Which NFL Teams Don’t Have Cheerleaders In 2022?

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Which NFL Teams Don’t Have Cheerleaders In 2022? – Some NFL teams do not have cheerleaders, which may come as a surprise to some fans. Six teams in the league do not have a cheerleading group on the field for their home games, which is a rarity in professional sports. It’s fair to say that the cheerleading industry is competitive and controversial. While the advantages of becoming a cheerleader can lead to more lucrative careers for women, the culture surrounding cheerleading is highly conservative. Learn which NFL teams do not have cheerleaders and other information by reading the page below!

Which NFL Teams Don’t Have Cheerleaders In 2022?

In 2021, seven NFL football clubs did not have cheerleading squads: the Bills, the Cleveland Browns, the Bears, the Green Bay Packers, the Los Angeles Chargers, the New York Giants, and the Pittsburgh Steelers, to name a few examples.
The seven teams listed above are the only ones competing in the NFL who do not have a cheerleading squad on the sidelines.

Buffalo Bills

In the past, the Buffalo Jills served as the official cheerleading squad for the Buffalo Bills. Later on, though, several cheerleaders filed a lawsuit against both the Jills and the Bills. As a result, the Buffalo Jills have officially ceased operations. The Buffalo Bills squad now relies solely on their drumline, dubbed The Stampede, to raise the energy levels during games against the New York Jets.

Chicago Bears

George Halas is the owner of the Chicago Bears baseball and football teams. When George Halas passed away in 1983, his daughter Virginia Halas McCaskey brought the Chicago Honey Bears’ era to a close with her father’s death.
The cheerleading squad was forced to disband immediately when their contract expired following Super Bowl XX.

Green Bay Packers

The Green Bay Packers did not have an official cheerleading squad throughout their time in the NFL. However, in their home games, the Packers did have a collegiate team that served as a cheerleading squad. On the other hand, the Packers were no longer active after 1977.

Pittsburgh Steelers

Since the 1960s, the Pittsburgh Steelers have been the first NFL team to have a cheerleading squad known as the Steelerettes. The group, on the other hand, was disbanded in 1969. Since then, the Pittsburgh Steelers have discontinued the use of cheerleader squads.

New York Giants And Cleveland Browns

Cheerleaders for either of the two teams have never been seen in the NFL league. Both of these NFL clubs, on the other hand, have unofficial spirit squads that show up to support them during games.

Los Angeles Chargers

In 2020, the Los Angeles Charger Girls served as the official cheerleading squad for the Los Angeles Chargers. In 2021, however, the club did not have a cheerleading squad.

The Los Angeles Charger Girls cheerleading squad is one of the most popular in the history of the National Football League. Take a look at this video to see the performance of the LA Charger girls.

How Much Money Do NFL Cheerleaders Make?

Depending on various circumstances, cheerleaders might earn anything from $20k to $75,000 per year. The wide variety of salaries may be because you are a professional NFL Cheerleader or a Supporting Cheerleader. Individual cheerleaders will also get more money due to their previous experience. Therefore, a veteran will earn more money than a rookie. Finally, when an NFL team makes the playoffs, cheerleaders might earn more money since they will be able to perform at more games.

The hourly rate for cheerleaders for all teams ranges between $15 and $20 per hour. According to industry estimates, cheerleaders may expect to make an average of $500 per game. In some cases, such as when a club advances farther in the playoffs, the salary ranges per game can be adjusted accordingly.

On the other hand, Cheerleaders have faced several difficulties in compensation. Because cheerleaders are classified as independent contractors because cheerleaders are exempt from some benefits. For example, team cheerleaders are responsible for purchasing their uniforms, making being a cheerleader financially burdensome. If a cheerleader’s dress is broken during a game, she may be on the hook for the cost of the repair, which is not the case for NFL players.

When Did NFL Cheerleading Begin?

The Baltimore Colts were the first team to have an official cheer squad for the National Football League (NFL) in the 1950s. Over time, other groups, such as the Dallas Cowboys, began incorporating cheerleaders on the field solely to attract fans’ attention. Cheerleaders gained popularity over time due to their sex appeal and ability to dance in front of a predominantly male-dominated audience. They gained national attention for their performances at the 1976 Super Bowl and the USO Show “America & Her Music” on a USS cruiser in 1983, which took place on the USS Enterprise.

How Did Cheerleading Change Over the Years?

Initially introduced in the 1950s, NFL Cheerleading consisted of women wearing long sleeve knitted sweaters and long skirts and traditional pom-poms on their hands to excite the crowd. As more football teams began introducing cheerleaders onto their fields, cheerleaders began customizing their outfits to match their football team’s colors and mascot, which eventually became the norm. For example, in the 1977 Super Bowl, the Oakland Raiderettes (Oakland Raiders Team) wore uniforms in the same colors as the Raiders on the field (white, black, and silver) to match the Raiders on the field. High school and college teams increasingly incorporate their colors into their uniforms to match their cheerleading outfits.

Do NFL Cheerleaders Travel with the Team?

Because cheerleading is part-time employment, cheerleaders are generally not required to travel with the team. Some teams, such as the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders, will accompany the section on the road, while others will choose not to do so. The cheerleaders will accompany the team on their travels during the playoffs.

What Do Cheerleaders Do Outside of Football Games?

In addition to supporting the home team at games, cheerleaders volunteer at various charitable activities held throughout the year in multiple cities. In addition to participating in charity events, cheerleaders can attend training camp games and join in picture sessions for marketing materials.

Given that cheerleading is only part-time employment, many team members have other jobs outside of the NFL. Some cheerleaders go on to work in the fashion sector, appear in television ads, and star in movies. Stacy Keibler, one of the most well-known Ravens cheerleaders who became a star in her own right, became a member of the WWE.


While cheerleaders can provide great enthusiasm to football fans, they also have a negative side, so six teams no longer employ them. Various organizations no longer use cheerleaders for multiple reasons, the most notable of which are a hostile workplace climate and assault. In addition to the professional atmosphere, cheerleaders are paid the federal minimum wage, which has resulted in some controversy in recent years. All that matters is the team’s preference, and some organizations have adjusted their approach to cheerleading to make the experience more positive than it would have been in the past.

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1. How Many Nfl Teams Didn’t Have Cheerleaders In 2020?

As for 2020, there were only six NFL teams without cheerleaders. The six teams were:

  1. Buffalo Bills
  2. Cleveland Browns
  3. Chicago Bears
  4. Green Bay Packers
  5. Pittsburgh Steelers
  6. New York Giants

2. Do The Cleveland Browns Have Cheerleaders?

No, there has never been a time when they had cheerleaders.

3. When Do The Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders Work For The Dallas Cowboys?

From 1972 to the present, the team has worked for the club.