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Easton’s Typhoon line of youth bats has quickly become one of the most popular bats on the market. Its unique design and durability have made it a favorite of many players. But, with so many different Typhoon models, what’s the best one for you? In this Easton Typhoon bats review, we’ll help you figure that out by examining the different Typhoon models and explaining the advantages and disadvantages of each.Best Easton Typhoon Bats Review

Top 4 Best Easton Typhoon Bat Review of 2021

#1: Easton TYPHOON -12 USA Youth Baseball Bat

The Easton® Typhoon is a single-piece design made of military grade alloy ALX100. The design of the -12 offers a lower swing weight which increases the speed behind the contact ball. It has a concave end cap and a coated Flex grip that provides extra comfort. Easton TYPHOON -12 Baseball Bat

This model of 2018-19 Typhoon has a 2-1/4 barrel and is authorized for leagues and organizations following the United States Baseball Standard Military grade construction mixed with a concave end cap for superior durability and balance. This one-piece bat has a comfortable handle with a weight of -12 drop and a diameter of 2-1/4″ that is perfect for younger players.

Highlighted Features

  • United States Baseball approved
  • Lightweight and lasting Construction ALX100TM Military Grade Alloy
  • Cushi1d FLEX grip 2.2mm offers hand comfort
  • Cap Concave End
  • Construction of one component -12 length to weight ratio
  • Diameter of the barrel: 2-1/4″
  • Weight/Length: 28″/16 oz, 29″/17 units, 30″/18 units, 31″/19 units, 32″/20 units, 27″/15 oz.
  • The following leagues are approved for play: Baseball from AABC, Ruth & Cal Ripken from Babe, Baseball from Dixie, Little League, and Baseball from Pony. You can learn also about Baseball Pitching Machine.


  • Lightweight and lasting Construction ALX100TM Military Grade Alloy
  • Coated 2.2 mm FLEXTM grip offers hand comfort
  • Cap Concave End

Typhoon Construction

The Easton Typhoon 2019 is a single metal component. This contrasts from other fats which utilize either a whole composite design or a two-piece design. A whole piece aluminum bat is the cheapest kind of bat on the market.

It has a unique Easton grip of 2.2mm. It is far thicker than any other grip on the market. Even the thickest grip of Lizard Skin is just 1.5mm.


Barrel Diameter2-1/4”
Swing WeightBalanced
Manufacturer Warranty1-Year

Hone the offensive talents of your young athlete with this Easton Typhoon USA baseball bat. Its diameter of 2 1/4 inches makes it ideal for USA baseball play, its Military alloy construction and -12 drop weight ALX100 make it feel comfortable to swing. The US baseball bat is also sufficiently robust to meet the demands of the season. The 2.2mm FLEX grip of this US bat offers incomparable comfort when your young player wraps his hands. This lightness, durability and safe grip of the baseball bat allows the player to concentrate on making contact to develop his offensive abilities. Easton: Passion-fueled. Conceived to win. Win.


Can be used in any United States Baseball leagues sanctioned.


Lightweight and durable ALX100 Construction performance alloy.


All-Sports Cushioned grip offers comfort in the hands.

This Easton Typhoon USA baseball bat (YSB19TY12) features a unique concave end cap which helps damp vibrations and keeps the energy in the barrel, so the ball glides swiftly to the outfield when the next player comes in touch. The superb mix of lightness and durability make this US baseball bat a perfect option for young players to master the basics. Easton has the task of providing experienced and beginner players with top quality equipment in order to enable baseball players to acquire the skills they need to succeed.


#2: Easton BK63 Typhoon BBCOR Adult Baseball Bat (-3)

Target the Easton Typhoon Baseball Bat outfield. This bat has a 7046 higher performance aviation alloy and Brace Barrel technology to reduce swing weight while retaining BBCOR conformity. Other characteristics include a ratio of -3 length to weight, a thin tapered 31/32″ with a coiled grip and a 2-5/8″ barrel diameter.Easton BK63 Typhoon Bbcor Bat (-3)

The new typhoon will surely splash into the world of baseball this season! This typhoon is designed to blend durability and performance at an unsurpassable price, for years to come. This one-piece aluminum bat is constructed of the high-performance Easton 7046 Aircraft Alloy. Easton is using the latest Typhoon technology, known as Brace Barrel. This patent-pending technique identifies key locations in the barrel in order to ensure compliance with BBCOR while reducing swing weight. The consequence is quicker swing speeds and powerful impacts for players. The Typhoon offers the player a comfortable and controlled sensation while entering the batter’s box with a frozen grip on the thin, 31/32-inch tapered handle. Easton: The Difference Know-Feel-Be. The typhoon is certified by BBCOR and is authorized for play in high school and college baseball. The Easton Typhoon comes with a Full Twelve (12) month warranty from the manufacturer.

Why Easton Typhoon BBCOR is Best

  • Aircraft alloy 7046
  • The patent in the pending technology of Brace Barrel locates bracing at key places in the barrel, thereby reducing the weight of the swing by keeping a small MOI to produce a quicker swing speed -3 length-to-weight ratio and a diameter of 2-5/8″ barrel
  • Thin 31/32″ conical handle with coiled grip
  • Certified BBCOR


This fuck is the genuine thing. Last week I received this bat and brought it for practice and utilized it in an internal squad game. Better hits than the VOODOO and any timber I tested. Off the fence, I hit one. With bbcor, I didn’t believe it was feasible. The greatest bat for the money by far.


Not really any. Don’t be fooled by the price, and the fact that EASTON TYPHOON is inexpensive.


#3: Easton SK60B Typhoon (-10) Fastpitch Softball Bat

With the launch of the SK60B Typhoon softball bat, Easton has once again increased the quality of bats on the market. The Easton SK60B Typhoon is designed for durability and distance. The 31/32 inch narrow handle with coiled grip provides the greatest feel and bat control. The distinction is to generate a maximum swing speed with a balanced bat. The SK60B Typhoon simply provides a uniformly balanced bottle with excellent performance. This bat also features an aggressive contour design for high performance flexing of the grip. The bat is completed with a paint and a transparent cover with 4 color graphics. The -10 length to weight ratio provides the greatest feasible barrel size. This bat is fitted with a forged end for optimum durability and a concave cap. This bat also provides a complete manufacturer guarantee of twelve (12) months. Free Shipping! Easton SK60B Typhoon (-10) Softball Bat

Highlighted Features

  • Softball typhoon quickpitch 2 1/4 inch barrel diameter.
  • Balanced flask bat
  • ASA approved softball bat forged end / concave cap


On Friday, she bought the bat for my ten-year-old daughter and used it in a Sat/Sun competition and smashed the ball. In 5 games, she struck the outfield every time just the third guy blocked a shot. I’d suggest this bat very much. More, fantastic deal! Great bargain!


#4: Easton SK61B Typhoon -10 FastPitch Bat

Storm the field with Easton’s SK61B Typhoon fast-pitch softball bat. This equally balanced bottle bat is intended to provide maximum swing speed with a weight ratio of -10 lengths. With a slender 29/32-inch handle and a coiled grip, the Typhoon offers less sting for optimum control.Easton SK61B Typhoon -10 FastPitch Bat

Highlighted Features

  • Bottle bat equally balanced for optimum swing speed
  • Thin 29/32-inch cushioned grip handle
  • Sizes: 27″/17″ – 10″ barrel + 28″/18″ – 11″ barrel + 29″/19″ – 12-“barrel + 30″/20″ – 13″ barrel 31-inch 21 ounce – 14″ barrel + 32″/22oz – 15″ barrel + 33″/23oz – 16″ barrel (+ 34″)/24oz – 17″ barrel. 17″ 22″ barrel (14”)

I purchased this softball bat. Every time I hit the ball, it helps me get a big hit. It is so effective that it is used by other members when they are at bat. It’s a fantastic one.

Which Easton typhoon is the best?

If you want a typhoon bat from Easton, you’ve discovered at the top of this page the most popular model. This is the Easton Typhoon 12 USA Youth Baseball Bat

On this website full of Easton Baseball Bats Reviews, you can’t go wrong. A significant percentage of collegiate teams and Little League teams seem to utilize them.

If you have any questions regarding any of the bats on this page, don’t hesitate to contact me.

Bottom Line

To make the most of a young player’s bat, they must feel comfortable with it. You may finally purchase 2 or 3 bats before you can feel comfortable with your ‘weapon of choice.’ These are the top 4 best typhoon bats from Easton that you can purchase today. If you’re wanting to remain ahead of the game in terms of young baseball competition, that’s your option!