Messi Vs Ronaldo Stats: Who Is The Best In Football?

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Messi Vs Ronaldo – For those of us who are football fans, the names Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi are no longer unfamiliar. Both are magnificent structures that bear the imprints and accomplishments of extraordinary individuals.
Messi vs. Ronaldo: Who is the better player? There have been many debates over this. To uncover the solution, we must look at the parameters and accomplishments of each player.

Who Scores More Goals?

What ignited this rivalry was their tremendous, unprecedented goal-scoring statistics, with both Messi and Ronaldo averaging more than one goal per game at their peak levels of performance. During Ronaldo’s nine years at Real Madrid, Messi and Ronaldo scored a goal every 85 minutes in all competitions, a record that stands to this day. Over the years, their goalscoring has been astonishingly close together – they’ve been able to equal each other blow for blow.

Messi has scored 0.79 goals per game throughout his career, while Ronaldo has scored 0.73 goals per game throughout his career so far. As a result, if we look at goals scored per minute, Messi scores one goal every 104 minutes, and Ronaldo scores one goal every 112.

Even though Ronaldo has 807 career goals to Messi’s 759 career goals, Ronaldo has played 149 more right-winger James in his career than Messi. However, Ronaldo has played 149 more games in his career than Messi.

Even though Messi has a slight advantage in the overall ratio, Ronaldo spent most of his formative years as a more typical right-winger, only genuinely beginning to focus on goalscoring as his primary duty in 2006, three to four years into his professional career. For Messi, it took two to three years to complete the metamorphosis from a nimble winger into a player who prioritized scoring goals above all other priorities. When considering the different starting points, the percentages become even more similar.
Of all the categories, goal scoring is the most difficult to distinguish. This one is a dead heat.

Who Provides More Assists?

The competition for assists is fierce, and there is only one winner. It’s no secret that Lionel Messi’s playmaking ability is on par with the best in the world, and he has the statistics to prove it.

As a result of his 962 career appearances, Messi has built up an astounding 325 assists, compared to Cristiano Ronaldo’s 229 assists in 1111 games.

As a result, people frequently fall into the trap of underestimating Ronaldo’s ability to provide assists, despite Messi’s clear advantage in this department. However, compared to the other ordinary mortals that participate in football’s most beautiful game, Ronaldo’s assist totals are still quite impressive.
Ronaldo has more assists in the Champions League than Messi does, with 41 to Messi’s 35 – granted, Ronaldo has played 31 more matches than Messi, but this is still an excellent number for both players.

However, you can’t overlook Messi’s overall assist statistics, which put him comfortably in first place in the general assist category.

Who’s The Best At Passing?

According to the passing statistics, Lionel Messi is the clear winner. However, once again, Ronaldo’s passing abilities are frequently underappreciated.

Since 2009/10, Messi has completed 1259 crucial passes in 552 leagues and Champions League games, whereas Ronaldo has completed 879 critical passes in 545 appearances in the league and Champions League. Messi also tops the statistics for successful through-balls, completing 404 successful through-balls in the same period as Ronaldo, who completed 81 successful through-balls in the same period.

However, despite Messi’s passing statistics being higher, Ronaldo’s are still outstanding. Moreover, his passing statistics would likely have been substantially higher before 2009, when he was more actively involved in the creative build-up play.

Who’s The Best At Dribbling?

Ronaldo began his professional career as a clever winger, whose game consisted primarily of sprinting at and beating defenders with his speed and skill. Ronaldo has evolved into an inside-forward / striker role over the years, which has inevitably resulted in his dribbling becoming a less significant part of his overall performances.

Like many other players, Messi began his footballing career on the byline, later progressing to a more central position that served as his primary position for the majority of his career. In contrast to a classic center-forward, Messi plays a radically different style of football, with his natural Number 10 qualities making him the ideal False 9 for his team. As a result, Messi drops significantly more profound into the game, closer to the action, rather than making runs and playing off the shoulders of the defenders.

Because he frequently comes deep to collect the ball, dribbling remains an essential aspect of Messi’s game. The Argentina international completed 2944 dribbles in the league and Champions League compared to Cristiano Ronaldo’s 1643 successful dribbles (since 2003/04).

Because of this, there is little debate that Lionel Messi is the best dribbler in world football.

Who’s The Best At Heading?

With Ronaldo’s heading statistics completely outstripping Messi’s, this is undoubtedly the most specific category.

Ronaldo has scored 140 headers in 1111 appearances during his whole career, while Messi has scored just 26 headers in 962 games during his entire career. Ronaldo has won 710 aerial duels in the Premier League and Champions League since 2009/10, compared to Messi’s 110 aerial duels won during the same period.

The fact that these numbers are so high isn’t surprising when you consider their different builds, styles of play, and the types of their teams’ games.

Lionel Messi vs. Cristiano Ronaldo Stats

Cristiano Ronaldo has scored 804 goals in 1106 games during his professional career (0.72 goals per game). Meanwhile, Lionel Messi has 759 goals in 957 games, which is the most globally (0.79 goals per game). According to these statistics, Cristiano Ronaldo has scored more goals than Lionel Messi. On the other hand, Cristiano Ronaldo has played 149 more matches than Lionel Messi.


Cristiano Ronaldo Vs. Lionel Messi: Club Assists

Cristiano RonaldoSeasonLionel Messi
In progress2021-22In progress

As their various positions progress, their differences become increasingly apparent.
A crucial factor in determining which player is the greatest of all time is that Messi generates more goals than he scores. While Ronaldo contributes to his fair share of dreams, the disparity in this specific area is apparent between the two players’ performances.


Both Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi are considered the most critical players in modern football. They have made significant contributions and achieved great things in football, and they deserve to be congratulated.
It will be difficult for us to decide who will win this election. Let’s keep an eye on and watch the progress of these two rising talents. We can only hope that they will win the most coveted World Cup in the future.