Tom Brady Vs Aaron Rodgers Stats And Comparison

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Tom Brady Vs Aaron Rodgers – The fourth meeting between future Hall of Famers Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers will be in the NFC Championship Game on Sunday. Both quarterbacks perform high in the battle between the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the Green Bay Packers.

Brady and the Buccaneers defeated the New Orleans Saints by 30-20 on Sunday. The 43-year-old star’s win earns him his 14th trip to the Conference Championship Game. In the meantime, Rodgers and the Packers defeated the Los Angeles Rams 32-18 to set up their showdown.

Brady is the house’s lower bet despite being 2-1 ahead of Aaron Rodgers and in terrific form. However, we cannot make decisions based on our emotions. Let’s look at Aaron Rodgers’ stats versus Tom Brady’s.

Which QB Is the GOAT?

Tom Brady has been widely regarded as the best quarterback since winning his sixth Super Bowl. He has more Super Bowl rings than anybody else, is tied for the most with any franchise in NFL history, and appears to live in the Super Bowl. For a long time, winning was the only thing that mattered, but football is a team sport. With this in mind, one may argue that Aaron Rodgers is the most outstanding passer of all time while playing for a lousy club.

Some think that if Rodgers had the help he needed, he could have easily beaten Brady. He’s the top passer statistically, with an outstanding touchdown-to-interception ratio. Because Brady has more playing time than Rodgers, this article focuses on averages and records that aren’t influenced by age to provide an unbiased comparison of the two.

Brady vs. Rodgers Regular Season Stats

These figures are from seasons in which they started at least half of the season. Rodgers’ time behind Brett Favre, his 2017 season, the year Brady was benched, and the year he had knee surgery following his first game in 2008 are omitted. The following are the outcomes.

Yards Per Season Touchdowns Per Season Interceptions Thrown Per Season Avg Completion Percentage Avg Wins Avg Losses Avg Times Sacked
Tom Brady 4024 29.7 9.6 64.2% 11.5 3.4 25.8
Aaron Rodgers 3954 32.0 6.6 65.3% 9.9 4.7 35.5

Brady vs. Rodgers Playoff Stats

How do this two stack up when it comes to playing in the clutch? Do they rise to the challenge or disintegrate when pushed? While data from the regular season do not support the thesis, postseason numbers may.

Playoff Games Record Avg. Yards Per Game Touchdowns Per Game Interceptions Thrown Per Game Avg. Completion Percentage Avg. Wins Per Playoff Birth Avg. Losses per Playoff Birth Avg. Times Sacked
Tom Brady 47 35–12 277.6 1.82 .82 62.8% 1.84 .63 1.68
Aaron Rodgers 22 12–10 267.9 2.04 .59 64.7% 1 .83 2.45

The postseason statistics reflect the same outcomes as the regular season. Even though Rodgers appears to be a far superior quarterback, Brady wins more often. Rodgers has a losing record in the playoffs, having been eliminated three times in his eight appearances in the first round. Brady has three first-round exits to his credit, but he has appeared in 18 postseason games. Seven of Brady’s 18 outings resulted in a Super Bowl victory.

The numbers reveal some essential information: Aaron Rodgers has a 54.5 percent playoff win percentage and a 67.4 percent regular-season win percentage. Tom Brady has a 74.4 percent playoff win rate and a 76.8% regular-season win percentage. Brady has a 9.4 percent higher regular-season winning percentage and a 19.9 percent higher postseason winning percentage. Even though Rodgers appears to have the more excellent arm, Brady is significantly more successful.

Aaron Rodgers Vs. Tom Brady: Head-To-Head Matchups

Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers’ stats have met four times during their NFL careers. Brady has won three of his four matches, putting him in a commanding lead. Let’s look at the history and outcome of the conflicts in their immediate vicinity.

Nov. 19, 2006: Patriots Defeat Packers (35-0), Lambeau Field

Nobody could have predicted that Aaron Rodgers would go down in NFL history as a great passer. He is only 22 years old, and his colleague Favre casts a large shadow over him.
Aaron Rodgers completed 11 of 19 79-yard passes with no touchdowns and one interception throughout his four career games. At the end of the second game, Favre’s elbow injury provided him with the opportunity.

When Green Bay had no answer for the Patriots, Rodgers completed 4 of 12 passes for 32 yards and ran twice for 11 yards. On the other hand, Brady ends 20 of 31 throws for 244 yards and four touchdowns. Rodgers did not have many opportunities to perform in 2007. The Green Bay Packers had come a long way before falling to the New York Giants in overtime in the NFC Championship Game.

Rodgers’ first game was in 2008 when the Packers traded Brett Favre to the Jets.

Nov. 30, 2014: Packers Defeat Patriots (26-21), Lambeau Field

Aaron Rodgers of 2014 is approaching the pinnacle of his career. He became the ninth player in league history to win two MVP awards in the same season. He’s getting closer to becoming a Pro Football Hall of Famer.

Rodgers’ outstanding performance gave the Packers a 13-0 lead over the Patriots in the first quarter. The game was turned around by New England’s strong counterattack.
Despite this, the Packers could win in the final seconds courtesy of a late connection from Rodgers to Randall Cobb.

This performance deeply moved Tom Brady. Aaron Rodgers threw for 368 yards and two touchdowns in the contest. Tom Brady has a total of 245 yards and two touchdowns.

The Green Bay Packers and New England Patriots would have almost met in the Super Bowl if the Packers had not lost in overtime to the Seattle Seahawks in the NFC title game. The Patriots defeated the Seahawks, paving the door for them to win the 2014 Super Bowl.

Nov. 4, 2018: Patriots Defeat Packers (31-17), Gillette Stadium

The battle between Brady and Rodgers drew a lot of interest. Michael Jordan was also invited to make a promotional video before the game on NBC, and he gave away his thoughts.
Brady led two touchdowns in the fourth inning to break the tie, finishing with 294 yards and a touchdown. Rodgers threw for 259 yards and two touchdowns in the loss.

After their subsequent 20-17 loss to the Arizona Cardinals, the Packers made a new step. After five defeats, they sacked head coach Mike McCarthy. The team finished the season 6-9-1 and missed the playoffs for the second consecutive year.

Meanwhile, the New England Patriots won their sixth Super Bowl triumph, defeating the Los Angeles Rams 13-3.

Oct. 18, 2020: Buccaneers Defeat Packers (38-10), Raymond James Stadium

The Packers started the season with four straight victories, and things appeared to be going well until they faced the Buccaneers.

In reality, Aaron Rodgers’ club had a 10-0 first-quarter lead over their opponents. Unfortunately, they could not score any further and were forced to accept a 28-point loss.

Tom Brady completed 17 of 27 passes for 166 yards and two touchdowns. On the other hand, Aaron Rodgers had his worst game of the season, throwing two touchdowns and completing 16 of 35 passes for 160 yards.

Everyone had Green Bay as a favorite going into the game. They are the tournament’s number one seed and will play on their turf. On the other hand, Brady has proven to be a seasoned player. The Buccaneers triumphed thanks to his colleagues’ help.


It’s still difficult to pick a winner when comparing Aaron Rodgers’ and Tom Brady’s stats. Although Rodgers is a better player, statistics reveal that there isn’t much difference between the two quarterbacks.

The opinions of each individual will undoubtedly determine the solution. The answer will vary depending on your choices and the essential variables significant to you. Only one thing is sure: both are the most incredible NFL monuments we’ve ever seen.