Easton Bomb Squad Bat Reviews in 2022 [Expert Picks]

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Easton makes some of the highest-quality metal bats in the world—and that’s why they have become one of the most popular models by Easton Bat Companies. As you can imagine, this line of bat handles is designed to work with these Easton bats. Of course, home and professional level players have different needs. If you are a high school or college player, you will probably have no need for a Easton Bomb Squad Bat. If you are a professional, however, you will want the best Easton Bomb Squad Bat you can get your hands-on, and that’s what we’ll talk about in this review.

In 2014, Easton introduced the Easton Bomb Squad Bat, which was designed to fit the needs of players who like to aggressively align their bat on the balls of their hands. The Bomb Squad Bat has a very aggressive and pronounced knob, which provides some cutting edge performance on contact, but also tends to protrude from the batter’s hand, which may cause injury in the form of a bat splinter.Easton Bomb Squad Bat Review

Easton Bomb Squad Dual Stamp Slowpitch Softball Bat Review

This Bomb Squad Softball bat features a 2-piece Bat Building and has a 100% IMX Composite Design. IMX is the tried and tested composite material from Easton that offers you a longer sweet spot, excellent performance and amazing durability. The CXN handle barrel works with 29/32 “SIC Black carbon composite handle to enhance energy transmission for an optimum feeling, while also avoiding vibration/sting. The 1.2mm Hyperskin Bat Grip, a gauze grip improvement from recent years, provides a great sticky feel with the appropriate quantity of coil. This Bomb Squad bat is designed with a long 13.5 loaded swing weight “The barrel length provides you the advantage of a HUGE sweet spot with an additional weight at the end of the barrel for extra power. It’s just the fantasy of a power hitter.Easton Bomb Squad Dual Stamp Slowpitch Softball Bat

The Advantage of Easton Bomb Squad Bat

The long barrel of Easton Bomb 2016 gives the players a pro-style two piece finished composite construction with an extra long barrel for maximum power. The Bomb squad has been authorized for both the United States and ASA. The IMX advanced composite barrier improves the sweet spot and increases energy transmission with the exclusive 2-piece technology. Easton’s black carbon handle utilizes spiral-wrapped black carbon fibers to adjust harsh vibration to provide a better feeling and forgetfulness.Easton SP16BSUA Bomb Squad Dual Stamp USSSA ASA Slowpitch Softball Bat

Bomb Squad Dual Stamp Slowpitch Bat Features:

  • CXN technology
  • 100% IMX Composite Design
  • 2-piece Bat Construction
  • 02/29/32 “SIC Black Carbon Handle Composite
  • 1.2mm Bat Grip
  • End-Loaded Swing Hyperskin
  • Weight (34’/26″ = 1′, 34″/27″ = 2′, 34′ “8 oz. = 3 oz. 3 oz.
  • Diameter: 13.5″ Barrel Length 2 1/4″
  • Stamps of approval: 1.20 BPF NSA, ISA, ISF, SSUSA, USSSA, ASA
  • One Year Warranty from Manufacturer

Why You Should Buy It

  • Composite IMX improves the sweet spot for the highest performance
  • CXN is a proprietary ConneXion technology with two parts that optimizes energy transmission for an optimum feel
  • Sic black carbon handle reduces vibration to make you feel better.
  • To make you feel better
  • 13.5 inch pro-style long barrel end-loaded for maximum power
  • Certified USSSA and ASA


Why You Should Buy The Easton Bomb Squad

Anyone seeking to buy a big slow pitch softball bat must take the Easton Bomb Squad series into consideration. The name of the Bomb Squad is also no coincidence. These slowpitch softball Easton bats will hit you some of the farthest shots of your life with a longer barrel. This bat also features an advanced IMX composite barrel design that contributes to this bat’s high power. This bat is also excellent for those who fight with the external pitch since the expanded design helps keep the sweet spot there longer.

Specialty of The Easton bomb squad Slowpitch Softball Bat

In addition, the bats have ASA, USSSA, NSA, ISA, SSUSA, and ISF certifications. So you will definitely be allowed to use this bat in whatever league/tournament in which you are playing. We’re here at Baseball Bargains with a fantastic variety of these softball bats. So, if you desire this slow pitch bat quality, today get your Easton Bomb Squad bat!



Bottom Line

Easton bats are some of the best bats on the market. This model in particular sold out in a matter of days. This is a rare occurrence, though there are many bats you can buy that sell out early so this is not necessarily a bad thing. If you like Easton bats you will like the Easton Bomb Squad Bat.