Lightest Lacrosse Heads and Shafts Reviews of 2022 [Top Quality Products]

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Lightest Lacrosse Heads and Shafts

Lacrosse players seek several elements in their equipment, including strength, durability, a great design, excellent traction, and more.

Weight should also be one of the top concerns for athletes to consider.

Incorporating a lightweight shaft and equipment is beneficial while you play since it allows you to move faster, hit harder, and be a more efficient player.

To assist players to locate the lightest lacrosse shafts and heads, I spent hours searching the internet for product weights in hopes of discovering any hidden gems.

When you click on one of the positions listed below, you will see the lightest lacrosse heads and shafts for that position. I will work to keep this website up to date when new heads and shafts are made available by other vendors.

I wanted to let you know ahead of time that I was unable to discover an average weight for each piece on the market today. No matter how hard I tried, I’m not sure whether I would have come up with these additional lists if I had known the weight of each item.

Comment if you believe any heads or shafts should have been included in any of the following lists.

Our Top Pick

Lightest Lacrosse Heads and Shafts

Top 3 Best Lightest Lacrosse Heads

The lightest lacrosse heads available are shown here. I went to the manufacturers’ websites, online merchants’ product listings, and ECD Lacrosse’s head evaluations to get the weights of the following heads (which I highly recommend watching if you want to learn more about a specific head).

Except for the final three heads, all of the heads on the table below are the lightest I could locate. To be certain that at least one of the defensive heads and one of the goalies were included, I used them as a tiebreakers.

You can see in the third column which head is primarily for this position.

#1. Maverik Lacrosse Tank Universal Lightest Heads

An uncompounded head like the Maverik Lacrosse Tank has been crafted to make players even more powerful and agile.

This lacrosse head is extremely lightweight, making it suitable for intense checks and great for scooping ground balls.

Priced at a lower price without reducing the reliability and on-field performance. Is delivered in the hues of white, grey, and black.Maverik Lightest Lacrosse Heads

Product Key Features

  • Level 5 Bottom Rail: This Maverik Lacrosse Head has the new four-strut New 4-Strust design, which provides more support on the bottom rail.
  • Wide Scoop: It has a broad scoop, which enables scooping ground balls with ease and helps to deliver precise passes. It is a head offered on Amazon that is rigid and long-lasting.
  • Power & Agility: This head incorporates True Form Technology, ensuring a combination of power and agility. We have the ideal head at a lower price with outstanding performance and accuracy.
  • Highly Durable: According to customer evaluations, it took 3 years for the head to crack. The facts laid forth here demonstrate just how strong and long-lasting this thing is.

#2. Warrior Evo 5 Unstrung Lacrosse Head

It is an excellent balance of modern technology and careful design, because of the fully strung lacrosse head on the Warrior Unstrung Lacrosse Head.

This head uses a new string hold design known as New Tilt-tech that promotes a more reliable release of the ball.

Throwing accuracy and the weight of the head are improved because of a rigid, Sym-rail lacrosse helmet.

In addition, several color options are available, including black, navy blue, red, royal blue, and white.Warrior Evo 5 Unstrung Lacrosse Head

Product Key Features

  • New Tilt-Tech String Hold: Warrior Evo 5 unstrung lacrosse head has innovative technology that increases pocket tension, which results in better shot accuracy.This newest technology increases the chance of a good throw on the loose field.
  • Bottom Rail Designed: This shaft’s bottom rail is specifically intended to help players control the ball for mid- to low-in-the- pocket shots.
  • Sym Rail: Weighing less and moving easier in the unstrung lacrosse head improves the lacrosse head’s performance.
  • Great Durability:  Fabricated without any strange scuffs or markings ensuring great longevity, ball control and accuracy.

#3. STX Lacrosse Duel U Unstrung 

At unstrung face-off head lacrosse.

The STX Duel U is a faceoff lacrosse head intended to enable the faceoff expert to dominate the lax field.

The player is able to get closer to the ball using a new patent pending throat plug.

One of the features of this helmet is the extra solidity of earth balls during faceoff.STX Lacrosse Duel U Unstrung Face-Off Lacrosse Head

Product Key Features

  • Faceoff Specialist: This lacrosse helmet is specifically intended to dominate X in fields for faceoff experts. It has all the benefits to master.
  • Throat Plug: The throat plug is innovative (patent pending) technology that makes it possible to reach closer to the ball.
  • Dual Sidewall: Head sides are improved by using dual sidewall bracing that offer additional stability in ground balls and critical facing moments.
  • Easy Pickup: STX’s Scalloped scoop makes it simple and fast to pick up the earth balls.
  • Additional Torsional Stability:  The third screw hole in the throat connector gives this head with extra torsional stability. It is compatible with the dual handle of Stx.

Top 4 Best Lightest Lacrosse Shaft

Below are the lightest shafts I’ve been able to discover throughout my investigation. I primarily utilized the websites of the manufacturers and internet merchants to find weights.

As stated above, I could not discover the weight of any shaft on the market, so that any shaft that would be worthy might be left out because of lack of information on the market.

#1. East Coast Dyes Lacrosse Shaft

If you don’t know the East Coast Dyes Lacrosse shafts, the most popular product of Amazon, you miss so much.

This East Coast Dyes carbon shaft is light and yet very strong, capturing the hearts of lax players across the globe.

It is a lightweight, carbon composite material and a long-lasting shaft.

Available in 4 distinct colors in all sizes for Attack, Goalie & Defence.

East Coast Dyes Lacrosse Shaft

Product Key Features :

  • Lightweight Composite Material: The East Coast Dyes Shaft is produced using composite materials that guarantee excellent performance low weight. It is one of the lightest available shafts with a weight of 176 g. High performance and quality guarantees.
  • ECD Carbon: This carbon shaft is intended to have a high strength-to-weight ratio using cutting-edge composite materials & production methods.
  • Textured Grip:  The concave-shaped octogonal grab provides greater power and sense throughout the game. It helps a player more securely grip the shaft and move fluidly.
  • Flex 5: The carbon shaft increases shot speed and sensation as it shoots and passes through the game. Flex is 5 out of 10 point flex scale.
  • Multiple Positions: Available for all three lacrosse player positions. Attack/Midfield 30-inch, Goalie 40-inch, Defense 60-inch.

#2. Epoch Lacrosse Dragonfly 8

30″ Lacrosse Shaft for Attack

Epoch Dragonfly is another excellent choice for a Carbon Fiber/Composite Lacrosse Shaft.

It is made of sophisticated aircraft materials like carbon, making it lightweight and easy to move.

Surface Veil Technology (SVT) is utilized for Tougher & Stronger shaft manufacture.

It is done by adding a layer of material which prevents fractures and improves the product’s longevity.

These shafts are available in several styles: Attack/Midfield, Defense, Goalies and Faceoff.Epoch Lacrosse Dragonfly Eight 30 inch Attack Lacrosse Shaft

Product Key Features :

  • Exclusive Surface Veil Technology: The shaft is designed by SVT to improve the shaft’s hardness. Dragonfly Eight is therefore a strong and durable lacrosse shaft.
  • 12K Intelligent Weave Technology: It is intended to support the hands and push the technology to the shafthead when passing or shooting in the lacrosse game.
  • Lower F.A.W: Comes with lower fiber weight than other available shafts. As the shaft is smaller and lighter, carbon is closely aligned to make the shaft durable.
  • Slip/Grip: Consistent grip is given without danger of losing hold or sliding. It enables the shaft to move freely with a rough and firm grip without any hesitation or fear.
  • Kick Point: There’s a natural kick point or flex point right above your top to improve performance when shooting or passing the ball. This Dragonfly feature provides a consistent release point.

#3. RipWood Solid Wood (Ash) Lacrosse Shaft

Jimalax End Cap made by hand in the United States

The 30″ Solid Wood Ash Lacrosse Shaft is a glossy exterior coating handcrafted shaft manufactured in the USA, and heat treated with a black end cap. Jimalax.

The heat treatment caramelizes steely grains to make each shaft warm and beautiful. It is available in many colors and is easily accessible to all lacrosse heads. I t is allowed for all lacrosse levels for box and field.RipWood Solid Wood (Ash) Attack Lacrosse Shaft

Product Key Features:

  • Durable: The RipWood lacrosse shaft is produced in the United States to provide the player with top quality materials and a durable product. It is light and well balanced.
  • Handmade:  The best thing about this shaft is to make it by hand and this feature is loved by every player. It is beautifully designed and balances while playing.
  • Easy Support:  In the USA, it is quite simple to contact the shaft maker in the event of any query or complaint. You don’t have to wait to get responses from employees like other companies.
  • Multi Colors: Available in 15 different hues, making it more insane. Choose any of the colors on the field you want to display.
  • Fits To All Lacrosse Heads:  You don’t have to purchase another shaft to fit your head. All lacrosse heads suit RipWood Lacrosse shafts.

#4. STX K18 Lacrosse Shaft 

STX attack and centerfield lacrosse shaft

The STX K18 Shaft is a long-lasting, high-strength alloy 7075 lacrosse shaft. The design of Kyle Harrison is inspired and improved aesthetically with personalized K18 elements. This elegant shaft is available in two hues, Platinum & Red, for Attack & Midfield.

STX Lacrosse K18 Attack and Midfield Lacrosse Shaft

Product Key Features:

  • High Strength: This shaft is made of high strength aluminum alloy series 7075. It is one of the most powerful lacrosse shafts on the market. It inhibits the denting or bending of a shaft, which makes it durable.
  • Smooth Finish: A smooth, unfinished surface ensures simple handling and excellent flexibility while shoting or passing the ball on the field of lacrosse.
  • Visually Enhanced: The design of the STX lacrosse shaft is influenced by the customized features of Kyle Harrison. It is one of Amazon’s trendiest look shafts.

How To Choose the best Lightest Lacrosse Heads & Shafts

Each lacrosse player need a flexible shaft and equipment to function as efficiently as possible. However, it is not simple to choose the finest quality and lightest shaft as numerous choices are accessible. In this guide, we examined the best ranking shafts and equipment of 2021. You may thus quickly choose the appropriate lightest shaft without spending time.

Lightweight shafts are helpful to improve the lacrosse players’ skills and capabilities. A right shaft lowers the strain on the players to play more effectively.

The Final Word

Many players err in opting to a shaft that is expensive without considering other key characteristics like weight, mobility and performance.

We have worked hard to offer you this very comprehensive and useful purchasing advice, which will avoid you from choosing the incorrect market option.