How To Dribble A Soccer Ball?

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Dribbling is an extremely crucial technique for a professional basketball player. It provides a significant edge to a player throughout a match. This technique, on the other hand, does not require you to be a professional player in order to learn it. If you’re looking for information on the technique of “how to dribble a soccer ball?” you’ve come to the right spot. Here are some pointers to consider.

How To Dribble A Soccer Ball? If you are a beginner, it is best to start learning the ways to dribble a soccer ball with the following methods:

Use Moves To Fool Your Opponent

1. Use The Outside Of Your Foot To Dribble When Facing An Opponent

When you come up against a defender, you should try to keep the ball close to your body. It should be close enough so that you can dribble with the outside of your foot on the ground surface. You will have much easier control over the ball as a result of this. Furthermore, you have the option of moving to more flexible stages.

2. Make A Move When You Are About 3 Feet Away From The Defender

If you are too near to your opponent, it will be tough for you to dribble the ball effectively. It is very easy for an opponent to neutralize you if you do the talent casting too far away from the adversary. Practicing your movements when you are approximately 3 feet away from your opponent is the most effective method of learning them. You will be able to effortlessly past your opponents while still maintaining control of the ball at that point.
You should make every effort to keep going forward. You will lose motivation as soon as you take a break for even a brief period of time.

3. Changing The Direction Of The Ball & Passing Defenders

Direct the ball directly into the path of the defender. Swing the ball out to the side as you approach closer to him, using the outside of your foot. Then accelerate quickly to avoid being caught by the defender.

4. Perform Skills To Trick Opponents

To deceive defenders when you’re near to them, take a strong step to the side to fool them. You may amplify the effect by moving your arms and your eyes at the same time, for example. Then, using the outside of your other foot, move the ball in the opposite direction of where you started.
For a different approach, rather than just lunging to the side, you can loop one foot around the ball while using the other foot to propel the ball forward. You may simply trick the defenders by moving your foot in a certain way.

5. Passing Defenders With A Sudden Change Of Pace

You will only be successful in distracting the defenders if you accelerate at the appropriate time. You may rest assured that your competition will not be able to catch up with you in this manner.

Try To Control The Soccer Ball

1. Try To Keep Your Knees Slightly Bent  For Better Control

This will assist you in maintaining better balance. Maintaining a modest bend in your knees can assist you in remaining stable throughout changes in speed as well as changes in direction. Dribbling faster without losing your balance is also made possible as a result of this. You should follow these steps if you wish to get past a defender on the field.

2. Keep Your Feet Agile And Flexible

In narrow spaces, you can dribble with a quick and flexible foot, which is advantageous. Your feet can also assist you in moving at breakneck speeds. Keeping the ball with your feet while near to the defender allows you to concentrate more on the movement of the ball.

3. Dribbling The Ball By Using The Sides Of Your Feet

The use of the sides of your feet can be extremely beneficial in maintaining control of the ball. This allows you to make dribbling maneuvers with relative ease while you are close to the defense.

4. Keeping The Ball Close To You While Approaching Your Opponent

In fact, when you have good control of the soccer ball, you will be able to easily get past a defender, which is very useful in small places. When you keep the soccer ball close to your feet, it makes it more difficult for defenders to steal the ball from your possession.
The ability to hold the ball near can help you attack more effectively, regardless of whether you have mastered dribbling.

Practice Dribbling To Improve Your Dribbling Skills

1. Improve Soccer Dribbling Skill Through Zig Zag Around Cones

To line up one row of cones, you need to use approximately 20 cones. Take the ball and begin by dribbling it to the cone nearest to you with the outside of one foot on the outside of the other. Dribble around each cone, continuing until the last cone is reached.
Begin with the right foot on the first turn, and then with the left foot on the second turn. Keeping the ball from knocking over any of the cones is essential.

2. Practice Dribbling In Close Space

Arrange three cones in a straight line to form a triangle (or a triangle with sides about 3 feet). Then, dribble the ball over the cones while using all of your foot’s components. You should also make an effort to make timely decisions.

3. Team Up With Your Teammates To Practice Soccer Dribbling Skill

You’ll need the assistance of your teammates to get the most out of your practice time. After you’ve practiced with cones, it’s time to put your skills into action with your teammates. It’s time to put the abilities you’ve gained from practicing with cones into action.

People Also Asked

1. Can I Dribble Like A Professional Player Without Getting Hurt?

Yes, without a doubt. Simply follow the instructions in this article. The most important thing to remember is to be patient!

2. Is Dribbling Really That Important?

The quick answer is that sure, it is possible. It is possible to move away from defenders with ease when dribbling. If your skill level is high, you will not have trouble maintaining control of the ball.

3. Can I Improve My Dribbling Speed?

Your ability will improve as time progresses. Your dribbling speed will considerably rise at that point as well.

4. Is Dribbling With 2 Balls Possible?

The fact is that this isn’t actually essential. However, if you so desire, you can still go ahead and do it. It is possible to use your right foot to kick a ball and your other foot to kick a ball.


Dribbling is a skill that is relatively tough to master in general. However, if you follow the instructions in the preceding video, you will rapidly master this approach. Your dribbling abilities will improve with practice and time if you are diligent.