What Position Did Michael Jordan Play Throughout His Career?

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Michael Jordan is the GOAT, the epitome of basketball, and the icon of the entire sport. His thunderous dunks are what endear him to his admirers and cement his place in their hearts. However, not everyone is aware that he has played a variety of positions other than shooting guard during his professional career.

So, what position did Michael Jordan hold during his professional career? In this essay, we’ll learn more about him through TSC.

What Teams Did Michael Jordan Play On?

Michael Jordan earned a spot on the Laney High School Varsity basketball team as a junior. The tale about how he was cut from the group as a 5-foot-9 sophomore is well known.) From there, he committed to the University of North Carolina Tar Heels and went on to play NCAA basketball for them. He scored thirteen points per game on average in the first year, averaging twenty points every night in his second year of college.

In 1982, North Carolina won the National Championship as a freshman, becoming the only team ever to do so. With 18 seconds left in the game, he hit a game-winning jumper to give his team the NCAA championship against Patrick Ewing’s Georgetown.

Coach Dean Smith coached Michael Jordan for three seasons during his time at North Carolina. After winning the Naismith and Wooden College Player of the Year awards during his junior year at North Carolina, he decided to leave to pursue his professional basketball career in the NBA after one season.

Jordan was selected in the third round of the NBA draft, behind Ewing and another big guy named Sam Bowie. Ewing was taken first overall by the New York Knicks, while Bowie was selected by the Portland Trail Blazers, who reasoned that they did not require Jordan because they already had Clyde Drexler. As a result of his numerous foot problems, Bowie was limited to just 511 games in the league during his entire playing career. MJ played 930 games for the Bulls, including 179 games in the NBA Playoffs.
Later, Jordan returned to the NBA after a three-year break and played for the Washington Wizards from 2001 to 2002. He wore the Wizards’ uniform for the next two seasons, appearing in all 82 regular-season games during the 2002-03 season.

What was Michael Jordan’s Main Position?

Michael Jordan started as a guard in high school before pursuing a professional career. He spent much of his career with the Chicago Bulls as a shooting guard, and it was at that position, that he gained international recognition as the greatest player of all time.

It happened after Jordan’s high school team lost the state championship game to their rivals from New Hanover High School by 56-52. The coach at New Hanover, Jim Hebron, believed that Laney would have easily won the game if Pop Herring had not insisted on playing MJ as a guard against the Pirates.

Hebron stated, “He could have played him inside and won a state title with him.” “However, he didn’t. Nothing else troubled him other than, “How can I best prepare him for college?”

We might say that Jordan defined what it meant to be a shooting guard to perfection. Jordan averaged 30.12 points per game for his entire professional career, narrowly surpassing Wilt Chamberlain’s previous 30.07 points per game set in 1961. In addition, he made over half of his shots and displayed remarkable poise in high-pressure circumstances.
Beyond his scoring ability, Jordan has underappreciated passing skills and was capable of generating offense as a point guard in half-court setups. Michael Jordan was only one of two players in the league’s history to win the season MVP award and Defensive Player of the Year honors the same season. But Jordan was the first to do it in 1988, and Hakeem Olajuwon was the first to execute it in 1994, with The Dream being the second.

What Position Did Michael Jordan Play in the NBA?

While Jordan spent most of his career as a shooting guard, he transitioned to the small forward position during his time with the Washington Wizards. In the role of small forward, particularly in that era, Jordan’s lack of quickness would not be as noticeable as if he were chasing after the faster two guards on the perimeter.

Regardless, Jordan had three games in which he scored 40 or more points during his final season. Even though he was no longer the Mike of old, he could still be seen in flashes of his former self now and then. That final season, he averaged 20 points per game, 6.1 rebounds per game, 3.8 assists per game, and 1.5 steals per game while shooting 45 percent from the field and 82 percent from the free-throw line.

What Made Michael Jordan So Great at His Position?

Jordan, as previously stated, was the ideal shooting guard for the team. He possesses size, quickness, and excellent shooting touch, and he understands the game’s mechanics to a T.

Aside from that, Jordan was one of, if not the finest, two-way players in basketball history. He took great pride in being able to play both sides of the court while also winning multiple scoring championships. He will pick you up from 94 feet out and never allow his opponents to get a moment’s rest, especially when he was younger.

During his prime, Michael Jordan was unquestionably the best player in the world at basketball. He won six championships, six Finals MVPs, five regular-season MVPs, was a 14-time All-Star, one-time DPOY, 11-time All-NBA, and was the NBA’s scoring champion for ten seasons. He was also the league’s most valuable player for a decade.

The one area where MJ might have made significant improvements was his three-point shooting. On a limited volume of attempts, he had a career of 32.7 percent field goal percentage from a distance. However, because Jordan played in an era when three-pointers did not account for 80 percent of an offense’s total points, it is possible that he did not feel the need to shoot threes in huge quantities.

Could Michael Jordan Have Played Point Guard?

Jordan was the primary creator of offense during his first two seasons with the Chicago Bears, first under Kevin Loughery and then, more importantly, under Stan Albeck. The Bulls’ roster during Jordan’s early years, on the other hand, was not nearly as talented as Jordan’s 90s teams, so Jordan was forced to serve as the primary scorer for that lineup.

Is it possible that he could have played point guard for a significant amount of time? There isn’t any doubt about that. Get the opportunity to see the complete game in which Jordan scored a playoff-record of 63 points against the Celtics in 1986. You will witness Jordan moving the ball up the floor and directing plays for virtually the fourth quarter and overtime. Indeed, they lost and were swept, but he averaged nearly six assists per game in the series and more than five dimes per game throughout his professional career.

However, the events of March 11, 1989, provide possibly the most appropriate illustration and the most specific response to the question. To give you a little background on what happened, Jordan vented his dissatisfaction to then-coach Doug Collins about the lack of support he was receiving in the backcourt. Sam Vincent was the Bulls’ point guard during that period, and while he wasn’t utterly horrible, he was not good enough by Jordan’s standards.

Following the conversation with Collins, he decided to start Jordan at point guard beginning on March 11 against Seattle. His assist totals increased dramatically from that point forward, reaching 12 in a row. Jordan accumulated two hundred fifty-seven assists in the 24 games in which he was officially designated as the point guard, with only six games in which he did not reach double digits in that category.

Clyde Drexler may have exaggerated a little, but he made an interesting observation of Jordan’s ability as a point guard. Drexler stated in the Amino Apps that “everyone has to keep an eye on him with the ball.” The other men will be able to wander freely, and their shooting percentages will soar. I believe (Jordan) has a better handle on the ball than Magic. Jordan only serves to make everyone around him better. On the other hand, Jordan did not stick to the position, and their eventual implementation of the triangle offense helped alleviate the pressure of not having a pass-first point guard on the team. However, when it comes to Michael Jordan, one thing stands out: when you’re good, you’re good no matter where you’re placed on the court.

People also ask

What positions did Michael Jordan play?

  • Shooting guard
  • Small forward
  • Outfielder

What position did Michael Jordan play the most?

Shooting Guard (SG) was Michael Jordan’s primary position and the one in which he spent the majority of his time during his time with the Chicago Bulls. It is widely believed that the shooting guard is the most explosive and athletic position.

What position was Michael Jordan in his prime?

Skill priming occurs during the first three repetitions (91-93). During the second three-peat, you should be in peak physical and psychological condition (95-98). Between 1987 and 1991, Michael Jordan was at the height of his powers.

Was Michael Jordan a guard or forward?

During his peak, the legendary basketball player Michael Jordan thrived as a shooting guard. In addition, he competed at two more positions, small forward and pointed guard, during his career. Even if they are not as unique as the previous position, they still demonstrate Michael Jordan’s versatility as a basketball player.

What was Tim Duncan’s position?

What was Larry Bird’s position?

  • Power forward
  • Small forward


Along with Kobe Bryant and LeBron James, Michael Jordan is regarded as the greatest player in basketball history. His contribution to the Windy City over his 15 seasons with the team is indisputable.

We must acknowledge that Jordan did not move around much throughout his professional life. Starting as a shooting guard, he quickly demonstrated that he was destined for this position. The addition of other places, such as small forward or point guard, would round out his resume.

Do not be afraid to answer the question “What positions did Michael Jordan play?” or “What positions does Michael Jordan play?” if someone asks you after reading this article. Feel free to respond to Michael Jordan’s position with all of the information you already possess!