How to Tell if a Composite Bat is Broken?

Nothing new when a composite bat is broken or dead because, in a baseball or softball game, it happens occasionally. The question is how to tell if a composite bat is broken? The concept is very simple as the expert’s saying- get a new one ASAP. However, why this happens and how to maintain bats from fragility is a good point to think about. In this short article, we’ll provide some tips and tricks to prolong the bat’s lifetime and some pros & cons regarding this issue. Let’s enjoy the blog.How to Tell if a Composite Bat is Broken?


How to Check a Composite Bat if Broken

Most hitters face problems of hitting with a broken-bat. A broken-bat means some sort of things are broken in it such as handle, barrel damping, end cap dislocation, and damaged grip. Due to hard hit, handles occasionally wrack and break off. You see some cracks on it or totally broken. Moreover, barrels are stiffer but composite bats are made of fiber sheets that damp quickly. Pitchers throw harder sometimes and this is a good reason for broken-bats. In a nutshell, some clues are given here-

  • Check the handle and its junction point between barrels. If there’s a slit or crack, it’s broken and be dead later.
  • Spider web is a type of crack. It spreads like a scattered spider web. Basically, it happens on barrels. If you see any, the lifespan of the bat is over.
  • Pitchers throw balls very fast and harder. The ball hits on the bat and leaves some dents on it. Successive dents on the same spot cause malfunctioning of the composite bat.
  • Hitting any hard thing with a composite baseball bat will cause severe fractures on barrels and handles.
  • It is totally prohibited to use a composite baseball bat as safety or defense issues. If you use it in such cases, the bat could be faulty and won’t work anymore in a game.
  • End caps are essential to protect from sliding away. Sometimes these end caps are broken and players get much hesitation to hit harder.


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What to Do for Broken Composite Bats

Obviously, it is not recommended to use a broken-bat for baseball leagues and in-field games. You can re-use a composite bat but those aren’t that durable. However, you can prevent a composite bat from breaking so quickly if follow the later steps. It sounds kinda tips or tricks and better working features.

  • Check paint and structure while purchasing new bats. The more solid paint, the more durable it is.
  • Check barrels occasionally before and after a baseball game. If the barrel seems to be hazy or dump, change it.
  • Handle-barrel junction is important to look at. This junction randomly gets faulty or broken due to hit, moisture, excess heat. Keep a composite bat in a dry, cool place for enough durability.
  • Don’t use lubricants or oil on composite bats. It is for maple wood bats only.
  • Sometimes manufacturers wrap duplicate sheets and thus the durability decreases much. Look for branded products only.
  • Carbon fiber layers are mostly soft and fragile. So it is obvious that a composite bat will no longer sustain for long. However, proper caring and usage can provide enough longevity and durability of a composite bat. Pure carbon fiber technology is better than wooden stuff.
  • Grips should be well tapered and branded. Without a proper grip, the barrel would have to take huge pressure and it results in faulty bats.
  • Likewise, using heat resistive environment for a composite bat is highly suggested.


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What is a Composite Bat

To go deeper into the topic, first, we have to know the details about a composite bat. Lots of experienced players and hitters already knew this. Anyway, we start from the beginning for the newbies.What is a Composite Bat

A composite bat is mostly played in a baseball or softball game. Both games are outdoor games and the most exciting game ever in the USA. Top brand products and manufacturers all over the USA who produce these bats every year with updated versions.

According to structural aspects, a composite bat is opposite to metal bats like aluminum or alloy. Composite bats are more likely carbon fiber technology-based bats and recently trending. Smart manufacturers updated these bats with polymer carbon fiber that made it stiffer, rigid, and solid.Broken Composite Bat

The main purpose of a composite bat is its lightweight feature. It swings well and no vibration while hitting hard. For a hard hitter, vibration and swings are necessary. On the contrary, a contact hitter needs lightweight bats as well.


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Best Features of a Composite Bat

Analyzing online sports websites, blogs, forums, and personal experiences, we figured out some special features of a composite bat. Even nowadays, a composite bat reigns over aluminum alloy bats because of its material and stiffness. Sturdy and classy structure, innovative skills development, and computerized manufacturing made these bats user-friendly and adorable. The best features of a composite bat are-

  • Swing weight more controlled
  • Lower MOI (mass of index)
  • Trampoline effect much tuned
  • Bending stiffness easier
  • Highly damped bending vibration
  • No ping sound
  • Durable and good longevity

Apart from these features, different manufacturers have some extra features based on their products. Say, Rawlings pro composite bats are better than Marucci composite bats.


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Composite Bat Manufacturing Process

To get into the main topic, let’s have some ideas on a composite bat manufacturing, in a nutshell. Like other manufacturing processes, a composite bat making steps are cool and comfortable. No stresses at all and easy to do steps. To reduce the length of our article, we won’t put figures here. Just to inform you of the steps.

  • Sheet layers of resin, fiber.
  • Diffusion process of resin into fiber sheets.
  • Hot rolling.
  • Steel bat form with wrapped fiber sheet.
  • Polypropylene winding and baking.
  • Braided carbon and glass layers.
  • Hot pressure molding.
  • Inspection and testing.
  • Finishing tasks like spray, end cap fixing, grip, weight adjustments, etc.

Steps vary manufacturer to manufacturer so some of these steps are skipped, some more added as well. Wooden bats need more furnishing than composite ones.


Bottom Line

We appreciate purchasing branded products and there are lots of renowned companies in the sports world. We recommend DeMarini, Marucci, Louisville Slugger and their sister concerns, Axebats, etc. Performance is the key feature of a baseball bat whether wooden or metal ones. Don’t waste a broken composite bat into the trash, it can be re-used with some upgradations. Later we will show how to reuse an unused baseball bat for some errands. Take care you all and happy gaming.


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