Best Easton USA Bat Reviews – 2021

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The finest Easton USA bats in 2021, 3 models are outstanding – the crop’s cream. You will discover 2021 United States Baseball Checklists on this page for all three of these top-rated Easton Baseball bats reviews.

These are the warmest models for 2021 and the finest options for a new baseball bat authorized by the USA for the new season.

This collection of Easton Youth Baseball Bat Reviews takes into account the many styles, tastes and budgets batters may have and attempts to provide alternatives for suiting everyone.

These 2021 Easton Youth American baseball bats are not arranged in a specific order.Easton USA Bat Reviews

Top 3 Best Easton USA Bat Reviews 2021

#1: Easton 2021 ADV 360 -11 USA Youth Baseball Bat

America’s finest high-end baseball bat, The 2021 Easton ADV 360 -11 USA Baseball Bat is a great choice if you want a quick, lightweight bat for a young player, as long as you can afford it! Try the 2020 model if you want to save a few bucks.Easton 2021 ADV 360 -11 USA Youth Baseball Bat

The new Easton AD V-360-11 Baseball Youth Bat is definitely a contender if money is no barrier and you want the finest 2021 young baseball bat that money can buy. This two-piece bat includes top-to-bottom characteristics.

Highlighted Features

  • ULTRA-LIGHT LAUNCH COMP- Launch Composite and Ultra-Lite carbon fiber, coupled with 360 barrel-tuned precision engineering, improves barrel shape and pushes performance boundaries.
  • ISO 2-PIECE CXN- Isolates the barrel handle by utilizing Nitrocell foam to minimize vibration and provides a harder feeling to return more energy to the ball upon contact
  • POWER BOOST- “Soft Knob” technology offers greater leveraging for batters while minimizing vibration and increasing bottom hand convenience
  • DFS CARBON HANDLE- Dynamic Feel System is rigid composite grip construction, providing a stronger feel with zero vibrations
  • SPEED CAP- offers a more flexible and reactive barrel
  • PREMIUM GRIP- offers the finest cushion and tack mix for pure performance
  • CERTIFICATION: Certified in all US baseball leagues

Complete Review

The Speed End Cap begins at the top of the bat. This provides a higher flex index and stronger reaction on bats. The end cap enables the already amazing Ultra-Lite Launch Composite material, which is formed of the bat barrel. This high-light carbon fiber material has been specifically developed to provide a top-to-bottom performance of 360 degrees throughout the barrel. It’s hard to locate in this barrel a weak spot!

The iSo 2-piece CXN system is attached to the bat handle and barrel. This is a high-quality “nitrocell” foam, which softens the vibrations in the handle and makes touch feel sound.

The Power Boost Soft Knob offers additional vibration reduction. The design of the button is meticulously carved to provide a greater leverage in the swing of the player and is pleasant to hold and keep the bat swinging course.

One of the most famous bats in the game is back and better than ever. The Easton ADV 360-11 is designed with an excellent balance between power and speed and the most sophisticated and performing two-piece USA bat in the game, created for the best performing athletes on the field. Composite barrel technology developed with a mix of hot wrapper and large sweet spot. Ultra-Lite Launch Comp? iSo 2-piece CXN? separates the handle from the barrel, utilizing Nitrocell’s foam to lower vibration, and produces the harder feeling of transferring more energy to the contacting ball. Soft Knob? technology offers batters with greater leverage while decreasing the vibration and increasing the comfort of the bottom hand. DFS? Carbon Handle Dynamic Feel System? is a rigid composite construction, which gives a stronger feeling with zero vibration. Speed Cap? offers a more sensitive and flexible barrel. The ideal combination is provided by premium grip

The last element of this comprehensive, balanced baseball bat for young players is the carbon handle Dynamic Feel System. This combines with the iSo 2-Piece CXN system to give hitters a strong, responsive feeling when they are in touch.

Reason To Buy

  • Smooth vibrations without losing the steep, genuine feeling.
  • Ultra-Lite Launch Composite is doing what its name implies: launching baseballs.
  • A balanced and very lightweight all round bat for quick, forceful drives.

Reason To Avoid

  • One of the most costly bats on the market for young baseball.
  • Only in a length-to-weight ratio of -11.


#2: Easton 2021 REFLEX -12 USA Youth Baseball Bat

A fantastic bat for younger / smaller players authorized in the United States. Baseball 2021 Easton Reflex -12 USA is a very simple, inexpensive design suitable for younger players who desire a bat for themselves.

The 2021 Easton Reflex -12 USA Bat is an alternative choice in the case of inexpensive young baseball bats. This USA-certified bat is a single piece ALX100 alloy stick.

ALX100 Alloy is robust, durable and lightweight. This provides a balanced swing that young players can easily manage. The alloy barrel’s breadth is somewhat less than other juvenile bats. Whereas a majority of the finest bats authorized in the USA are 2 5/8 inches in diameter, the barrel is 2 1/4 inches in diameter.Easton REFLEX -12 USA Baseball Bat

A narrower barrel is usually considered an inconvenience. Less striking surface equals less impacts and fewer contacts. However, in a coach-pitch league this might be a useful instructional tool. The slower, undercut throws, even with the fine barrel, make contact simple. If your kid or daughter picks up a barrel and picks up a larger barrel outside the trainer pitch, she will feel like a tennis racket for her new bat!

This cheap young baseball bat has a concave end cap which provides additional compression to the barrel. There is also a 2.2 millimeter cushioned flex grip. Some, but not all, will be negated by the padding surrounding the grip.

Reason To Buy

  • An cheap, simple, youthful baseball bat.
  • ALX100 Alloy will keep your bat in the game this season and beyond.
  • Easy to swing and manage lightweight design.

Reason To Avoid

  • A narrower barrel profile may provide a difficulty with uniformity on the plate.
  • One-piece alloy bats generate more disagreeable feedback.
  • For some players a -12 length-to-weight ratio is too light.


#3: EASTON Beast Speed Hybrid -10 USA Bat

Easton Beast Speed 2019 Hybrid bat is a two-piece hybrid USA baseball bat constructed out of ATAC alloy with precise carbon grip.

The material used in the barrel heats up from the wrapper and provides additional performance and pop.

The 25/8″ barrel of advanced thermal alloy construction offers the lightest and strongest aluminum barrel in balanced swing weight with a speed to accentuate bat speed when in contact.

The Lizard Skin DSP offers a more comfortable cushion to the player’s hands.

This finest US baseball bat provides the dynamic feeling and balancing swing weight with Connection+ technology and avoids stinging.

The 2019 Easton Beast Speed United States bat has a 1 Year Warranty.EASTON Beast Speed Hybrid -10 USA Bat

Highlighted Features

  • Advanced Thermal Alloy Construction supplies the lightest and strongest aluminum barrel in a fast balanced swing weight to emphasis bat velocity at impact.
  • New SPEEDCAP offers a more flexible and sensitive barrel and increases the bat’s sound.
  • EXACT Carbon and ATAC Alloy combines 2-piece hybrid construction for an exceptional all-round feel and performance
  • DYNAMIC Sensation SYSTEM is a rock-solid feel in the hands using CONNEXION+ technology
  • 2-piece speed balanced design offers a lightweight swing weight to increase contact speed behind the ball.
  • Customized LIZARD SKINS DSP bat grip gives the best feeling, fit and touch

What I Like?

Starting with its substance in a barrel made of aluminum alloy that does not have to be broken in. It’s warm straight out of the package.

The fleece includes tremendous pop and is among the finest performing fleeces in the best USA fleece.

This Easton USA bat also has a full manufacturer guarantee for 12 months.

What I don’t like?

Contrary to its performance, this bat should not be particularly durable.

The handle is really extremely weak and this bat is not very robust and it may shatter with a heavy blow on the bat at all times.

Final Verdict

Experience the new Easton Beast Speed Hybrid -10, loud, strong and brutal strength. The two-piece ATAC Alloy build offers a light, but strong barrel, and the new Speed Cap serves to produce a more flexible barrel and to increase the sound of the bat. The -10 speed-balanced design gives a lightweight swingweight for greater speed behind the contact ball and Easton’s two-piece CONNEXION+ DYNAMIC FEEL SYSTEM offers an exceptional all-round sensation and performance. This 2018-19 Beast Speed Hybrid model has a 2-5/8″ barrel and is designed for optimum feeling, cushion and tack with a custom LIZARD SKINSDSP fit. It is authorized for playing in leagues and organizations following the US standard for baseball.

What makes a USA Baseball bat?

You must play with a bat that satisfies the USA Baseball Standards in order to participate in USA Baseball Ligas.

Over time, these norms alter. The new standard is designed to provide wood-like performance in child baseball bats in 2018. It has a larger diameter of approximately 2 5/8′′.

In these evaluations we will examine the finest young baseball bats that will meet the criteria in early 2018.

Of course, these criteria are susceptible to alter, just as new bats are expected to emerge. When that occurs, a fresh set of USA Baseball Bats reviews will be released.

The USA Baseball Standard is applicable to all bats used in Little League, American Amatorial Baseball Congress, Cal Ripken Baseball, PONY Baseball and Dizzy Dean. The Baseball Standard applies to all bats used in Little League.

The modifications in the 2018 USA Baseball standards are not applicable for USSSA Baseball since they suit a separate set of criteria.

Bottom Line

A less-known bat that can compete easily with the most middle-to-high bats.

However, of all of the bats that suffer from increased weight and pop decrease, the Easton may be the most affected by 2021 with a significantly smaller sweet spot than expected and an unpleasant weight balance compared with its competitors.