Easton Sapphire Bats Review

There was a time when Easton Bats were considered the best bats in the game. When they first hit the scene, most players used Easton sapphire bats exclusively. It was a shame that it took a few years for people to realize that the Easton bat is just as good as any other bat out there. The Easton bats are known as professional bats. No matter how hard the competition is, you can rely on the Easton bats to perform.

Easton is a company that specializes in a variety of baseball, softball, and cricket bats, including its signature line of bats, called the Sapphire. This particular model is designed for players who want a “balanced” bat with a medium/medium-plus swing weight, a relatively long barrel, and a 34” length.

Top 4 Best Easton Sapphire Fastpitch Softball Bat Reviews

#1: Easton PINK SAPPHIRE -10 Girl’s Youth Fastpitch Softball Bat

The Diamond Gem line of the second generation of Easton® features the Pink Sapphire, made of ALX50 aluminum in the military standard for prolonged endurance. A coated all-sports grip allows you to manage all this power. If you are prepared to conquer the diamond you will take your swings with Diamond Gem – and the Pink Sapphire is a fantastic example to start the game.


Can be used in fastpitch leagues ASA (USA), USSSA (FASTPITCH ONLY), NSA, ISA and ISF.


Made of aluminum ALX50 for prolonged endurance for long-lasting play.


29/32″ handle for cushioned comfort in different weather situations.


Designed for the softball player you’ve just started the game


Easton’s bats are distinctive and bright, which help your child stand out in the batter’s box


This ultra-lightweight child softball bat helps players to make greater contact with the ball


Certified to play in ASA (USA), USSSA, NSA, ISA, and ISF leagues FASTPITCH ONLY


  • Military aluminum building of ALX50 TM for longer durability
  • 29/32″ handle with all-sports grip and roller end
  • Material type: Composite
  • Sport type: Baseball

Get the maximum swing speed and power with the Easton FP20PSA Fastpitch Softball Bat single-piece Sapphire. Balance, performance, great candy. What more can a player in a bat ask for? This bat has an easy and balanced swing weight and a sleek white and blue color that players appreciate! Specifications -10oz weight ratio length 2 1/4 “Diameter of the barrel approved for 1.20 BPF USSSA, ASA, NSA, ISA & ISF 1-piece Bat Construction 100% Aluminum Design ALX50 Aircraft All Sports Bat Grip Ultra-Thin 29/32 Light & Balanced Swing Weight “One Year Manufacturer Warranty Handle


#2: Easton SAPPHIRE -12 Fastpitch Bat

Eastons latest line of Diamond Gem bat features a Sapphire made from aluminum-grade 7050 aircraft for high swinging speed and balanced performance. The low weight and the big sweet spot generate power, while a padded all-sports grip lets you manage all of this force. If you are ready to conquer the diamond, you will be ready to swing with the collection of Diamond Gem.


  • 7050 Alloy aircraft for rapid swing speed
  • Ultra-thin 29/32″ handle and concave end cap with All-Sports grip
  • ASS (USA), USSSA (FASTPITCH ONLY), NSA, ISA, ISF certification.


  • Light weight swing and big sweet spot
  • All-Sports Handle Grip
  • Sport:Fastpitch Softball
  • Drop:-12
  • Barrel:2 1/4″
  • Frame: One-Piece Construction
  • Material:7050 Aircraft Grade Aluminum
  • Level: Youth
  • Certification: ASA, USSSA


#3: Easton Pink Sapphire -10 Softball Bat

The Pink Sapphire is unbelievably well-balanced, one-strap bat that provides a lightweight feeling to young players. This bat is constructed of ALX50 military aluminum. If you’re a recreational player or just putting your doe toes into water, competitive players will do better with a better bat with the goal of one day playing professional baseball, you won’t have the bat to beat. This bat is recommended for players 10 and below.


  • Aluminum structure of military grade ALX50 for prolonged endurance
  • Ultra-thin handle 29/32″ with Grip All Sports
  • Certification: ASA, USSSA, NSA, ISA, ISF

Unique Features

  • Military ALX50 grade aluminum. Certified ASA, USSSA, NSA, ISA and ISF. Certified.
  • 29/32,” great lightweight, all-sport type grip. Handle.
  • Quite light swing weight.
  • As its name, vibrant pink colour.

Materials, Barrel & Handle

  • 100% pure ALX50 alloy material for military use.
  • 2-1⁄4 inch dia barrel.
  • 29/32′′ slim grip technology ultra-thin handle.


  • Top-class handicraft.
  • Fully balanced bat for children.
  • Worth prices.
  • Decent pop and swinging sound.
  • Perfect for your girl / 10u children.


  • Dents develop 2/3 months later.


Easton bats always love children. Every junior player or adult likes this Sapphire for its lighter, happier color, precise size and high quality material. The sticker and logo may be customized. The ideal overall bat for 10u girls.


#4: EASTON Sapphire -12 7050 Alloy Softball Bat

Easton’s new line of diamond gems includes saphir which is made of aluminum-grade 7050 aircraft for quick swinging speeds and balanced performance. Light swing weight and wide sweet spot generate power, while a coiled all-sports grip allows you to manage all of this force. If you are ready to conquer the diamond, you will take your swings with your collection of diamond gems.

The Easton Sapphire belongs to the new Easton Diamond Gem line. This fastpitch softball bat will surely amaze, not only because it is a 100% aluminum grade 7050 aviation alloy. The sapphire, with its large sweet spot, is incredibly light and simple to handle, so you can smash the ball hard and far every time. With its one-piece construction, this bat feels very strong and minimizes the ball’s impact. Due to its cushioned all-sports hold, the Sapphire is also pleasant in hands.


  • Built of aluminum grade 7050 aircraft.
  • Fast velocity swing.
  • Lightweight and equilibrated weight.
  • Widespread sweet spot.
  • All-sports grip coated for optimum comfort.
  • Design of one piece.
  • One Year Guarantee
  • Ultra-thin grip 2 1/4 inch diameter barrel.
  • -12 ounce weight-length ratio.


  • ASA
  • NSA
  • ISA
  • ISF

Topaz -10, Amethyst -11 & Sapphire -12

Easton’s new Diamond Gem bat line features Topaz made with Topas -10, Amethyst -11 and Sapphire -12 for enhanced durability in military grades aluminum. A coated all-sports grip allows you to manage all this power. If you are ready to conquer the diamond, you will be ready to swing with the collection of Diamond Gem.

Extremely Lightweight and Easy to Handle

The Easton Sapphire belongs to the new Easton Diamond Gem line. This fastpitch softball bat will surely amaze, not only because it is a 100% aluminum grade 7050 aviation alloy.

Sapphire comes with a weight ratio of -12 ounces in length and swings extremely quickly so that when facing pitchers who know how to throw fast it can reach the ball in time. (It’s a fastball bat, after all.) The ultra-thin diameter of the handle guarantees that you can hold firmly, regardless of how hard you swing.

This bat is approved for most leagues, ASA, NSA, USSSA, AND ISA, and ISF, among others.

Should I buy the Easton Pink Sapphire Girls Fastpitch Softball Bat now?

It’s a good time to purchase now, this price will drop by 62 percent. Our recommendation is to look at it.


Final Recommendation

Today we have taken a closer look at Easton’s new Saphhire series of bats. In my opinion they are the best series of bats available on the market today, and they have been the most popular series of bats in recent years. Easton has been producing bats for over 80 years. Easton bats are used by college and professional teams, as well as by high school and youth players. Easton bats are produced by Easton Sports, a division of Easton-Bell Sports, Inc. Easton bats are one of the most commonly used bats in professional baseball, as well as in high school and college baseball. The Easton Saphhire line is a series of bats that represents an improvement in the search for performance, so you can go for it.

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