Wooden Slowpitch Softball Bats – 2022

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Best wooden slow pitch softball bats

Softball is an intersecting game in the USA and every softball player worries about wooden slowpitch softball bats. Usually, we are familiar with alloy or composite bats so wooden bats are pretty bizarre nowadays. However, for practitioners, beginners, and coaching sessions- wooden bats are the best. In this article, we’ll show the top 5 bats, their reviews, a buyer’s guide, and some extra features. Let’s get started!

Top 3 Pick Wooden Slowpitch Softball Bats

Best Pick

aple MSB3 Slowpitch Bat

Louisville Slugger Maple MSB3 Slowpitch Bat

Affrodable Pick

Corndog 2 17 Slow Pitch Bat, 28 oz

DeMarini  Corndog 2 17 Slow Pitch Bat

Premium Pick

X BAT Pro Model Wood Baseball Bats

X BAT Pro Model Wood Baseball Bats

What is the Best Wooden Slowpitch Softball Bat

When I started writing this review, a lot of people asked me why I’m writing about the wooden stuff, where composite or alloy bats regime! Well, these wooden bats are the basic companion for all baseball and softball players, amateurs, preschoolers, and junior-level leagues. Bats Structure

To figure out the best wooden slowpitch softball bat, first, you have to look at some classy factors. Among these factors, brand, material, price, and craftsmanship are the basic needs for a batter. Why should you use a wooden softball bat- this is a good question. Let’s answer this sequentially in detail.

A wooden bat has 5 different parts. As stated in the sketch, there are a knob, grip, taper, barrel, and endcap. Wooden softball bats can be single or double structured. Single structure means the bat is entirely a single-piece material. Double structure means the bat’s handle and barrel are split in the taper section. So, what’s the privilege between a single-piece and two-piece softball bat. A single-piece or one-piece bat has lots of sweet spots with swing effects. A dual-piece bat has almost zero vibration and harder pop sounds. Beginners and newbie players are suggested to use a single-piece bat because of its flexibility and comfort. Adult or experienced players should use a dual-piece bat for relentless home runs.bat for relentless home runs

Regarding price issues, a wooden bat is cheaper than alloy bats. Composite bats are expensive for beginners. A wooden bat is mostly used for budget or low price. Not every manufacturer produces wooden bats. Some well-known manufacturer like Wilson, Axe, and Easton creates wooden softball bats every year. Bats Grip

Grips are the most important stuff for any kind of bats. It can be tapered or cushioned. Recently, lizard skin technology and RubberFlex craftsmanship introduce nice tacky bats for our junior players. However, wooden bats use rubber tapered grips or flexible soft cushion grip for more conveniences.

Slowpitch Bat Length, Weight & Drop

Both baseball and softball bats have their particular length, weight, and drop in the bat. Bat drop is a deduction of length-weight factors of a softball bat. Usually, a slowpitch softball bat length varies from 26 to 35 inches. The weight varies from 16 to 24 ounces. So, we can prepare a tabular format using these data.

Bat length (inch) Bat weight (oz) Bat drop
26 14 -12
27 16 -11
28 18 -10
29 20 -9
30 22 -8
31 22 -9
32 18 -12

The data we’ve shown here is the exact measurement of slowpitch softball bats. However, the different league has different rules and regulations. According to those rules, we can figure out the best one or the worst. Generally, a slowpitch softball is lightweight, easy to swing, and a huge pop sound energizer. Wooden softball bats are stiffer than composite bats though not so vibrant in colors and outlook. Later, we’ll show you the top 5 wooden slowpitch softball bats with their reviews.

Top 5 Best Wooden Slowpitch Softball Bats

Local stores or marketplaces have numerous collections of slowpitch softball bats. But for more authentic and exact profiles, we recommend Amazon for these bats. Top bat brands like Marucci, Rawlings, DeMarini, and Easton bats are the best choice for softball. However, fewer manufacturers produce wooden stuff. We picked the best 5 products here. Let’s check it out!

1. Louisville Slugger Maple MSB3

The Louisville Slugger Maple MSB3 Slowpitch wood bat, built from the best available wood, combines the unparalleled wooden bat expertise of Sluggers with a specifically designed design for the player from Slowpitch. All major leagues approved an ergonomic design overall. This bat looks simple and sturdy enough with longevity.Louisville Slugger Maple Slowpitch Softball Bat

Unique Features

  • The simplest look ever made by the manufacturer.
  • Superb finishing, extraordinary sweet spots for hard hitters.
  • Lots of swing effects because of lightweight structure.
  • Single-structure softball bat for newbies.
  • Astounding craftsmanship with light colors.
  • Pure maple wood construction with light gray coatings.

Materials, Barrel & Handle

  • 100% quality-grade maple wood finishing.
  • 2-¼ inch barrel dia.
  • 12.5-inch handle, tapered grip.


  • Cupped end cap.
  • Great bat for wooden bat leagues.
  • Durable, long-lasting, and ergonomic.
  • External grip technology.
  • Fewer vibrations while hitting harder.
  • USSSA certified.


  • Not approved by ASA leagues.
  • Not so many pop sounds.


This maple wood MSB3 softball bat is perfect for slowpitch softball matches or practice sessions. Most coaches and high-school trainers recommended this bat for newbie players or beginners. Almost zero vibration features are great for junior girls who hit hard enough. We recommend this bat for wooden bat tournaments, training sessions, coach pitch, and machine pitch tactics. Besides, it has great durability than metal or composite bat of low budget.


2. DeMarini Corndog Slow Pitch Bat

The DeMarini Corn Dog is a slow-pitch softball bat with a combination of maple wood and composite design. This barrel will give you more power behind your swing, which enables you to maximize your swing speed to hit monsters. This bat also has a paraflex Composite handle, meaning 22% stronger carbon fibers, for maximum durability so you can use this bat confidently in the season-after-season. This Paraflex Composite technology gives this bat an even weight distribution and makes it easier to control it over the zone so that you can hit bigger than ever before.DeMarini Corndog 2 17 Slow Pitch Bat

Unique Features

  • This bat has a maple wood shell on the outside and a composite barrel on the inside as it is the design of an actual corn horse.
  • The last barrel loaded for ultimate power and distance.
  • In the manual for 22 percent stronger carbon fibers, DeMarini’s Paraflex Composite was added.
  • Excellent durability for long-term performance year after year.
  • Paraflex Composite weight distribution technology.
  • Perfect for leagues with wood only.
  • Right here in the United States proudly designed, engineered, and produced.

Materials, Barrel & Handle

  • Composite maple wood structure.
  • 2-¼ inch barrel.
  • 12.5-inch handle, ParaFlex grip technology.


  • Pro Barrel of Maple Wood
  • Composite handle ParaFlexes
  • Swing Weight End-Loaded
  • 1.20 Approved by BPF USSSA, ASA, NSA, ISA
  • 1-year longevity, and most consistent wood bats. Durable, sturdy, and amazing for junior softball players.


  • Little heavyweight.
  • No warranty included.


Wood bats made of solid wood, excluding Bamboo, are not to be awarded the NCAA and NFHS certifying mark BBCOR. The BBCOR certification mark will be required for wood-bats which are manufactured from a combination of wood, contain composite or bamboo materials. So, we recommend buying this softball bat for legal usage and approval.


3: X BAT Pro Model Wood Bats

Ash bats are good but this X bat is made of pure maple wood with catchy colors. The top-class craftsmanship of the USA brand provides the utmost comfy feelings while hitting harder beyond the limits. Young girls and pro players love this bat because of its lightweight and super pop sounds. Seismic endcap provides non-slippery movements and an amazing trampoline effect helps during gameplay.

X BAT Pro Model Wood Baseball Bats

Unique Features

  • Best for contact hitters who play smartly in the sensational moment.
  • Premium quality maple wood provides enough durability and strength.
  • Good longevity as well as a player’s comfortability.
  • SuperFlex grip technology-enhanced.
  • Plenty of sweet spots with pops.

Materials, Barrel & Handle

  • Premium quality maple wood construction.
  • Standard barrel dia of 2-¼ inches.
  • Longer handle with tapered grip, soft cushioned, customizable.


  • Approved by most major leagues.
  • Durable one-piece structure.
  • Reasonable price for medium-budget people.
  • Worth every penny.
  • Extra-large flared knob.
  • 1-year manufacturer warranty.


  • No such type of problems has been seen yet.


This maple wood bat is great for contact hitters who love playing relentlessly. The most fabulous thing is the customer support of the manufacturer end. They provide 24/7 customer support. A balanced bat for smart girls who want to make their career with softball. Moreover, the handle protects a player’s hand from bruising or injuries. Top-class North American maple wood furnishing is blissfully perfect for all major wood bat leagues. We suggest buying this bat for regular usages.


4. Louisville Slugger wb125sb-na

Louisville Slugger bats have an extraordinary complexion, sturdiness, and amazing craftsmanship for years. This wb125sb-na softball bat is perfect for slowpitch matches of wood tournaments. Pretty lightweight, robust technical attributes and overall soothing performance are the most astonishing features of this classy bat. Apart from metal bats, this Slugger has won composite bat users too.Louisville Slugger wb125sb-na 125 Natural (ASA) Slow-Pitch Bat

Unique Features

  • Very sweeping.
  • This is probably very fragile from what we know about wood bats and will break pretty fast.
  • The barrels of ash will probably chip away after decent use
  • Sweet TINY spot
  • Decent pop if it is perfectly placed

Materials, Barrel & Handle

  • Excellent Ash wood structure.
  • 2-¼ inch standard barrel.
  • 12-inch handle with flex grip.


  • The cheapest bat ever.
  • Lightweight, lots of pop.
  • Good swing effects.
  • Customizable bat costume and design.
  • More flex and trampoline effect.


  • Not that durable for months.


Though the customer reviews of this bat are a bit low, we recommend this bat for excellent swing effects and ultra-lightweight features. Not so many bats have this trampoline effect and customizable outlook. But Louisville Slugger slowpitch softball bat has this effect quite nimbly. We suggest this bat for junior and high-school level players.


5. BanbooBat Bamboo Wood HNBB34S

Bamboo Bats are made of bamboo material of the highest quality available. With a tensile strength of 28,000 PSI, compared to 23,000 PSI, Bamboo is one of the most powerful natural materials on the planet. The ease of rupture in normal wood bats is so important. Bamboo bat uses the Quadcore technology Patent Pending, which enables balls to ‘spring’ off the bat. This Quadcore technology also gives the bamboo bats a balanced feel.

BamBooBat Wood Slow Pitch Softball Bat

Unique Features

  • A cupped end makes it possible to build hardwood.
  • Improved equilibrium and higher speed swing.
  • Grip-like leather contributes to vibration reduction.
  • Each bat has a high-gloss finish and is available in four colors.
  • Softball adult bats come with the highest quality bamboo proprietary mix.

Materials, Barrel & Handle

  • Strong bamboo materials, unique, sturdy.
  • 2-¼ inch barrel dia.
  • ⅞ inch narrow handle with hard tapered grip.


  • Decent pop sound.
  • Sturdy, stiffer, and durable for long.
  • Best for slowpitch softball wood leagues.
  • Good for prices, affordable.
  • 1-year manufacturer warranty.


  • Not approved by ISA and NSA.


These bamboo softball adult bats are made with a proprietary blend of the highest quality bamboo to create a durable and weight-appropriate bat. Each bat comes in four colors, has a high brilliance finish on the whole bat, and is finished with a handle wrapped. For ASA & USSSA wooden leagues, these bats are strongly recommended.


Buyer’s Guide for Wooden Slowpitch Softball Bats

The search for a Slow Pitch Softball Bat can be an optional task. Here are a couple of important points to remember:

Bat Sizes

This is often the result on the plate: to keep in touch with living pitching consistently. To do this, you need to swing the right bat. This is a bat long enough to cover the strike zone, light enough to swing easily, power heavy enough, and allowed in your league, of course.

Bat Length

The length of the bat from knob to end cap is measured in inches. A longer bat gives you more access to the outside of the board, so you can hit balls. Longer bats, however, tend to have more mass at the end of the bat and need a more powerful swing. To decide which option suits your swing, we recommend swinging bats of various lengths. You can achieve your peak performance by combining length and weight correctly.

Weight Drops

The greater the competition or the league (i.e. from the youth league to the advance) the smaller the weight drops as a rule of thumb. A reduction in weight means the bat feels louder. A -5 bat’s going to feel louder than a -10 bat. Because slowpitch bats have a set length of 34 inches, they are not usually referred to as drops in weight. The majority of slowpitch bats are between 26 and 30 oz.

Other Effects

To have better bat control, players with less experience generally swim lighter bats. In general, more experienced players swing heavier bats to maximize power. Your swing speed is one way to tell if a bat is right for you. An excessively heavy bat can swing harder, resulting in a loss of momentum, a small distance, or a total miss. If a bat is light enough for a player, the player may miss the additional power that a heavier bat can generate. There must be a happy medium. To find the best weight for you, it is strongly recommended that you demo a bat against live pitch speed.

League Approval

Leagues have rules which allow weight drops to be played. We recommend, before choosing a bat, whether your league has a specific standard to allow bat weight drops. Many players erroneously think a longer bat means more plate coverage. As a long bat often means a heavier bat, a bat that is too long can slow down your timing and prevent you from hitting up into the pitches.


Which Leagues Use Wooden Slowpitch Softball Bats

The use of dozens of “hot” bats has been banned by ASA, and it continues to grow. Naturally, those of metal and/or composite materials are the only “hot” bats.

Wood softball bats can be made to exact ASA specifications, and they do not need an ASA stamp on them since they are wood bats and not metal. Balls coming from a wood bat barrel do not achieve ridiculous velocities and make the fielders fair/safe. Now, if someone hits a Homerun in a wood bat softball game, it is the level of talent of the player and not the engineering of the bat.

Many leagues also play without fences on fields. So wood bats can reduce the number of gaps that roll one and a half miles in softball games before an outfielder tracks them.

Many of the ligas said “enough is sufficient” and turned to play wood-bats softball. The game is safer and more fun. Players with the switch say “How we didn’t switch sooner to wood bats?” Unfortunately, many ligaments only switched to wood bats after several players in their liga were permanently injured by a ball that came close to a hot bat.

ASA & USSSA Standards

For Slowpitch and Fastpitch Softball Leagues, To there are two different standards for ASA. The standard 2004 98 MPH certification for All Association bats and ASA Only 2013 certification is available. All association bats perform at approximately 98 MPH and ASA Only bats perform at approximately 100 MPH. Bat Performance Factor (BPF), in contrast to throwing a solid wall, simply increases the liveliness of a ball that hits a bat. 20% quicker rebound = 1.20 BPF, for example. Bat producers will no longer be able to make USSSA bats comply with these standards by 1 September 2020. The new 240 NTS Standards must be fulfilled. The bats have 220 lb more pop than the bats with 240 lb! New NTS USSSA bats are compressed higher than Thumbprint models, which means that they are less popular. Since 1 September 2020, Bat manufacturers can only produce USSSA bats with this New USSSA NTS Stamb which complies with the 240 lb compression test.


Different Types of Wood Bats

Wood bats differ in materials and craftsmanship. When we think about the type or class of wooden bats, we mostly think about the material. There are several kinds of wood to manufacture a wood bat. Usually, we emphasize birch, maple, and ash.

Maple Wood Bats

Maple is a very dense wood and one of the best species for wood bats. Maple is very dense. Hardness and durability are directly linked to density. The thicker a bat is made from wood, the longer it lasts and the more pop. Maple is also a wood that diffuses. The characteristics of diffuse-porous wood are such that they have a highly intense effect together. On the barrel or splitter, Maple will not flash apart. As a result, the more you hit the grains together with the maple bat. In this area of frequent effect, the bat becomes harder. The hardest surface of Maple is the three largest wood species, which are typically used in wood bat production. However, there are some pitfalls of this material. Maple must be dried to a very low level of humidity so that it can increase humidity over the bat’s lifetime. The bat gains weight as moisture increases. In humid weather, a maple bat tends to collect half an ounce or maybe more, depending on the weather. Maple is a robust wood which, in striking baseball off or close to a mark, tends to be less forgiving than ash and birch.

Ash Wood Bats

Most of the traditional wood bats were made of ash before maple bats became popular. Ash is more flexible than maple, which allows many players to “wip” the barrel through the hitting area to create more flap speeds. This flexible ash also makes it more forgiving than maple to hit the baseball off the bat end or near the trademark. But being much better than the maple, it has fewer limitations. To be used for wood-bats ash must also be dried at a low moisture content. Ash is a pore wood ring. The characteristics of ash mean that the bat will dry away over the bat’s lifetime. This causes grains to flow and split on ash bats. The bat will also flake and split when hitting the face grain. Players who don’t have experience with wood bats often turn the bat and hit them to hit the facial balls. It flattens and splits and makes the bat less durable.

Birch Wood Bats

Birch, which makes it more flexible, is a softer wood. This flexibility could enable a player to generate more whip and more bat speed. This softness makes birch more forgiving than maple when the baseball is struck off or near the mark. Like Maple, Birch is also a curly grain tree that makes it harder to maintain repeated contact with baseball in the same bat area. Similar to maple, birch holds together. Like ash bats, birch bats won’t flake apart. Birch is slightly dented when first used than most other wood species. To harden the bat because of the repetitive impact of the hitting, most birch bats need a “break-in” period. A new birch bat’s surface hardness is not as hard as a new maple bat that can diminish the exit rate slightly.


People Also Ask for Wooden Slowpitch Bats – (FAQs)

Are wooden bats allowed in softball?

Though approved by USA/ASA, the TSA softball division will NOT use wood bats. One or more pieces can be made from bats. Depending on the age of your ball player, strict regulations apply to what bats can be used. These bats should be within the 98 mph standard of batted ball speed. Bats may consist of fiberglass, graphite, or other compound materials; aluminum or other metals; or wood.

What bats are illegal in softball?

All composite bats are illegal except for Open B, Open CC, and Open C. The League limits bat use with external composite barrels to the use of Open B, CC, Open C only for safety reasons. Titanium bats are illegal in all divisions and all bat that appear on the official list of banned bats of ASA.

What makes a bat illegal in softball?

Bats broken, changed, or defacing the ball are illegal. Materials inside a bat or therapies/designs that are used to change the bat specification and/or enhance performance (e.g., shaving, rolling, or artificial warming of bat barrels).

Is it OK to hit baseballs with softball bats?

It is most likely to break or break your bat if you use a softball bat to play baseball. Softball bats are not designed to resist the forces that result from a baseball impact. Similarly, in a slow-pitch game, you’d likely damage your quick-pitch bat with a fast-purpose softball batt.

What is the best bat weight for slowpitch softball bats?

More big players looking for a fence are expected in the 28 oz to 30 oz range to look for a bat. A bat in 25 to 27 oz. should be used by smaller or medium-size players or those seeking more bat speed. The slow pitch bats weigh from 26 to 30 ounces and are 34 cm long.


Final Recommendation

Recent league rules and approvals welcome all wooden slowpitch softball bats unless these are made of low-quality bamboo or ash. So, this is a win-win situation for every junior-level softball player. In this article, we’ve reviewed the topmost 5 slowpitch softball bats for our customers. All of them are cool, pretty handsome, and elegant in craftsmanship. However, we recommend two wooden bats for a fast pick.

The first one is the famous DeMarini Corndog wooden bat. This one looks fabulous while gameplay. Lightweight, vibrant colors, lots of pop, and swings are the astounding features of this bat. We recommend this for beginners and pro players. Another amazing feature is- this Corndog is a versatile bat for any slowpitch softball match.

The second one is budget-amiable. Pinnacle sports Inc. represents its classy bamboo bat for slowpitch softball leagues. Approved by all major leagues except ISA/NSA but smart in action. Good for limited-budget people and pro players. You can choose this one and customize it as well.

Due to the pandemic, most softball leagues are currently stopped but the manufacturer and innovators keep their production smoothly. More updated bats and upgraded versions are upcoming soon. Stay connected with us for later information. Throw your valuable comments, ideas, and experiences in our comment section. Share this article with your adorable ones. Stay safe, the good game always!