Why Do Football Players Wear Tape On Their Arms?

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Increasingly prevalent is the sight of NFL football players with tape reaching from the wrist to the back of the triceps on their arms. Turf tape is the name of this type of tape.

What is the purpose of the tape that football players wear on their arms? The use of football tape will assist players in avoiding scrapes as they land on the turf. The Kinesio tape also assists to shield the player from tiny cuts that may occur if the player collides with something hard on the ground.

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What Is The Tape On Football Players Arms?

Turf tape, sometimes known as Kinesiology tape, is the white ribbon in question. It has a rough surface similar to an adhesive, allowing it to adhere immediately to hands and arms. The grip of this athletic tape is quite strong, and it may be used to keep the tape in place throughout the entire game.

Kinesiology tapes are typically worn by players from the back of the triceps all the way down to the wrist. When you’re working with artificial grass, wearing turf tape can assist keep your arms from becoming scratched.

During the 1990s, football games were frequently played on natural grass fields. They turned to artificial turf as a result of this breakthrough not long afterward.
Artificial turf has the advantage of being easier to handle and maintain than real grass, but it is also rougher and sharper than natural grass, which is a disadvantage. It is more likely that players will get scratches or minor wounds if they stumble on the court when playing basketball.

What Kind Of Tape Do Football Players Wear On Their Arms?

Turf tape, also known as Kinesio tape, is what it’s called. It’s an adhesive that adheres directly to the arm, preventing it from being scratched by the turf surface. The glue is applied directly on the player’s arm and will remain in place for the entire game.

This tape will be worn by football players from the back of the triceps all the way down to the bottom of the hand.

From the late 1980s until the late 1990s, grass grounds were frequently used for football games. Since the invention of field turf, the game has been played on these artificial surfaces, which have become increasingly popular. Despite the fact that turf is less difficult to clean and control, football players are more likely to sustain cuts and scratches when playing on turf.

When playing on these grass pitches, players will be required to wear white turf tape on the backs of their arms to protect themselves.

Why Football Players Wear Tape On The Back Of Their Arms

In the case of players moving at a high rate of speed (such as Kamara), striking the ground can feel similar to striking a hard surface like concrete. The ground will naturally harden and provide less comfort when a player lands, especially during colder months such as December.

White grass tape is worn by NFL players for the reasons of both fashion and protection. All of Alvin Kamara’s games as a running back for the New Orleans Saints have been marked with the use of turf tape.

One user on Reddit speculates that he made a remark about his family being able to see him in the stands from a distance (Kamara is 5’10” tall). He also expressed dissatisfaction with Madden for failing to include his merch in the new Madden 19.

Prevent Turf Burn

Turf burn occurs when any portion of the skin comes into contact with the turf at a fast rate of speed. It will cause a scrape on the skin, which will feel like it has been burned as a result.
A burn that is not treated can become infected if it is exposed to perspiration and bacteria on the turf.
Turf tape can help avoid these burns because the elbows and lower knees are the most common parts of the body to come into contact with the ground.
The lower leg can be exposed when the lower leg makes contact with the ground, even though knee protectors are worn on the middle and upper portions of the knees during play.
In the event that you suffer from frequent turf burn on your elbows or knees and don’t want to use tape, here are some less expensive alternatives you can try:

Turf tape can aid in the prevention of burns, but it can also aid in the prevention of infection from sweat and germs on the playing field.
The only method to avoid turf burn is to keep the skin covered at all times.
In warm weather, many players do not want to wear long-sleeve shirts or long spandex under their pants, and this is understandable.
The heat will often become unbearable because of the many layers.
Turf tape can be worn by players to help prevent their skin from immediately touching against the turf after landing, which can help prevent turf burn. The tape should be applied especially to the knees and elbows, which are two joints that are frequently in contact with the turf.

Football Positions That Wear Tape On The Back Of Their Arms

Turf tape can be worn by any position. Due to the fact that they are the primary targets for tackles, skill positions such as running back and wide receiver are frequently seen wearing turf tape. If offensive linemen are regularly on the ground, they should consider wearing turf tape.

As for defensive players, it can be worn by any defensive player to protect themselves from turf burns on the field.
It would be advantageous to have elbow and knee protection against the turf, especially if you are in a high-impact position such as defensive line or linebacker.
Turf tape has traditionally been used as a cosmetic and a means to show off for appearances; yet, it is a necessary piece of tape to assist prevent little unpleasant cuts from forming on grass.

Turf tape is highly recommended for any team that practices or plays on turf surfaces on a regular basis.

Where Can I Purchase Football Turf Tape?

Turf tape can be obtained online through Amazon or at your local sporting goods retailer. If you are dissatisfied with our recommended grass tape, a quick search on Amazon will reveal a plethora of alternatives.

If you are unable to locate the specific type of tape that Kamara uses in your local store, you may be able to substitute Kinesio tape as a substitute for grass tape. Despite the fact that they are employed for different purposes, if you utilize them for cosmetic reasons, they will appear to be the same.


What is the purpose of taping football players’ arms? The primary purpose for this is to keep the elbow and knee areas safe from turf burns when sliding on a basketball court or other surface. Another reason is due to the remarkable appearance of the vehicle. In any case, turf tape is still a valuable protective gadget that every player should have in their arsenal of protective gear.