100+ Funny Fantasy Football Names

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One of the most crucial decisions fantasy football managers will have to make each season is the name of their club. It can be even more difficult than selecting your actual team! Here are 100+ Funny Fantasy Football Names.

While it’s possible that your fantasy football draft won’t go as planned, and it’s difficult to predict how well your team will perform once the games begin (especially if injuries pop up), there is one thing you can control: having the most OK fantasy football team name ever.

To stand out in your league, come up with a humorous, goofy, crazy, amazing, intelligent, cool, or even slightly crass (or nasty) fantasy football team or fantasy league name. Let’s take a look at 125 fantastic options for the 2021 season, featuring elite players (Patrick Mahomes, Saquon Barkley, Tom Brady, Dak Prescott, Nick Chubb) and dozens more solid bonus names:

But don’t worry; we’ve already done the legwork for you and compiled the top fantasy football team names in this post.

Top 100 Funny Fantasy Football Team Names

  1. Dude, Where’s My Sarr?
  2. Ayew Being Served?
  3. The Wizard of Ozil
  4. Flying Without Ings
  5. Benteke Fried Chicken
  6. Show Me, Da Mane
  7. Game of Throw-ins
  8. Ctrl Alt De Laet
  9. Who Ate All Delays?
  10. 1. Lallanas in Pyjamas
  11. Pukki Blinders
  12. Earth, Wind, and Maguire
  13. Giroud Let the Dogs Out
  14. Games of Stones
  15. Bachmann and Robin
  16. Dallas Bias Club
  17. The Zarate Kid
  18. Deeney in a Bottle
  19. Turn Your Head and Goff
  20. Lamar the Merrier!
  21. Quon Solo
  22. Make America Gronk Again
  23. Gronkey Kong
  24. Party Like a Gronk Star
  25. Acute Bronchitis
  26. Happy Golladay’s
  27. Mahomes Alone
  28. All Barkley, All Bite
  29. Baker’s Dozen
  30. The Fabulous Baker Boy
  31. Golden Tate Warriors
  32. Watson In Your Wallet
  33. What Can Brown Do For You?
  34. Dalton Abbey
  35. Smack My Bilic Up
  36. The Cesc Pistols
  37. Obi-Wan – Kenobi Nil
  38. Teenage Mutant Ninja Skrtels
  39. Lloris the Hounds
  40. Top Dier
  41. Gotta Griez’Em All
  42. Top of the Klopps
  43. Backstreet Moyes
  44. Batshuayi Crazy
  45. Martial Law
  46. Salt & Pepe
  47. Shaw Ate Dalot
  48. Delph & Safety
  49. Expected Toulouse
  50. Bilbao Baggins
  51. The Kouyate Kid
  52. Egg Fried Reus
  53. Flying Without Ings
  54. Finding Timo
  55. Buckeye-ing the Trend
  56. Deuling Sabanjos
  57. Smoking Dabos
  58. Fields Good, Man
  59. Benteke Fried Chicken
  60. Who ate all Delays?
  61. Batman McGinnis
  62. Riders of Yohan
  63. 2 Girls 1 Schlupp
  64. Fun Lovren Criminals
  65. Dolly Barton
  66. Lady Yaya
  67. Bachmann vs. Superman
  68. Tinchy Sneijder
  69. The Martial Mata LP
  70. Cahills Have Eyes
  71. Gangsters Allardyce
  72. Sound of the Lloris
  73. Flying Without Ings
  74. Come Digne With Mee
  75. Löw Island
  76. Michu at De Gea Ba
  77. Who Ate All Delays?
  78. Moves Like Xhaka
  79. The Kouyate Kid
  80. Clyne of Duty
  81. Netflix and Chilwell
  82. Let’s Go Fosu-Mensah
  83. Run The Kewell’s
  84. What Samatta With U
  85. Hanging By A Fred
  86. Knockaert Blow
  87. Slumdog Mignolet
  88. Mee, My Delph & Ibe
  89. Aaron Roger Goodell
  90. Goodell Castro
  91. Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood
  92. Cape of Good Ell
  93. The Goodell, the Bad, and the Ugly
  94. Roger GoToHell
  95. Goodell for the Gander
  96. Rogerk Off
  97. Tanks For Nothing
  98. Whipping Post Routs
  99. The Worst of the Best
  100. Returning Chumps

People Also Ask

What are some excellent fantasy football names?

  • Josh Jacobs Jingleheimer Schmidt.
  • Run CMC.
  • Lamarvel Cinematic Universe.
  • Country Road, Take Mahomes.
  • My Barkley is Louder Than My Bite.
  • Baby Got Dak.
  • Murray Up and Wait.
  • It’s Always Darkest Before Deshaun.

What should I call my fantasy football team?

  • Giroud awakening. When Harry Met Alli.
  • Let’s talk about Cesc. Sorry, Not Sarri.
  • Baked Baines. Best Ings In Life Are Free.
  • Hanging By a Fred. Things are Heaton Up.
  • Huth the Ball! Krul Intentions.
  • Count on Mee. Ospina Colada.
  • Cesc on the beach. The Wizard of Özil.
  • On the Mendy. Dukes of Hazard.

What’s a good fantasy football name for a girl?

  • Victorious Secret
  • Miss Daisy League
  • The Pink Panthers
  • Green Babe Packers
  • Cuddling Cougars
  • Ladies for Manning
  • Mile High Heels
  • Easy, Breezy, Beautiful!

How do you come up with a fantasy name?

The most common way owners do this is by incorporating football-related terms or players’ names into their titles. The team name usually tells the team’s story, so you can use your favorite player or possibly your result from last season to create a unique heading.

What is the best name for football?

  • Blue Badgers.
  • Cheetah Colonels.
  • Phantom Bulls.
  • Crashing Amigos.
  • Bengal Bisons.
  • Dashing Devils.
  • Dazzling Balls.
  • Flying Squirrels.

How do I name my team?

  • Decide If Your Want Sport Type In The Name.
  • Associate Your Team With Popular Things.
  • Think About Things Your Team Members Have In Common.
  • Add a Strong Adjective.
  • Pair a Mascot With a Location.
  • Use a Sports Team Name Generator.

What is a good name for a league?

  • The Unforgiven.
  • Daring Wanderers.
  • Rise of the Champions.
  • Children of Darkness.
  • The Defenders.
  • Goal to Destroy.
  • Stealth and Invisible.
  • Open Warfare Warriors.

How long can a fantasy football name be?

Because a team name must be less than 20 characters long, there isn’t much space for creativity when choosing a name.