Baseball Players Chains: Why Do Baseball Players Wear Chains?

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Baseball Players Chains: Why Do Baseball Players Wear Chains?

Why Do Baseball Players Wear Chains? – When we watch Major League Baseball, we frequently see images of professional baseball players sporting gold chains during games. Professional athletes are very fond of accessorizing their outfits with jewelry. So, what is it about baseball players that make them wear chains?

The majority of baseball players who wear gold chains do so to improve their overall appearance. Religion is also one of the most critical factors. Some players even believe that wearing jewelry improves their ability to perform on the court.
TSC hopes that this post will assist you in learning more about the motivations and exciting facts underlying MLB franchises. Let’s go on an adventure together!

Why Pro Baseball Players Wear Chains

The presence of 3-To 5 gold chains hanging out of Manny Ramirez’s jersey during a game makes him one of the most well-known baseball players to do so.
Modern-day athletes, such as Mookie Betts, can also be seen wearing gold chains as he rounds the bases after hitting a home run, as seen in the video above.
There are several reasons why these players like to wear gold chains. Let’s have a look and see!

Stylish Look

Baseball players with lucrative salaries can afford to dress in flashy jewelry. Baseball players frequently use this method to acquire expensive chains and jewelry, which they may flaunt in public. A player’s gold chain is often seen swinging around their neck after receiving an extra-base hit or hitting a home run.

As a result, baseball players frequently wear the top button on their jersey undone, with many gold chains falling from the front of their shirts. It allows gamers to display their chain acquisitions to their friends.

There are primarily two sorts to consider when it comes to baseball chains.
An essential gold chain that is identical to the one that Mookie Betts is wearing in the photo above. In this case, the design is dense and intertwined, and it is commonly worn outside of the shirt. This is the most frequent type of baseball chain that players wear.

The thickness of the gold chain is one of the obstacles to using it. Especially for players in the outfield who must sprint at full speed to catch a fly ball, it can obstruct their field of view while they are playing the game.
Even though it is fashionable, it might be a distraction for players who do not wish to tuck it in their shirts.

The second sort of chain, usually seen around the MLB, is the gold cross, which gets us to our second variation on the wearing of a gold chain: the gold cuff bracelet.

Wearing A Chain For Religious Reasons

Baseball players are frequently seen sporting a gold chain with a cross, which is believed to be for religious reasons.
Players will frequently do the same thing before every game, including the same ritual before they step into the batter’s box and kissing the same chain before they step onto the field, according to Baseball Prospectus.

In sports, religion has an important role. A gold chain will identify players deeply ingrained in their religious beliefs with a cross affixed. This, of course, is intended to represent the crucifixion on which Jesus died. Depending on the player’s religious beliefs, one or more crosses will be worn to express their religious beliefs. This chain is often smaller and lighter in weight than the standard chain we discussed previously.

One thing, though, is that players who wear a crucifix around their necks should exercise caution. Baseball is a sport in which infielders (and occasionally outfielders) would dive on their stomachs to field a ball when the situation calls for it. When a player is attacking for a baseball, a long chain with a cross may jab into the player’s neck and cause discomfort.

For Confidence

Some superstitious baseball players believe that wearing baseball chains will significantly improve their overall performance. It is thought to assist them in striking out opposition players or hitting home runs.
Some well-known Major League Baseball players, such as Jon Lester and Justin Verlander, have claimed that wearing accessories has improved their performance. Phiten necklaces have become a must-have fashion accessory as a result of this.

What Kind Of Chains Do Baseball Players Wear?

Not all gold chains worn by baseball players are made equal. Baseball players use a variety of necklaces, each with a distinct function. This section will assist you in becoming familiar with a few different types of chains that are popular among many elite athletes.

1. Gold Chain

It’s impossible to go wrong with a straightforward gold chain. These necklaces have a classy appearance, is lightweight, and will not draw attention away from your work. If you include this accessory in your total pitching ensemble, you will appear to be your team’s pitching hero.
One of the most convenient options to get this necklace is to go to your local jewelry store. Choose these necklaces from Amazon if you want to hear a variety of various perspectives from customers.

2. Gold Plated Chain

Necklaces in this style are frequently adorned with a plaited or interlaced motif. Because this necklace is exceptionally thick and eye-catching, it is popular among gamers.
There is a massive disadvantage to wearing this baseball player necklace style because it can obscure your vision. When players attempted to accelerate to chase after a balloon, the chain became entangled.
Mookie Betts is a well-known baseball star known for wearing chains daily. He’s on the verge of turning his name into a gold chain.

3. Gold Cross

Golden cross necklaces are typically worn by MLB players who are dedicated and religious in their beliefs.
This style of gold chain is significantly smaller and heavier than the standard gold chains that we discussed previously.
There have been some concerns raised about the safety of athletes who choose to wear crosses around their necks during games. Infielders (and even outfielders) frequently have to lie down on their stomachs to field a ball. The cross-section is more likely to stab the player in the neck during such scenarios.

4. Phiten Necklace

Many Major League Baseball players sport a twisted rope necklace in baseball games. Phiten necklaces are the name given to this particular style of jewelry.
The chief creator of this jewelry claims to have integrated titanium into the pieces he has created. In addition, the sort of titanium used is uncommon. As a result, it has been transformed into an active compound known as Aqua-Titanium.
This substance functions as a tiny magnet, rewiring the body’s biological electrical fields to make them more efficient. The use of titanium necklaces by baseball players will cause them to become more aggressive during competition because the chains will stimulate their nerves. Do you believe what I’m saying?

What Are The Famous Incidents Related To Gold Chains?

It is not always bright for baseball players to sport gold chains around their necks. When it comes to competition, wearing jewelry always carries some level of danger.
Let’s take a look at the two most well-known occurrences in connection with this topic.

1. Yoenis Cespedes – New York Mets (2018)

Yoenis Cespedes’ beautiful necklace was shattered when he slipped into second base during a game. When he couldn’t discover all of the diamonds that had fallen at Citi Field on his own, he turned to the officials for aid. What a waste of vital and expensive resources!

2. Lance Mccullers Jr – Houston Astros (2017)

During a game against the New York Yankees, Lance McCullers observed his diamond-encrusted bracelet break apart for reasons that remain a mystery to this day. As a result of this incident, he was compelled to spend a significant amount of time searching through as much “debris” as possible on the ground.
If these two instances weren’t famous, we’d be at a loss for what to label them at this point.


Players who wear chains around their necks do so for various reasons, including fashion or religious beliefs. Players such as David Ortiz can kiss the cross that he wears around his neck, hoping that it will bring him good luck.
A superstitious sport, baseball is characterized by the fact that players will frequently do the same ritual every time they are up to bat and take the field.
These gold chains are frequently used as part of the process, and they allow participants to play with greater confidence knowing that they are wearing their chain. Gold chains play an important role in baseball, as evidenced by the fact that players kiss the chain before stepping up to the plate or simply knowing they have one around their neck.

People also ask

Why do baseball players wear chain necklaces?

Some people choose to wear a chain for religious reasons, while others do so for aesthetic reasons. Due to the low possibility of being caught with another player during the action, only Major League Baseball allows professional athletes to wear a chain around their necks while playing games.

What are those necklaces MLB players wear?

Phiten necklaces

Phiten necklaces have become a must-have item for many professional sportsmen, particularly those in the Major League Baseball (MLB) industry (MLB). Jon Lester, Justin Verlander, and Justin Pedroia are just a few of the MLB players spotted wearing them. Several athletes say that the necklaces increase their performance on the field of competition.

Why do baseball players wear Phiten necklaces?

Phiten ropes, available for purchase on the Major League Baseball website, claim to “stabilize your electric current inside the body” by “enabling the passage of energy.” Every one of Phiten’s goods has been treated with a metal that has been dissolved in water, which the company refers to as “aqua titanium.”

Why do baseball players wear white pants?

The well-known truth is that white and other light hues, such as blue, reflect sunlight. On the other hand, darker shades absorb heat, resulting in discomfort for players who wear dark-colored uniforms. Players who wear white on the baseball field sweat less and feel much more comfortable due to their attire.