Easton SALVO Softball Bats Reviews in 2022 [Latest Picks]

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The Easton Salvo softball bat may be the hottest softball bat ever manufactured for ASA in the ABI era. The Salvo was published in 2010, and sales records for Easton have since been set. Easton did NOT chosen to alter the 2011 softball season Salvo (SRV5). This is a very bold assertion, but the Salvo may be the greatest bat purchase you could ever buy for ASA.Easton SALVO Softball Bats Review

Easton Salvo Conspiracy? 

Some competitors, softball reviewers and discussion forums complained that the Easton Salvo did not comply with the 98 MPH ASA softball criteria after “break in.” Others have even stated that ASA looks at Easton Salvo in the opposite direction because of the disaster in 2009 with Easton’s softball bat line, which was intended to reduce rust and roll. Easton’s softball bat “see through” was a sales catastrophe when no other manufacturers tried to prevent trickery and ASA didn’t live by its end. It is essential to remember that it’s an RUMOR and probably not true. You should think that if this were true and someone was struck by a Salvo, ASA and Easton would go into loads of legal problems.

Easton Salvo Specs 

The Easton Salvo was released at $199.99 and has stayed constant since the introduction. The Easton Salvo features a 12′′ barrel and a smaller sweet spot than typical softball bats. The Salvo features a very little end load that lets the batter whip the softball barrel around the area. The material utilized is the IMX or Integrated Matrix Technology from Easton which is designed for aerospace usage. To provide greater input to the hitter, this bat is a solid composite, no rubber connection is provided between the handle and the barrel.

Easton Salvo Break In 

According to most owners, it takes approximately 100 to 200 swings.

Easton Salvo Durability 

Overall, it’s really excellent. Some owners of Salvo have placed many thousand hits on their softball bats with little wear and tear.  Some bats are constantly breaking early in their life owing to a fault in the production process, but that is why most softball bats get a warranty.

Easton Salvo End Cap 

The first time Easton produced the Salvo softball bat, it was furnished with an all-black molded plastic end cap and an Easton logo. Early in 2011, Salvo began to reach the market with the redesigned “Orange E” end cap from Easton. Some owners believe that the various end caps show that Salvo’s is “first batch” or “second batch.” Most people say the “second lot” with the orange adhesive is hotter from my experience, however many assume that the new “E” end cap is only a sticker and it has nothing to do with the performance of the bat. (Note: Many think that the orange E denotes first batch erroneously)

Easton Salvo Orange Sticker Easton Easton Salvo Vibration – Vibration Vibration on this Easton softball bat is negligible. Even for badly struck balls, this bat feels strong.

Top 3 Best Easton SALVO Slowpitch Softball Bat Review 2022

#1: Easton SALVO Composite Softball  Bat

Presentation of the new Salvo for slow pitch! Easton builds this bat with an one piece design that is made of 100% IMX composite material. IMX is an innovative material combination that improves the sweet spot in the barrel and enhances overall bat performance.

This specific Salvo slow-pitch features an Evenly Balanced Swing Weight which enhances bat management and increases swing speed when crossing the hitting zone. Finally, this Salvo is certified with BPF 1.20 and has been authorized by softball organizations of USSSA, ASA, NSA, ISA and ISF.Easton Salvo Composite Balanced ASA and USSSA Slow-Pitch Softball Bat

Back to popular demand, the Salvo Series delivers a superb one-piece performance to players of all levels and ranks. The 1-piece composite double stamp ASA/USSSA has an IMX Advanced Composite Barrel, optimizing the sweet spots for optimum performance, and providing players with improved bat control.

Highlighted Features

  • IMX Advanced Barrel Composite: Optimizes sweet spot performance
  • Composite Single System Design: Increases bat control
  • 29/32 August “Ultra-thin gauze grip handle
  • SICE 34/26 1oZ LOAD 34/27 2OZ LOAD 34/28 3OZ LOAD BARREL LENGTH 12 SIZES 34/26 LOAD 34/27 2oz LOAD 34/28 3oZ LOAD LOAD LENGTH 12″

Salvo ASA/USSSA Specifications

  • Single Piece Design
  • 100% IMX Composite
  • 29/32” Ultra-Thin Handle
  • Gauze Batting Grip
  • Balanced Swing Weight
  • 2 ¼” Barrel Diameter
  • 13.5” Barrel Length
  • Association Approval: USSSA, ASA, NSA, ISA and ISF
  • 1.20 BPF Certified w/ Thumbprint Stamp
  • One Year Warranty


Bat’s hot from the wrapper, really. It was first struck by a laser in the scoreboard. This year, double-stamp bats are making a statement. I like the feeling of hitting bats in one piece, and this is probably my favorite in particular, over my psycho. If you are a one-piece hitter and want a good, high-performance, dual-stamped bat, I suggest this bat. This one is sure to be one of my players this year.


Not exactly a drawback, although the bat is advertised as “equally balanced.” It certainly felt a ton of endload after swinging.


#2: Easton 2021 SALVO USSSA Slowpitch Softball Bat

Easton’s slowpitch line is among the best, and this Salvo line will show Easton’s top position.

Easton advertises this bat as loaded and should have a weight in the barrel. If you are able to draw a really heavy barrel bat through the zone, then take this Salvo to the plate.

The ConneXion+ 2-piece connection provides a smooth, crisp feel at the contact of this two-piece, all-composite bat. Get ready to connect to a homer and feel easy!

Note that the length of the 13.5″ barrel of this loaded bat should make it feel somewhat heavier in front of the barrel than the 2021 Easton Salvo 13″ (SP21SAL).Easton 2021 SALVO Loaded USSSA Bat

Highlighted Features of  SP21SAE

Fireflex technology of the first generation for performance from the wrapping. The 13? barrel with loaded optimized player weighing gives a smooth finishing sensation. ConneXion+ technology 2-piece design

  • 2 Piece Design for a large sweet area with ConneXion+ Technology Fireflex Technology Ultra Elongated Fibres
  • Optimized weighting of the player: Loaded 13? Loaded 13?
  • USSSA approved (1.20 BPF), NSA, ISA
  • 1 Year Warranty for Manufacturers


  • Diameter 2 1/4 inch barrel
  • 13.5 Inch Length Barrel Optimized Player Weighting Extra Loaded (Slightly Longer Barrel Length Should Cause This Bat To Feel A Little Heavier Than The SP21SAL Model Of Bat)
  • All-composite, two-piece Slow Pitch Bat features Certification USSSA, NSA & ISA
  • Colorway: Dark Green | Orange Graphics The biggest possible Ultra Long Fiber Hitting Surface (UEF)
  • Features 1st Generation Fire Flex Technology – Built To Be Hot Out Of The Wrapper
  • *New* MOI Calibration Process Allows For Extra Charged Feel Throughout The Entire Swing (Extra Load comes from Extra 0.5 Inch Barrel Length Compared To The SP21SAL Model Of Bat), Full Twelve (12) Month Manufacturer’s Warranty Compared to The SP21SAL SP11SAL Model of Bat).


#3: Easton SALVO Scandium Balanced ASA/USSSA Bat

Presentation of the Salvo Scandium for slow-pitch 2015! Easton builds this bat with an one piece design made of 100% THT100 Scandium alloy material. This Scandium alloy is a very resilient aluminum substance that provides the softball a lovely ping sound. The Salvo Scandium is favored by power hitters because it features an end loaded swing weight, which allows greater mass to cope with the ball for improved hitting distances. The 34″/26oz has a 1″ End Load, the 34″/27oz has a 2″ End Load, and the 34″/28oz has a 3″ End Load. Last but not least, this Salvo Scandium has the 1.20 BPF rating and is authorized by softball organizations USSSA, ASA, NSA, ISA and ISF.

Easton Salvo Scandium Balanced Softball Bat

Back to popular demand, the Salvo Series delivers a superb one-piece performance to players of all levels and ranks. A THT100 scandium barrel is available for improved sweet spot and endurance while the 1-piece scandium construction offers players with better bat control.

Salvo Scandium ASA/USSSA Features:

  • Single Piece Design
  • Single Wall
  • 100% THT100 Scandium Alloy
  • 29/32” Ultra-Thin Handle
  • Gauze Batting Grip
  • End Loaded Swing Weight
  • 2 ¼” Barrel Diameter
  • 12” Barrel Length
  • Association Approval: USSSA, ASA, NSA, ISA and ISF
  • 1.20 BPF Certified w/ Thumbprint Stamp
  • One Year Warranty w/ No Hassle Returns

Highlighted Features

  • THT100 Scandium alloy: For extended sweet spot and longer life, handle with ultra-thin gauze grip 29/32″
  • SIZES 34/26 1OZ LOAD 34/27 2OZ LOAD 34/28 3OZ LOAD BARREL LENGTH 12″


  • Good pop out of the wrapper right now. My squad didn’t utilize many metal bats, but it worked great. The entire team utilized it with no complaints for two games.
  • During batting, he borrowed and liked a buddy. Small hands that fits well with a slender grip. One of the most comfortable bats I used from day one with a lot of pop. Good balance for a 26oz bat loaded end.


  • As others have mentioned, it looks fairly rough after a few games since it’s white.
  • Somewhat costly, but I suppose you get what you’re paying for.


Final Recommendations

The Easton SALVO Softball Bat is a large model that can help the player increase their power and distance. The model is so large that it can be used for both softball and baseball. This is a great choice for players that want to improve their hitting and start to drive the ball. The SALVO is a large bat that weighs 15 ounces. It is a 40 inch barrel which can go up to 60 inches. This bat is a good choice for players that are looking to get better at the game.