How Much Money Do Soccer Players Make?

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How Much Money Do Soccer Players Make? –  Soccer is one of the most popular sports on the planet, with over a billion people participating each year. As a result, it should be no surprise that football players earn extremely lucrative salaries. Additionally, they receive a substantial amount of money from advertising contracts. To determine how much money soccer players make, we must first determine how much they earn.

How Much Do Soccer Players Make?

In addition to asking how much money professional soccer players make, you may also be interested in learning how to become a professional athlete in soccer. Essentially, it is dictated by the agreement’s specifics between the player and their respective club. As is the case with most other professions, soccer players are paid on a semi-monthly basis (two times each month) or on a bi-weekly basis (once every two weeks) (two times a week).

Despite this, besides the profit that players receive from their yearly contracts, they also receive additional cash from various awards (appearances, goals scored, trophies won) and from picture rights and other commercial commercials and sponsorships.
Of course, the amount of money you earn will be determined by your abilities, your gender, and the club for which you are playing. Major League Soccer, for example, pays its players a base salary of $56,250 per year, with the average player earning $117,000 in a given year. The National Women’s Soccer League pays a basic salary of $16,538 and a maximum salary of $44,000 per season.

But consider that a Premier League footballer typically earns $3.5 million per year, which is the standard pay rate for the league. A European Premier League footballer receives the most significant money when everything is considered. In contrast, Real Madrid and Barcelona, both based in Spain, are the two clubs with the highest incomes in the world.
Likewise, there are anomalies in the Chinese Super League, where players such as Oscar and Hulk (Shanghai SIPG), Graziano Pelle (Shandong Luneng), Ezequiel Lavezzi (Hebei China Fortune), and Marek Hamsik (Dalian Yifang) have reaped a piece of the game’s most significant contracts in recent memory.

How Much Do Soccer Players Make A Week?

The income of proficient players depends on various factors, including the club they play, the tax system in which they operate, and the efficiency with which they negotiate their contracts. It becomes difficult to determine how much players stand to benefit from their contracts when you throw in other aspects, such as execution-related models correlating with a clean sheet and goal-scoring awards, promotion clauses, and picture rights. We should look into a handful of different soccer leagues from across the world to decide how much money soccer players make in a given week.

The Premier League (England)

According to the Professional Footballers Association in the United Kingdom, the average weekly salary of a soccer player in the Premier League is currently an incredible £50,000. Keeping this in mind, if we were to calculate how much money a soccer player makes in an hour, we would estimate $298. Alexis Sanchez, the much-maligned Manchester United attacker, makes an inconceivable £350,000 every week, not inclusive of the £75,000 extra that he receives for actually participating in a match. Paul Pogba, who earns £290,000 per week, and David De Gea, who earns £200,000 per week, are two of the club’s other star performers.

The Championship (England)

The mean weekly income in this division remains between £7,500 and £8,500, which is comparable to $45 and $51 per hour, with the most highly regarded players earning in the region of £80,000. This is astonishingly more than the average player in the Eredivisie (the Dutch football league’s top division) brings home each week. Even though players at prestigious teams such as Ajax and PSV will undoubtedly receive more than that, many soccer players across the division will receive less than a player in the Premier League. Salaries continue to decline as you move down the groupings, and in England’s third tier, which is confusingly dubbed League One, players earn between £1,700 and £2,500 per week. In League Two, this is reduced to a weekly pay of £1,300 – 1,500 pounds.

Serie A (Italy)

In recent years, La Vecchia Signora or Juventus have dominated Italian football, winning the last seven league championships. Furthermore, they appear to be poised to continue to dominate the league for some time, especially since they signed Cristiano Ronaldo from Real Madrid in the summer of 2018. He is far and away from the most valuable player in the league, earning an eye-watering €565,000 every week in salary and bonuses.

Juventus are also the most paid team in the league, with only a few of its players earning less than €50,000 a week, which is nearly $298 every week, according to the league’s salary structure. Furthermore, they have recently stated that Arsenal’s Aaron Ramsey will be joining Juventus on a free transfer in the summer of 2019/20 when his contract with his current club expires, as previously reported. Ramsey will receive more than €400,000 every week, more than his estimated net worth. Not every team in Italy can compete with Juventus’ pretty competitive wages.

The lowly Chievo Verona, for example, has a top worker, Emanuele Giaccherini, who was once Italy’s international player, earning merely €13,000 per week while a significant section of the league’s base group is earning less than €10,000 per week.

La Liga (Spain)

While the country is home to two of the world’s most famous soccer teams, Barcelona and Real Madrid, La Liga comprises smaller, up-and-coming teams, such as Huesca and Rayo Vallecano. As a result, there is a significant disparity between the pay rates and the benefits that players may expect to get at the top and bottom of La Liga. To give you an idea of how much money Gareth Bale makes at Real Madrid, he makes €400,000 a week after tax and is one of the best players in the group (and the league) after tax. The majority of the squad’s members have celebrity status and earn more than €70,000 each week, with the team captain receiving €200,000. Over at Barcelona, things appear to be fundamentally the same, with players earning astronomically high salaries in all situations. However, every one of them is dwarfed by the astonishing €655,000 per week that Lionel Messi makes for Barcelona.

Who Is The Highest Paid Soccer Player

Is it possible for you to guess who the highest-paid soccer player in the world is and how much he earns? To name a few highlights, the Barcelona star Lionel Messi has reclaimed his position as the highest-paid soccer player on Forbes’ annual list of the highest-paid athletes. Following Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo took over the second slot on the leader board. Neymar Jr., the third-highest-paid football player in the world, comes in third place. The following table details the earnings of the top three players in soccer.

1. Lionel Messi, Barcelona

FC Barcelona needed 105 years to win 64 trophies before calling themselves champions. This was before Messi became a member of the team in 2005. His 16 years with the team have resulted in 34 awards won by the team. He is the most successful player on the team. He has brought such incredible talents and accomplishments to the table that he has established himself as one of the greatest players in sports history and earned him a pretax vocation profit of $1 billion. This year, the soccer world was riveted as he battled with the club over whether or not to play out the final year of his contract, which ended in a cliffhanger. He chose to stay and stands to make $92 million as a result and the $34 million he receives from corporate endorsements, bringing his total earnings to a whopping $126 million. Messi Watch 2021, on the other hand, is in full swing, with everyone’s eyes peeled for any signs as to where he will be playing next.

2. Cristiano Ronaldo, Juventus

Ronaldo is unquestionably one of the most well-liked athletes, having 457 million followers on social media. Aside from that, he is also the most actively involved player in commercial endorsements. With his excellent shape and outstanding features, he has regularly promoted his CR7 lifestyle branded apparel, well-being, health products such as Herbalife and Clear shampoo, and his lifelong support partner Nike. In July, he shared a video of himself reading a letter he had written to a 10-year-old Brazilian soccer player named Julia Rosado and Julia’s sobbing reaction to receiving the letter, with the Swoosh’s most recent Flight Ball. Portugal’s Cristiano Ronaldo is only the second player in history, after Iran’s Ali Daei, to have scored more than 100 international goals. He recently passed the milestone in the country’s UEFA Nations League encounter against Sweden. He makes $70 million per year and obtains an additional $47 million from brand marketing, bringing his total revenues to a whopping $117 million each year.

3. Neymar Jr., Paris Saint-Germain

When he traded playing next to Lionel Messi in Barcelona for a position with Paris Saint-Germain in August 2017, the 28-year-old Brazilian striker was one of the most talked-about players in the game because of his tricks on and off the field, saw his earnings increase by fourfold. He also received criticism for leaving Barcelona and joining Paris Saint-Germain. PSG is paying more than $600 million to keep him in the French capital, thanks to his record transfer fees of $263 million and his average salary of $78 million. Nike severed its ties with Neymar earlier this summer, making way for him to join with Puma due to the move. He received a red card for cutting into the back of the skull of Marseille’s Alvaro Gonzalez in the opening game of the 2020-21 Ligue 1 season, claiming it was as a result of racial abuse. Neymar Jr. earns an average of $78 million per year, with an additional $18 million in endorsement fees, for $96 million in profits per year.
Other soccer players who reached the Forbes list of the highest-paid soccer players include:

4. Kylian Mbappe, Paris Saint-Germain

It is estimated that he makes $28 million in salary plus the $14 million he receives for brand endorsements, for $42 million in profits.

5. Mohamed Salah, Liverpool

His total earnings are $37 million, including $24 million in salary and $13 million in brand endorsement fees, for $37 million in revenues.

6. Paul Pogba, Manchester United

His earnings are $34 million, including $28 million in salary and $6 million in brand endorsement fees, for $34 million in income and gains.

7. Antoine Griezmann, Barcelona

His total earnings are $33 million, including $28 million in salary and $5 million in brand endorsement fees, for $33 million in income and endorsement fees.

8. Gareth Bale, Real Madrid

His total earnings are $29 million, including $23 million in salary and $6 million in brand endorsement fees, for $29 million in revenues.

9. Robert Lewandowski, Bayern Munich

With the $4 million he receives for brand endorsements, his total earnings reach $28 million. He makes $24 million in salary and $4 million in brand endorsements.

10. David De Gea, Manchester United

With the $3 million he receives for brand endorsements, his total earnings reach $27 million. He makes $24 million in salary and $3 million in brand endorsements.


Spain, Italy, and England are all wealthy countries that can afford to pay their players highly in exchange for their services. However, the teams from Italy, Spain, and England are not even among the highest-paid top-level associations in the world. The Chinese Super League has ramped up its competition for international players to help spread its football (soccer) influence across the globe and is recruiting players from all over the world to play for their clubs by offering them unbelievable pay rates. For example, Didier Drogba just signed a contract to pay him $300,000 per week, but some controversy has been surrounding the deal.

It is necessary to bring in international players from other countries to raise the level of local competition and, in turn, improve the talents and attributes of their national players. However, Major League Soccer in the United States has to mean pay rates of around $50,000 per year. Numerous countries in Europe, the Caribbean, Africa, and South America have clubs and associations regarded as “proficient.” Still, the players must find other sources of income to provide for themselves and their families. So the amount of money that a soccer player makes is highly dependent on the club in which he plays and their particular abilities.

People Also Asked

1. Do Soccer Players Have To Pay Taxes?

The quick answer is that sure, it is possible. The amount of tax that football players must pay varies from one country to another. The following are examples of taxes in a variety of jurisdictions.

  • Britain: 45%
  • Spain: 52%
  • Germany: 47.475%
  • Italy: 46.29%
  • Russia: 13%
  • France: 45%

2. Why Do Players Have Huge Salaries But Still Evade Taxes?

Many wealthy footballers, including Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo, have skipped paying taxes. This is because the amount of tax they must pay is exceptionally high. They are continuously looking for more than they are given. They frequently consult with financial consultants to reduce their tax liability. They are attempting to conceal their source of income and the real estate they possess, among other things.

3. Do soccer players make a lot of money?

In the United States, most professional soccer players receive total remuneration from their teams, less than $100,000 per year on average. Numerous people earn $54,500 or less per year, which would make it difficult to afford a quality rental flat in some areas.

4. Who is the highest paid in soccer?

CharacteristicSalary & bonusesEndorsements
Cristiano Ronaldo (Manchester United)7055
Lionel Messi (Paris Saint-Germain)7535
Neymar (Paris Saint-Germain)7520
Kylian Mbappe (Paris St. Germain)2815

5. How much money do soccer players make a week?

Annual SalaryWeekly Pay
Top Earners$66,000$1,269
75th Percentile$49,000$942
25th Percentile$28,000$538

6. How much do British footballers get paid?

The average weekly income of a Premier League footballer is somewhat more than £60,000, which equals more than £3 million per year for the best players. Footballers in the Premier League earn the most money; players in other leagues earn far less. Championship earnings are little more than £4,000 per week, or almost £200,000 per year.

7. What is Messi’s weekly salary?

According to a report published by MARCA, Messi earns more than $1 million per week. According to reports, his incentives and sponsorships are not included in the calculations. According to a Forbes report published in September, Messi earned $875 million in salary and bonuses and another $350 million in sponsorships for more than $1 billion throughout his career.

8. How much money does Messi make?

41 Milion USD

9. What is Ronaldo’s salary?

26.52 GBP

10. What do League 1 players earn?

The average income in the Championship is between £7,500 and £8,500 per week, depending on the position. The highest-paid players in the Championship may make up to £80,000 per week. Across League One, the average wage is between £1,700 and £2,500, while the average salary in League Two ranges between £1,000 and £1,500.

11. How much does a League 2 player earn a week?

The typical highest-earning individual in League Two earns little more than £114,000 per year. That works out to a little more than £2,000 each week. However, while that is an extraordinarily healthy wage that is many times more than the national average, it is far lower than the salaries of even the highest-paid players in League One.