availability of many brands has improved the quality of gear, it has created a lot of confusion. Also, some sets are from known companies while others are from generic and unknown brands.   Best T Ball Set for 4 years old

Top 5 Pick Toddler T Ball Set Comparison Table

T ball setIdeal for newbies?Ideal for experienced players?Does it have adjustable features?Does it have an MLB sticker?
Little tikes t-ball set with five balls YesYesYesYes
Franklin Sports kids baseball tee setYesYesYesYes
MESIXI t-ball set for toddlersNoYesYesNo
Rawlings ball starter kit YesNoYesYes
CeleMoon t-ball set YesYesYesYes


Top 5 Best T-Ball Set For 4-Year-Old Toddler

If you are interested in introducing your 4-year-old to t-ball or other related sports, you should get a set. The t-ball set is ideal for two reasons. First, it gives the young one a better introduction to the sports regarding hitting and handling pressure. Second, the sets are vital for players whose parents have no prior experience in the sport, thanks to the structure and accessories.

However, there are many brands making t-ball sets. Some are expensive while others are cheap. However, price should be the least determiner when shopping for any accessory. Here are the top best t-ball sets for your child.

#1: Little tikes t-ball set with five balls 

Are you looking for an at-ball set with impressive features but still affordable? If yes, the Little tikes t-ball set is the best option for you. Besides being one of the best options for newbies, the set is ideal for other t-ball players with experience in the game. The overall design, for example, has adjustable features such as height for better hitting.

Apart from its overall design, the Little tikes t-ball set is ideal for developing young ones. For example, one can learn essential skills such as eye coordination, batting skills, and motor skills. These lessons are only possible when one uses this set. Little Tikes T-Ball Set (Red)


The key advantages of the Little tikes t-ball set include:

  • It is ideal for experienced and newbies
  • The set is durable
  • All its features are adjustable
  • The set-up is easy to use
  • It is easy to store the set


  • The materials used are mainly plastic

Why should you buy the Little tikes t-ball set?

Besides being made from plastic, the Little tikes t-ball set is worth your money for two reasons. First, it is one of the best sets regarding usage. Your child does not need prior experience to use the set. Second, the construction of the accessory is unmatched. The adjustable features make the Little tikes t-ball set an ideal buy for children growing faster.

#2: Franklin Sports kids baseball tee set

The Franklin Sports kids baseball tee set is without a doubt one of the best-designed sets for your 4-year-old. It has an adjustable stand as well as a bat. Besides the flexible features, it is also one of the attractive options on this list. While it is unlikely to find colorful units, this Franklin Sports kids baseball tee set is an exception.

Apart from the overall construction and design, it comes as a complete set. The pop-a-pitch machines, for example, make it a full buy for parents. The collapsible bat is also a great addition to the set-up. Finally, you will find baseballs in the box. Franklin Sports Kids Baseball Tee


The key advantages of the Franklin Sports kids baseball tee set include:

  • The set has baseballs and a plastic bat
  • It is adjustable
  • It looks colorful
  • The set is ideal for all hitters
  • It has an MLB sticker


  • It may not be as durable as other options

Why should you buy the Franklin Sports kids baseball tee set?

The set is a perfect investment because of the following two reasons.  First, it is a complete set. You will get baseballs and a plastic bat. The added accessories make the set-up reasonably priced. Second, the set-up is MLB certified. The certification means that all the features are per the league regulations.

#3: MESIXI t-ball set for toddlers

The MESIXI t-ball set for toddlers is a perfect buy for players with a bit of experience in the sport. While newbies may still find the set perfect, features such as the batting target make it ideal for players with experience. Besides the complexity of the set, it is arguably the best-built unit on this list.

First, the accessories in the box are unmatched in terms of quality and usability. The bonus glove, for example, makes using this set a better experience, especially for players who may not have an assistant in their training sessions. Other than that, the set has many fun and educational purposes for the 4-year-old t-ballplayer. T-Ball Set for Toddlers


The main advantages of the MESIXI t-ball set for toddlers include:

  • The set is durable
  • It is ideal for experienced t-ballplayers
  • The set-up contains eight balls
  • It comes with bonus accessories
  • The set-up has a warranty


  • The plastic materials used to make it look and feel cheap

Why should you buy the MESIXI t-ball set for toddlers?

You should consider the MESIXI t-ball set for toddlers for two reasons. First, the added accessories make it a complete set for experienced players. Second, while it may feel cheap due to the choice of plastic, the set is durable. In addition, it is one of the few options that can withstand constant mishits.

#4: Rawlings ball starter kit – glove, bat & bag set

The Rawlings t-ball starter kit is a perfect option for parents introducing the sport to their children. As the name suggests, the kit comes with basic elements, simplifying some essential things such as batting and timing. Also, it is perfect for understanding basic things such as eye coordination and motor skills. For the newbie, these lessons are vital as they kick start their journey in the sport.

The kit also has an impressive design. While some sets for beginners are basic in terms of the overall construction, Rawlings t-ball starter kit has some bridging-edge specs. For example, the adjustable features help the young players find their sweet spot regarding features. Rawlings Tball Starter Kit


The main advantages of Rawlings t-ball starter kit include:

  • It has some bonus accessories
  • The design is futuristic
  • It is durable
  • The set comes with a warranty
  • It is ideal for all hitters


  • Plastic construction may look cheap to some users.

Why should you buy the Rawlings t-ball starter?

You should consider the Rawlings t-ball starter set because of two key reasons. First, it is a perfect set for newbies who have never played the sport. The simplicity of the design will make your 4-year-old child love the sport. Second, the Rawlings t-ball starter set is adjustable and, therefore, easy to use. The young player will only need to find the correct settings that work for them instead of working with constant measurements.

#5: CeleMoon Kids Foam T-Ball Baseball Set

Are you looking for a tball set with soft foam material for added safety features? The CeleMoon t-ball set is what you need. The child will not be hit by hard baseball, which is common. Besides the foam material, the set-up is lightweight. Regardless of your child’s strength, it is easy to carry the set-up when practicing without an adult’s assistance.

Besides the choice of materials and the safety features, the CeleMoon set-up is washable and easy to clean. Thanks to cleaning it after every training session, it is possible to retain a high level of cleanliness, avoiding illness associated with dirt.

Kids Foam T-Ball Baseball Set


The advantages of the CeleMoon t-ball set are many. Some of the main exceptional features include:

  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to use
  • It is durable
  • The set-up meets all the MLB guidelines
  • Perfect for newbies and experienced players


  • It is relatively expensive compared to some alternatives.

Why should you buy the CeleMoon t-ball set?

Away from pricing, the set-up is an ideal buy because of several reasons. For example, it has adjustable features perfect for players intending to use it for months or years. In addition, the accessory is an ideal buy for parents that value cleanliness. The foam makes it possible to clean the CeleMoon t-ball set after every session.


Top 5 Tee Ball Glove for 4-year-old 

In t-ball, a glove is one of the key accessories. But, unlike other accessories, there are many similarities between the t-ball glove with the ones professionals use in league games. So, the compromises are minimal in terms of design and materials used.

Even with minimal compromises, not all gloves are worth your money. Some brands, for example, may be snuggly and loose. Fortunately, all the five gloves outlined below fit correctly and are comfortable. In addition, the materials used are exquisite, making all the options highlighted below durable.


#1: Rawlings Youth Tball/Baseball Gloves

Are you looking for a glove that is perfect for all positions? If yes, this Rawlings glove is all you need. Regardless of whether the young player has played before or not, the glove gives them one of the best experiences. The main reason for the better experience is the lightweight design. The Rawlings design is also a key element in this glove. In addition, the company has made some of the best ball-playing accessories over the years, this glove included.

Besides the impressive features, this glove is durable, both for playing league games and practicing. While it may have some compromises, such as not fitting in some hands, it is a decent buy for all players. Rawlings Players Series Youth Tball Glove


Some of the advantages of investing in Rawlings glove include:

  • Durability is unmatched
  • The glove is light
  • It has a web pattern with soft and shell interior
  • The glove is perfect for beginners
  • Rawlings glove is ideal for all positions


  • It may not fit in some hands, causing minor discomfort

Why buy the Rawlings glove?

The glove is an exceptional buy because of its design. The design of the Rawlings glove makes it one of the best options for players. Features such as the materials and the finishing make the glove a perfect buy. In addition to its impressive design, the glove is durable and therefore an ideal purchase.

#2: Franklin Sports Teeball Glove

Franklin glove is an ideal option for young players trying out t-ball. First, it is soft and lightweight with impressive mesh construction. Second, the set is also suitable for players who want accessories with zero preparations when one wants to play. Finally, you do not need to know how to break in a glove to use it.

Besides the impressive specs, the glove has some of the best features. For example, the hand-formed pocket is comfortable for children. Also, it comes with a ball, especially if you are interested in playing indoors after the everyday practice.

Franklin Sports Teeball Glove


The main reasons why you should pick this glove to include:

  • The glove is durable
  • It feels great to use it
  • The glove’s design is unmatched
  • The glove comes with a ball


  • The pocket is not at par with other key features.

Why should you get a Franklin Sports Teeball Glove?

The glove is a must-have item because of the user experience. The experience on the Franklin glove is one of the best, especially the beginners. Unlike other popular brands, which are heavy, it is light. Besides the weight, the glove fits in most hands. These two features make playing with the glove unmatched.

#3: Easton Scout Flex Youth Baseball Glove

The Easton Scout glove is one of the best-made gloves on this list, based on materials and finishing. For example, the glove has hog hide leather, one of the softest options in the market. Also, the construction is unmatched, making the glove durable and worth the investment.

Besides the bleeding-edge specs, the Easton Scout glove has an impressive pocket closure. Thanks to the flex notch system, the young baseball or t ball player will have an easy time catching and releasing the ball, regardless of their experience. Easton Scout Flex Youth Baseball Glove


The main advantages why you should invest in the Easton Scout glove and not others include:

  • The glove is durable
  • It has a better pocket closure
  • The interior of the glove is soft
  • It is ideal for all positions
  • The glove is ideal for experienced and new players


  • It is expensive than most options

Why should you buy the Easton Scout glove?

There are two reasons why you should consider the Easton Scout glove. First, it is a well-designed glove for both experienced and newbies. Second, the finishing and choice of materials make the glove a premium option. Even though it is more expensive than some options, it will take your child a complete season.

#4: Franklin Sports Air Tech Tee Ball Glove

The Franklin sports tee ball glove is one of the latest additions to the company’s extensive sports collection. Unlike its previous units, the new sports version is colorful and attractive, especially for young players interested in baseball and tee-ball. In addition, while the glove is only for pitchers instead of having a universal design, it fits perfectly.

Besides the design and the brand name, the glove is one of the softest options in the market. The soft mesh construction makes it ideal for young players with soft hands. The glove is also lightweight. The weight aspect makes it perfect, especially if a player has never played any sports before this moment. Lightweight Foam Fielding Glove


The key advantages of the Franklin tee ball glove include:

  • The glove is light
  • It has a soft texture – inside and outside
  • The glove is colorful and attractive
  • It fits perfectly on all hand sizes
  • The glove is durable


  • It is only perfect for pitchers

Why should you buy Franklin’s sports gloves?

The glove is a must-hand item for your child because of two reasons. First, the construction makes it one of the best-looking gloves, making your child fall in love with the sport. Second, the choice of materials makes it soft and light. The two specs are unmatched, especially when introducing baseball and tee-ball to the 4-year-old.


#5: FerDIM Baseball Glove

The FerDIM glove is an exceptional buy for parents with children transitioning from basic to more competitive baseball and t ball. Unlike most of the gloves highlighted on this list, the brand is more sophisticated in design and materials.

Besides the glove’s choice of materials, the FerDIM is an exceptional buy in terms of comfort. Since the main goal is to be as competitive as possible, the glove fits well, giving the player more room to make better catches. While it may not fit some hands properly, it is worth checking. FerDIM Baseball Glove for Kids


The main advantages of the FerDIM glove include:

  • It is ideal for experienced players
  • The design is stylish
  • It is durable and soft
  • The glove has a better pocket


  • The glove may not fit smaller hands

Why should you buy the FerDIM glove?

The glove is a unique accessory for your child because of two reasons. First, it is a perfect investment for a player who knows baseball or t ball basics. Second, the design makes the glove comfortable, regardless of the playing position.


The Top 2 Batting Tee Set for 4-year-old

Getting the best batting tee set for a 4-year-old player is the best way to introduce them to tee-ball. Thanks to the massive demand for the sets, major sporting companies have invested in different units for different players. While there are many approaches to getting the right set, it is wise to pay attention to two aspects.

First, any ideal set should be durable. Since it is their first time playing the game, they are more likely to make mistakes while hitting, which may eventually lead to more mis-hits. Second, you should get a flexible set. The flexibility helps during training as the young player can adjust the settings to suit their hitting routine.

#1: Franklin Sports Kids TeeBall batting tee

Are you looking for a batting tee that is adjustable and perfect for a kid? If yes, the Franklin batting tee, MLB 2-in-1, is an ideal buy for you. The kid can adjust it as they grow taller and experienced. While it has few specs compared to the young batting tee by the company, it amazingly simplifies t-ball. For example, the kid does not need to know the sport to enjoy using the batting tee.

The choice of materials also makes the batting tee one of the best options. Since the child is more likely to miss some hits and hit the batting tee, the mainframe can take the mishits. Lack of deforms as a result of mishits makes the unit a must-buy set for any parent. Franklin Sports Kids Teeball and Baseball Batting Tee


The main advantage of the Franklin Sports Kids TeeBall batting tee include:

  • It has an adjustable frame
  • The materials used are firm and durable
  • It is perfect for newbies
  • The set has MLB certification
  • It is durable


  • The batting tee is not the best option for experienced players

Why should you buy the Franklin Sports Kids TeeBall batting tee?

Besides the features highlighted above, the batting tee is a perfect buy because of the following reasons. First, it is customized for newbies who have never played in any league. Second, the adjustability feature makes it the best buy for children growing faster and may need more freedom when practicing for the t ball matches.


#2: Franklin Sports MLB Tee Foam Set

The Franklin Tee set is an ideal buy for beginners looking for a unit with a flexible design. Thanks to its overall design, it absorbs momentum better than most options. The set also prevents the tee from the usual falling over. The falling over often happens when the player is learning how the set works.

Besides the flexibility, the tee foam set has an adjustable height. You can adjust the height from 23″ to 33″, which is ideal for a young player. Regardless of your preferred height, the tee foam set has an easy twist, and more importantly, it has a feature to lock the height to a specific value. Franklin Sports MLB XT Youth Batting Tee Foam Set


The main advantages of the tee foam set include:

  • It is ideal for beginners
  • The set has an adjustable height
  • It is perfect for big hits
  • The set has the MLB (license) mark
  • It has more colors


  • It is not ideal for experienced tee ballplayers

Why should you buy the hitting tee?

The set is worth your money because of the following reasons:

  1. It is a perfect buy for beginners who have never used a tee-ball set before.
  2. The unit has an adjustable height, which is easy to lock once you have found the ‘sweet spot.
  3. It is one of the few sets with the MLB (license) mark.

How to choose the best t-ball set for a 4-year-old 

Unlike professionals and semi-professional players, a 4-year-old is starting as a player. Therefore, it is advisable to be keen when buying the set. Some of the things to consider when purchasing a kit include:


Comfort is one of the first key things to consider when buying a kit for a 4-year-old. Unlike a professional player, a young boy/girl cannot withhold extensive pressure. Since there are many aspects of comfort, it is advisable to go for a set with a combined comfort feature instead of one that over-emphasizes only a few features.

The materials used

Unlike professional baseball and cricket, the choice of materials in T Ball depends on the manufacturers. Different leagues allow players to use different sporting accessories with different materials. Thanks to this freedom, you can buy accessories with different materials.

However, when investing in a set for a 4-year-old player, you should go for the one with lighter materials. Aluminum alloy, for example, has unmatched weight. In addition, the same material choice is durable, regardless of which position or how often one plays with a certain set item.

The brand

Even though many generic brands have impressive sets, it is advisable to buy items from renowned companies. The selected brands are special in two ways. First, they have specific warranty offerings. Second, the known brands have a known record in designing and making T Ball accessories.

If you are uncertain about which brand to buy, there are items highlighted above. All the set items in the above lists are durable and, more importantly, ideal for a 4-year-old player.


The price of a set is a key factor when investing in one. However, there is a twist in this factor compared to other factors. For example, not all cheap sets are less in terms of quality. The same case applies to expensive sets. The golden rule is to match the price with the features.

If you get an expensive set with impressive features and guarantee longevity, invest in it. Also, if you get a relatively below the price but have impressive features, buy it.

Check the past reviews.

Thanks to the eCommerce sites’ policy of displaying customers’ opinions, it is easy to judge a specific T Ball set before buying it. Therefore, if the reviews are impressive, it is safe to buy the items instead of a set with many negative reviews.

Alternatively, you can get information from trusted sources such as us. Every item reviewed above has been used by our independent reviewers, giving honest reviews.


The last aspect to consider when shopping for a T Ball set for your 4-year-old is the specs. Unlike other professional sports, the specs of a set may influence their performances in league games and practice.

Some of the specs to be keen on include the bat length and drop weight. The perfect balance between the two aspects helps the child achieve more and love the sport. Also, the bats, for example, must have the correct weight to avoid overworking the 4-year-old.


Tee-ball bat size for 4-year-old 

Unlike professional and semi-professional players, a 4-year-old needs a specific bat to play effectively. Therefore, the lighter and effective the bat is, the better for the young player. Unfortunately, there are many misconceptions about the correct bat size for your child.

So, what is the right tee ball bat size for your 4-year-old? There are many factors to consider when determining the correct bat size for your young player. For example, their height and strength are the two essential considerations. Also, league guidelines play a considerable role. Some leagues have specifics on the bats.

The key elements you should pay attention to when shopping for the right tee ball bat size include:

The bat weight

The bat weight is the first consideration when shopping for the proper bat size. While there are many parameters in getting the right size, it is vital to know that the correct measurement unit is an ounce.

How do you get the right bat weight for a 4-year-old? The importance of a bat should correspond to its height in inches. For example, a 26″ player should play with a bat weighing 8.0 ounces. The same case applies to a 28″ player who should play with an 8.5 oz bat. In shoer, the taller the player, the heavier the bat.

Bat length

Bat length is how long it is from the handle to the other tip. Again, since the player is only four years, the size should be less compared to some other cases where the player is playing in a professional league.

There are two ways to get the correct bat length when buying one.

Option #1: Gauge the bat against a chart

There are many charts on the bat lengths. If your child is playing in a league, you can ask the coach or any official to give you the updated chart. In most cases, this method of calculating the right bat length is based on estimations.

Option #2: Use your arm length to measure the bat

Using your arm to know whether the bat is the correct one for the young tee ballplayer is the most popular option. Unlike chats, the method is easy to use, especially for players with shorter arms or extra long ones.

To see whether the bat is the correct measurement, place the bat on your chest. If the fingers can touch the other side of the bat, then the bat is ideal for you. However, if you cannot touch the other side of the bat when the knob is on the centre of your chest, you need to look for another bat as it is shorter or longer.

Bat drop

While the other parameters are accurate, getting the right bat drop for your 4-year-old is the best way to get the right bat size for them. This is because the parameter takes the length and weight into consideration.

To get the bat drop value of any brand, you subtract the length from the weight. For example, if the bat weighs 18oz and the bat length is 29 inches, the drop value is -12.

For younger players, for example, a 4-year-old, the value should be higher. A drop of -12 is all the player needs to play better in the league and friendly games in an ideal situation.


People Also ask – FAQs

Which is the best t ball set brand for a 4-year-old player? 

Unlike 20 years ago, there are many great brands making t ball accessories. Some are synonymous with quality items, while others are known for their prices. Due to their different approaches in making accessories, the definition of the best t ball brand boils down to one’s preference.

However, some brands are making exceptional sets. All the brands highlighted above in each category have a tradition of making decent sets. Also, most of the brands highlighted are synonymous with giving customers decent warranty offers on the purchased goods.

What factors should I look at when buying a set for a 4-year-old?

Checking for the specs when buying t ball sets is one of the best ways to get good items. However, it is interesting to note that it is hard to find a perfect set to lack any compromise. So, when buying a set, pay attention to these factors.

Any ideal set should be adjustable because kids grow faster. Also, the set in question should be reasonably priced, especially concerning other similar options. Finally, check the brand’s name. Even though you may get a decent set from an unknown brand, it is advisable to go with the known brands.

At what age do you start Tball?

Since Tball is an entry-level sport for players interested in baseball, softball, and cricket, one can start as early as four years. At this age, one can follow simple instructions such as hitting and swinging the ball. Besides following simple instructions, the child can hold the bat well or catch the ball faster.

However, there are a few pointers when introducing the 4-year-old to Tball. First, you should get the right playing accessories. For example, the bat should be light and effective. Second, you should give the child some pointers on what the game entails regarding the dos and the don’ts.

What do kids need for Tball?

Once you have decided to introduce the sport to them, there are few requirements. The needs are classified into two categories: tactical and material requirements. It is also important to know that kids need different levels of attention, depending on their experience.

For the accessories, it is advisable to get the best available seats. The main reason for getting the best available accessories is to give the child a soft landing into the sport. On the other hand, you should know some Tball rules when introducing them to the sport. If you do not have any prior knowledge, read Tball blogs such as this one.

What size bat should a 4-year-old use?

Since the bat is the most used accessory in Tball and other related sports, you should pay attention to the bat. While there are many approaches to buying bats for young players, a 4-year-old player needs a specific bat, especially considering they are younger and cannot swing a heavy bat.

First, the bat should be between 26 inches and 30 inches. The length is perfect regardless of their playing position. Second, it is advisable to invest in a lighter boat. Luckily, many brands make lighter bats for young players.

Final Recommendation 

Getting the ideal t ball set for your 4-year-old child is the best thing to do as a parent. However, buying an average set may not be ideal, especially when you are trying to introduce them to baseball or t ball. Luckily, all the sets highlighted above are unmatched in many aspects. Besides being perfect for newbies and experienced players, they are all made and designed by known companies.

Since different players have different needs, it is advisable to be specific during purchasing. For example, some sets may have adjustable features, which are ideal for growing bigger or taller children. The same case applies to some sets with specific measurements, which may work for players who have found a specific niche or playing position.