Easton B5 Pro BBCOR Bat Reviews in 2022 [Top Quality Products]

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The Easton B5 Pro BBCOR Bat is a high-performance piece of equipment designed for baseball players of all levels. It features a BBCOR-approved barrel which is engineered for long-term performance. The barrel is constructed of a lightweight composite material which is balanced to ensure ideal performance and a maximum swing speed. The bat’s barrel is also constructed with a laser-etched strike zone for an optimized feel and control.

Easton B5 Pro BBCOR bat review, It’s not often that you get a chance to test out a new bat. As much fun as it is to get a new bat, it is usually much more fun to get a new bat that is tested by independent lab testing. This is especially true when you are talking about a bat that is being sold for college and professional use.

Easton B5 Pro BBCOR Bat Review

Easton B5 PRO BBCOR Big Barrel Baseball Bat Review 2021

The Great Easton is BACK! The first B5 Pro Big Barrel Bat was introduced in 1978 and was the largest barrel of ever manufactured aluminum bat for a large sweet spot. And after 40 years of manufacturing, all Easton’s advancements produced a fresh breakthrough worthy of the B5 Pro Big Barrel title. The new B5 Pro features a ringless barrel of various wall thicknesses. This superior Advanced Thermal Alloy Construction (ATAC) offers the B5 Pro a sweeter, sweeter feel than any bat. The B5 Pro also provides a more flexible and responsive barrel which combines its construction with the Easton Speed Cap. The Natural Pro Balance Swing of the bat provides a balanced sensation for speed and power as well. The Extra-Stiff ATAC Alloy Handle delivers maximum energy to the ball, while the VRS? Handle Insert reinforces the handle to reduce vibration and provide an even more strong feel. The B5 Pro has a better grip that offers you the best batting experience.Easton 2021 B5 PRO Big Barrel -3 BBCOR Baseball Bat

Why 2021 Easton B5 Pro BBCOR Bat BB21B5? 

  • Alloy ATAC? The highest quality alloy in the Easton product range enables the smallest walls of alloy to optimize barrel performance
  • Ringless barrel design with various layers of alloy across the barrel to provide an even larger sweet spot on a single aluminum bat and a smoother feel.
  • Extra-Stiff For optimum energy transmission, the handle of ATAC Alloy has been developed. With more professional feeling and performance.
  • The VRS handle insert strengthens the handle to minimize vibration and provide an even stronger sensation.
  • Speed Cap? gives the barrel greater flexibility and reaction
  • Natural professional Balance swing weight gives a balanced feeling for speed and power
  • The optimum combination of coat and tail for pure performance is Premium grip.
  • Certification: BBCOR

Easton B5 Pro BBCOR Bat Details


The highest quality alloy in Easton’s product range allows the smallest alloy walls to optimize the barrel performance


Uses several layers of alloy across the barrel to produce an even larger sweet and smoother feel


Built with a more professional feel and performance for optimum energy transfer


Strengthens the handle to minimize vibration and creates an even stronger sensation


Provides a more sensitive and flexible barrel


Natural pro equilibrium swing weight gives a balance between speed and power


The optimum combination of coat and tail for pure performance is Premium grip in this bat.


CERTIFICATION- Certified in all leagues of BBCOR baseball


Barrel Diameter2-5/8”
Swing WeightBalanced
SeriesB5 Pro
CertificationBBCOR (Approved for high school and college)
Manufacturer Warranty1-Year

BBCOR Baseball Bat Guide

There are a large number of BBCOR bats on the market nowadays. Many businesses produce their baseball bats, from large brands to tiny ones. But not all bats are suited for each player. Before buying a BBCOR bat, there are so many things to consider. One bat which is excellent for others cannot be the right bat to trust your game.

Use my short advice to make the correct choice before you buy the appropriate BBCOR bat.

1. Age and leagues of player

Follow this table to examine the BBCOR Bat usage data in various leagues by the player’s age:

2. How weight and length of BBCOR bat impact to your choice?

BBCOR bats with a size of 29-inch to 34-inch are offered. The proper BBCOR bat length is essential to the game.

The proper length provides the appropriate momentum to enable the bat to swing smoothly and barely strike the ball without impacting it. The right length also ensures that the bat stays totally under its control when the player strikes the ball harder.

The weight of the baseball bats is assessed by weight loss. This is the difference between baseball bat length and weight, which should be – 3 for the BBCOR bats. The bat weighs lighter if the weight drops.

The bat’s length and weight ratio determine the destiny of swing physics and give the proper balance throughout the play.

3. One-piece and two-piece – which one is the best?

BBCOR bat construction may be one or two pieces.

One-piece bats: they are solidly built continuously using a single piece of metal. Power hitters like to utilize them because very little power is lost in contact with the ball.

Two-piece bats: it has a two-piece structure with a handle and a barrel firmly held together.

Both are excellent and rely on the decision of the player.

4. Comparison between materials making bbcor bats

Another element of choosing the correct bat is to examine the material you desire. There are basically three types of BBCOR bat materials:

Aluminum BBCOR Bats: Bat:

These bats have a classic feel and may also be built in one piece. Another term is alloy bats for them. When the ball is struck, it is powerful and the player understands where the ball is going.

  • Less costly than composite bats
  • Last Last
  • Can be utilized when corrupted
  • Do not need a break-in time
  • The fastest speed
  • Greater impact of trampoline
  • Little Sweet Spot.
  • Pop not much
  • Costly alloy bats have more sweet spots

Composite BBCOR bats:

These bats utilize polymer or composite reinforced carbon fiber. They are longer lasting, have better impact on trampolines, optimum distribution of weight and higher damping rate. If the ball does not touch the sweet spot, they are very forgiving.

  • Lower vibration
  • Reduce punching
  • Sweet spot bigger
  • More pop More
  • Costly than alloy bats
  • Not suited for under 60 degrees temperature
  • Requires break-in time

Wooden bats

Wooden bats are constructed of various wood shapes. Maple is one of them and produces the hardest bats. They are the most rigid of all kind of BBCOR bats and are used primarily by pros. Only then does the wooden bat need BBCOR certification in conjunction with others.

  • Provides more power
  • Pop sound very strong
  • Highly sustainable
  • For pros and not for unqualified players only
  • The lowest flex
  • Very thick and hefty
  • Small sweet spot

5. The most popular “drop” in bbcor bats and why?

The difference between the bat’s length and weight is the drop. The lower drop is a heavier bat while the upper drop is a lighter bat.

The bat should have a minimum of drop -3 according to the BBCOR guidelines and is regarded to be the most popular and the best drop weight since it enables a smooth transition to a more professional bat in future.

These bats provide a great bat speed stroke. Youth athletes who do not adjust sooner to the appropriate drop weight suffer difficulties during subsequent leagues selection.

6. Consider the Material of the barrel

The thickest portion of the bat is a barrel, and the ball contacts the bat. If the barrel and handle are not composed of the same material, a bat is termed a hybrid.

Alloy bats have a smaller barrel than composites and a smaller wooden bats. It is up to you to choose the one you believe is stronger.

7. Check the Material of handle as well

The structure of handles is also an issue of personal preference because it is a component in close touch with the hands of the players. The convenient material gives a smooth grip.

Many of the metal bats have rubber or tape grip because of the surface of the handle since the lower temperature of metal bats often becomes chilly.


Bottom Line

The grandpa of all bats, who first appeared in the college in the early 80s, is back in action for 2021. The B5 A.K.A “The Green Easton” is back in college and high school players’ hands for the next season. Barry Bonds and Bo Jackson’s bat 35 years ago were changed entirely into a very strong one-piece alloy alternative for powerhouses as well as contact batter.

Although it may seem like it, it’s not the bat of your father. With its Advanced Thermal Alloy Construction (ATAC Alloy), Easton enhanced the alloy barrel and expanded the sweet spot surface with a brand-new barrel design. The Easton VRS handle minimizes mishandling vibration and stiffens the sensation so that every stroke receives the most performance.