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Best Basketball Olympic Teams

Barcelona 1992

The 1992 Summer Olympics in Barcelona heralded the start of a new era in Olympic basketball. NBA players were permitted to participate on Olympic teams for the first time in history to their credit. After this ban was abolished, Team USA was eager to make a statement, so they developed the 1992 Dream Team to represent the country. This squad included some of the best NBA players of all time, including Scottie Pippin, Charles Barkley, Magic Johnson, Larry Bird, Michael Jordan, and future Hall of Famer Magic Johnson. It was no surprise that this squad went unbeaten, scoring more than 100 points in every game and bringing home the gold medal.

Beijing 2008

According to many, when it comes to Olympic teams, only the 2008 “Redeem Team,” which triumphed in the Beijing Games, should be discussed in the same breath as the fabled Dream Team of 1992. On this squad, some of the finest players of the modern age played, including LeBron James, Carmelo Anthony, and Kobe Bryant, who was named NBA MVP in 2008. They won their games by an average margin of 27.9 points per game, quickly advancing them to the championship game. Even though the gold medal game versus Spain was less of a blowout than anticipated and was genuinely neck and neck until the USA basketball team moved ahead in the fourth quarter, the Americans could still win the gold medal.

Rome 1960

Olympic basketball was a completely different beast when the 1992 Dream Team arrived. Olympic teams were made up of younger amateur players who had never played in the National Basketball Association. Despite this, the 1960 squad seemed to have no issue dominating the Rome Olympics. A highly anticipated battle between the United States and the Soviet Union, which occurred during the height of the Cold War, made this year memorable. Despite the buildup, the game turned entirely one-sided, with the United States team prevailing 81-57. Having put up such a strong performance in 1960, this was unquestionably one of the most outstanding basketball Olympic teams of all time

Melbourne 1956

In 1956, four years before a strong performance at the 1960 Olympic games in Rome, a different squad, led by another coach, produced an even more dominant performance at the Melbourne Olympic games four years earlier. This was unquestionably one of the finest basketball Olympic teams of the twentieth century, led by the tandem of KC Jones and Bill Russel, both of whom went on to become outstanding players for the Boston Celtics and ultimately find their way into the Hall of Fame. After yet another perfect performance at the Olympics, this team quickly overcame the Soviet Union to capture the gold medal.

London 2012

The inclusion of post-1992 basketball teams on this list at the very least seems a little shady, considering how dominant the NBA-fueled USA basketball teams have been in practically every Olympics participation since then (2004 being the only exception). Like most of these NBA-dominated teams, the 2012 London squad included some of the top 10 active NBA players. It was coached by Mike Krzyzewski, who has several gold medals to his credit (not to mention the championships he’s won as the head coach of Duke University) and is a former NBA player. Kevin Durant, LeBron James, and Kobe Bryant contributed to this squad’s surprise victory, which saw them go unbeaten to the gold medal game against the Spanish national team.

Atlanta 1996

The 1996 Atlanta Olympic basketball squad, sometimes known as the “Dream Team II,” carried on the legacy of one of the most outstanding basketball Olympic teams in history. Shaquille O’Neal, Penny Hardaway, and Grant Hill were among the newcomers that joined the 1992 Dream Team for this performance. Five members of the 1992 Dream Team returned for this outing. Team USA cruised to another gold medal in another direct competition with nine current or potential Hall-of-Famers on the lineup. It’s a pity that this squad doesn’t get the same level of attention as the original Dream Team. At the very least, they cemented the United States’ supremacy in the sport of basketball.

Los Angeles 1984

The United States men’s basketball team in the 1984 Olympic Games in Los Angeles was the last great squad in Olympic basketball to compete before the advent of the National Basketball Association. Under the tutelage of famed and controversial head coach Bobby Knight, this squad was destined for greatness. Students Michael Jordan, Patrick Ewing, and Chris Mullin were among the players who played for the team while in college. As a member of the 1992 Dream Team, these three players, who would become all-time greats in the National Basketball Association, were the first and only men’s basketball players in history to win gold in the Olympics as both amateurs and pros.

Munich 1972

The gold medal game between the United States of America and the Soviet Union in 1972 was one of the most painful Olympic basketball contests in history. The unbeaten United States men’s basketball team had a slim lead over their Soviet opponents in the dying seconds of the championship game. A scuffle erupted with three seconds left on the clock due to a misunderstanding between the Soviet Union’s national team coach, the scorer’s table, and the match officials. It is unclear what went wrong, although it seems probable that there was some form of human mistake involved. Regardless, the uncertainty forced officials to reset the clock, allowing the Soviet Union’s basketball team ample time to sink a layup at the buzzer to claim their first-ever Olympic gold medal in basketball. Because of its opposition to the game, the 1972 men’s basketball Olympic team has refused to accept their silver medals.

London 1948

The 1948 Olympics were noteworthy, to say the least since much of the globe was still reeling from the effects of World War II at the time. A competition was organized to choose the head coach of the 1948 men’s Olympic basketball squad in Tokyo. The Philips 66ers of the AAU (Amateur Athletic Union) faced off against the University of Kentucky Wildcats in the championship game, which was played on Saturday. Ultimately, the 66ers won the championship, and its head coach, Omar Browning, was appointed head coach of the Olympic squad. To put together the Olympic team, the coach blended the best players from his team with the best players from Kentucky, which resulted in a convincing win against France and the gold medal for the United States of America.

Tokyo 1964

The 1964 Summer Olympics in Tokyo were a watershed point in the history of the United States Olympic basketball teams. It was difficult for the 1964 squad to compete with the renowned teams from the 1956 and 1960 games, especially against a more robust Soviet Union side that had been a regular foe since the 1950s. On top of that, the United States was in the throes of the Civil Rights Movement, with black athletes threatening to boycott the Olympics in their entirety. If it had occurred, it would have effectively ended any hope the United States had of winning the gold race. Fortunately for the team, black athletes opted to participate, after all, resulting in a triumph against the Soviets and a second gold medal for the men’s squad.


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