Who Has The Most Buzzer Beaters In NBA History?

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Who Has The Most Buzzer Beaters In NBA History?

As a result of buzzer-beating victories in the NBA, some of the league’s most memorable moments have occurred. Individual players are frequently credited with assisting their teams to dramatic comeback triumphs remembered for years.

Originally known as “Mr. Clutch,” Jerry West of the Los Angeles Lakers developed a reputation for scoring buzzer-beating shots and acquired the nickname. In his career, he made four buzzer-beaters, the most notable of which came in Game 3 of the 1970 NBA Finals against the Boston Celtics. When the Los Angeles Lakers were down by two points against the New York Knicks, the star forward sank a shot from over 60 feet away to throw the fans into a frenzy.

However, the three-point shot did not exist in the NBA, which meant that the Lakers could only force the game into overtime before falling to the New York Knicks in the finals.

Who Has The Most Buzzer Beaters Nba History?

Who has made the most clutch shots in the history of the NBA? In this article, we compile a list of the top five players in NBA history who have made the most game-winning buzzer-beaters:

  • Gilbert Arenas- 5 buzzer-beaters.
  • Vince Carter- 5 buzzer-beaters.
  • Andre Iguodala – 5 buzzer-beaters.
  • Kevin Garnett – 5 buzzer-beaters.
  • Dwyane Wade- 5 buzzer-beaters.
  • Paul Pierce – 7 buzzer-beaters.
  • LeBron James – 7 buzzer-beaters.
  • Joe Johnson – 8 buzzer-beaters.
  • Kobe Bryant – 8 buzzer-beaters.
  • Michael Jordan – 9 buzzer-beaters.

Rank (4 – 5) Game-Winning Shots

Players who have taken five NBA-winning shots rank fourth on the list of the most clutch shots in NBA history.

1. Gilbert Arenas

People call Gilbert Arenas the deadliest assassin on the field. He plays exceptionally well in even matches. Referring to Gilbert Arenas, people remember the 2007 Utah Jazz match. He hit a triple when the buzzer was about to sound.

2. Vince Carter

Carter is frequently referred to as “the guy without gravity.” He consistently makes excellent jumps to finish with a perfect goal.
Vince Carter has appeared in eight NBA All-Star games during his career. According to the statistics, Vince Carter has a perfect 5-for-5 record in buzzer-beating victories.

3. Andre Iguodala

The Miami Heat, led by Jimmy Butler, is already a formidable force. Andre Iguodala, a superstar with years of expertise and talent to play, has helped them become even more vital.
Andre Iguodala is a critical cog in the wheel of any team vying for the NBA championship. He has come close to touching the Larry O’Brien trophy three times in the last several seasons. Andre Iguodala is the X-factor on their star-studded team regarding the Golden State Warriors.
Iguodala has made five game-winning buzzer-beating shots, according to the data collected.

4. Kevin Garnett

More than a decade ago, Garnett was regarded as one of the top scorers in the NBA. When Kevin Garnett first stepped on the court for the Boston Celtics, he joined Paul Pierce and Ray Allen to form an immensely intimidating “Big 3.”
He played for the Minnesota Timberwolves for a total of 12 seasons. However, it was not until Garnett joined the squad from Boston that he was able to record his first victory in the coveted championship game.
In his six seasons with the Boston Celtics, Garnett has averaged 18.3 points, 9.7 rebounds, and 3.2 assists per game, which is a career-high. He created five game-winning strategies that included the use of buzzer-beating.

5. Dwyane Wade

Dwyane Wade has won three NBA titles during his professional career. Once with Shaquille O’Neal and twice with LeBron James, a few examples.
Meanwhile, Pierce was a member of the Boston Celtics’ “Big Three” era – which included Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen – and won a championship with them. Rondo was still a young player in his second season with the Boston Celtics and was not yet considered a star in the NBA at the time of the incident.
Since 2003, Wade has scored 22.0 points per game on average. On the other hand, Paul has accumulated 19.7 points during his 19-year professional career. Dwyane Wade has made a total of 13 appearances at the All-Star Game. Paul Pierce, on the other hand, has only ten appearances.
The Miami Heat has won 5 championships during his tenure with the team. His unique thing was that he didn’t require anyone’s assistance.

Rank (3 – 7) Game-Winning Buzzer Beaters

Players who have made seven game-winning shots in the NBA’s history are ranked third on the list of the most game-winning shots in NBA history.

LeBron James

Since he was a high school athlete, Lebron James has amazed audiences everywhere he goes. He is well-known for his particular abilities and his distinct playing style. King James is similar to his given name. He has won the NBA three times and has been a finalist for the NBA MVP award four times.
LeBron James is considered a top contender for the best player in history.
James, who was once criticized for lacking a “clutch gene” and having a flip, hit the first buzzer-beater in NBA history while playing for the Cleveland Cavaliers.

After that, he had another six buzzer-beaters in his arsenal. James now has a career-high of seven buzzer-beating goals. This remarkable achievement places LeBron James among the top five players in the NBA regarding game-winning shots.

Paul Pierce

Pierce’s memorable moments accumulated like a stack of books throughout his 19-year career as a professional basketball player in the NBA.
The most successful Celtics period from 2007 to 2010 is still remembered fondly. Along with Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen, Pierce was considered one of the NBA’s “Big 3”.

Pierce’s 41-point performance against the Cavaliers in 2008 is the most notable example of his abilities. Aside from that, the triple-double he recorded in the playoff game against the New Jersey Nets is also remembered. The innumerable one-on-one battles with James are also fondly remembered by those who witnessed them.

During the 2008 finals series against the Lakers, he had a nasty injury that required surgery. He returned from the dressing room in less than a minute and continued playing until the sixth game.

His squad won the championship that year, and he was named final MVP due to his performance.
Pierce has left a lasting impression on NBA fans, and those are the most cherished memories they have of him. For Celtics supporters, on the other hand, the image of The Truth – as Pierce is known – is considerably more comprehensive.
When it comes to the buzzer-beater accomplishment, he received seven points. He is one of the active buzzer-beaters in the NBA Finals, having done so on several occasions.

Rank (2 – 8) Buzzer Beaters

Kobe Bryant and Joe Johnson are tied for second place in the NBA’s most buzzer-beaters list with eight buzzer-beaters.

Kobe Bryant

Basketball legend Kobe Bryant has a highly successful and dazzling career spanned over two decades.
The NBA championships were won by Kobe Bryant 18 times during those two decades. In addition, he was named NBA MVP Finals MVP 25 times and NBA MVP 20 times.

Kobe Bryant has been named to the NBA All-Star team seven times. The late and great Kobe Bryant averaged eight game-winning shots per game during his NBA career.

Kobe Bryant is number two in our list of the greatest NBA players, behind only Michael Jordan.
During his illustrious career, Kobe Bryant was responsible for eight game-winning buzzer-beaters for the Los Angeles Lakers. In 2006, a spectacular event occurred during the first round of the playoffs against the Phoenix Suns club, which resulted in a buzzer-beater.

Joe Johnson

Joe Johnson is a professional basketball player. He’s been to the All-Star Game seven times. His illustrious career is intertwined with the triumphs of the Atlanta Hawks.

Johnson was a member of the Houston Rockets during the 2017-18 NBA regular season. Due to this, Joe Johnson decided to call it quits on his basketball career.

Joe Johnson, often known as “Iso Joe,” is known for his propensity to score in one-on-one situations (isolation). This athlete, born in 1981, used to have several straight seasons in which he scored more than 20 points per game and had a great winning percentage. On the other hand, injuries and symptoms of aging forced “Iso Joe” to retire from the NBA.
Last but not least, he finished his basketball career with eight game-winning shots.

Rank 1 Most Game Winners In Nba History

Michael Jordan

Michael is widely regarded as one of the best basketball players globally and has won numerous championships. As a result of his success in the NBA, Michael Jordan’s career became one of the most successful in the league’s history.

He and LeBron James have engaged in several heated debates about NBA statistics. Jordan, on the other hand, has won six consecutive NBA championships. This is a monument to his undisputed dominance as the greatest basketball player.
Michael Jordan went on to win the NBA MVP award five times and be named to the NBA All-Star team fourteen times. During his 14-year NBA career, he averaged 30.1 points per game.

It is accurate to state that Michael Jordan is a basketball legend worldwide. Many NBA records were broken by him, including the best player for buzzer-beaters and the most game-winners in the league’s history, both of which he held.

Michael Jordan made a total of nine game-winning shots during his illustrious career, setting an NBA record for the most buzzer-beating shots.

Here are a few of Michael Jordan’s game-winning shots. A great deal of essential knowledge can be gained from watching the video.

What “Buzzer Beater” Is?

As the phrase implies, winning shots taken in the dying seconds of a game are “buzzer-beaters.” This is what distinguishes basketball from other sports.
The last-second buzzer-beaters that decide the outcome of a match always generate great excitement in the audience. People who score “buzzer-beater” points have experienced unforgettable moments during their basketball careers.

There have been instances in which players attempt to score buzzer-beater scores. Basketball players who want to achieve a “buzzer-beater” must maintain their composure and demonstrate mastery of the game’s fundamentals. On the other hand, basketball players must rely on the assistance of the God of Fortune. As the phrase implies, winning shots taken in the dying seconds of a game are “buzzer-beaters.” This is what distinguishes basketball from other sports.

The last-second buzzer-beaters that decide the outcome of a match always generate great excitement in the audience. People who score “buzzer-beater” points have experienced unforgettable moments during their basketball careers.
There have been instances in which players attempt to score buzzer-beater scores. Basketball players who want to achieve a “buzzer-beater” must maintain their composure and demonstrate mastery of the game’s fundamentals. On the other hand, basketball players must rely on the assistance of the God of Fortune.


You are now aware that the answer is Michael Jordan. He holds the record for the most in the NBA with nine game-winning shots. He is regarded as a basketball legend. Young basketball players are now following in his footsteps and promoting his basketball attitude.

People also ask

What NBA player has the most buzzer-beaters?

Michael Jordan holds the record for the most NBA buzzer-beaters in history, and he did so on several occasions. Jordan, a six-time champion and possibly the best player to pick up a basketball, finished his storied career with nine buzzer-beating baskets.

Who is the clutches player in NBA history?

Most Clutch NBA Players of All Time. Michael Jordan defined clutch. …

  • Bottom Line: Robert Horry. Robert Horry won seven rings. …
  • Bottom Line: Ray Allen. …
  • Bottom Line: John Havlicek. …
  • Bottom Line: Stephen Curry. …
  • Bottom Line: Shaquille O’Neal. …
  • Bottom Line: James Worthy. …
  • Bottom Line: Rick Barry.

Who has more buzzer-beaters, LeBron or Jordan?

LeBron James has also made more buzzer-beating shots than Michael Jordan and more game-winning shots with five seconds left to play. It is also worth noting that his field goal percentage on these shots is higher than Jordan’s.

Who has the most NBA game winners of all time?

Michael Jordan is primarily considered the greatest basketball player in the history of the National Basketball Association. Jordan holds nine NBA records, one of which is the record for the most game-winning buzzer-beaters in the league’s history, one of his many accomplishments.

Has anyone had a quadruple double in the NBA?

In the NBA, has anyone ever recorded a quadruple double?
And that’s an infrequent occurrence. Since 1974, there have only been four recognized quadruple-doubles in NBA history. They were achieved by Nate Thurmond (1974), Alvin Robertson (1986), Hakeem Olajuwon (1990), and David Robinson (1994).

Who has the most triple-doubles in NBA history?

Players with the most triple-doubles in the NBA all-time as of March 2022

Characteristic Number of triple-doubles Russell
Russell Westbrook 193
Oscar Robertson 181
Magic Johnson 138
LeBron James 104