Best Wood Bats for Youth Reviews of 2022 [High Rated Products]

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In this post, we have gathered evaluations of the top 11 best 2021 wood bats for youth. After extensive study, testing and feedback, we selected these bats.

If you’re searching for a good wood bat, the reviews and the short guide below may help you decide.

Best Wood Bats for Youth

Top 11 Best Wood Bats For Youth of 2021

#1: BARNETT BB-W Wooden Baseball Bat

The Barnett BB-W is a composite bat which is more league-oriented than a league-oriented one and is best utilized by beginners who want to learn to hit a wood bat or kids.

You should use this bat with softer balls.BARNETT BB-W Wooden Bat

General Specifications

The BB-W is available in 4 sizes, 25 inches, 28 inches, 30 inches and 32 inches.

It has a smaller barrel than other fats, so it is ideal for kids with tiny hands to assist them swing a wood bat.

Make and Feel

The BB-W means the bat is somewhat durable rather than a bare basic wood and you don’t have to worry much about striking the ball with the grain.

Different sizes imply that you may find a bat longitude for younger children.


#2: Easton MAKO -9 Ash Youth Wood Baseball Bat

Easton is without a doubt the world’s premier baseball maker and is renowned for its quality and longevity. I used several Easton Bats personally and was extremely pleased with their performance. Easton’s Mako Ash Bat, too, is one of its finest wood bats and perhaps the most balanced baseball bat for young players in this whole list.

Hand-crafted using the North American Ash, the Mako is a lightweight bat that gently bends and improves the gap. Built with a balanced speed design, young players may easily go from aluminum bats and composite bats to wood bats. It has a 7/8″ handle, leather knob label and a graved laser barrel with cupped ends that completes the substantial appearance and provides the feeling of firmness.Easton MAKO -9 Ash Youth Wood Baseball Bat

The length/weight ratio of this wood bat is ranging from -7 to -10, making it an excellent option for young players. Thanks to the balanced distribution of weight and the lightweight design, young players can swing quickly and feel pro-hitting. For young players seeking for a wooden transition, I suggest this bat.


  • Well balanced bat
  • Easy to swing
  • -7 to -10 length-to-weight ratio
  • Laser barrel graved with a cupped end


  • External grip may be necessary


#3: Louisville Slugger 125 Maple Youth Bat

The Youth 125 Maple is a cheap bat especially built for little hands. The maple utilized for these bats gives you a high surface hardness and is less vulnerable to flattening.Louisville Slugger Youth 125 Maple Genuine Unfinished Baseball Bat

General Specifications

The 125 Maple is adapted to suitable youth requirements. It is decorated in a divided design with a painted barrel and a left handle as a natural wood colour. The label is laser graded directly into the barrel so that you can tell which side of the bat you are going to hit with. This bat is available in four lengths, from 27 and 31 centimeters in length.

Make and Feel

The Genuine 125 is a cheap-priced bat, but that does not imply that quality is poor. Maple makes the bat extremely durable and with its length somewhat higher than Ash, it is sufficiently balanced to maintain excellent control over the swing zone.


#4: Louisville Slugger 2020 MLB Prime Wood Bat

Maple C271 is one of the most popular Louisville Slugger models you will discover. It is the number one place on the market as the finest wood bat. It is clearly a 271 turn, which implies it may provide durability and flexibility.

Louisville touts the usage of “MLB grade wood,” the highest three per cent of the maple collected. This testifies to the durability of the C271. Louisville also massaged the bat to tighten its pores and densify the bat.Louisville Slugger 2020 MLB Prime Wood Bat

The C271 is a good model for young wood bat leagues as well as high school wood bat leagues.

  • Wood: MLB Maple
  • Turning Model: C271
  • Swing Weight: Most Balanced (1)
  • Features EXOPRO finish – twice as hard as previous finish
  • MLB Ink Dot; Bone-Rubbed; Cupped; Color: Fade – Deep Flame to Distressed Black; Seamless Decals


#5: Rawlings Velo Ash Y62AV Youth Baseball Bat

Founded in 1887, Rawlings Sporting Goods is a specialist in the production of baseball apparel and equipment such as gloves, bats, balls, protective equipment, helmets, etc. It is one of the top baseball brands and is renowned for its high quality and long lasting performance. Rawlings Velo Ash Youth Bat is one of the finest wood bats for young players built to provide a rapid balanced swing.Rawlings Velo Ash Y62AV Youth Baseball Bat

The Velo is made of Ash, the robustest wood available, and tends to bend more than other wood varieties, making your body sweeter, bigger and more forgiving. The bat comes with an innovative Vulcan polymer bat grip that reduces sting and facilitates transmission of power. It also has a -7.5 drop, which makes swinging very light and comfortable without sacrificing power.

I loved how balanced the weight of the bat is and I saw several young players hitting farther than normal in testing performance. The bat provides excellent swinging and control while the Vulcan grip is good for improving comfort, reducing punching and improving overall performance.


  • Polymer volcanic grip lessens the pinch
  • Provides quick swing and excellent control
  • Most lightweight
  • A medium barrel makes hitting simple.
  • Made from Ash with excellent flexibility


  • May feel too slender


#6: Louisville Slugger 225 Ash Hornsby Youth Bat

Ash bats are by far the lightest wood bats and the strongest kind of bats that you may pick.

They tend to have a larger grain structure than other woods, which helps to make them seem softer and because of their low weight, you may strive to speed up swing.

Youth bats are very lightweight and have a higher flexibility, which makes a sweet place more bigger and more forgiving.Youth 225 Ash Hornsby Baseball Bat

General Specifications

The Youth 255 turns to a youth model, so it’s ideal for younger hands and a big bat to go from BBCOR aluminum bats to a hardwood bat.

The Youth 255 Hornsby comes in a striking maroon/red color and stick out among the more typical natural wood or black bats.

The 255 is available in five bat lengths, 27 to 31 inches long.

Make and Feel

Louisville Slugger bats are constructed of Ashwood’s finest cut and have become very demanding.

This is a little bit of a loaded end bat that may help you build a bat swing but the overall weight of the bat is excellent, even when the bat is loaded.

A nice sweet spot helps provide a good drive.


#7: Marucci Youth CU26 Pro Maple Black Wood Baseball Bat

The Marucci Bat Company is one of the top quality producers of baseball bat. It employs the same heritage and exact technology as the previous bat businesses. Marucci says that every bat she makes is hand carved, sized, balanced, polished and lacquered. A result of these complex procedures and an ideal option for young players beginning with wood bats is also the Marucci CU26 Baseball Youth Bat wood. You can Check also Best Baseball Bats Under 300 Reviews for 2022 [Top Quality Picks]..

Handmade with premium maple wood, the CU26 youngster model gives children a wonderful feel. With a weight ratio of about -5 to -8, the wood bat is a suitable weight for children and enables them to wield it effectively. The bat has a total balanced swing weight and is made using a bone rubbing method that closes pores to compress and strengthens the wood. The barrel is 2 1⁄4 inches in diameter and is an excellent wood bat for contact and power batters.Youth CU26 Pro Maple Black Wood Baseball Bat

Even the end is pro cupped, improving the total weight distribution and making it easy for the players to stroke the bat. All in all, this bat is a real pro model for young players. It is also ideal for training and can easily be used to assist young players get accustomed to wood bats.


  • Good ratio of length to weight
  • Balanced weight of swing Pro Cupped finish
  • Excellent for hitters and contacts
  • Great for youngster training


#8: Marucci CU26 Pro Model Maple Wood Baseball Bat

The CU26 is Marucci’s excellent bat. It’s named after Chase Utley, so it was around a long ago. It’s a trustworthy maple bat, players come back and forth. The CU26 comes in a model for adults and young people.

We have spoken to athletes who have used the same bat without any problems for many seasons. Some gamers claimed it’s a little more loaded end than they like. It’s a big sweet spot that sends the ball soaring.Marucci CU26

The Marucci CU26 Pro Model wood bat is built with the contact hitter in mind and precisely balanced for full control. The thinner handle and the long barrel provide a higher bat speed which is the basis of a consistent gap-to-gap hitter who is often not scared to leave the yard.

When it comes to wood bats, a mention of Marucci’s options is not complete. The business is renowned for producing classic wood bats that look beautiful and function really well. Marucci’s Youth CU26 Pro is no different.

This bat is made of high grade maple wood. In comparison to other wood types like ash, maple has a better ability to strike. Each CU26 Pro bat is made of wood and gives it its unique feel and appearance. Each bat is scraped with bone to achieve optimum wood density.

The bat has a diameter of 2 1/4 inches in a barrel. The barrel is complemented with a slender handle that allows players to grip strongly. So if you want your young person to have both looks and performance, this bat is a wonderful option. Fully finished in black with a clean white logo and embellishments, the bat is available in 27 cm, 29 cm, 30 cm and 31 cm long.


#9: BamBooBat Handle Natural/Barrel Youth

This bat has no fantastic name, yet it nevertheless provides excellent quality. This is the only model of bamboo on our list. As already stated, bamboo provides high durability without excessive weight gain.

It should be noted that BamBooBat has a variety of models that are basically identical. The fact that a 100% bamboo model and a bamboo/maple composite bat are there is one thing that impresses us. We also want the younger model to have the same bat with a shorter length and a lower weight.BamBooBat Handle Natural/Barrel Youth

We like the bamboo model somewhat, but either choice can’t be incorrect. The players claim this bat is more popular than they anticipated.

Bamboo does not have the same spin as other woods. BBB screws their bat with a matte surface to improve its durability. The matte has also been applied to assist generate a spin on the ball. This spin helps to enhance the ball’s distance.

Bamboo is a considerably cheaper material than other of the options. BamBooBat passes you the savings. This model is one of the finest inexpensive wood bats on the market.


#10: X Bats Pro Model Youth Wood Baseball Bat

Another young bat that has reached our list is the X Bats Pro Model 98Y. This bat is completely made of maple wood which provides its distinctive strength and durability.Pro Model Youth Wood Baseball Bat

X Bats are built with a lengthy barrel of this bat. The longer barrel guarantees that a bigger sweet spot allows young players to strike the approaching baseball more precisely. The body and profile of the fleece are nicely harmonized. This allows players to manage the momentum of swing and improves their hitting precision on the plate.

This bat is ideal for young players who alternate between wood bats and aluminum bats. It features a 2 1/4 inch barrel diameter and a 15/16 inch handle diameter. The bat is offered in 28-inch, 29-inch, 30-inch and 31-inch length.


#11: MPowered MFUZD Wood Baseball Bat

The creative team M Powered has designed a Carbon Fiber-Kevlar wrap for a birchflake in the region which is most likely to shatter.

The diameter of the barrel of this juvenile bat is 2.5 cm and the total length of this wood bat is 31 cm.

Its average decrease (length to weight ration) is 3-5 and its pop is excellent and extremely balanced while swinging.

This kid wood baseball bat includes a 60-day M powered baseball manufacturer’s handle break guarantee.MPowered MFUZD Wood Baseball Bat

Bat Specs

  • Barrel Diameter: 2 1/2
  • Barrel Material: Untreated raw Birch
  • Handle Material:Carbon fiber and KEVLAR overlay
  • Drop: 3-5
  • Available Sizes: 31 inches
  • Warranty: 90 Days Warranty for handle breakage.

What I Like?

As far as I have seen, baseball bats intended for young people are not particularly robust, but this bat is specially designed to be durable.

Everything else is just decent, nothing can be complained about. The weight is good and balanced.

The material of this wood bat is raw and untreated birch that enables you to treat it yourself.

What I don’t like?

It’s not so good and it’s not so terrible, it’s simply an ordinary wood bat.

The guarantee on this wood bat only covers a break in your handle, therefore it cannot be replaced if you break or fracture the barrel.


Wood Bats Buying Guide For Youth

Lightweight (Bat Speed)

When it comes to kids wood bat, weight is one of the most important aspects. Young players don’t want to work hard; they simply want to enjoy the game instead. Swinging heavy wood bats may demotivate them and lose interest in the game, therefore it is essential that you select a lightweight, easier to swing, higher bat speed and simple to use, rather than work.

For this reason, aluminum and composite bats are popular with children since they are unbelievably light and pleasant to swing. But finding a very durable, incredibly light wood bat may seem impossible. Still, many wood bats are extremely lightweight and robust.

In my view, the Ash and Maple wood bats of Easton Mako and the AP5YB of Marucci are some of the lightest wood bats you could discover. The wood bats are well constructed and sturdy enough to perform light and efficiently simultaneously.

Swing (Barrel Size And Weight Distribution)

The bat swing relies mostly on two variables, i.e. barrel size and weight distribution overall. The swing may be uneven if the barrel is too big or too tiny. On the other hand, if the weight of the bat is not equally distributed, the effect is same. If the barrel is too big, the bat may feel weighty and striking may be difficult if it is too tiny.

For this situation, a bat is suggested for younger children with a uniform weight distribution and excellent barrel size. So the greatest choice you have, if you seek for a decent bat to swing properly, is the Rawlings Velo Ash Youth Wood bat. It is especially intended to swing quicker and more accurately, so that young players may easily reach the target.

Bat Sting

The extent to which the bat vibrates when it touches the ball is one of the main considerations when a young bat is chosen. The bat sting can usually be decreased with an external grip, but it raises the grip again and disrupts the whole action. In addition, if the bat hurts a lot, it may potentially lead to an injury.

See thus how severe the sting is when you come into touch. If the bat does not pitch too much, an external grip may fully fix the pin, but if the string is extremely high, try selecting another young wood bat. In this scenario, Rawlings Velo Ash is the ideal choice for young players since it comes with a Vulcan polymer grip, which lowers strain significantly. The traditional Tucci Y12 Maple Wood bat is also an excellent alternative, since it is made of steel, to optimize compression and enhance performance.

Balance (Weight Distribution)

The overall balance of the bat may influence swing and performance considerably. The balance of the fleece relies primarily on the distribution of weight. However, the form and size of the barrel also play an important role in comparison with the handle. A balanced bat may enhance performance, minimize pinching and regulate swing.

The Easton Mako Ash Youth Baseball Bat is the most balanced bat on our list. It has an uniform weight distribution, a 7/8′′ handle and a cupped end. If you’re searching for a wood bat that’s well balanced, which may assist your child do well overall, this is your choice.

Turn Models

There are many distinct turn models for bats utilized by the different businesses that produce bats.

This implies that bats are produced to certain standards to ensure that bats reach a particular quality regardless of which business they are manufactured.

These models of turns are mentioned below.

110 turn

Barrel Diameter: 2 ½ inches

Long Taper

Handle Thickness is 1 inch.

The 110 is the equilibrium of balanced bats. This is the ideal choice for someone new to wood bats and helps facilitate a change from utilizing BBCOR-style bats. Its broad handle provides a high degree of durability, and its balance helps to swing quickly but yet provides excellent contact.

271 turn

Barrel Diameter: 2 ½ inches

Long Taper

Handle Thickness 15/16ths of an inch.

The 271 is extremely similar to the 110 but has a little faster taper between the barrel and the handle. The smaller pushbutton and faster pad provide the bat a little higher end load, which gives you more power in your swings but may be utilized by contact batters or power hitters.

I-13 turn

Barrel Diameter: 2 ½ inches

Medium Taper

Handle Thickness is 15/16ths of an inch

The I-13 is a little more charged than the 271 because of the faster taper between the barrel and the handle. This bat is excellent for people who want to work hard when the final load provides the bat a greater swing.

243 turn

Barrel Diameter 2 ⅝ inch

Medium Taper

Handle Thickness 29/32 or 15/16ths of an inch.

The 243 has the thinest grip and the barrel is somewhat larger, making it the last of the four turning kinds. This is certainly a power hitter bat, and contact batters will be more harder to handle and definitely not advised for someone newer than wood bats.

Wood Bat Size For  Youth

See our bat size table for precise and scientific recommendations.

Bat Size Suggestions of Average Size Player By Size Chart

Right scroll to view all recommendations of bat size by average player in each age group. Also, many charts of bat size don’t give an estimate of weight—just a length. This is a partly mystery for non-BBCOR players since bats arrive in different drops.

AgeHeight (in)FeetInWeightBat DigestBat Size Chart.comJust BatsMarucciDicks Sporting GoodsAnthem & Co.Arizona University
645394526/14None27-Inch25 – 26″28-Inch28-Inch19-Ounce
7473115127/1526/1427-Inch25 – 26″28-Inch28-Inch19-Ounce
850425728/1627/1528-Inch26 – 27″29-Inch29-Inch20-Ounce
953456428/1828/1629-Inch26 – 27″30-Inch30-Inch22-Ounce
1055477429/1929/1829-Inch27 – 28″30-Inch30-Inch23-Ounce
1157498530/2030/1930-Inch27 – 28″30-Inch30-Inch24-Ounce
125941111031/2131/2130-Inch27 – 28″31-Inch31-Inch26-Ounce
13615112531/2632/2431-Inch28 – 30″32-Inch32-Inch27-Ounce
*13615112532/2930/2728 – 30″32-Inch32-Inch27-Ounce
14645414032/2932/2931/2828 – 30″32-Inch32-Inch28-Ounce
15675715032/2933/3032/2930 – 34″33-Inch33-Inch29-Ounce
16685816033/3033/3032/2930 – 34″33-Inch33-Inch30-Ounce
177051017033/3033/3032/2930 – 34″33-Inch33-Inch31-Ounce

However, wood bats seldom available in a small size for the typical young player. The goodest wood bats are a drop of 6 or 5. Some of these may be found in drop 7.

In other words:

Wood bats are difficult for young people to size properly. This is because wood bats cannot regulate swing weight with a hollow barrel, such as composite and aluminum bats. For example, it is difficult to find a 20 ounce bat. That’s one of the most popular weights.

What is the bat drop?

(The drop, please note, is the numerical difference between the bat weight in ounces and the bat length in centimeters. For instance, a 30/20 is a 10th decrease. For example, most kid wood bats will come in a 30/25. 5 ounces or 25 percent heavier than the usual player.)

And, it turns out, we think a lot about why a bat should be better than another. We continue with the Sam Bat CD1 as our favorite kids baseball mat after trying over 20 other young wood bats and discussing their procedures with professional and amateur players equally. But don’t misunderstand, other great alternatives are also available. There’s a lot of smiling feeling.

Types of Drop-in Youth Wood Bats

The wood bats of young people come in a broad variety of weight loss choices. The weight drop is the bat’s weight/length ratio. As a general rule, the greater the weight decrease, the lighter the bat. Similarly, if the weight decrease is lesser, in most instances the bat is heavier and smaller. Weight decrease is typically shown as a negative sign number. For example, if a bat is 30 inches long and weighs 25 ounces, the weight drops by − 5.

The weight decrease usually varies from -4 to -10 for juvenile wood bats. The correct option depends on the player’s height, weight, and style.

What kind of ‘Wood’ bat to use – Maple – Ash – Birch

Especially essential is the kind of wood chosen for your little baseball bat. Maple, ash, and birch are the main wood bat varieties utilized by little leaguers. Maple wood is favored by hitters seeking more pop. Ash wood is highly regarded by players who wish to spring the baseball with significant strength, comparable to a spring board effect. Ash wood bats have a relatively big sweet spot, which provides a considerably larger surface for contact with the ball. Birch wood bats are excellent for individuals who are struggling at the sweet area of the bat to contact baseballs.


Maple is a thick and strong wood. The surface hardness of Maple is typically about 20 percent higher than that of ash bats, producing a bat that is resilient over time. Swing a kid baseball maple wood baseball bat, and you will discover that you don’t offer much more, so that a lot more work is needed to push baseball into action. Maple is preferred by some because it has a relatively tight grained hardwood that prevents the timber from flaking or splitting.

This similar hardness generates a significant bounce in the way the baseball travels away from the bat after it has made contact. The impact with very hard wood causes baseball to move around 10-15 feet more than with a bat with less density of wood.

Glide your hand over your maple kid baseball bat and you will discover it is quite soft and smooth in contact with other wood bats. The quality of one maple bat is not the same as the next, though, so make sure that your palm runs over the one you are contemplating to make sure the wood is close. Choose maple for your bat and you will probably be pleased with the purchase since this strong wood makes hitting power so much simpler.


Ash is a medium-hard wood. The grain of this wood is broader than the grain of other forests. The larger grain makes it much more apparent, provides greater flexibility and a rather soft feel. Ash is nevertheless not as hard as maple and is less long-lasting than maple. The increased ash flexibility lets batterers move it through the hitting zone faster. Ash also gives the impression of a springboard. The greater flexibility minimizes splitting even when the bat is broken.


Choose a birch kid wood baseball bat and it’s flexible but somewhat hard to get. The surface hardness of birch wood bats is about 20 percent higher than child baseball bats made of ash. Compared to maple birch is quite flexible, giving in improved durability and flexibility. The birch grain is so much broader than the maple grain. There’s tighter grain than ash wood bats on birch bats. The hardness, durability and flexibility of birch bats make it tougher and worse to get on the baseballs.

Composite wood baseball bats are also available but not as popular as other types. This kind of fleece comprises of several wood mixtures laminated with inner support. Composite wood bats often provide the same outcomes as conventional wood kid baseball bats. The composite version, however, usually lasts longer and is more durable than ordinary wood bats.


What is Youth Wood Baseball Bat used for?

In young leagues, youth wood bats are utilized. They are a young baseball division. Baseball youth bats available with aluminium, composite, wood and half-and-half or hybrid materials. The aluminum, composite and half-half are carefully controlled to provide the wood bats with their performance. In contrast, young wood bats are not highly restricted since they are safer to utilize already.

Typically, youth wood bats are made with maple, ash, bamboo or composites. If constructed of pure wood, they generally need no further certification. However, if they are constructed of composite materials, further certification may be required to ensure that their performance does not exceed a prescribed limit.

Final Thoughts

Those were clearly some of the finest wood baseball bats in our view. A bat for someone else’s finest may not be the greatest.

I have selected 11 of the finest wood bats for senior players and five are ideal for young baseball players.

We attempted to make a step towards the ideal list in our list of the finest wood bats. If you have any suggestions on any bat that should be in this list, you may remark at any moment and we will take it into consideration.

If you have queries about size, weight and other professional advise, simply comment!