When Does High School Baseball Season Start?

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Question: When Does High School Baseball Season Start? Answer: The final baseball game played by a high school team occurred on 12 June 2019 in The Sun’s coverage region.

On that day, Chelmsford lost, 5-4, into a Division 1 North Semifinal, 2-1, down from the Division 2 North Semifinals, to Lincoln-Sudbury and Greater Lowell Tech.

Lastly, the almost two-year period created by the COVID-19 pandemic comes to an end as the 2021 high school baseball season begins this week. It’s a shorter season, but teams will have a lot to compete for, including a tournament in the playoffs.

This spring, teams throughout the state will be serving a clean slate. Most programs are fortunate if they have a few new beginners in the 2019 season. Fresh faces will have the chance to come in and have an effect as their team pursues a title.

When Does High School Baseball Season Start

Schedule Announced for High School Baseball Games at Academy

Today, Texas Rangers revealed the schedule of high school baseball matches to take place at Mercy Street Sports Complex’s Texas Rangers MLB Youth Academy, which Toyota will be presenting this season.

Following their home games at the Academy in 2018, Pinkston High School will be calling the venue home in 2019 again. The Vikings will be hosting H. Grady Spruce High School for the first game of the season on Tuesday 5 February.

The building will also handle scheduling for Dallas ISD Games, David W. Carter High School, Sunset High School. The high school baseball season of Saturday, February 2, will take place when Carter hosts On the Field of Oates Justin F. Kimball High School.

Stacey Segal, Dallas ISD’s Assistant Director for Athletics, plans baseball and softball games for the district, and stated that this season the Academy has been particularly important.

“The year was especially difficult because of the amount of areas we lost because of bond upgrades. Dallas ISD is upgrading two of our lighting and facilities baseball secondary school fields. In addition, our three softball fields were built. The Rangers Youth Academy was a great partner after 111 games “Segal stated. Segal said.

New Pinkston Head Coach Cortez Cole, who witnessed the Academy as an assistant with North Dallas High School from the bench, was very happy to be part of the Pinkston home team there.

“I know about it, but it’s only weird if it’s our home ground,” added Cole. “It’s the center of town, so everyone wants to play here. And simply to be our home ground, we come to see it every day, it’s awesome.”

The high school baseball season may just begin for Julian Olivo of the Vikings, but he was barely gone from the Academy.

Olivo spent the summer in the RBI league of the Academy and served in the “All-Star Squad” in July in the RBI regional tournament in Austin, representing the Rangers Youth Academy.

“My free time is spent here. We can train almost every day, “Olivo added. Olivo stated. “Not many other teams have the chance to play on fields like these. It’s a daily thing, in and out, whether it’s pouring or anything, no matter what day it is. We can practice and play. We can practice and play.”

Last year Senior Gerardo Vicencio Jr. loved the Oates Field grass. But at the outset of the season, his views are more muted this year.

“It’s awesome, but it’s also sad because it’s over. I liked it so much that it seems a bit odd now that it’s going to finish. But at the same time, it’s still thrilling “Vicencio remarked. He said. “Whenever I began, I had individuals to whom I looked. Now I’m in that position and people are watching me, so I’m enthusiastic about working with the young men and trying to assist them and get them better.”

The Academy’s schedule of baseball games is below. Timetables are subject to change.

Softball is launching Tuesday

The high school schedule of softball games starts on Tuesday, January 29, when David W. Carter High School hosts O.D.Wyatt High School.

For the first time this season at the Academy on Friday, 1 February, Pinkston High School Softball, which will again call the Academy home in 2019, hosts James Madison High School at Hamilton Field.

The Academy will also assist schedules for Dallas ISD Middle School Softball Tournament in May, as well as the David W. Carter High School and the Pinkston Middle School.

Below is the current program of the Academy softball games. Timetables are subject to change.

Time Camp

The Winter Academy Training session started on Monday 14th January with a record number of 70 athletes attending Baseball and Softball 18U. 402 baseball and softball players participated in the first two weeks of winter programming.

Baseball and softball players aged 7-18 are offered training for Thursday, February 28.

Camp 18U athletes will be held from 6:00-8:00 on Monday and Wednesday evenings.

Training for 12U players on Tuesday and Thursday evenings is also offered from 6:00-8:00 p.m.

Registration is available at https://texasrangersya.leagueapps.com/camps.

Start Dates for High School Baseball/Softball in all 50 States

Baseball and softball high school seasons have always been varied across the 50 states, but COVID-19 has made disparities more more apparent.

States that begin at the beginning of February, such as Alabama, Florida, Georgia and Texas, have already started their business as usual. Some States, however, which usually begin in late March have postponed starting dates until mid-April. The most delayed start date is possible for Maryland, since it will not commence until 29 April.

At least five countries, including Hawaii and four other Northeastern states, still need to choose a start or end date.

The next dates for baseball and softball start and state tournaments are announced by State Associations in each state.


  • Baseball — Underway/May 17-22
  • Softball — Underway/May 18-22


  • Baseball — March 30/June 3-5
  • Softball — March 30/June 3-5


  • Baseball — March 12/TBA
  • Softball — March 12/TBA


  • Baseball — March 1/May 13
  • Softball — March 1/May 13


  • Baseball — March 19 /June 22, 24, 26
  • Softball — March 19/June 22, 24, 26


  • Baseball — May 3/June 25-26
  • Softball — Fall season


  • Baseball — April 10/TBD
  • Softball — April 10/TBD


  • Baseball — March 22/TBD
  • Softball — March 22/TBD


  • Baseball — Underway/May 19-22
  • Softball — Underway/May 18-22


  • Baseball — Underway/May 21-24
  • Softball — Fall season


  • Baseball — TBD/TBD
  • Softball — TBD/TBD


  • Baseball — March 10/May 21
  • Softball — March 10/May 21


  • Baseball — April 5/June 19
  • Softball — April 5/June 19


  • Baseball — March 29/June 18-19
  • Softball — March 22/June 11-12


  • Baseball — March 28/June 25
  • Softball — March 28/June 25


  • Baseball — March 29/June 16-19
  • Softball — March 29/June 17-20


  • Baseball — Underway/May 13/14/15
  • Softball — Underway/May 1


  • Baseball — TBD/TBD
  • Softball — TBD/TBD


  • Baseball — April 29/May 22
  • Softball — April 29/May 22


  • Baseball — Third week of March/Third week of June
  • Softball — Third week of March/Third week of June


  • Baseball — March 26/June 19
  • Softball — March 26/June 19


  • Baseball — April 8/June 19
  • Softball — April 8/June 19
  • laire Davidson, Lakewood Ranch


  • Baseball — Underway/May 25-29
  • Softball — Underway/May 13-15


  • Baseball — TBD/TBD
  • Softball — Fall season


  • Softball — March 20/May 21-23


  • Baseball — March 18/May 15, 17-20
  • Softball — Fall season


  • Baseball — April 16/TBA
  • Softball — April 16/TBA

New Hampshire

  • Baseball — April 12/TBA
  • Softball — April 12/TBA

New Jersey

  • Baseball — April 19/June 1-20
  • Softball — April 19/June 1-20

New Mexico

  • Baseball — April 10/June 21-26
  • Softball — April 10/June 21-26

New York

  • Baseball — TBD/TBD
  • Softball — TBD/TBD

North Carolina

  • Baseball — April 26/June 25-26
  • Softball — March 15/May 14-15

North Dakota

  • Baseball — April 2/June 3-5
  • Softball — April 2/June 3-5


  • Baseball — March 27/June 10-12
  • Softball — March 27/June 3-5


  • Baseball — Underway/May 13-15
  • Softball — Fall season


  • Baseball — April 12/TBD
  • Softball — April 12/TBD


  • Baseball — March 26/June 17-18
  • Softball — March 26/June 17-18

Rhode Island

  • Baseball — TBD
  • Softball — TBD

South Carolina

  • Baseball — March 15/June 1-5
  • Softball — March 15/June 1-5

South Dakota

  • Baseball — March 18/May 31-June 1
  • Softball — Fall season


  • Baseball — March 15/May 25
  • Softball — March 15/May 25


  • Baseball — Underway/June 9-12
  • Softball — Underway/June 2-5


  • Baseball — Underway/May 28-29
  • Softball — Underway/May 24-28


  • Baseball — TBD
  • Softball — TBD


  • Baseball — April 26/June 26-27
  • Softball — April 26/June 26-27


  • Baseball — March 1/May 29
  • Softball — March 1/May 29

West Virginia

  • Baseball — March 17/June 3-5
  • Softball — March 17/ May 26-27


  • Baseball — April 27/June 29-30 July 1
  • Softball — April 27/June 28-30


  • Softball — TBD/May 20-22

High School Baseball Watch List for 2021

  • Avery Anderson, Sr. Harvey: A four-year starter who’s going to be a mound captain. If Anderson doesn’t pitch, he’s utilized elsewhere on the field. He’s also a plate danger.
  • Devin Anthony, Jr., Hawken: Hawken’s No 1 Pitcher was a diligent worker to get strengthened throughout off-season. It showed that he developed three plus pitches. He will hit a clean left swing in the center of the lineup. The pre-season, honorable mention All-Ohio for Division III has been chosen.
  • Vinny Bandwen, Sr., Gilmour: The first starting man in the runner-up of Division II 2019. For this season, he’s going to catch up to assist defend the Lancers. He’s tested for war and will be useful after the season.
  • Austin Berkowitz, Sr., Geneva: Will be playing pitcher, catcher and base first. Hit .289 with 16 RBIs and four doubles, but was 3-1 with a 3.45 ERA on the mound.
  • Dominic Brancel, S., Hawken: a gap-to-gap power batter. His plate discipline and fast hands make him hazardous against any kind of pitcher. As a capture, he may block it all and deliver the ball on a line to cut stolen bases. Plays for the 16-and-under US Elite Team in summer and has been selected by the Perfect Game as an all-American squad for the pre-season, and an honorable mention before playing a secondary school match in Division III All-Ohio.
  • Brian Brent, Sr., Berkshire: willing to play hard on the third base but also throws when necessary on the mound. The Badgers’ bats clean-up, but has a distinct approach than other cleanup batters.
  • Ethan Brown, Sr. Riverside: Riverside: A four-year starter, Brown aims for another playoffs to lead the Beavers. His first two seasons saw him bat in RBIs of 62 and 304 and 388. Will also pitch if necessary.
  • Wickliffe: Calvin Cackowski, Jr. As a newcomer, Cackowski splits the time between a short stop and a catcher. Has already proved benefits with a first outing victory and nine hits, while four hits.
  • Mentor Eric Coode, Sr.: The commit and four-year-old Baldwin Wallace is one of the squad captains. In his career, Code missed a couple games. In his second season, an all-conference player will try to repeat those accolades.
  • Jaden Debevec, Sr., Harvey: He’s not only aggressive on the bat, he has already stolen six bases in Harvey’s first two matches of the season this season. The four-year shortstop will also throw if necessary.
  • Ben DeMell, Sr., Gilmour: The reigning sophomore News Herald Player of the Year, and the committing of Penn State. Led the region offensively and on the mound in almost every statistic. If Gilmour wants to return to the State Championship game, the Lancers depend on DeMell’s arm.
  • Lake Catholic, Sr. Dylan Frazier: A do-it-all player who plays the field, pitches and pits at the top of the order. The Cougars are based on its flexibility.
  • Zach Fronk, Sr., Chardon: Chardon: If you’re old-school baseball, Fronk will be a player to look at. Coach Brian Long regards him as one of his most hard-working players. He is ready to perform the dirty labor, whether behind a board, in the field or seeking a base to steal. Each game may alter its location and always be ready for the job.
  • Clayton Graham, Sr., Andrews Osborne: Graham has been a four-season member of the varsity squad, and will be relied upon to take up Phoenix catching responsibilities. There’s also third base, shortstop and outfield experience. He ended the year hitting 500 in his second season.
  • Ryan Gilbert, Sr., Kenston: Bombers’ outfield is one of the finest players in the region. An Indiana Hoosier engagement also catched the attention of the MLB scouts in this season’s opening few games.
  • Charlie Greenlief, Sr., Chagrin Falls: When the first all-CVC team member returns in his sophomore season, Greenlief is anticipated to switch between a catcher and a short stop. Halfway through his sophomore season, he reached the Varsity level and his expertise helps the Tigers to battle top.
  • Billy Guzzo, Sr., Mayfield: The center fielder of the Wildcats is one of the finest in that region. His quickness and ability to read fly balls makes it tough for opponents to strike the ball. He’s also a solid hitter with scored runners.
  • Will Henderlich, So, Madison: Henderlich is going to play shortstop, catcher, third base and also Madison’s pitching last year as a starting point for the Blue Streaks. Coach B.J. Titman is high in defense and batting of Henderlich.
  • Andrews Osborne: Ben Hope, Sr. A transfer from Glenville, he starts both at the short stop and at the pitch. It can reach all parts of the field and can produce pitches in the mid- to high-80s.
  • Andrew Kirkpatric, Jr.., Chagrin Falls: Kirkpatrick will aim to repeat or better the number of his first-team All-CVC player as a freshman two years ago, much like his batting average of 3368, two home runs and 32 RBI.
  • Andrew Jones, Jr., Brush: The Ohio State commit is one of the greatest high school baseball players to play. He is rated sixth in the 2022 class. From the mound, plate and field it’s hazardous. His play determines how successful the Arcs are this season.
  • Mentor: Another Cardinal Baldwin Wallace engagement, Limtury began for the Cardinals for the previous two seasons. It is the first pitcher in the cardinal rotation, although when not throwing, it is located in the right area.
  • Joe Malchesky, Sr., Catholic Lake: a former leader in the center of the lineup. A youthful Cougars team is looking to assist the catcher and he’s a three-time letter winner.
  • Kyle Maronde, Jr., Chardon: Mr. Do It All in Maronde, Chardon. He is a powerful hitter and owing to his power on the bat can generate a lot of RBI. The junior is also one of the top branches in the region and will provide several bump inputs.
  • Jack McMullen, Sr., Chagrin Falls: The committed Lafayette Collegiate follows his college choice in the footsteps of his family. The recognized Northeast Lakes District basketball team is also a formidable force. McMullen will throw in the 1990s and also employ a number of off-speed pitches. In his second season, McMullen will lead an always-impressive Chagrin Falls team if he can avoid injuries.
  • Kenston: Ryan Miller, Jr. A start back for the Bombers, his rookie season produced extremely excellent statistics. Hit.410 and had a 1.51 ERA.
  • Calvin Mitchell, Jr., University: The Wright government commit will fill numerous Prepper, field and platform roles. An infielder, a hitter in the middle and a pitcher. His baseball IQ also helps the University.
  • Pierce Dawson, Sr., Chagrin Falls: A fourth year start for the Tigers, they hope Pierce shows the improvement they expect. Pierce had five doubles, a home run and 15 RBI in his second year. He is No. 2 in the Tigers’ Rotation, and he won and had a 0.78 ERA on his one trip in 2019.
  • Andrew Spencer, Sr., Kirtland: He comes back a lot of experience as a return pitcher from the 2019 regional qualifier. Six wins, a 1.11 ERA and 40 strikeouts are among his numbers from his second season. If Spencer can continue to make these numbers, Kirtland will be a force.
  • Mason Sullivan, M., Kirkei: The back commit John Carroll is also an outstanding baseball player. Three home runs were blasted by Sullivan during the 2019 season. Sullivan is also a mound force. In the 2019 season, Sullivan and Spencer had comparable statistics. Sullivan also had six victories and earned an ERA of 1.14.
  • Mentor: A three-year start for the cardinals, Hal Walker, Sr., and a commit Hiram. A strong hitter who heroed a regional semifinal win in 2019. A terrific defender and a strong hitter, in the middle of the order, he will be a key component.