Best Easton Beast X Bats Reviews in 2022 [Top Expert Picks]

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Best Easton Beast X Bats Review

This means that the Beast X is a single-piece aluminum bat line that comes at a light (speed) or heavy (laden) speed of swing. There’s a subgroup of the Beast X, called the Hybrid, but we check it elsewhere. Following considerable usage with the Beast X, we compiled an Easton Beast X Review.Best Easton Beast X Bats Review

Top 5 Best Easton Beast X Bats Review

Easton offers a full bunch of bats for each size and player in a predictable manner. The Easton Beast X USA Bat was one of the mixes lost when it was initially launched in September 2017. This bat is not a Beast X Hybrid USA Bat, which we have wonderful things to say about in order to clarify any misunderstanding. It’s also not the Easton Beast X Hyperlite USA Bat that we have to tell about, too.

#1: Easton Beast X USA Youth Baseball Bat (-10)

In creating an all-aluminum young baseball bat to meet the USA Bat standard, Easton developed the Beast X 2018, which provides maximum power, quick swings, high comfort and high durability for batters. The Beast X-10 Youth Baseball Bat boasts Easton’s Advanced Thermal Alloy Construction (ATAC), a loud and powerful source of energy that is unparalleled in baseball. A big 2 5/8 barrel fitted with Eastons X-tended barrel design and the Z-CORE internal core technology, this single piece is entirely aluminum. These two revolutionary mechanical improvements provide ball players the largest barrel in young baseball and an expanded sweet spot. The Easton Beast X, an all-aluminum youth baseball bat, provides an evenly balanced swing that is ideal for batters who are trying to improve their bat speed through the hit zone. The ATAC Handle comes with a 1,4mm HYPERSKIN grip from Easton which provides the highest comfort and natural feel on the plate. The Easton Beast X-10 drop is ideal for contacts or batters who may struggle to catch pits. In short, the kid baseball bat Beast X provides a fantastic combination of speed and power.Easton Beast X USA Bat -10


For those youth players who prefer the feel speed and sound of alloy youth baseball bats, the 2018 Easton Beast X -10 received high praise from our volunteer hitters in all five categories. Prior to initial testing, we split those youth volunteers who prefer swinging with aluminum youth bats and those who prefer swinging with composite youth bats. When evaluating the Beast X, it was imperative for us to keep a low number of variables to avoid discrepancies in our data for our visitors. One simple way to keep from receiving a bias scorecard from our volunteers was to group them according to their preference of barrel composition. After approximately 250 swings, below is our official review of the 2018 Easton Beast X -10 drop youth baseball bat.


The amount of pop from the Easton Beast X 2018 was, as anticipated, considerably lower than that shown by previous Easton alloy baseball bats. Our team estimated the net loss of about 15-30 feet from point of contact to first touch the ground by comparing our data from previous evaluations of young bats complying with the old USSSA criteria (only utilizing solid shots off the sweet spot for the calcles). It should be noted that comparing any 2018 Easton youth baseball bat to its equivalent is just not fair. Every 2018 USA bat will have a specific degree of decline when it matches the previous USSSA young bat models. The 2018 Easton Beast X-10 drop showed considerably strong impacts with a deafening sound on the ball. The Beast X will provide enough pop to reinforce the swing of a young batter for an aluminum bat.


The Beast X-10 has done a very excellent job to shield our voluntary young batters from the stinging vibration that happens occasionally when a youth baseball bat swings. Remember, the ratings in this specific category are based entirely on our young hitters’ comments. The majority stated that they had a stinging feeling, but not frequently enough to cause any worry. Some vibrations will definitely emerge after taking about 250 solid strokes. Only around 15 percent of our hitters who tested the Easton Beast X-10 drop in 2018 saw that it was too high to manage stinging. One batter said, “I felt the vibration a couple times but it wasn’t definite due to the bat or my hitting.”


We monitor our grip & comfort statistics based on input from our young volunteers, much like the vibration control category. Of all players that swung Beast X-10 in 2018, several said that their grip felt good and their rapid speed boosted confidence. The classic one piece of alloy feeling of the Easton Youth Baseball bats in 2018 is as gratifying as ever.


The Easton Beast X 2018 was strongly shot throughout our bat assessment procedure. At the end of the assessment, all the Easton Beast X – 10 drop kids baseball bats showed handling marks and scratches, but nothing could damage its performance, eligibility, or performance, such as dents or cracks.


In summary, the Easton Beast X -10 Drop 2018 provides a fast and well balanced swing, with a powerful, crushing impact sound. This is an excellent kid bat for individuals who like the lightweight feeling and classic aluminum grip.


#2: Easton Beast X Hyperlite Youth Bat (-12)

A baseball stamp from USA and authorized in AABC, Babe Ruth, Cal Ripken, Dixie Youth, Little League and Pony! This model is included!

Easton has chosen to provide baseball players with genuine performance benefits via sports engineering and engaging experiences.Beast X Hyperlite Youth Baseball Bat -12

Loud. Powerful. Brute strength. Brute strength. We are here to present the Easton Z-CORE baseball bats’ successor Beast X! Easton has surpassed expectations and has produced one of the finest all-time alloy designs. ATAC alloy is the backbone of this model and is the cause for its explosive sound, superior power and unbeatable strength. With one of the leading aluminum barrels in baseball, the Beast X also has an Easton X-tended barrel design consisting of the unique internal central Z-CORE technology for a solid sweet spot and an aluminum barrel that is one of the longest in the company. On the other hand, owing to incredible control and enhanced coiling from the 1.4mm HYPERSKIN grip, the ATAC alloy handle becomes an extension of the body. The greatest thing is that you can swing with confidence in the knowledge that each Beast X has a full one (1) year guarantee from the manufacturer. Easton: Passion-driven, designed to win!

This Easton Beast X Baseball Bat (YSB18BXHL) has a 2/4-inch narrow barrel, a 12-inch weight-to-length ratio, and a 29/32-inch thin handle diameter. This type is suggested for players who want to improve their pace through the zone with a balanced swing weight. Swing to the fence with the Beast X and take one of those Easton United States baseball bats with free delivery now. Don’t forget, we’re here for you from click to hit with our 24/7 customer care!


#3: Easton Beast X Hybrid  Baseball Bat (-10)

If your young baseball player likes the unusual feel of a hybrid Baseball Bat, the 2018 Easton Beast X Hybrid Youth Bat blends composite power with alloy speed and sound. The Easton Beast X Hybrid is a great combination of the newly developed technical improvements from Easton’s 2018 youth baseball model range. The Beast X hybrid has Easton’s Advanced Thermal Alloy Construction (ATAC), which omits deafening sound and explosive energy, in the same way as the Beast X 2018. The big 2 5/8 barrel has an Easton X-tended barrel and Z-CORE internal core technology. Both these revolutionary mechanical improvements offer a wide sweet spot and the longest barrel of young baseball for child ball players. The handle includes EXACT Carbon Composite from Easton, enclosed in a 1.4 mm HYPERSKIN, which gives young people a comfortable grip and decreased vibration control. Like the kids baseball 2018 Ghost X series, the Beast X Hybrid contains the re-engineered ConneXion technology in Easton, which re-fuses the composite grip and alloy barrel firmly. Like other Easton’s 2-piece kid bats, it also displays its dynamic feel system. This innovation offers young baseball players an improved durability, less vibrations and a very confident feeling on the plate. Finally, this young bat comes with a loaded swing weight, which puts additional bulk in the sweet spot and increases power every time the strike is ripped through. The 2018 Beast X Hybrid is Easton’s only hybrid with the US Bat stamp for the baseball season 2018.Beast X Hybrid Youth Bat -10


This year the Easton Beast X Hybrid will be our team’s first hybrid youth baseball bat. Again, a hybrid simply implies it’s a young bat that combines an alloy barrel with a composite handle. Not many of our kids liked the unusual feeling of a hybrid youth bat throughout our assessment process. We have restructured the scorecards for analysis in order to create accurate and impartial views. In other words, athletes who enjoyed hybrid kids baseball bats were not matched with players who did not. The following is our official review of the 2018 Easton Beast X Hybrid – 10 Drop, which has 250+ swings later.


The Beast X Hybrid certainly did the ball well and provided the aluminum barrel a fantastic sound. Our team have recorded and observed a little farther away from the Ghost X. However, the Beast X generated significantly greater distance compared to the regular Easton Beast X -10. This variation between the hybrid and regular Beast X was too near to determining that one was stronger than the other. The primary aim of the hybrid form of any bat is to enhance comfort and a better feel compared to speed or power. Although the bat was last in this category, it is still quite popular.


Compared to the 2018 USA Bat Easton models, the Beast X Hybrid was in the top 10% of Easton’s vibration control evaluations. Only fewer than 3% of approximately 250 solid swings produced unpleasant stinging feelings. Overall, this USA young bat was excellent to mirror the vibrations as a report on the scorecards of our volunteers, which led to a top school.


As we have no method to measure what the bat feels like to each batter, the grip and comfort rating depends entirely on our volunteers. The findings of this assessment revealed that children that swung hybrids last year achieved the greatest ratings for the Beast X Hybrid and that those who tried this bat who did not get used to the uniqueness provided middling scores. Please be advised that this bat is mainly for those players who want a hybrid feeling with a little lower potential for pop and speed.


The Beast X Hybrid wasn’t as many representatives as other Easton 2018 models, but we were able to capture about 250 witnessed and verified swings. The US young baseball bat showed some handling marks and scratches, but nothing would affect performance or eligibility, like teeth or cracks. The Easton Beast X Hybrid 2018 was as good as other Easton models.


It is essential to note that hybrid kid baseball models provide a clear sensation and comfort when the ball comes into collision with an aluminum barrel linked to a composite grip. If your kid has never had a hybrid bat experience before, we do not suggest beginning with any hybrid bat this year. If your kid likes hybrids, you should opt to the Easton Beast X Hybrid.


#4: Easton Beast X Senior League USSSA  Baseball Bat (-8)

Easton has chosen to provide baseball players with genuine performance benefits via sports engineering and engaging experiences.

Loud. Mighty. Brute strength. Brute strength. We are here to present the Easton Z-CORE baseball bats’ successor Beast X! Easton has surpassed expectations and has produced one of the finest all-time alloy designs. ATAC alloy is the backbone of this model and is the cause for its explosive sound, superior power and unbeatable strength. With one of the leading aluminum barrels in baseball, the Beast X also has an Easton X-tended barrel design consisting of the unique internal central Z-CORE technology for a solid sweet spot and an aluminum barrel that is one of the longest in the company. On the other hand, owing to incredible control and enhanced coiling from the 1.4mm HYPERSKIN grip, the ATAC alloy handle becomes an extension of the body. The greatest thing to do is that you may swing with certitude knowing that each Beast X is supported by a 12-month guarantee from the manufacturer. Easton: Passion-driven, designed to win!Easton 2018 USSSA Beast X Senior League Baseball Bat

The Easton Beast X Senior League Baseball Bat (SL18BX10) has a drop of 10 to 3 inches in length, a diameter of 2 3 to 4 inches and a very thin 29 to 32 inch handle diameter. This model also has a balanced swing weight for greater speed behind each swing and better control over the striking zone. You will also see the USSSA 1.15 BPF approved stamp just above the handle. Untie the beast now with free delivery and 24/7 customer support and get one of these Easton baseball bats. Don’t forget, from click to hit, we’ll be here for you!

Highlighted Features

  • 8 weight length ratio 8
  • 2 3/4 inch diameter barrel.
  • Loaded one-piece
  • HYPERSKIN grip design 1.4mm


#5: Easton Beast X Speed BBCOR – High School/Collegiate Bat (-3)

Do you ever ask yourself what happens when a tornado hits a volcano? Well, I can tell you that the 2018 Easton Beast x Speed scores are comparable. The new technology that is used in this bat is incredible and I can’t wait to break it down.

First I want to simply let any beginner know that Easton was one of the leaders in producing dinger sticks (baseball bats) and showed us this 2018 new range of X powered bats. Soon you will notice how this item gives power to the beast and speed to the bat speed component in one wonderful offering. Let us dive into it and examine all the specifications and design characteristics.Easton 2018 Beast X Speed BBCOR - High SchoolCollegiate Baseball Bat


Let’s look at the bat’s design first, so we can see all the wonderful things we included in Easton Beast x Speed in 2018. It is composed of a highly powerful ATAC alloy, a newer alloy at first. This kind of metal is extremely strong and at the same time forceful but does not provide bat or bulkiness additional weight. ATAC stands for Advanced Thermal Alloy Construction, currently the strongest and finest aluminum barrel on the market. Usually I don’t like aluminum-alloy fats but it seems quite nice for all the future fittings with this new ATAC technology.

The 1,4mm Hyperskin grip is also a fantastic characteristic of this bat, which pushes you comfortably to another level. This not only makes grip pleasant, but also makes it easier while you are up on the plate. The idea behind this grip is because this is currently the most comfortable, coated, and influential tape out there. That’s why Easton introduced this to their power brigade bats line. You want to feel like the bat is just the body’s continuation, and tape is the key. Why do you believe that Lizard Skin is a successful company? The reason is that a strong grasp is important. The Hyperskin handle that is part of Hit Lab’s collection is truly the frosting on this bat on the cake.


The Easton Beast x Speed 2018 is one of my favorite possibilities right now with its new ATAC alloy material and one-piece construction. You may say that this bat was created to separate itself by its performance in the 2017 World College Series, which I learned about this bat for the first time. This bat is also -3 and meets all BBCOR rules, which allows you to use it at school and high school levels. This is anticipated from Easton as one of the finest bat makers in the world.

A final item I’d like to bring out is that the Easton Beast x Speed 2018 has the most powerful bat speed. So yeah, I went over the ATAC alloy and how amazing and new it is, but what the other component is. Well, the 2018 Easton Beast x Speed has another trick, which is the sophisticated Ghost X composite. It not only makes the bat much lighter, but the power it brings into it is incredible. So altogether I’m really thrilled how this bat is going to perform this year and all the market developments this bat has produced.

How to Choose the Best Easton Beast X Bats

As previously stated, Amazon is one of the finest places to buy goods like Easton Beast X. It may be a difficult to obtain the precise Easton Beast X you desire, particularly when you first use the platform.

Here are some factors to consider while selecting the finest Easton Beast X  on Amazon


Price is one of the most significant considerations for the purchase from Amazon of Easton Beast X. Nobody wants to obtain excellent goods and affordable costs. There is nobody. With Amazon you can compare laptop costs from many vendors and decide on the best deal.


When purchasing an Easton Beast X from Amazon, the other essential consideration is the brand. Different vendors offer different kinds of brands and to make the correct choice it is essential to understand each type of brand. In comparison to less popular companies, high-quality and popular brands like Apple typically cost more.


Before you buy it, you must also examine the functioning of an Easton Beast X. The usefulness of any Easton Beast X relies mostly on the specimens it includes. The more advanced the specifications are, the greater the functionality.

Old Customer Reviews

Most consumers have commented on their experiences with Amazon’s various Easton Beast X. The reviews are always shown on the same page of the product. Whether you look at such reviews, you’ll find out if the Easton Beast X is excellent or terrible.

Easton Ghost X vs. Beast X Hybrid

On 1 January 2018, the new Bat Regulation for Youth Baseball will enter into force and players, parents and coaches are ready to be ready in the coming months. The United States Bat certification was designed to provide a consistent level of performance matching that of a hardwood bat. This was done to preserve the integrity of the game and to provide more consistency as players progressed through the rankings.

This asked for bat to create all new bats that would satisfy the new requirement, yet retain a high quality. As anticipated, Easton, leading young bat producers, has gone up to the plate and offered a number of bat choices for every degree of competence. The Ghost X and Beast X Hybrid are two of their latest leading young bats. Both provide amazing pop and a lovely place with which batters fall in love. These innovative Easton solutions include a two-piece construction with 2 5/8″ barrels and a weight-to-length ratio of -10. They also have an EXACT carbon handle of 29/32 inch which lowers unwanted feedback.

The makeup of these high-performance bats is what distinguishes them. The Ghost X is part of a lengthy series of Easton composite bats. The EXACT Carbon is combined with the CONNEXION+ technology to provide extraordinary durability, sensation and performance. The Beast X Hybrid is the offspring of the famous Easton Z-CORE fats. With its unique Z-CORE technology this aluminum bat is long and strong, the thermal alloys construction (ATAC) and Easton X-tended barrel design.

It is very easy to choose which kid bat is ideal for you. Simply put, you prefer a carbon composite or an aluminum bat. This will often depend on your budget, but please ensure that both of them provide excellent performance. You know that you will be ready for 2018 with a certified USABat regardless of whatever bat you select.

Why You Should Buy the Best Easton Beast X Bat

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Amazon is a third party that works with different manufacturers worldwide. The nice thing about Amazon is that it provides a great guide for every laptop kind. A detailed explanation of each Easton Beast X is available. This makes it simple for you to decide correctly.

For example, the handbook contains information about the specifics of the Easton Beast X, including brand, size and functionality. If you desire an Easton Beast X with particular characteristics, Amazon is provided with the finest search options. All you have to do is to choose the characteristics you want and your screen has a selection of laptops.

Bottom Line

Although the nomenclature changes considerably, making both bat lines nearly impossible to recognize, the reality is that the Z-core 2017 and the Beast X 2018 are extremely identical bats. Easton improved some aluminum characteristics to increase longevity in the Beast X. But the already enormous barrel size of the Z-core didn’t alter. It did not alter swing weight when comparing the line versions of Speed and XL.