What Size Baseball Bat for 6 Years Old?

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Technology is changing drastically day by day and at this pace, bat manufacturers alter randomly to the best support. In the baseball and softball arena, common question is- what size bat for 6 years old kid we should need? Regarding this issue, we picked some guidelines for baseball and softball bats. Usually, kids of this age are relentless, chaotic, curious, and stubborn to innovate anything. Providing them with toys or cellphones aren’t that good in real. The best way to make their grip and intellect grown-up, baseball/softball is the best choice. In this article, we’ll try to do our best for the sizing guide of a baseball bat for 6y. Let’s start the analytics.

Top 3 Bat for 6 Years Old

Best Pick

Easton FUZE -11 T-Ball Bat

Easton FUZE (-11) USA Youth T-Ball Bat

Affrodable Pick

Rawlings Storm for 6 Year old

Rawlings Storm (-12) Bat Series

Premium Pick

Louisville Slugger Prime 918

Louisville Slugger Prime 918 (-12.5)

What Size Bat for 6 Years Old?

Baseball Bat Size For 6 Year Old

Now we come to our main topic. Generally, 6 years old kids have sensitive wrists and soft palms. Any hard object causes severe injuries and distortion to their hands. So it’s a bit concerning and intellect choosing the size of a baseball or softball bat for them.

Regarding the sizes, we listed a tabular form according to the height and weight of a 6 years old kid. Usually, this age kids weigh 60 – 110 lbs with a height between 36 – 60 inches. According to this condition, we prepare our table.

Weight (lbs) Height (inches)
36-40 41-44 45-48 49-52 53-56 57-60 60+
Bat length (inches)
< 60 26″ 27″ 28″ 29″ 29″
61-70 27″ 27″ 28″ 29″ 30″ 30″
71-80 28″ 28″ 29″ 30″ 30″ 31″
81-90 28″ 29″ 29″ 30″ 30″ 31″
91-100 28″ 29″ 30″ 30″ 31″ 31″
101-110 29″ 29″ 30″ 30″ 31″ 31″
110+ 29″ 29″ 30″ 30″ 31″ 31″

According to the table, the corresponding criteria of length, weight, and height should be maintained. This is a standard chart and approved by baseball & softball league as well.

For a 6 years old kid, we recommend the lighter bat always. Easton, Rawlings, and DeMarini bats are perfect for 6 years old kids. Moreover, one-piece bats are more preferable for this age. Big barrel bats are heavy and around 15-16 oz. These are not suggested to provide them. Big barrel bats have good sweet spots however at this age, it is not that needed anymore. Experiencing with lightweight baseball & softball bats, a kid can afford big barrel bats afterward.


Top Rated – Perfect Size Bats for 6 Year Old

Numerous manufacturers worldwide are working every day for innovative designs of baseball/softball bats. As this one is the most fantastic and popular game of America and Canada, people just love to play baseball/softball from the very beginning of their age. Even recent days made people crazy about toddlers for baseball/softball games. Below 6 years old kids, we have baseball/softball bats for 4y to 6y also. In this section, we’ll try to inform you of the best 5 bats for 6 years old kids in a nutshell. We analyzed online and expert’s choice to pick the best bats here. Furthermore, we will summarize the key features of these bats.

1. Rawlings Raptor & Remix Tball Bat Series (-12)

The Raptor Youth Tball Bat Rawlings 2020 is the best selling bat for players of 7 and below level. Its lightweight and extended barrel make hits easier than ever before. In the garden, park, or the game, the sturdy 1-piece alloy design can stand up against all elements. This bat will not surpass performance standards but will be the delight of every child in the camp with the bright electric blue and lime green style.

Special Features of Rawlings Raptor & Remix Youth USA Tball Bat Series (-12 Dropweight)

  • Excellent combination of control and power.
  • Flawless for youth t-ball leagues.
  • Faster swing speeds.
  • Durable, one-piece structure.
  • Vibrant colors, endurance entirely.

Rawlings Raptor & Remix Youth USA Tball Bat Series (-12 Dropweight)

  • -12 bat drop.
  • Impeccable sporting spirit for kids.
  • Best for 6 year old kids.
  • Enough pop sound.
  • 1y warranty.
  • Made of thin materials.


2. Franklin Sports Teeball Bats – USA Baseball Approved

Franklin manufacturers create perfect bats in a year with a perfectionist’s view. Franklin venom is perfect for junior leagues and especially for 6 years old kids who love hitting hard. The most interesting feature of this bat is its lightweight and price. Super lightweight and affordable for anyone. Moreover, the barrel size is standard as well as approved by USSA or BBCOR. Single-piece aluminum construction without any difficulty already made this bat popular to kids.Franklin Venom

Weight: 14 oz | Drop: -12 | Structure: 1-piece aluminum alloy | Grip: Lizard skin technology, tapered.


3. Rawlings Storm USA Youth Bat (-12)

The Storm Youth Tball Bat Rawlings 2020 is the ideal bat for young players aged seven and under. Its lightweight and extended barrel make hits easier than ever before. In the garden, in the park, or a game, the robust 1-piece alloys design stands up to the foodstuffs. This bat not only exceeds planned output but is also enviable to any kid in the park thanks to its metallic silver, navy, and rosé colors.

Special Features of Rawlings Storm USA Youth Tball Bat Series (-12)

  • Best for beginner softball players.
  • Larger sweet spots.
  • Ultra-lightweight to contact faster.
  • Durable single-piece construction.
  • Approved by major t-ball leagues.
  • 3 vibrant colors- metallic silver, hot pink, and navy.

Rawlings 2020 Storm USA Youth Tball Bat Series (-12) for 6 year old

  • ProsQuality material from the manufacturer.
  • Also used for coach pitch.
  • Perfect bat for 6 year old girls.
  • Great value for Rawlings storm.
  • One year warranty with a 30 day return policy.
  • Fewer colors for kids.


4. EASTON SPEED -11 Jr. USSSA Jr. Big Barrel Baseball Bat

This Easton speed -11 is approved for the USSSA league only. It has a big barrel of 2-⅝ inch diameter. For the majority of boys on a team, this bat fits well instead of their own. This Junior Big Barrel is licensed and recommended for use by players 8 years old and under for USSSA playback and associations following 1.15BPF. It is a one-piece build made of lightweight ALX50 Aircraft Grade Alloy, with a concave end cap and a Flex grip, which provides extra comfort.

Special Features of EASTON SPEED -11 Jr. USSSA Jr. Big Barrel Baseball Bat

  • Cushioned flexible grip.
  • Concave end cap.
  • The overall comfort and sturdiness.
  • Durable for years without dead bat sound.
  • Lightweight and swings perfectly.

EASTON SPEED -11 Jr. USSSA Jr. Big Barrel Youth Baseball Bat for 6 year old

  • Perfect for 6 year old girls and boys.
  • 3 classy sizes from 25~27″ with 14~16 oz.
  • Approved by the USSSA league.
  • 1y limited warranty.
  • Light green/white color, decent look.
  • Only one color.


5. Rawlings Quatro Pro USA Youth Bat Series

Prominent manufacturers company Rawlings always innovate new models and designs for baseball/softball players. From kids to professional players, Rawlings bats are compulsory. In this connection, this Rawlings Quatro Pro is the best for 6 years old kids and currently trending. Best for t-ball baseball leagues, backyard sessions, practices, and fun factors. BBCOR & USSA certified Rawlings Quatro Pro is unimaginable awesome for little kids in the beginning. Mostly this bat is good for a contact hitter. Light swing and newly 2020 editions are the top positioned recently. The only avoidable reasons of this bat are its price (expensive).Rawlings Quatro Pro

Weight: 14 oz | Drop: -11 | Structure: 2-piece composite barrel | Grip: Cushioned fiber and hybrid Lizard skin taping.


6. EASTON FUZE -11 USA Youth Tee Ball Baseball Bat

Easton products are famous for baseball and softball players. Fans love pop sounds and hard hits. This Easton Fuze 360 is specifically made for 6 years old newbies. The basic structure of this bat is pure hybrid alloy construction with an aluminum barrel. Moreover, the composite end cap of this Easton Fuze provides enough stability and comfort while hitting freely. The ultra-lightweight and great pop sound is just fabulous for fans. However, the smaller barrel of this bat made it quite indecent for adult kids.EASTON FUZE -11 USA Youth Kids Tee Ball Baseball Bat, Big Barrel, 2021, 1 Piece Aluminum, Lightweight ALX100 Military Grade Alloy, Pro Style Concave End Cap, Comfort Grip, T-Ball Bat

Weight: 14 oz | Bat drop: -11 | Construction: 1-piece hybrid | Grip: Lizard skin technology


7. DeMarini CF USA (-13) Tee Ball Bat Series

Rey Demarini was a famous baseball player all the time and the brand manufacturer company kept his creativity and innovation here. This DeMarini 2020 CF is the new edition of 2019 CF. The latest technology made this bat super flexible for kids. T-ball baseball leagues always recommend this bat because of its lightweight, longer lifetime, USSA approval, and smart drop. It has a good swing effect and nice pop sound that are mostly required for a baseball/softball player. Affordable price with four different colors is just alluring for customers.DeMarini 2020 CF

Weight: 12 oz | Bat drop: -13 | Structure: Two-piece construction | Barrel: Composite aluminum barrel | Grip: Tapered cushion, hybrid flexible tapered.


8. EASTON ALPHA -10 USA Youth Baseball Bat

The Easton ALPHA -10 bat is suitable for younger players who are looking for more strength and touch. The one-piece structure consists of lightweight and robust ALX50, rolling end, and snow grip ALX50 aircraft grade alloy for improved retention and comfort. This bat is approved for the leagues and associations following the American baseball norm.

Special Features of EASTON ALPHA -10 USA Youth Kids Tee Ball Baseball Bat

  • Single-piece structure.
  • Fully balanced and durable.
  • Lightweight ALX50 ™ technology.
  • Aircraft-grade alloy.
  • -10 bat drop, 24~26 inch/14~16 oz.
  • Great for beginners.
EASTON ALPHA -10 USA Youth Kids Tee Ball Baseball Bat
Small Barrel – 1 Piece Aluminum – Lightweight ALX50 Military Grade Alloy – Pro Style Concave End Cap – Comfort Grip -T-Ball Bat
  • 2 ¼ inch barrel dia.
  • Approved by all major leagues.
  • Lots of sweet spots.
  • Good swing overall.
  • 1y warranty.
  • Not perfect for girls.


9. Louisville Slugger Prime 918 (-12.5) Tee Ball Bat

A name synonymous with only the best baseball bats, Louisville Slugger brings unprecedented player success into the world’s hands. We have created products to allow any hitter to own a panel thanks to our continuous dedication and creativity. Louisville Slugger’s latest 2018 Prime 918 Tee Ball is the most full bat ever and the ideal option for a young player who joins the box for his first swing. You can check also Best Tee Drills For Softball..

Special Features of Louisville Slugger Prime 918 (-12.5) 2 1/4″ Tee Ball Bat

  • 1-piece alloy structure.
  • Lightweight design, 4-¼ inch barrel dia.
  • Synthetic grip, sturdy handle.
  • Approved for t-ball baseball leagues only.
  • The USA made youth bat.

Louisville Slugger Prime 918 (-12.5) 2 1/4" Tee Ball Bat

  • Worth of money.
  • Vibrant black with red logo.
  • Tapered grip.
  • Seismic end cap.
  • 2y warranty and 6 month limited guarantee.
  • Shipping delay outside the USA.


10. EASTON Beast Speed -11 Baseball Bat

This Easton beast speed is manufactured for starter players who love hitting harder. The Easton Beast Speed -11 t-Ball Bat is great for young players in need of more strength. The 2-5/8″ barrel is made of ALX100 Military Grade Alloy with a concave end cap and all-sport grip to enhance its hold and comfort.

Special Features of EASTON Beast Speed -11 (2 5/8″) USA Youth / Kids Bat

  • Balanced structure.
  • Durable ALX100 military-grade alloy.
  • 3 different sizes from 24~26″.
  • -11 bat drop, lightweight for kids.
  • 1-piece aluminum alloy structure.
  • Soft cushioned grip.
  • 2-⅝” big barrel.

EASTON Beast Speed -11 (2 5/8") USA Youth / Kids Tee Ball Baseball Bat

  • Enough sweet spots.
  • Lots of pop sound.
  • No vibration, good for swing.
  • Perfect dimensions and weights.
  • Some descriptions in the user manual are obsolete.


Things to Consider Before Buying a Bat for 6U/ 6 year olds

Furthermore, this section is an additional part because of the immense popularity of baseball and softball bats for 6 years old kids. So far you’ve known about standard sizing guides in the earlier section. This section will assist you in considering some common techniques to buy the best bat for 6-years-old kids.

Bat Weight

The most important factor is the weight of a bat. It is clear that you already picked the size of a bat according to the table we mentioned. Say, you’ve selected the bat size 31″. Numerous bats online or local stores regarding this size. Metal bats are heavyweight and not recommended for juniors. Wooden bats are fragile, heavy also. So the only choice should be composite alloy bats. These are lightweight, one-piece, durable, and stable enough for 6 years old kids. Easton, Marucci manufacturers are the best choice for these bats.

Bat Length

The length of a bat is critical to choose from. Tabular forms showed the correct sizes already. But while purchasing a bat, you can find even fractional length bats such as 29.5″ or 30.5″. Well, this doesn’t differ at all from your chosen one. If the selected bat length is 31″, you can use 30.5″ or 31.5″. But it is better to pick the highest fractional one for long time usage.


Bat length must be measured from the middle chest to the middle fingertip. Placing the hand horizontally, you can measure this. Just stand straight, raise the arm with the right angle (90o) to your body. Use a measuring tape from the middle chest to the middle finger of the raised hand. This is a short technique to select the required baseball or softball bat. Cleats are mandatory for kids. Get those also for a 6 years old junior.


Wooden bats aren’t that durable for long time usage. Moreover, it causes harm when breaks because the debris is sharp and attenuated. Recent technology bats are durable enough because they use heavy composite fiber material, carbon fiber alloy, hybrid composite alloy, aluminum-tungsten technology. These bats have less fragility, less vibration, and massive sweet spots. Newbie kids or players feel the utmost comfort and hitting power using these bats.


Price or cost is the major factor in bat purchasing. Similar bats can vary with prices. For 6 years old kids, you can go for a cheap one. Cheap bats are lightweight with all other facilities. Marucci softball bats are cheap in this case. For baseball, we suggest DeMarini composite bats. However, local stores are preferable to online stores. Online marketplaces can help you to know the feature, price, pros & cons, specialty of any bat. Gather ideas from there and get one from local stores. Besides, top prominent manufacturers sell bats from their site also.

Bat Drop

Not necessary for fun factor or irregular playing, but in a league championship, the bat drop is compulsory. All major baseball and softball leagues have some dedicated rules & regulations. Among these rules, you also find the bat drop issues. In a word, a bat drop is a deduction from bat weight to bat length. If a bat weighs 17 oz with 26″ length, the drop of this bat is 9 (we call minus 9). Manufacturers produce bats accordingly. However, major leagues approve a bat drop from -3 to -13, except BBCOR leagues. BBCOR bats drop is a fixed -3. For 6 years old kids, -10 to -13 is a perfect drop. The heavier bat has lower drops. BBCOR bats are the heaviest among all baseball and softball bats.


Materials are the key concern for any baseball or softball bats. Lots of lightweight and heavyweight materials are used randomly. Latest technology bats are available too to support the best player’s demand. For 6 years old kids, it is good having a hybrid composite alloy bat. It has sweet spots, lightweight, durable, and cheap. A smart looking structure as well as fun factors.


Two types of bat construction are familiar to all. Those are one-piece and two-piece. Both are good for hitting however kids have soft palms as well as fragile wrists. Any severe torque or twist on these wrists cause dislocation of bones, trauma, orthopedic malfunction, and weakness. For 6 years old kids, we recommend one-piece bats but wooden ones. Wooden bats are avoidable in this stage. Metal composite bats are lightweight, stable, durable, and ease of comfort. Being lighter than other bats, these bats support enough fun factors for kids. One-piece bats are good for swing, whip, and pop. Two-piece bats are good for adult kids of high school or college.


Well, different leagues have different rules & regulations except for common ones. First of all, you have to consider what type of league or championship is suitable for your kid(s). For 6 years old kids, we mostly get them into T-ball baseball/softball leagues. Lots of alluring t-ball baseball/softball bats are available in marketplaces. As a kid, it is essential to start with normal leagues and huge in-house practices.


Bat specifications consist of bat length, drop weight, barrel diameter, recommended age, etc. For 6 years old kids, the gist specifications are-

  • Age: 7 or lower
  • Suitable bat length: 24 – 26 inch
  • Perfect weight drop or bat drop: -10 to -13.5
  • Barrel diameter: 2-¼ inch, 2-⅝ inch

However, for a little junior league, the recommended specifications are-

  • Age: 8 or lower
  • Bat length: 25 – 28 inch
  • Weight drop: -10 to -12
  • Barrel diameter: 2-⅝ inch, 2-¾ inch

Following those rules or specifications, you can choose your required bat for 6 years old kids easily.


Baseball Bat Anatomy for 6U

Before going to the main topic, let’s gain some common ideas about a baseball bat construction. A bat is simpler to look but if you know all spots, surely you can win always. It seems like chess or sudoku games- you know the technique to solve, you win.Baseball Bat Anatomy for 6U

Modern baseball bats are made of composite alloy barrel and carbon fiber technology. Wooden bats are good for expert players, not for newbies or kids. Wooden bats break quickly and heavier to carry for a 6 years old kid. See the image up there? Yes, this is one of the modern technology bats. Basically, a baseball bat consists of few sectors.

  1. Knob: At the end of the handle, a round or elliptical thick tier exists. It protects slipping from the hand of a hitter. More precisely, preventive stuff of the bat.
  2. Grip: Player’s (batters actually) firm their palms on it. Mostly tapered and cushioned with lizard skin technology. Composite fiber made cushioned grip is trending in recent days.
  3. Handle: The most important part of a baseball bat is its handle. The lighter handle, the more sweet spots. Two types of bats are available worldwide- composite fiber and aluminum alloy. Both bats have smart handles for smooth gripping. Hybrid baseball bats are split into two pieces. Handles and barrels can be split there. In any case, one part gets faulty, then you can replace the corresponding.
  4. Barrel: The second most important thing about a baseball bat is its barrel. Actually, barrels hit the ball to boundaries or flyballs. A barrel has some sweet spots to fly balls towards the maximum height. Like handles, these barrels can be altered if faulty. Interchangeable stuff of any baseball bat except wooden ones.
  5. Endcap: This one the rear part of a baseball bat. Specifically, this one is the end part of barrels. Usually, these end caps are flat and prevent barrel vibrations. You can modify your baseball bat barrels removing the endcap and fill the void spaces of the barrel with some liquid metals or wood scraps. Hard hitters used to do this and occasionally practitioners do this in the backyards.


Softball Bat Anatomy for 6u

Mostly both baseball and softball bats are of two constructions: one-piece and two-piece. One-piece bats are single construction without any partition. Two-piece bats are partitioned where you can change the faulty barrel or handle. In a softball bat, it is quite similar to baseball bats but a bit lighter. Bat manufacturers build both bats from the same machine randomly. On and off both baseball and softball bats are interchangeable with each other. For your information, softball bats are always used for girls league however little kids of 6y can use both bats whether they boys or girls. Like a baseball bat, softball bats have the same construction as well.Softball Bat Anatomy for 6u

  1. Knob: Like baseball bat knobs, softball bats have a smooth and softy knob because girls have softer palms. Knobs always protect the bat from slipping.
  2. Grip: To firm strongly, grips are essential for a softball. Apparently, these grips are tapered by cushion plastic, rubber, foam, or lizard skin technology. Even electrical tapes can do sometimes. A smart grip makes a hitter confident to hit the ball anywhere, without hesitation.
  3. Taper: This is the boundary between handles and barrels. In a one-piece bat, tapers are pretty ignorable. Even these are used for sweet spots occasionally. For a two-piece bat, the taper is a concerning criterion. It has cuts to screw or unscrew the barrel from the handle. Usually, people fixed the taper and put electrical tapes around it.
  4. Barrel: As we said earlier, barrels are the main spot for hitting. Baseball and softball games depend on sweet spots. A barrel picks the spot and hit the ball onwards. Finding sweet spots need lots of practice and experience. However, in the later section, we’ll discuss sweet spots.
  5. End caps: Like baseball bats, softball bats have random end caps. Some bats don’t have them at all because girls need not fill the barrel with heavy materials. Round and fixed end caps are widely used for a softball bat.

Well, we know the basic anatomy of both bats. It’s time to know the sweet spots before we go to the main topic. Let’s have it.


Baseball & Softball Bat Sweet Spots

Numerous techniques and talents are available online to assist you in learning sweet spots of a baseball or softball bat. Moreover, expert players, hitters, coaches can help you a lot in this premise. Anyways, we’ll help some. To become a good hitter or hard hitter, you must have to know the sweet spot of bats.Baseball & Softball Bat Sweet Spots

The first concern for a newbie is- what is a sweet spot in a baseball or softball bat? Basically, a sweet spot means the spot where you can hit the ball with maximum elevation. For an over-boundary, sweet spot picking is essential. See the image up there, better ignore the caption there (it’s a bit blurred). A red mark on the bat you see there. You hit the ball in that area, the ball will fly to the maximum, undoubtedly. Besides, a bit lower from the red spot is also a sweet spot for hitting.

Does this sweet spot need for hitting only? People ask many times. The answer is, not for hitting only. A sweet spot reduces vibrations of the bat. Less vibration, more durability- simple. For a wooden bat (one-piece), vibration causes less durability of the bat and breaks quickly. Because vibration expands through the overall bat and causes harm to handles, tapers, etc.

For a softball player, sweet spots are mandatory. Because girls have less power in their hands comparing boys. And for a 6 years old girl, it is somehow tougher to hit a ball well.Baseball & Softball Bat Sweet Spots

To make some details, the above image is necessary for better knowing. A 34-inch softball bat is analyzed here for better understanding. Two bats here in the picture- a normal one and a pivoted bat. Normal bats are made of wood, composite fiber, lightweight materials. Pivoted bats are hybrid composite bats. The variation between a normal bat and a pivoted bat is- sweet spot flexibility. Between nodes 1 and 2, the sweet spot exists for a normal bat. On the contrary, for a pivoted bat, sweet spots are a little extended.


Final Verdict – Bat Size for 6 Years Old

Picking the best bat size for 6 years old isn’t easy you think. Several steps to follow, lots of ambiguities to face, expert’s recommendations, practical experience, and reviews can assist you a lot to figure it out. However, we tried to provide some informative digests for you. We hope you must be beneficent of this article. Share this to many if you like it. For further queries, we always here to help you. Ask anytime, you’ll get results quicker.