The Shortest NBA Player Of All Time: Who Is He?

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The average height of an NBA player is usually around 6-foot-6 inches tall. On the other hand, the number of players in the NBA has varied by more than two feet (24 inches), with the tallest player standing at 7-foot-7 and the minor player standing at 5-foot-3 in history.
In the history of the NBA, there have been 25 players that stood at 5’9″ or below in height.

Among the NBA’s tiniest players is Muggsy Bogues, whose 14-year career is tied for the most for a player who stands 5-foot-9 lower than the average height of the league’s players. Following his selection by the Washington Bullets as the 12th overall pick in the 1987 NBA Draft, he has played for four different teams in 889 regular-season games, which have come with the Charlotte Hornets. After being drafted 12th overall in the 1987 NBA Draft by the Washington Bullets, he has represented four different franchises throughout his 889 regular-season games.

Earl Boykins comes in second place after Bogues. In addition, the 5-foot-5 point guard played in the NBA for 14 seasons, appearing for ten different teams during that time.

The Shortest Basketball Player In NBA History

Muggsy Bogues holds the record for being the shortest player in NBA history. He is just 5’3′′ tall, equivalent to 1.60m in height. Muggsy Bogues’ size is even faster than the average height in the United States.

Tyrone Curtis Bogues is his full legal name. His teammates dubbed him Muggsy because he was born in Maryland. The defense of Muggsy Bogues is outstanding. He is exceptionally skilled in mugging his opponents.

Between 1987 and 2001, he appeared in a total of 889 games. From 1988 until 1997, Bogues was a member of the Charlotte Hornets, who were his longest-tenured teammate. Muggsy Bogues declared his retirement at 36 when he was the youngest of four sons. His average game performance is 7.7 points and 7.6 assists per game, above the league average.

Who is the shortest player in the NBA right now?

Four players, all of whom stand 5-foot-10, are competing for the title of shortest player in the NBA.

Facundo Campazzo and Markus Howard, two of the four players, are on the roster of the Denver Nuggets. During the Nuggets’ first-round playoff victory over Damian Lillard, CJ McCollum, and the Portland Trail Blazers, Campazzo played a crucial role in their victory. On the other hand, Howard appeared in 37 games during his debut season in 2020-21.

Player Height NBA Playing career
1. Muggsy Bogues 5-foot-3 1987-2001
2. Early Boykins 5-foot-5 1998-2012
3. Spud Webb 5-foot-6 1985-98
Mel Hirsch 5-foot-6 1946-47
5. Greg Grant 5-foot-7 1989-96
Keith Jennings 5-foot-7 1992-95
Red Klotz 5-foot-7 1947-48
Wataru Misaka 5-foot-7 1947-48
Monte Towe 5-foot-7 1976-77
10. Dino Martin 5-foot-8 1946-48
Willie Somerset 5-foot-8 1965-66
Charlie Criss 5-foot-8 1977-86

1. Muggsy Bogues

5’3” is Muggsy Bogues height

Without the presence of Muggsy Bogues, any list of the world’s shortest basketball players would be an empty one. Even though he is one foot more concise than the other players on the court, Bogues’ presence on the court is nonetheless overwhelming. Because of his natural proportions, he is a great ball stealer and a passer.

Throughout his 14-year NBA career, Bogues averaged an incredible 7.6 assists per game. He did even better than that, as he received 38 blocks. One of them was Patrick Ewing of the New York Knicks, who played before him.

2. Earl Boykins

Following Earl Boykins, who is only two inches taller than Bogues, comes Earl Boykins, who is in second place overall. On the other hand, he is the lightest player in the history of the NBA.

Because of his physical limitations, no team selected Boykins in their draft lineup, resulting in Boykins being forced to move units regularly. He spent the longest time with the Denver Nuggets, who he played for from 2003 to 2007.

Earl Boykins is a skilled shooter, despite his large stature. He is the shortest player ever to score more than 30 points in a game.

3. Mel Hirsch

Mel Hirsch was a United States Air Force pilot who served in the South Pacific during the Vietnam War. He was a member of the squadron officers’ basketball team. During his time with the Boston Celtics of the Basketball Association of America, he appeared in 13 games. It was the precursor of the National Basketball Association.

4. Greg Grant

Greg Grant was a standout player in Division III at the College of New Jersey, where he played football. The Phoenix Suns selected him in the second round. Greg Grant has played on six different NBA teams during his nine-year career, and he has faced opponents who were near twice his size. This is hardly a wrong choice for a professional job for one of the NBA’s shortest players.

5. Red Klotz

69 years old Red Klotz

Red Klotz has two distinguishing features that help us recall who he is. Klotz was a member of the Baltimore Bullets team that won the Basketball Association of America championship in 1948. He holds the record for being the shortest player ever to win this award.
The Washington Generals, which Klotz founded, are also named after him. In their previous meetings with the world-renowned Harlem Globetrotters, this team has a legendary losing record.

6. Wataru Misaka

Even though he grew up in poverty, Wataru Misaka did not succumb to his circumstances. In professional basketball, the Japanese point guard broke down the color barrier for the first time. He is the first Asian and non-white player to ever play in the National Basketball Association.

7. Keith Jennings

Basketball players who are short in stature have a distinct disadvantage. Keith Jennings is a good illustration of this. He was not drafted and forced to enter the NBA as an undrafted free agent. Fortunately for Jennings, the Golden State Warriors offered him an opportunity, which he used to his full potential.

Even though his professional career lasted only a few years, Jennings’ breakthrough performance in the championship game will be remembered for a long time. He had an outstanding performance, scoring 23 points and dishing out ten assists, a remarkable total.

8. Monte Towe

Monte Towe is credited with inventing the alley-oop. He began his professional basketball career in 1974 as a point guard for the North Carolina state championship team. Towe also exhibited exceptional baseball ability while serving as Wolfpack’s baseball team captain, which won the ACC Championship the following year.

He was selected in the NBA and ABA Drafts, respectively. Towe played two seasons in the NBA with the Denver Nuggets under the tutelage of Hall of Fame coach Larry Brown.

9. Spud Webb

Spud Webb is the minor player in the NBA to ever compete in the NBA Slam Dunk Contest. Perhaps even more shocking was that he was the victor of that competition in 1986!

Dominique Wilkins, who is 6’8′′ tall, was Spud Webb’s opponent in the Slam Dunk Contest. Webb won the final round by scoring a perfect 50 points on both occasions.
Additionally, Spud Webb is a standout performer in the National Basketball Association. During the 1994-95 season, he was the best free-throw shooter, shooting more than 93 percent.

10. Dino Martin

Dino Martin is currently a member of the BAA’s Providence Steamrollers (the predecessor of the NBA) following a tremendous collegiate career at Georgetown University. On January 9, 1947, the 5’8 goalkeeper became the first professional athlete to earn 40 points in a single game when he did it against the New York Giants.


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