How To Swing a Softball Bat for Power?

Softball is a very familiar sport which is enjoyed by everyone & many people asking how to swing a softball bat for power?. Softball is one of those popular games which can also be used as an avenue for a pastime. It might seem easy to play when looking at a player displaying a marvelous performance but in real truth, it is not that simple. It is not like ABC but neither does it take a combination of chemical formulas to get it right. It just needs learning the right techniques. This is what we have put on ourselves to educate you on and make sure you become one of the best softball power hitters around. How to swing a softball bat for power

Hitting an amazing power shot is accomplished by a couple of factors. A few of them are keen eyes to detect the ball’s movement, the perfect grip, perfect stance, and the correct body position amongst others. All these and some others have to be worked to perfection to get that power shot. You can check also Best Baseball Bat for Home Defense

Important factors to take note of when swinging:

Your Grip:

The grip you have on your bat is always very important and should never be overlooked. You need to get comfortable and get the bat perfectly lined into your hands. Always make sure that your lower knuckle on one hand lines upright with the upper knuckles on your other hand. This would definitely help improve your grip on the bat and improve your hit.

Your Stance:

Your stance could mean your posture and could also mean the position between the feet and the body. This is very essential and should always feel natural and properly balanced. All you need do is position your feet properly, balance your weight, hold the bat in the proper position, and keep your eyes and head straight, focused on the ball. Once you have naturally done this, the rest comes easily.

The Swing:

This is actually the main action. To get a great swing with power then it needs enough practice and quality ones at that. You need to undergo a full training or practice program on this one. Swinging is more of quality and to get the required power when you strike, you need practice.


In this context, velocity just means one thing. The speed or quickness of motion of the ball as it exits the bat. If the ball happens to be unhindered then the higher the velocity means the farther the ball travels. If you swing the bat well and hard but still end up making poor contact, then you won’t get the required velocity you need. On a time of good contact, it gives you a farther travel distance and increasing the amount of ground the outfielders have to cover.

The Ball Launch Angle:

Most of the time it goes way more than just striking the bat really hard. The angle from which the ball is struck also tends to assist a whole lot. This is known as the angle from which the ball exits off the bat. A low number in the measurement means it was a low hit that is, close to the ground. High numbers mean the ball was launched high up into the air. The high numbers also are known as, pop-up, mostly happens when the player does not put in enough quality time into fundamental swinging practice.

The chart below shows the result from the various hitting angles;

Name of AngleLaunch AngleExpected height
The Grounder10 degreesAnything from 10 below
The Line Drive10 degrees19 degrees
The Good Flying ball20 degrees36 degrees
The Not-too-Good Flying ball36 degrees50 degrees
The Pop-up50Anything from 50 above


Tips on How to Properly Make That Power Swing

In the write-ups above we have been telling you things that are essential to your achieving a good and powerful hit. Now we are going to be giving you the actual tips and steps to follow when trying to make that power hit. Follow these steps properly and you would hit great power shots every day and every time. You can check also What Size Baseball Bat for 8 Year Old

Tips 1: Get Your Stance Correctly:

To get that perfect swing and make just the right hit, you need to have a great stance, or else you would not be close. You have to first of all place yourself right in the middle of the batter’s box. This placement makes it possible for you to make a good swing at just anything. Bend your knees slightly so you can distribute a fair amount of weight on your feet.

Get Your Stance Correctly for perfect swing

Tips 2: Get Your Grip Right:

This is the time you take hold of that bat and grip it tightly and firmly. If you are left-handed then the left hand would be on top when holding and the right hand under it. The reverse is the case if you are right-handed. Both hands should be rightly placed with one about the other. The knuckles of both hands should be lined straight. You have to hold the bat a bit loosely to allow for some flexibility with your wrist but that does not mean it shouldn’t be held tight.

Get Your Grip Perfectly to swing a softball bat for power

Tips 3: Keep Your Hands and Arms at the Right spot:

After your stance and grip have been fully accomplished, then you are just almost ready to take that swing but just a bit delayed. This is because you haven’t yet known where the arm and arms should be along with a couple of others. Before striking, always make sure to check your hand position. Your hands should always be a bit close to your body. With calculations, about 3 or 4 inches in the front of your chest. Your shoulders should be rightly relaxed to ease tension and your elbows brought down.

Keep Your Hands and Arms at the Right spot

Tips 4: Make a little forward movement:

You are already in the right position to make a swing and now you just need to know how to make it perfect. When the pitcher is on the move to make that release, you would need to make a little movement forward with your front foot. It is sometimes called a Toe Tap or a Stride. It helps you get the much-needed momentum when you swing. If you are right-handed then it should be your left foot and the right if you are left-handed.

Tips 5: Making the Swing:

This is already the time you make the long-awaited swing. When you want to make that swing, you would love to start with moving your hips and legs first and then the hands and shoulders follow afterward. This helps you gather enough momentum and power from the right places before making contact. When the ball gets closer, you rotate the hips and use your back foot to push the ball off. Turn your front shoulder to the ball and always try to ensure there is a good bend in both elbows. As the contact time gets close, your top hand will rotate, and on contact, the top palm would seem like it would be facing up. Making the Swing for power

Tips 6: Ball Contact:

As you make that swing towards the pitch, always ensure to lead with your elbow and not with your hands. You should aim to make the contact right in front of your hip. Your front hip to be exact. When making contact with the ball, both your hands should be placed at around 90 degrees in angle. After contact, they should be fully stretched or extended.

Ball Contact to swing a softball bat

Tips 7: The Follow-through:

To make the perfect swing, the follow-through is always important. Never think once contact has been made then all is done. Just right after the contact and the hit has been made; your top hand will then take over the job of your bottom hand as you try to roll your wrist through. Always make sure you keep your swing going through so your arms end up high up and then at the back of your head. This will position your chest slightly up facing the sky.

The Follow-through

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