The 11 NBA Teams Without A Championship

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A club’s ultimate goal is to win the Larry O’Brien trophy, which every NBA team strives for, but only one team can do it each season.
Ten clubs have won multiple championships in the same season. Since merging the NBA and the ABA, more than half of the league’s teams have won at least one title. However, there are still 11 teams running for their first championship.
Although some of them have come closer than others, simply coming close isn’t good enough. The following are the 11 clubs that have yet to win the coveted NBA championship, listed alphabetically.

1. Brooklyn Nets

On several occasions, the Nets have advanced to the NBA Finals, but they have never been able to seal the deal, falling to the Lakers in 2002 and the Spurs in 2003, respectively.
When Russian billionaire Mikhail Prokhorov acquired ownership of the franchise, they attempted to go all-in by dealing a trove of draft picks for former Celtics stars who were past their prime. This failed miserably. This ultimately turned out to be one of the worst and most lopsided trades in the history of professional sports.
Prokhorov eventually gave up, and the team has been able to reassemble itself nicely since then. They may be back in contention sooner rather than later, thanks to Durant and Irving and an exciting bunch of young players on the team.

2. Charlotte Hornets

The Charlotte Hornets are owned by the renowned Michael Jordan, who has a perfect 6-0 record in his NBA Finals appearances.
His time as a team owner couldn’t be more different from his time as a squad member. In recent years, the team has underperformed, and Kemba Walker, probably the best player in franchise history, left as a free agent before the season even got underway.
Even though they have a couple of intriguing young players, this team is still at least several good draft picks away from making the playoffs, let alone contending for an NBA championship title.

3. Denver Nuggets

The Denver Nuggets have shown to be a formidable club at various stages in NBA history, but their most significant accomplishment has been reaching the Western Conference Finals.
At the moment, they are unquestionably a contender in the Western Conference, and the last couple of drafts have provided them with amazing steals in Michael Porter Jr. and Bol Bol, respectively.
Considering how youthful this club’s core is, it is reasonable to expect this squad to be competitive for several seasons, assuming that the body remains together.
Even better, as their blue-chip rookies mature and get valuable experience, they will strengthen their case for playoff contention. The Nuggets are one of the teams on this list who have the best chance of moving up in the coming years out of all the teams on this list.

4. Indiana Pacers

A team with several American Basketball Association championships, but the Indiana Pacers have never been able to repeat that success in the NBA.
Throughout their history, they were perennial challengers in the NBA, yet no matter how good the Pacers were, there was always a better team.
For a long time under Reggie Miller’s reign, they could not overcome Jordan and the Chicago Bulls.
During the Paul George era, it was impossible to compete with LeBron James and the Miami Heat.
Nonetheless, the Pacers were always a fierce competitor, and they were always a joy to see in the postseason. With Oladipo and Sabonis at the helm, the Pacers are again on the rise, but they are still a long way from reaching the elite echelons of the Eastern Conference.

5. Los Angeles Clippers

For as long as they have been, the Clippers have been referred to as “the other LA team” because the Lakers were always the team that everyone was paying attention to.

The team has been on the rise since Steve Balmer took management following the Donald Sterling controversy, and they have been able to move on from the Lob City era, which, let’s face it, was never going to result in a title.

Their incredible performance in the playoffs last season enabled them to sign the most expensive free agent on the market in Kawhi Leonard, and they were able to trade for Paul George in exchange for him. This catapulted them into immediate contention and established them as a legitimate rival to the Lakers.

Many people already have them penciled in as the NBA champions for 2020, and they are expected to win the championship sooner rather than later this season.

6. Memphis Grizzlies

Since becoming an expansion franchise in the NBA in 1995, the Memphis Grizzlies have enjoyed success. However, they have yet to hoist a Championship Banner above their heads. In the NBA from 2010 to 2017, the “grit and grind” Grizzlies were one of the most challenging and most respected teams in the league, and they were a difficult matchup for just about anyone in the postseason.

However, there was not enough skill on hand to take the team all the way. Memphis spent a few years in the bottom of the NBA after destroying the core of that squad and embarking on a rebuilding process, but they are steadily climbing their way back up.

Given their current position in the postseason race, one could even argue that they are ahead of schedule in their rebuilding efforts this season. This squad is unquestionably progressing in the right direction, but settling for a postseason berth at this point would be a grave error.
They aren’t in contention for a championship, and they must continue to develop their young core if they want to be a consistent participant in the postseason.

7. Minnesota Timberwolves

The Timberwolves appear to be one of those teams that have been stuck in mediocrity for an extended period.

Indeed, they’ve had some outstanding players on their roster throughout the years, but they’ve never been able to surround them with the excellent supporting cast to take them to the championship.

When Kevin Garnett was guiding the Celtics, the Western Conference Finals in 2004 was the furthest they would ever advance in their history.

The Timberwolves find themselves in an unusual situation right now. They have some outstanding young players on their roster, but there are still far too many unanswered issues about the squad. They have a lot of offensive firepowers, but their defense appears in disarray. They have a chance to make the playoffs next year, but they won’t be in contention until they address their flaws on the less glamorous end of the field.

8. New Orleans Pelicans

Any club that has (or has had) a generational talent like Anthony Davis and fails to develop into a legitimate contender will be viewed as a failure by the public.

Even though Davis was the finest player this team had ever had, they could never make it into the playoffs while he was on the roster.

They didn’t appear to have a strategy, evident in every season. The Davis and Cousins tandem had a lot of potentials, but injuries prevented the experiment from continuing. One thing they did well was trade Davis for a slew of promising young players who have come together to form one of the most intriguing young cores in basketball. They need to do a better job with them than they did with Davis, let’s hope.

9. Phoenix Suns

The Phoenix Suns made their first appearance in the NBA Finals in 1976, where the Boston Celtics defeated them.

As a result of their dominating performance in the 1993 Playoffs, spearheaded by Charles Barkley, they advanced to the finals by cruising through the Lakers, Spurs, and Sonics. Despite having the homecourt advantage against Michael Jordan and the Bulls, the Suns won all three games in Phoenix and went on to win the series in six games. The Steve Nash (2x MVP) and Amar’s Stoudemire pairing that the Suns had in the following years also made them one of the most exciting teams in NBA history.

They could not recover for an extended period after that, but there is plenty to admire about them right now. Not a contender by any means, but a young, energetic, and hungry group that has the potential to become a consistent playoff participant shortly.
So far, they have been scorching hot on the bubble, and they might return to the postseason as early as this season if things go well.

10. Orlando Magic

Although dominant centers coordinated both of Orland’s Finals visits, such chief centers could not carry them over the finish line in the second game.

They came close to winning the 1995 NBA championship with Shaquille O’Neal on their side but could not overcome a tenacious Houston Rockets team. They finished with an excellent regular-season record in the following season but were defeated in the Eastern Conference Finals by a resurgent Chicago Bulls team.

The Dwight Howard era for the franchise was another hopeful period for the organization. However, after he went, Orlando’s chances of contending for the championship were all but over, and they were forced to rebuild. On the other hand, the rebuilding effort was hampered by poor team management and poor drafting judgments.

Despite recent improvements, they are still a middling club that has a chance to make the playoffs in a weak Eastern Conference, but they are unlikely to advance beyond the first round of the postseason.

11. Utah Jazz

Back in the day, the Jazz was a constant title challenger, thanks to the efforts of players like John Stockton and Karl Malone.
If it hadn’t been for Jordan, that squad would have won a couple of championship rings.
Jordan was present, and the Jazz can only take pride in providing us with some of the most excellent Finals series.

They have a strong roster at the moment, and they will be able to make the playoffs at will, even if they are in the Western Conference, but they still lack a few critical components if they want to compete for the Stanley Cup.

People Also Ask

This section will assist you in answering some questions concerning NBA teams that have failed to win a championship.

1. When Did The Oklahoma City Thunder Earn Their First Nba Series Title?

In 1979, the Oklahoma City Thunder won the NBA championship.

2. How Many Times Has The Orlando Magic Made It To The Finals Of The Nba?

The Orlando Magic have reached the NBA Finals twice, in 1995 and 2009. However, Orlando Magic has yet to win a championship.

3. When It Comes To The Nba, Which Team Has Won The Most Championships?

The answer is the Boston Celtics and the Los Angeles Lakers (17 NBA Championships).


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