Girls Fantasy Football Team Name 2022

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Who said football was solely a male-dominated activity? Many women like participating in fantasy football, whether in a co-ed league or even an all-lady club (yes, such companies exist!) In the unlikely event that you have found yourself on this page, it is likely that you are contemplating the formation of a women’s league of your own but are unsure of what to call it.

The name of your league or squad must shout “female” if you are launching an all-women fantasy football league or simply joining one. Because there aren’t nearly enough women who play fantasy football, let alone enjoy the sport, it’s a big deal when a group of women comes together to compete. To summarize, you should take pleasure in your interest in fantasy football and devote sufficient time and effort to your squad to score well and establish a positive reputation.

Top Best Tips for Naming Your Team

If you’re having trouble coming up with good lady fantasy football team names, here are a few suggestions to get you started:

  • Girly things: Just because you adore football doesn’t mean you can’t also appreciate a relaxing pedicure or a little retail therapy! Remember that you’re still a girl on the inside and out; therefore, include feminine elements in your names, such as lipstick and diamonds.
  • Ladies, gentlemen, divas, and so on: Nothing says “girly” quite like the words “girl” themselves. Make it apparent in your name that you have vaginal protrusions and are still participating in fantasy football by using phrases such as girls, ladies, divas, or even bitches.
  • Given the abundance of football words available and the many humorous football player last names available, there is an endless supply of puns general for you to incorporate into the terms of your fantasy football teams and leagues.
  • Humor: Don’t be afraid to attempt to be humorous! In my opinion, the majority of team names are amusing, which is the only bandwagon I’d join on!
  • Rough and tumble: Just because you have a vagina does not exclude you from using a little vulgarity in your team’s nickname. Why should only men be permitted to be sexually explicit? I, for one, believe in the equality of all people!
  • For the men, here’s something to think about: This might be an excellent opportunity to express your displeasure with them because football is a male-dominated sport. Demonstrate that a lady can be just as knowledgeable as, if not more, about football! The fact that someone is a man has absolutely nothing to do with how well they do in fantasy games; therefore, don’t be scared to disparage males in your writing!

Girls Fantasy Football Team Name

  1. Alpha Females
  2. Her-canes
  3. Fail Mary
  4. Ladies and Edelman
  5. Miss Landry
  6. Overtime Period
  7. Onside Chick
  8. Femme Footballs
  9. Leading Ladies
  10. Trophy Wives
  11. Lady’s Knights
  12. Los Angeles Ma’ams
  13. Seahotties
  14. Denver Momlet
  15. Mile High Heels
  16. Detroit Lionesses
  17. Jacksonville Cougars
  18. Baltimore Rave Aunts
  19. Snac Packers
  20. Pink Panthers
  21. Chicago Mama Bears
  22. Patrick Mahomes
  23. Kyler Mommy
  24. Mom Brady
  25. My Mommy Dolphins
  26. Baby Chark
  27. Fantasy Goddess
  28. Chip Kelly
  29. Cleats and Cleavage
  30. U Guys B Kitty Whipped
  31. Rosterbation
  32. It’s “MIKE VICK” in-a-box!!!
  33. Brees between my knees
  34. Helu Kitty
  35. Screaming Divas

NFL Girls Fantasy Football Names

  1. Diva-Dominator
  2. Here’s My Number; call me Brady
  3. I like to touchdown there
  4. I Two-Hand Touch Myself
  5. ed Fantasy Football Team Names
  6. Ben There, Raped that…
  7. Fusion Girls
  8. Pink Panthers
  9. Amazonian Mermaids
  10. Let’s Get Rashard
  11. TANNEHILLbillies
  12. Tyrod Taylor Swift
  13. Lamar Miller Time
  14. Chance the Snapper
  15. Maximum Barnidge
  16. One fine Clay
  17. Shopping at Lacy’s
  18. Spiller High Life
  19. Sacks in the City
  20. Sunday’s Best
  21. Newton’s Law
  22. Frank the Tank
  23. Marvin Jones Diary
  24. Chunks of Cole Beasley
  25. Green Bowl Packers
  26. Witten, is nice?
  27. Can you Diggs it?
  28. Witten in the stars
  29. Come to the Dak-side

Funny Fantasy Football Names For Girls

  1. Flash Gordon
  2. 80% Mental, 40% Physical
  3. Feel the Hurns
  4. Favre Dollar Footlong
  5. The Brady Bunch
  6. Bortles Service
  7. Taylor Park Boys
  8. Tate Misbehavin’
  9. O’Neal and Pray
  10. InstaJimmyGraham
  11. T.Y. Very Much
  12. Thor: Ragnow-Rock
  13. The Adams Family
  14. Mixon Match
  15. In Tyrod We Trust
  16. Big Ol’ Bortles
  17. Kissing Cousins
  18. Remember the Titans
  19. I’ll Make You Jameis
  20. Boy Named Suh


I hope this list of fantasy football team names for women has inspired ladies to create their fantasy squad. Let’s give your fantasy football squad a name that is either cool or amazing, depending on your taste in music.