What Size Baseball Glove for 9 Year Old

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What Size Baseball Glove for 9 Year Old

The most spectacular and sensational outfield game all over the USA is baseball and here we’ll discuss what size baseball glove for 9 year old kids. Top manufacturers and baseball industries produce creative and robust stuff every year to enhance our outfield games. Baseball gloves are essential for any level players either kids or adults. These are used for different positions in a game. So, gloves can be positional or league-based because every league has some strict rules and regulations for glove sizes. For 9 year old, we prefer junior school league rules or youth league ones. In this article, we emphasize glove sizes and later we picked the top 10 best baseball gloves for 9 year old players. Moreover, the buyer’s guide and caring portions are described as well. Let’s get started!

Top 3 Pick Glove for 9 Year Old

Best Pick

Rawlings Select Pro Lite

Rawlings Select Pro Lite

Affrodable Pick

Genesis Baseball Glove 

Louisville Slugger Genesis Baseball Glove 

Premium Pick

Youth Baseball Glove

Franklin Sports Baseball Fielding Glove

What Size Baseball Glove for 9 Year Old

Baseball Glove Size for 9 Year Old

Glove size concepts are cleared to everyone because this one is the simplest idea to understand. However, there are mistakes and casualties while using these gloves. So, it is mandatory to write on this glove size. But before picking the glove size, you have to know about glove parts.

Baseball Glove Parts

Usually, a baseball glove consists of 5 parts- webbing, palm, heel, lacing, and hinge. Every part is strictly followed by some manufacturing rules, dimensions, and maneuvering. Let’s have a look at the baseball glove sketch here-Parts of the Baseball Glove

The most important part of a baseball glove is webbings. Besides, lacing and palm are also vital for some positions.

Webbings or Web:

This is made of pure calfskin material and a mandatory part between the thumb and first finger. Usually, this part is wider like amphibians. The same concept is implemented here because it is the best way not to slip the baseball anytime.


This is the deepest thing in any baseball glove as well as the wider part. Based on different sizes, this one varies in dimensions. Kids have little palms, not wider and thicker as well. So for a baseball glove for 9 year old has a tiny dimension.


This part is the bottom or opening of a glove. Players insert their hands through this part. Generally, this part is made of rubber, elastic cotton, fabrics, or pure leather. The name is ‘heel’ because of its construction.


After webbings, this part is a vital one. Like shoelaces, we use lacing in these gloves. These are made of elastic rubber or cotton fabrics or pure leather. Non-sticky, adjustable, and ergonomic in design. Lacings are placed on webbings, heels, and hinges. A player can loosen or fasten these while necessary. It keeps the glove tight, non-slippery in hand.


This is just the opposite part of webbings. Unlike webbings, a hinge provides player’s safety during external hits. For catchers, this hinge is needed to support hand-eye coordination.

Glove Size Chart for 9 Year Old

Now we’ve drawn the premier topic for our customer’s attention. Glove sizes matter on positions, player’s height & weight. Because a player’s height and palm length are correlative. Moreover, weight and height have mutual relations as well. Once a player gets bigger, his/her weight gradually increases. Likewise, infield positions vary glove sizes consequently. There are lots of leagues and championships to fix these sizes. Let’s have a short pie chart about these positional glove sizes.Glove size for 9 Year Old

From the chart, you can have a common idea or flexible dimensions of a baseball glove for 9 year old players. However, these can be more perfect if we look at the following tabular form. We neglect a player’s height and weight making this table indeed.

Catcher 1st baseman 2nd baseman 3rd baseman Outfielder League
30.5~34″ 12.5 ~ 13″ 11.25 ~ 11.75″ 11.5 ~ 12.5″ 12 ~ 13″ USSSA
32~3.5″ 11.5 ~ 12.5″ 12 ~ 13″ 12 ~ 14″ NSA
31~32.75″ 10.5 ~ 11.25″ 11.5 ~ 12.5″ ISA
32.5″ 11.25 ~ 12″ 12 ~ 13″ ASA

Different leagues have strict rules and regulations. The table shows accurate values and decent dimensions of baseball gloves for 9 year old. To make a comparison, we’ve selected another short table to make your strict decision.

Age Size League
4 – 7 9 – 10.5″ T-ball baseball
7 – 10 10.5 – 11.25″ Youth league/BBCOR
11 – 13 11.25 – 12″ Junior league

This table was age-wise but accurate so far. However, we showed an average size of positional gloves here. For more details on this, you can read the “best youth infield baseball glove” topic. You can comment or ask anything in our chat options. All advice is valuable to us. Before buying a glove you should know about glove types.

Baseball Glove Categories

Not all gloves are perfect for baseball or softball games. Sometimes people ask for mitts. Mitts and gloves are the same with mere distinct. A mitt is used for catchers while a glove is versatile stuff for everyone. Before talking about glove sizes, it is relevant to tell you the categories of baseball gloves.Baseball Glove Categories

Generally, we divided all baseball gloves into three (3) categories-

  • Catcher’s mitts.
  • Hitter gloves. &
  • Fielding gloves.
Catcher’s Mitts:

These are pure leather craftsmanships and ergonomic in their sophisticated designs. Imported calfskin and cushioned foam interior made this glove different from others. Generally, a catcher’s mitt is bigger than any other baseball gloves. A catcher position is just behind the hitter. Every time a pitcher throws balls towards him indirectly. The catcher has to grab the ball as quickly as he/she can. To prevent the slip and reflection, manufacturers build a mitt powerful enough with the top-class material and rigid structure. Moreover, lightweight is a colossal factor of these mitts.

Hitter Gloves:

Apart from mitts, a hitter’s glove is quite reasonable in price, structure, usage, and ergonomics. The major concern during craftsmanship is to stick on bat grips. The palm portion of a hitter glove is made of pure rubber, soft, blissful colors to hold any baseball bat tightly. Hard hitters often look for big shots and flyballs. So they need to grab the bat harder enough to hit higher. A regular glove cannot provide such stickiness. Hitter gloves have no lacings or limited lacings. The heel part of this glove is tight elastic fabrics that never let the glove slipping from hand.

Fielder’s Glove:

Fielder’s gloves and catcher’s ones are kinda likewise sometimes. Unlike catcher’s mitts, a fielding glove has fewer lacings, lightweight, and deeper pockets (palms). Most outfielders have to grab flyballs or flighted balls. To prevent the unnecessary slipping from hands, fielder’s gloves are pretty jovial things for position playing. Infielders can use hitter gloves occasionally.

Top 10 Best Right Size Youth Baseball Glove for 9 Year Old – 2021

It might be a little bit confusing when you see the heading here about “right size”. Because it seems like right-arm gloves however these gloves are accurate for youth baseball leagues and 9 year old kids. It is always been a hefty challenge picking up these best gloves for 9 year old because there are lots of local providers and competitive manufacturers. Among those all sorts of marketplaces, we selected the topmost 10 products for our juniors. Let’s check it out!

1. Rawlings Youth Baseball Glove for 9 Year Old

Rawlings pro is the top-class manufacturer of all baseball and softball products. Rawlings’ new series offers a spanning collection of popular pro-player designs that will give aspiring large leaguers their favorite stars’ style and features. The Rawlings Youth Pro Taper Fit is available on all models in the collection, including smaller openings and lowered finger stands. This is a perfect way to find a pro-style model for the transitional athlete, that fits his increasing size.Rawlings Select Pro Lite

Highlighted Features

  • Professional gloves for international and continental leagues, championships.
  • 90% factory break-in construction. The USA-made product.
  • Comfortable, reliable for kids as well as top-quality craftsmanship.
  • Vibrant colors, absolutely blissful.
  • Anti-shock power palm pads with tapered fits.
  • Lightweight and soft leather structure to provide comfortability.

Item Specifications

Manufacturer Rawlings Pro
Hand orientation Right arm
Color Black, cream, brown
Dimension 11.25 x 8 x 6 inch
Item weight 1 lb

Materials: 85% calfskin, 15% PU leather

Fit/Feel: Fit for 9-10 years old kids and junior league players. Infielder and hitter gloves.


  • Conventional H-web gloves.
  • Palm & index finger padding.
  • Cushioned lining and affordable price glove.
  • Durable, long-lasting, adorable for kids.
  • Adjustable sizes and colors/logos.


  • Lacings aren’t that good.

2. Franklin Youth Baseball Glove

This mitt is made of genuine blackened cowhide leather for high durability and season after season performance. The soft, flexible cowl makes it fast and easy to break up to ensure optimum performance immediately. Franklin sports manufacturer is a premium quality creator of baseball and softball gadgets, tools, and accessories. This glove is perfect for outfielders and short stoppers.Franklin Sports Infield and Outfield Youth Glove for 9 year old- CTZ5000

Highlighted Features

  • 100% cowhide technology for flexibility and softness.
  • Lightweight, ergonomic design.
  • Non-rusty, waterproof, durable.
  • Sleek design for outfielders and infielders.
  • Good for catchers and short stoppers.
  • Shallow I-webbing gloves for fielders.

Item Specifications

Manufacturer Franklin sports
Hand orientation Both
Color Black chrome
Dimension 11.5 x 8.75 x 5.75 inch
Item weight 1.2 lbs

Materials: 90% cowhide/ leather, 10% PU

Fit/Feel: For 8-11y kids. Both outfielders and infielders can use this glove.


  • Much lighter for kids, comfortable, durable.
  • Well-made craftsmanship.
  • Quality products from the USA manufacturer.
  • I-webbings, perfect for fielders.
  • Worth of money.


  • Synthetic leather products sometimes.

3. Louisville Slugger Left Arm Gloves

Louisville Slugger has a reputation for making quality products with its stunning supremacy and craftsmanship. Started with the baseball ball, LS brand is famous for every baseball and softball accessories. This Genesis youth league glove is perfect for infielders because of its size and structure. The mesh structure on the upper sides is cool for temperature and external pressure.Louisville Slugger Genesis

Highlighted Features

  • Perfect for infielders.
  • Combination of ballistic nylon shell.
  • Mesh-look upper covers.
  • Flexible and soft linings.
  • Versatile usage for fielders.

Item Specifications

Manufacturer Louisville Slugger
Hand orientation Left
Color Black, gunmetal, white
Dimension 10.5 x 5.5 x 4.75 inch
Item weight 1.25 lbs

Materials: 90% leather, 10% mesh fabrics

Fit/Feel: For 8-11y kids. Perfect infielder gloves overall.


  • Best for coaching and machine pitch.
  • Breaks in perfectly.
  • No stress at all while using.
  • Vibrant colors and spectacular craftsmanship.
  • Affordable prices.


  • Not good for adults or any other position.

4. Wilson A450 Baseball Glove

For more than a hundred years, Wilson Sporting Goods Company has produced superior, well-tested athletic equipment. Each of these products is made with an uncompromising quality commitment. Wilson is proud of its long history of innovation and the experience of athletes and teams worldwide. The Wilson baseball line includes models for all ages, from tea balls to the Little League, school &  high school baseball. The Wilson A450 range is made to look like WTA04LB1912 gloves from Pro stock that are worn by some of the top players in Baseball Major League. This 12-inch black and blonde WTA04LB1912 dual post web is ideal if you wish to develop your abilities.Wilson A450

Highlighted Features

  • Dual post web technology.
  • 100% pigskin leather construction.
  • Best for youth leagues/junior leagues.
  • Good for infielders, pitchers, outfielders.
  • Team logos are customizable if required.

Item Specifications

Manufacturer Wilson
Color Black/blonde
Hand orientation Left
Dimension 12 x 5.75 x 5.25 inch
Item weight 0.8 lbs

Materials: Leather/pigskin.

Fit/Feel: Youth infield glove/mitt.


  • Easy to break.
  • Great for little leagues.
  • Brand mitts for teamwork.
  • Excellent shortstop gloves.
  • Worth of money.


  • Synthetic leather structure occasionally.
  • Pigskin material isn’t that allowed for some players.


5. Rawlings Youth T-ball Baseball Glove

The 10-inch Rawlings Sure Catch infield/outfield youth glove has a soft, all-leather shell for increased durability and retention of pocket form. Its design, which is secure and easy to close allows it to be perfect for young athletes who need a glove ready to play off the shelf. The coiled finger covers also provide additional comfort and younger age.Rawlings Sure Catch 9.5-11.5 inch Youth Glove Series

Highlighted Features

  • Professional H-web structure.
  • 90% break0in gloves/mitts.
  • Lightweight, durable, easy to use.
  • Perfect for amateur or beginners.
  • Enhanced all-leather shell, padded linings, and comfortable.

Item Specifications

Manufacturer Rawlings pro
Color Black/gray
Hand orientation Right
Dimension 12 x 8 x 6 inch
Item weight 0.74 lbs

Materials: Leather + PU.

Fit/Feel: Right-arm gloves for youth infielders, all position mitts for t-ball leagues.


  • High-quality t-ball league mitts.
  • Stunning craftsmanship.
  • Great for 9 years old players.
  • Amazing support from customer care.
  • Super lightweight and comfy.


  • Not good for > 9 years old.


6. Mizuno Prospect PowerClose

The Mizuno’s pioneer developed to make it much easier and enjoyable to catch and teach beginners to take the right course in their pockets. This is not a very good glove if the PowerClose stamp is not shown. An ortholite palm pad that reduces sting and kills the ball. A technology that is essential for helping young players. Durable PU palm furnace designed to make children feel soft and comfortable. Mizuno Prospect PowerClose Youth Baseball Glove Series

Highlighted Features

  • New generation heat flex technology.
  • V-flex notch webbings with deep pockets.
  • Perfect for youth softball leagues.
  • Buttersoft palm liner.
  • Top-quality pigskin construction.

Item Specifications

Manufacturer Mizuno ™
Color Black/gray
Hand orientation Right
Dimension 12 x 8 x 6 inch
Item weight 3 lbs

Materials: Synthetic Leather + PU linings.

Fit/Feel: Right-arm gloves for catchers, pitchers, shortstop positions.


  • Best for price.
  • Soft, durable, ergonomic craftsmanship.
  • Customizable design for both hands.
  • Easy to close or break-in.
  • Marvelous gloves for starters.


  • Webbings aren’t that accurate on and off.


7. Rawlings Youth Tball/Baseball Gloves

The Youth Tball/Baseball Gloves Series Players offers a lightweight and reliable option to players who learn the basics of defensive games. The Players Series has a range of gloves designed to suit various ages between 3 and 9. In Players Series Gloves, Rawlings offers multiple vibrant color options, which will allow players to stand out while scooping grounders and picking fly balls.Rawlings Players Series Youth Tball and Baseball Gloves

Highlighted Features

  • Ultra-lightweight structure for kids.
  • Dual-leather technology.
  • All-position gloves, perfect for youth leagues.
  • Professional H-web patterns with softshell.
  • Textured vinyl design to grab flyballs easily.

Product Specifications

Manufacturer Rawlings pro
Color Camel/black
Hand orientation Left-hand throw (LHT)
Dimension 12 x 7 x 10 inch
Item weight 0.85 lbs

Materials: Vinyl + leather/calfskin.

Fit/Feel: Left-arm gloves for all positions in any t-ball game.


  • Vibrant, customizable colors.
  • Improved basket webbings.
  • Flexible shell and linings.
  • Perfect for t-ball leagues.
  • Affordable price.


  • Some colors are unavailable.


8. Franklin Sports Softball Glove

Fastpitch Pro Softball Glove is a comfortable, high-performing softball guy for young players. This glove has a lightweight, adaptable fit that the field people love. The soft palm material makes breaking quick and easy, and an adjustable strap on the handle makes players of all ages comfortable! The Fastpitch Series offers a line of quality softball gloves using a lightweight technical shell and a soft, PU-laminated palm for the highest comfort. A customized and versatile fit is provided by an adjustable wrist strap.Left and Right Handed Softball Fielding Glove

Highlighted Features

  • Lightweight improvised mesh construction.
  • Adjustable velcro strap wrist closures.
  • Stiffer and malleable.
  • Easy to break-in and usage.
  • Customizable sizes with comfy feels.

Item Specifications

Manufacturer Franklin pro
Color Lime, pink
Hand orientation LHT
Dimension 12.68 x 8.54 x 5.79 inch
Item weight 0.8 lbs

Materials: PU leather + mesh fabrics.

Fit/Feel: LHT gloves for infielders.


  • Fits perfectly.
  • Accurate in sizes and weights.
  • Top-class material construction.
  • Good for beginners and kids.
  • Fun & recreational stuff for youth league players.


  • Not good for t-ball softball leagues.


9. FerDIM Baseball Glove for Kids

If you look for a small, comfortable, soft, and ergonomic glove for 9 year old, this FerDim would be the best choice for you. These are suitable mitts for any age either kids or adults. Versatile colors and blissful effects are just cool in these gloves. Moreover, this is a catcher’s mitt, as well as infielders wear this easily. High-quality materials like cowhide and imported PU leather technology enhanced the entire structure quite awesome. As a newcomer in baseball and softball accessories manufacturing, FerDim is getting more efficient day by day.FerDIM Baseball Glove for Kids

Highlighted Features

  • Suitable mitts for kids, adults, youth leagues, and toddlers.
  • Versatile colors and fabulous shapes.
  • High-quality PU calfskin material.
  • Ergonomic design with soft pliable foamy linings.
  • Reinforced leather cord with elastic laces.

Item Specifications

Manufacturer FerDim
Color Brown, black, blue, pink, pure brown, pure black
Hand orientation LHT
Dimension 8.5 x 5.6 x 2.3 inch
Item weight 8.78 oz

Materials: Synthetic leather + PU cowhide.

Fit/Feel: Best for training, infield, toddlers.


  • Best for versatile colors.
  • Lightweight, durable, stunning stuff.
  • Decent craftsmanship.
  • Worth of money.
  • 1y warranty.


  • Cheap structures and way too simple.


10. SHOELESS JOE I-Web Baseball Glove

Shoeless JOE is a supernew manufacturer recently and a classy one for toddlers, kids, youth baseball, and pro softball accessories. This baseball glove is an outstanding performer in real and practice sessions. Superb finishing and fantastic outlines made this mitt versatile and audacious to coaches, trainers, parents, and players. Easy to use and perfect break-in is the most robust features of this mitt.SHOELESS JOE I-Web Joe Baseball Glove

Highlighted Features

  • Plenty of sizes, shapes, colors.
  • Antique tobacco cowhide, I-web style mitts.
  • All-rounding performance for infielders.
  • Easy break-in structure.
  • The USA-made product, unique sizes.

Item Specifications

Manufacturer Shoeless Joe
Color Brown, black
Hand orientation RHT
Dimension 9 x 8 x 5 inch
Item weight 12 oz

Materials: Imported leather + cushion foam.

Fit/Feel: Best for infielders, youth league matches.


  • Extreme impact protection on palms.
  • Non-slippery, sticky pockets.
  • Rubber lacings, ergonomic design.
  • Worth of money and affordable.
  • Kid’s first choice because of flexibility.


  • Very small and not good for > 9 year old players.


How to Choose the Baseball Glove for 9 Year Old

Choosing a baseball glove for 9 year old is easier if you follow some smart steps before purchasing any. Local sellers or traders make you believe that you’re buying the best one ever while purchasing any glove. However, a lot of people have often been distracted from the tiny faults of a baseball glove. Here we discuss some quick factors to look into before buying any baseball glove.

Material & Shape

Usually, a baseball glove is made of pure leather, calfskin, pigskin, cowhide, imported leather, PU leather, and rubber. Baseball mitts must have to made of pure leather or cowhide. Recent technology provides us some hybrid and alluring material like calfskin+PU, rubber+cowhide, and mixed materials. These things are good but expensive. We recommend pure leather or cushioned foamy calfskin gloves for starters.

Shapes are another good point of view. It varies from manufacturer to creator. Prominent manufacturers like Rawlings, Wilson, DeMarini, Slugger, and Axe have some common designs and shapes. They occasionally alter shapes but update the central database. Different league has strict rules for glove materials, so it is mandatory to look the exact shape and color before purchasing.

Blissful Colors

Generally, girls love colorful stuff and no doubt- bright colors. Regular training sessions or school drills are flexible for random colors however bigger leagues or championships don’t allow eye-catching colors. Sometimes it distracts other’s attention and abstains from focusing.

Usually, mixed colors like blue/black, red/black, brown/black, white/black are perfect for buying. 9 year old kids love deep pink or sky-blue or teal for their practices.

Webbings & Pockets

There are so many webbings for a baseball glove. Finding the accurate one is difficult according to the player’s height and weight. Some players cannot throw well, some can throw overhead. Some players are shorter than others while there are many taller players. Accurate webbings are essential for grabbing the ball quickly, without slipping, and faster. For more details about webbings, you can watch this video.

We recommend deeper pockets with I-web or H-web for 9 year old kids. Pockets should be deep enough to stick to the flyball.

Price & Cost

There is a difference between price and cost while purchasing a baseball glove for juniors. A price is a negotiable or fixed thing where the cost is a customizable one. If you buy from marketplaces, you’ll find different prices according to your budget. However, if you want a customized glove, you have to order or quote. It will cost you randomly. There are diverse prices for a baseball glove in marketplaces or local stores. You can find a budget-amiable glove or high-class sophisticated gloves. For kids like 9y, we recommend buying low-cost gloves because you can upgrade them anytime.

Versatility & User Value

Most baseball gloves are positional. But for 9 year old kids, some prominent manufacturers create versatile gloves or more likely, all-position gloves. Besides, these gloves are usable for infielders, outfielders, pitchers, and catchers. Hitter’s and 1st basemen gloves are different from these regular ones. The privilege of a versatile glove is costing. If a player is an all-rounding performer, then he/she need a versatile glove to prevent repeated alterations of gloves. Moreover, a player’s comfortability is vital while in-game situations. Already we’ve discussed versatile gloves in our product section. Better see there and pick the suitable one for your 9 year old kid.


How Long Does a Baseball Glove Last

A baseball glove is a leather thing that can break-in easily or flexible for hands. A short method or tip can be mentioned regarding this- when you can’t break your glove nimbly, it is time to change the glove within a short time. However, it depends upon three (3) factors-

  • Position in the game.
  • Level of play.
  • Care/maintenance of gloves.

Position in the Game

Baseball is a position game with a competitive environment. Durability and long-lasting features are applied according to these positions. If a player plays in the outfield position, he/she has to take flyballs or flighted balls. So, basically, they need a deeper pocket and their gloves last long enough. The contradictory sketch is seen when we look at the infield position. There are three major infield positions in the game- 1st basemen, 2nd basemen, and 3rd basemen. 2nd basemen positions are identical to shortstops. These 3 position players have plenty of responsibilities to throw quicker and grab faster. Due to massive usage, these gloves don’t last long. Analyzing gameplay and expert suggestion, an infielder glove lasts for 1-2 years highest.

Level of Play

Different levels have different strategies and rules. A junior-level glove is made of sleek, cheap material hence lasts no longer. Senior-level or BBCOR league gloves last around 1-2 years. Sometimes the weather effect causes severe malfunction to these gloves like stiffness, rigidity, surface tension, and some environmental issues. Furthermore, a softball league glove lasts long because of limited usage.

Care/Maintenance of Glove

The more you take care of your glove, it will sustain longer. Besides, wrong maintenance and caring oppose sustainability and durability. Many players use the wrong ingredients on their gloves. Some use water or chemicals on the leather stuff that is totally prohibited. If you take proper care, statistically it will increase the durability percentage of your glove. In an experiment, we saw 30% of 500 gloves don’t break-in due to warm water usage. Use glove oil or polisher to use it for 2 years or more.


People Also Ask About Glove for 9 Year Old – (FAQs)

How to measure the glove size?

Sketch the hand on a paper with strict boundary perimeters. Now point two major points or dots- one on the wrist and the other on the middle fingertip. Draw a line between these two points and measure with a ruler in inches. This is the best way you can measure the glove size however you need ½ to ¾ inch more while purchasing. For example, if your kid has wrist-fingertip readings of 10″, you should go for 10.5″ or 10.75″ gloves. A little bigger is good because you can adjust this anyway. Once the glove is tight in its hands, it will prevent a player’s general skills and game strategies. Similarly, for the width, measure from thumb to pinky (little finger) and note somewhere for later usage.

How to soften a baseball glove?

Put some warm water like 150-170oF on the hard area of the glove. Apply some glove oil using a sponge or brush. Never put the glove on fire torch or flame. Even microwave technology is also banned for glove softening. For the best results, we recommend using the glove oil first and keep it for half an hour. Gloves are made of pure leather so excess heat and pressure would malfunction it entirely.

What oil is the best for gloves?

To relax the leather of your baseball glove, you can use a variety of oils and lotions. Shaving cream (lanolin preferably) is commonly used, but you may also use Vaseline, saddle soap, tanner’s glove oil, glove manufacturers oils, mink oil, and other items.

How to soften leather gloves?

All leather items turn rigid and abrasive due to their lifetime. Old leather items are hard enough to break-in even. In such cases, you can use some quick house techniques.

  • Apply some alcohol and vaseline in the ratio of 63.8% and 36.2%, respectively. These two materials should be mixed before applying. If not mixed anyhow, just use a cotton pad to apply alcohol first and wipe on vaseline.
  • Coconut oil is a good option unless you have glove oils. Use coconut oil on the leather and keep it under the sun for 10-15 minutes.
  • Sometimes a hairdryer can soften old leather gloves if there are small portions of rigidity. Don’t blow for long, blow for 1-2 minutes.
  • Leather conditioner and mink oils can soften old leather items. You can try any of these.

Is vaseline good for leather?

Vaseline or petroleum jelly is better for old leather items i.e. bags, wallets, shoes, gloves, belts, etc. It fills the crack inside the leather item and makes it congested like new ones. Moreover, vaseline is a waterproof material so no moisture can attack the leather item anyways. Excess usage of vaseline is prohibited because of stickiness and uncomfortable feelings as well as odors.

Final Recommendations

So far we’ve represented some topmost products, a buyer’s guide, and some unique but essential Q/A. Not only the USSSA league but also there are many leagues, school drills, regional leagues, and street leagues are available for 9 year old kids. Baseball and softball is the most interesting and sensational game in the USA and every people here loves watching it. In the article, you have already been informed of what size baseball glove for 9 year old kids. Among the topmost products, our scholastic recommendation is FerDim baseball glove for versatile usage. It is used for everyone and lightweight as well. Moreover, the structure is very simple, smart, innovative. This glove is cheap for a limited budget. The second one we like to share is the famous Shoeless Joe mitt for 9 year old kids. This looks great and pretty noble odor of pure leather. The alluring brown color is adorable to juniors.

If you have any further questions or requirements regarding products, buyer’s guides, expert ideas- feel free to ask us in the chat or comment below. Share the topic with your closest ones who love baseball or softball. We encourage our client’s askings and we’re eager to answer those anytime. Stay safe and cool. Good game!