How to Size Baseball Bat for Youth

Searching for “How to Size Baseball Bat for Youth?” Baseball is a game of all ages from kids to adults. For a baseball player, it is always a concerning issue on how to size baseball bat for youth. Numerous sizes and versatile bats are all over the world. Prominent manufacturers every year produce their best products and honestly, nowadays we get all smart technology bats. These bats are stiffer, durable, comfortable for a youth baseball player. Regarding baseball bat size of youth, we analyzed through the internet and top-class review sites. Let’s share some sizing guide ideas with you via this article.

How to Size Baseball Bat for Youth


Measuring Technique of Baseball Bat for Youth

Conventional method of measuring is applied to measure a baseball bat for youth. For any baseball player, in the beginning, just need to measure the bat properly. We said about the regular method and the steps are-

  • Measure from the center of the chest to index finger, arms must be straight.
  • Put the knob at the mid-chest. Hold the bat alongside your arm.
  • If you still didn’t purchase any bat, take a measuring tape. Place one end to the mid-chest then measure to the index finger of corresponding hands.
  • Measure left arm for left-handers and vice versa.
  • Usually, bats get longer in coach pitch and youth leagues.

Measuring Technique of Baseball Bat for Youth

Moreover, we study a lot about this and figured out some classical short technique without measuring. These are here for your convenience-

  • Better start with a smaller one like 26″ bat for youth, kids, starters.
  • Increase bat length/size 1 inch for every 3-5 inches the player grows. For example, if the player has 45 inches of height, start with 28″ bats. When he/she grows 50 inches of height, use 29″ bats. And so on.
  • Find a bat that a player can control such as swing well, flexible usage, etc.
  • Select a bat appropriate for youth leagues. Better read the terms and conditions of youth leagues.

For better information, we’d like to share a youtube video regarding this. This video is awesome for the beginner player.


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Youth Baseball Bat Sizing Chart

The most valuable part for any baseball player is sizing guides or charts. All major baseball/softball leagues have their standard sizing chart, rules, regulations, etc. For youth baseball leagues, we have selected sizing charts according to the player’s weight and height.

Weight (lbs)Player height (inches) and Bat length (inches)
< 6026″27″28″29″29″
61 – 7027″27″28″29″30″
71 – 8028″28″29″30″
81 – 9028″29″29″30″
91 – 10028″29″30″30″
101 – 11029″29″30″30″

From the chart, you see that heavyweight kids of 36-40 inches height need no proper bats for youth. Because these are overweight according to height. They shouldn’t play baseball. However, the rest list is cool for any youth baseball league. Not only youth but also the chart is a standard one for overall baseball leagues. Usually, a kid weighs around 120 lbs maximum. For those kids who have 110+ lbs with 56 inches of height can use a 31″ baseball bat.


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Baseball Bat Structure

We know baseball bats as a piece of long thick stick or baton. Usually, a baseball bat is made of wood, aluminum alloy, carbon fiber, and modified carbon alloy (hybrid). Three / four parts are familiar with a baseball construction.

Baseball Bat Structure

The major part of a baseball we know much better is the barrel. Hitters hit with barrel mostly. Barrels are familiar with diameter measurements. Standard baseball leagues and association fixed some barrel diameters as baseball bat diameter standard. Only 2¼ inch diameter is allowed for all leagues except bbcor. BBCOR leagues have to use 2⅝ inch diameter bats.

Knob is used to protect the bat from sliding off hands. Moreover, it enhances an extra look for the baseball bat. Without a knob, baseball bats don’t work properly. Top players and hard hitters feel comfortable with a bat construction

Likewise, a grip is made of rubber, cushion, lizard skin, or tapered. It helps to grab a handle pretty easily. It absorbs a player’s moist hand or sweat. Finally, the end cap is the finishing part of a baseball bat. It provides the good shaping of a bat.


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Youth Baseball League

In the late 1940s, the first youth baseball league was launched and performed well yet. In 1957, first international youth league has been launched between the USA and Mexico. Basically, a youth baseball league is an association of baseball leagues all over the world. It has the same rules and regulations as major baseball leagues with some age limit of players. From school level to high school level, youth baseball leagues are applicable. That means kids of 8y to 14y are appropriate to play youth baseball leagues.

Youth baseball leagues are familiar with all baseball players. From the beginning of the school, a player keeps playing baseball in youth leagues. There are many leagues for youth such as little league, junior league, tee-ball league, minor league, senior league, etc. Different league has different age limitations. The next section will discuss how to size a baseball bat for youth.


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Buying Guide of a Baseball Bat for Youth

Before purchasing any baseball bat for youth, you need some assistance, guidelines, recommendations, and some technical aspects. For better performance from a bat, a player obviously needs some buying guides. Any product has some privileges and demerits as well. With better guidance, you can have a good one also.

Baseball Bat Length for Youth

The first thing to look in a baseball bat is it’s length. Bats get longer in coach pitch and youth leagues. If you can reach the top of the bat with your fingertips, the bat is a good length bat. Likewise, you can reach the barrel of the bat, it is also a good length bat. Moreover, stand the bat at the side of your leg and see if you feel cozy or not. Feel cozy, it is a good length. Otherwise, try something longer.

Baseball Bat Weight for Youth

The second necessary thing to consider is bat weight. And when we talk about weight, bat drop comes ahead. A bat drop is the deduction form of bat length and weight. Usually, we calculate a bat drop deducting bat’s length from it’s weight. For example, if a bat has 26″ length with 16oz weight, the drop is -10. We call this ‘drop 10’ bats. These are pretty heaviest regarding standard bat drop manuals. Drop 13 bats are lightweight, easy to swing, good for beginners. Drop 3 bats are known as bbcor bats. BBCOR is a standard baseball league in the USA and familiar with all. These bats are heaviest with big barrels as well. For the youth baseball league, you can buy a standard drop 13 bat.

Baseball Bat Barrel Diameter

The next we should consider is barrel diameter. According to youth league rules and regulations, a player can use only 2¼ to 2⅝ inches of diameter bats. Only 2⅝ inches diameter bats are treated as bbcor standard and usable for bbcor leagues. The rest are allowed for every league. Buy a standard low diameter baseball bat for youth in the first choice.

Baseball Bat Material

Basically, baseball bats are made of wood, metal, fiber, and hybrid alloy. Alloy bats are known as metal bats mostly. They are solid aluminum metal, good for starters, durable enough. Composite bats are made of carbon fiber and costly than alloy bats. However, a composite bat has more speed, feel and power, need to be broken in, larger sweet spots. The meatiest portion of the barrel hits a ball far enough to break-in. Wooden bats are heavier than composite ones and normally usable for practices or vintage leagues.

Bat Swing and Vibration for Youth

Only lightweight bats have lots of swing effect and less vibration. Composite bats are the best for enough swing as we said earlier. Metal bats have more vibration and pop sound. Vibration is good for experienced players, not for the beginner. So, it is recommended not to buy alloy bats for the first time you purchase.


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Final Verdict

Everyone loves hitting especially kids or youth baseball players. And most of them always get enormous difficulties choosing the right size baseball bat for youth. Through this article, you got some ideas about baseball bat size and the pros & cons as well as buying guides. We hope this will help you a lot in purchasing a good baseball bat for youth. Furthermore, if any more queries, feel free to ask us anytime. We have some integrated FAQ section for your privileges. You’ll find many tips, tricks, quick remedy, knowledge about baseball stuff, accessories, and many more.

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